316 - Bad Karma: 2

TITLE CARD: Tuesday... April 12th... 2011
MR. BAKER stands in front of the class, giving his normal lecture. Jill listens promptly. Robbie sketches something in his notepad. Charlie's gaze is directed out the window. Trevor's eyes burn a hole in the back of Jill's head. Olivia hides her phone while she texts behind someone's back. Kirby's knocked out, asleep.

MR. BAKER: The unit test will cover everything we've read on the handout titled A. Handout B and C we will take in May and June, plus we've yet to read some of the works in B and C. Works covered in the A timeline was Othello, The Jungle, The Things They Carried and Nectar in a Sieve. Everyone understand?

Will raises his hand.

MR. BAKER: Yes, Mr. Scanton?
WILL: I just wanted to let you know... you're my favorite teacher. Ever.
MR. BAKER: Oh, good. Extra points for you.

The rest of the class raises their hands.

MR. BAKER: I'm kidding.

The bell rings. Kirby's head pops up, a piece of paper stuck to her forehead.

KIRBY: I'm up. I'm up. What I miss?

Jenny SLAMS Stab 7 on the counter. Topher's behind the counter, reading a magazine. He looks up at Jenny, trying to find out why she's so damn glow-y.

JENNY: Ring me up, please. Ring, ring, ring me uuuup.
TOPHER: Aren't you supposed to be in school?
JENNY: Aren't you?
TOPHER: I quit.
JENNY: Oh. We're watching a movie today in my other class that I've seen like 10 times so I thought I'd drop by, grab my movie early.

He begins to scan the movie. Jenny watches him...

JENNY: So uh... wanna come over and watch it with me?
TOPHER: ... you know I'm with Solai, right?
JENNY: Oh. Right. And I forgot, I'm supposed to hate you for that. Shame on you.
TOPHER: Says the girl who just hit on me.
JENNY: I didn't... hit - on - you. Okay, whatever. Total lack of judgment on my part and I'm over it. I'm over it completely. I'm starting a new leaf. No more sadness, no more needing people, no more bad energy. All positivity from here on and out. Starting with my favorite of the series, Stab 7.
TOPHER: It's good to see positivity left in the world.
JENNY: That's me. Mrs. Positivity.
TOPHER: Who's the Mr?
JENNY: Uh... Marnie. She can be the mister. I'm girlier anyway.

Topher laughs, throwing the movie in a bag.

JENNY: I haven't paid you.
TOPHER: It's on me.
JENNY: Really? That's so cool of you, thanks.
TOPHER: Get out of here. Go enjoy life.
JENNY: I will. I will! Thanks Toph!

Jenny grabs the bag and jets out of the store.

Jenny holds up Stab 1, 2 and 3 in her hands toward Marnie and Niley sitting on the couch.

JENNY: Tonight, a triple feature of Stab 1 through 3 and then tomorrow... (grabs the others) Stab 4, 6 and 7.
MARNIE: What about part 5?
NILEY: (hovers her hand in front of Marnie in caution in the most innocent way possible) Trust me, you don't wanna see part 5.
MARNIE: What's wrong with part 5?
JENNY: Every horror franchise has a bad egg. Although... you may need to see part 5 in order to understand part 7... you're a smart girl, I think you'll catch on.
MARNIE: And horror movies are stupid! I'm in the perfect position!

Marnie does a "gosh golly" arm snap.

NILEY: I don't get it...
MARNIE: You don't need to. That's the beauty of it.
JENNY: I'm gonna put on part 1!

Jenny ducks down with an ear to ear smile, throwing the DVD into her player.

NILEY: (to Marnie) These are true stories, you know?

Marnie plays it off...

