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We're meant to be, I know it

It's a secret, so we can't show it

We'll be free to be anything we wish

He can be the mister, I'll be the missus

Together, forever, he told me, he said

I'm hung over him, hung over my head

I'm so gutted, I can't take the secrecy

I want every girl to know he belongs to me

She doesn't deserve him, she just can't tell

That he's everything amazing, that's why I fell

She treats him horribly, like some type of trophy

On her arm, whenever she wants him, mostly

But there's no need, for me it's want

And I don't care to show off or flaunt

He will be mine and all will know, sure

It'll be the way we are, not the way we were

I'm content for now although it hurts

Sharing him with her is the worst

But our time will come, oh yes, indeed

Him and I, without the her; we will be free

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