MARNIE: Oh really?
NILEY: This happened. For reals.
MARNIE: I think that's what true stories means...
JENNY: I already watched seven today and all of it's bonus features! Did you know, the alternate ending left open for the possibility of a sequel?
MARNIE: It doesn't do that already?
JENNY: Oh, you'll just have to see! Hopefully someone with enough sense revitalizes the franchise in a new, profound way and interest is generated.
NILEY: They should make a cute version, you know? Like with babies? And put it on the internet. And give them manly voices like, "I'M GONNA CUT YOU UP." Only nobody will be cut up because that would be horrifying because those are babies and that would probably make a lot of people cry even if it was fake. And - and - ANDDDDDD... the killer should be a - (giggles) the killer should be a kangaroo.

Marnie and Jenny just STARE.

JENNY: On that note!

Jenny grabs the remote and jumps on the couch between them.

JENNY: Let our own personal Stab-A-Thon begin!

Charlie holds an all silver kitchen knife in his hand. It's giant. Massive. Very intimidating. Jill comes behind him, fixing it into a stabbing position in his palm.

JILL: Try it.

He holds it close... and raises it to strike down on a melon in front of them. He STABS IT with all his might. He raises the knife up and looks at his hand... it's bleeding.

JILL: Dangers of using a kitchen knife. You gotta hold a certain way in order not to let the backend cut the bottom of your hand.

He looks at Jill... nearly about to cry.

JILL: Are you crying?

She LAUGHS. He walks towards the bathroom.

CHARLIE: Yeah, won't be doing that again.
JILL: Aw, Charlie, c'mon! Everyone's first time gets a little bloody! Hehe.

Olivia stands at her window, looking out towards Jill's room. Nobody's there. She looks around the neighborhood. Nobody's around. She grabs her phone and swiftly dials a number. The other end answers...

OLIVIA: Heyyyy. Listen... I was needing some help on something... think you can come over and help me with it?

She smiles devilishly...

The three sit on the couch. Jenny and Niley clench on to one another. Marnie just... doesn't... get it.

GHOSTFACE: I'm gonna slice you up!

Jenny and Niley scream in unison, damn near making Marnie jump.

MARNIE: Okay, this is why I avoid movie theaters...
NILEY: How are you not scared?
MARNIE: Because this is stupid! We all know what's gonna happen ne -

A LOUD CRASH COMES FROM THE TV. Marnie jumps out of her skin. Jenny and Niley laugh at her and the irony.

MARNIE: Okay, whatever. That one thing got me. JUST ONE.

The door bell rings. Olivia jogs down the stairs, wearing her most revealing but subtle outfit. She opens the door - ROY.

ROY: Hi. Where's that dresser?
OLIVIA: Up the stairs. It's SO heavy.

Roy jogs up the stairs. Olivia watches him go up... she slowly closes the door...

Roy enters and eyes the dresser. Olivia comes in behind him, shutting and locking the door.

ROY: Where do you want it moved to?
OLIVIA: Uh... against that wall right there.

He lifts it with ease and with one push, it goes against the other wall.

OLIVIA: Oh thank you, you're my savior.
ROY: No problem.
OLIVIA: I should repay you...

She comes close to him, touching his arms.

ROY: No, it was easy. I gotta get out of here though, if Niley finds out I'm here - -
OLIVIA: Who cares what she thinks? You and I can have a little fun... just us.

Olivia leans forward. Her intentions MUCH more clear now. Roy's not biting though.

ROY: Olivia, can I ask you something?
OLIVIA: What's that?
ROY: ... why are you such a slut?

This totally shuts down her mojo.

OLIVIA: You can leave.
ROY: No, seriously. Why do you feel compelled to just sleep with every guy?
OLIVIA: Oh, is that what you thought I was trying to do? With you of all people? Yeah fucking right. Thanks and bye.

Roy grabs Olivia by the shoulders and sits her down at her bed.

ROY: Talk to me. This has to end.
OLIVIA: Don't touch me.
ROY: Help me understand.

Olivia's defense mechanisms shut down... and she lets herself just be free... just for a moment...

OLIVIA: I don't sleep with every guy.
ROY: Really?
OLIVIA: Yeah, that's a stretch.
ROY: Do you want to?
OLIVIA: Ofcourse not.
ROY: Then stop throwing yourself out there so much.
OLIVIA: I'm not doing anything.
ROY: Olivia, just listen to me for a second. You don't need this. You don't need a guy. You don't need sex to fill whatever void that is inside you. You don't need it.

Her bottom lip shivers.

OLIVIA: I'm sorry.

She puts her head on his shoulder, beginning to cry.

ROY: Hey, it's gonna be okay.
OLIVIA: I just - - is there something wrong with me?
ROY: Noooo, no no. You're fine. I promise. A lot of girls go through it.
OLIVIA: Am I a slut?
ROY:... a little bit but you can fix that.
OLIVIA: I just want to feel loved and guys don't think I'm smart. They don't think I'm funny. They don't look at me for anything more than for my flesh and... make up.
ROY: You can change that. Only you have the power to fix your image.

Olivia lifts her head up, her make up running down her cheeks.

OLIVIA: This must be really attractive.
ROY: Actually it is.
ROY: It's the first time I've seen you just be you.

Olivia sniffles, grabbing a napkin and fixing herself.

ROY: I believe you can do better than what you're doing to yourself. I believe in you.
OLIVIA: Thanks.
ROY: So what are you gonna do from now on? Every time you get that urge?
OLIVIA: Call you?
ROY: And I will help you through it.
OLIVIA: Thank you, Roy...
ROY:... wanna talk about it?
OLIVIA:... it's not my fault, you know...
ROY: What? What isn't?
OLIVIA: Do you remember about 2 years ago? Before we were all friends again?
ROY: Yeah.
OLIVIA: And how my parents were always fighting all the time?
ROY: Yeah, sure.
OLIVIA: My mom and dad fought because... I told her the truth.
ROY: What's the truth?
OLIVIA: My dad, he... he...
ROY: I get it, you don't have to... say anything, okay?
OLIVIA: Okay...
ROY: And she believed you?
OLIVIA: No... that's why they fought. It took her forever until one day, he got tired of fighting. And then he told her the truth... and he left.
ROY: Must've been hard.
OLIVIA: I just thought that once he was gone, my mom would be around for me. Ya know? But instead of trying to comfort me or tell me it'll be better now that he was gone, all she could do was avoid me. She's always gone, she can barely stand to look at me.
ROY: Why?
OLIVIA: She blames me... for why he's gone. (cries) It's my fault.
ROY: No, no, hey. Look, it wasn't your fault. Okay? You were young and defenseless. Right?
OLIVIA: Yeah. But she doesn't see it that way... she loved him more than me.

Roy really feels for her... but at the same time, glad she's opening up to someone.

ROY: That's her mistake. She's missing out on a great girl.
OLIVIA: (smiles) Thanks, Roy. You're a lifesaver.
ROY: I'm always here for you. To talk. Or to... move your dresser.

She laughs.

OLIVIA: I wish I would've told somebody sooner, I feel so relieved.
ROY: (smiles) Slut-syndrome gone?
OLIVIA: (nods, laughing) Thank you. I really mean it.
ROY: Anything else I can help you with?
OLIVIA: No... I'm good.
ROY: Good. I'm gonna take off, 'k?

TITLE CARD: Wednesday... April 13th... 2011
Jill slowly wakes up from her sleep. She rises... her eyes cold as ever. She preps herself in a "today is the day" kinda way. And the slow motion montage begins...

- Jill makes her way around the room. Around the bathroom. Fixing herself up for the day. Shower. Drying. Clothes. Make up. She stares in the mirror...
- The school comes into view. Happy students everywhere in the spring time. In the midst of them, Jenny and Marnie make their way into the school. Niley runs up behind them, giving them a big bear hug.
- Olivia meets Robbie outside the school. She teases him and he laughs along, going with it.
- Kirby and Jill arrive at the school. Jill looks on... her eyes piercing cold on everyone around her... her soon to be victims...

Olivia closes her locker. Shirley Mack stands next to her as they proceed to walk toward their first class of the day.

SHIRLEY: So Richie keeps bugging me lately.
OLIVIA: Unfortunate.
SHIRLEY: No, I like him.
OLIVIA: Then go out with him.
SHIRLEY: Noooo, I don't wanna give up that easy.
OLIVIA: Shirley, don't play games. Okay? If you like him, just tell him.
SHIRLEY: (beat) That's not very-Olivia-Morris-like advice.
OLIVIA: New leaf. Boys aren't worth the trouble anymore.
SHIRLEY: So him and I, we should... date?
OLIVIA: If he asks you, yeah.
SHIRLEY: Wow... just like that, huh?
OLIVIA: It's quite simple. I think we were making it too hard on them before.
SHIRLEY: So, hey... swim finals are in a month. You gonna come watch?
OLIVIA: Ummm...
SHIRLEY: You left the team and the girls miss you. We all do. We could really use your support.
OLIVIA: I'll be there.
SHIRLEY: Thanks. We've been supportive of your new dorky friends, I think it's time you rally behind the Mermaids once again.
OLIVIA: Hey... they're not dorky.
SHIRLEY: Half of them are Cinema Club members, you kidding me?
OLIVIA: I'm a Cinema Club member.
SHIRLEY: You were converted. Too bad.
OLIVIA: They're my friends and you can either accept that like an adult or you can complain about it like a child.
SHIRLEY: Wow. Okay. Someone's trying to be all Mother Tresa.
OLIVIA: I'm just tired of games.
SHIRLEY: You know what? Don't come next month. We don't need you.

Shirley splits away from Olivia. Olivia stops in her tracks... it makes her angry... but she forgets about it. She turns around into Joseph, nearly knocking him over.

OLIVIA: Sorry, bro.
JOSEPH: It's okay. Hey, I'm gonna head up to dad's house tomorrow. I could use a passenger to come up with me.
OLIVIA: You know I'm not going there.

She walks off. He follows behind.

JOSEPH: When are you going to stop with this lie?
OLIVIA: Joseph, drop it. Not here.
JOSEPH: No, we're gonna talk about it because this is fucking stupid. We both know he never did a damn thing to you.
OLIVIA: What would you know? I said drop it!
JOSEPH: What, are you just jealous? That he spent more time on me? Did you want him to teach you to throw a football or play catch with you or something?
OLIVIA: NO, I told you to just forget it.

Joseph spins Olivia around.

JOSEPH: This is our dad. He needs us right now. Forget Stab-A-Thon or whatever nonsense has you staying behind but he is our blood.
OLIVIA: He sure didn't treat me like it.
JOSEPH: You can lie to mom. But you can't lie to me.
OLIVIA: He admitted it, Joseph, why do think he left?
JOSEPH: Because he was tired of it!
OLIVIA: Why don't you believe me?
JOSEPH: Because that's our father!
OLIVIA: Sometimes, Joseph, blood isn't so thick.
JOSEPH: (beat) Whatever. I'll go alone. See ya.

Joseph walks off... and he's gone in the crowd. Olivia turns around and enters her class.

Roy turns around the corner. He spots Charlie at his locker and runs over.

ROY: What's up, man?
CHARLIE: You're not running off? That's new.
ROY: Ha. Funny. Hey, what's Jill's favorite color? Any ideas?

Jill rounds the bend. Kirby rounds the bend also and meets up with the gang.

KIRBY: Howdy, howdy. Roy? This is new.
JILL: Roy, what are you doing?
ROY: Is it really that surprising?
JILL: Shouldn't your tail be between your legs, high tailing it out of here before Niley sees you?
ROY: Oh no, Niley's cool with it now. Her and Robbie made up. Haven't you heard?

Jill smiles and pulls Roy away from the rest of the group. Charlie side eyes them the entire time.

JILL: Look, they can't know about us.
ROY: Then I won't say anything. And why?
JILL: Because with Sidney coming tomorrow and all that and if - - just it's a lot on my plate for all at once. Okay? They can bug me about you once she leaves but until than, I just need a tiny bit of space. Okay? They'll know just by our body language towards each other, they're fucking freaks like that. So the further you are away, for now, the better.
ROY: Alright. You got it.
JILL: Thank you. I'll see you later.
ROY: See ya.
JILL: Oh, one thing.
ROY: Yeah?
JILL: Give Niley some company tonight. Surely, you told her about you and I...
ROY: Surely.
JILL: Just make sure she doesn't go running off to anyone's house and telling them on accident or something. Okay?
ROY: A lot of work just for little ol' you.
JILL: (whispers) I'm worth it.
ROY: How should I keep her busy?
JILL: I don't know, you're smart and I'm sure you'll think of something.
ROY: Okay. Bye.

Roy walks off and Jill returns to the group.

KIRBY: No kissy kissy? No lovey lovey?
JILL: Shut up, it's not like that.
TREVOR: That's right, because you're my girl?

Jill turns around. Trevor stands there now.

JILL: Go away.

Jill walks off and Trevor follows behind.

TREVOR: I'm sorry, Jill, c'mon, how long are you going to keep this up?
JILL: Forever.

Jill enters into her class and shuts the door. He wedges it open with his foot.

TREVOR: Jill, come here.
JILL: I'm in class now, Trevor.

He gets heated, knowing he can't really make his way in there without being kicked out. He bangs on the door.

TREVOR: I am sorry that I'm not PERFECT!

He shuts the door completely and walks away. As he goes, Kirby stands just behind.

KIRBY: Wow, you're sure angry.
TREVOR: Whatever.

He doesn't stop to talk. Kirby then enters the class.

KIRBY: Psychoooo.

Cinema Club is let out. Robbie stays behind as everyone exits.

CHARLIE: You comin'?
ROBBIE: Go ahead.

Nick slowly packs up his things. Robbie makes his way forward... this is his time...

ROBBIE: Hey Nick.
NICK: Robbie.
ROBBIE: Look, I just want to apologize for - -
NICK: Don't. Just forget it.
ROBBIE: Well I would like to make it up to you.
NICK: What?
ROBBIE: Well uh... can I come over tonight?
NICK: (smiles) What are you saying?
ROBBIE: I just... I just wanna make it up to you.
NICK: Okay... I'll text you my address.
ROBBIE: And I'll be there.
NICK: Okay...
ROBBIE: Okay. Good. Nice chat.

Robbie walks off. Nick seems a bit confused... but stoked at the same time.

Jill goes through her dresser, looking for something. She feverishly throws clothes out from it, looking for it. Kate knocks and opens the door.

JILL: Hey.
KATE: What are you looking for?
JILL: Um... these old PJs I had.
KATE: They're in the hallway closet.
JILL: Oh... thanks.
KATE: Want dinner?
JILL: Actually, I'm gonna head in tonight. Big day tomorrow.
KATE: (smiles) It sure is. Not every day a celebrity comes to town. Nonetheless, one we know.
JILL: Ain't that the truth...
KATE: I hope you two get a lot of face time this visit. You could learn a thing or two from her...
JILL: I bet.
KATE: Well, goodnight.
JILL: 'night.

Kate closes the door... Jill goes back to her dresser. And she notices a picture of Chelsea... she stops completely... and holds it just for a moment... the sadness overwhelming her...

JILL: I'm sorry we couldn't help you...

The bag of money lays just beneath her photo... she drops the photo and grabs the money... she now knows what to do with it...

Chelsea's Mom opens the door. Jill stands there.

CHELSEA'S MOM: Hi Jill... uh?
JILL: Hi, um, sorry. I know it's random for me to turn up like this.
CHELSEA'S MOM: Can I help you with something?
JILL: Actually... I would like to help you.
JILL: Well... a lot of us do, I mean. (digs into her purse) My friends... Chelsea's friends... we gathered up some donations and um, we're done now so... (pulls out the wad of money) here.

She looks down at it and back up at Jill.

JILL: We all know the debt Chelsea's night in LA more than two years ago put you through. This should more than take care of it now. She worked for awhile to pay it off, I'm sure you chipped in. Now you can... finish it and have a little something left over. All of Chelsea's friends put this together because we know how hard of a time it must've been...
CHELSEA'S MOM: (tears in her eyes) Jill, this is...
JILL: Just take it. Don't think about it. We loved her and therefore, we love you. And we just want to make sure everything is settled so you can be happy and move on. So you can finally save some money for yourself. She would've wanted it that way... please take it.

She's reluctant... but she grabs hold of it. Jill steps back with a smile.

JILL: I hope this give you some closure.
CHELSEA'S MOM: You are just the sweetest person.
JILL: (beat) Have a good life. You deserve it. For her.
CHELSEA'S MOM: Thank you.
JILL: Bye.

Jill backs off and down the steps. Chelsea's mom looks down at the money... clutching it... it really is just what she needed...


"In Time" by Mark Collie begins. [youtube. com/watch?v=Los0g9Et7Ow]

The entirity of the song plays over Jill and Charlie packing their bags full of material. Charlie unboxes the cameras from their shipment packaging. He grabs his Ghostface costume from his closet and places it in the bag. Jill holds her phone to her mouth, talking into it as the Ghostface app is on just to test it. Charlie places the set of knives into the bag and looks up at Jill. He's turned on just looking at her - but she pays him no mind. He walks over, rubbing her shoulders. She brushes him off and goes back to business. She looks at the list and timeline they're supposed to stick to, making revisions as she goes through it. He returns back to his bag, stuffing it all in just to make sure it's snug but also lightweight.

They both finish what they're doing and look at eachother in a "you ready for this" type of way. Jill nods. And then he nods. They both exit the room and down the stairs. And make their way to Charlie's car. He jumps into the driver seat. Her into the passenger. He turns the ignition... and then they drive off into the night...



Jenny and Marnie sit on the couch. Stab 6 now ending. Marnie is less than impressed but Jenny is fully glee.

MARNIE: These sequels really went to shit.
JENNY: Part 7 is way better, I promise...
MARNIE: You're promising, I just want you to remember that...

We now view the conversation from outside. Jill and Charlie watch them from the window, now dressed in their cloaks but maskless. Charlie nearly shakes from anticipation... Jill is stone faced. DETERMINED. READY.

CHARLIE: (containing his excitement) You ready?
JILL: (scowls forward) You have no idea.

They watch Jenny get up and go toward the the DVD player to put in another movie.

CHARLIE: How we gonna do this?
JILL: Play it by ear.
CHARLIE: Well we gotta make a phone call...
JILL: You think I don't know that?

Charlie looks behind him at the backyard. It's an eerie quiet... for all the shit storm they're about to kick up.

CHARLIE: Well how the hell we supposed to get Marnie out here so we can tie her up?
JILL: We don't. We set up the crime scene to look a certain way. We don't recreate the scene.
CHARLIE: But that's how a remake works.
JILL: Not everything can be exact, Mr. Hollywood.

Jenny looks up toward the ceiling.

CHARLIE: What is she doing?
JILL: She's going upstairs. (beat) This is it. Marnie's alone.
CHARLIE: This is it?
JILL: Grab her. The ruckus will set Jenny back down stairs. I'll leave her house phone behind and call it. She'll answer and I'll talk to her, keep her busy while you set up for the first scare.
CHARLIE: And then what?

Jill slowly turns her head toward Charlie. The soundtrack thuds.

JILL: Goldie locks gets what's coming to her. (beat) Finally.

They watch Marnie pick up the phone.


Charlie pauses for a moment... takes a deep breath... and slips the mask over his face. He crouches down and enters in through a side door. Jill slowly throws the mask over her face as well... watching... the webcam in her mask and she angles it perfectly. She tries to walk in around on the otherside.

Marnie has the phone to her ear, talking into it. And Jill watches... as Charlie sneaks up on her... AND ATTACK. He grabs her by the throat and PULLS HER DOWN. The phone DROPS. Jill watches from behind the window as Charlie PLUNGES the knife into Marnie's stomach. He pulls her body out the door and flicks the light switch as he exits.

Jill watches Jenny come down the stairs and pick up the phone. She moseys around, as if she's looking for Marnie. Charlie drags Marnie over near a glass window... she's still breathing. Jill then takes Marnie's phone and quickly dials the house number. She walks out of view and Jenny answers.

Marnie looks up at Charlie, dazed by what's happening. Woozy and losing blood by the second, unable to fully grasp what's happening. The Ghostface mask comes into view... and her eyes turn frightened.

MARNIE: You're - not - real.

Charlie grabs her and picks her up to a stand. Her head droops down, barely able to lift it. He looks up at Jill... and she gives him the signal. Charlie lifts Marnie up, nice and strong... AND THROWS HER THREW THE WINDOW LANDING IN FRONT OF JENNY. Jill turns the corner and quickly goes after. Jenny RUNS OFF.

Charlie stays behind and catches a shot of Jill in pursuit. He watches until they make their way up the stairs. He looks back down at Marnie... barely breathing. He GRABS HER BY THE ARM AND PULLS HER FORWARD.

Jenny tumbles and rolls down the steps as Jill follows behind. She hits the floor, flat - - her first instinct is jump up and crawl but her legs fail her. It's clear now she has a big bloody stab into her back, right on the spine. Jenny uses her hands to move forward, the only thing fully capable of mobilizing her anywhere.

Jill watches Jenny scrape up and across the garage to the rising door. It's all too familiar... Jill looks at the garage door opener. It's almost too perfect of a coincidence. She presses down and watches the heavy door smash into Jenny's already injured spine.

Jenny cries out and her arms go weak. Jill steps forward and GRABS onto Jenny's legs and PULLS her bag in with force. This is it... this is the moment... she's been waiting for this for months... it's time. Jill raises her blade and Jenny looks the Ghostface mask dead in the eyes as if she stared long enough she'd be able to see through the cloth at her attacker. Crying, afraid and weak, Jenny lets out a final scream with hope long gone out the window...

Jill SLICES DOWN - - ! JENNY PULLS OFF THE MASK in a THINK FAST moment. Jill's arm stops INCHES AWAY FROM JENNY'S SKULL. Jenny's eyes go wide in absolute disbelief...

JENNY: No...

JILL FREEZES. FUCK. SHE PUNCHES JENNY across the face, knocking her out. She sighs, pissed her mask could be taken off so easy. She grabs it and stuffs it in her cloak then focuses back on Jenny...

Charlie sets up a chair near the wall and drags Marnie's lifeless body over. Thud, thud, thud. He looks over to the garage door. Thud, thud, thud. Jill comes out the door backwards and DRAGS OUT Jenny's incapacitated one. He notices right away she's still breathing.

CHARLIE: You didn't kill her?
JILL: (beat) No... not yet...


Moments later...

"Safehouse/Ambush"[youtube. com/watch?v=WZHZWhKNO40] begins to play...

Jenny comes to. She looks around in a haze and realizes she's standing... but higher than usual. A blurry face comes into the center of her sight just below her... and focuses in. It's Jill. Mask off.

JILL: Welcome back, princess.

(0:18) JENNY STRUGGLES and realizes she can't move. Her arms tied behind her back, feet closed together... and a noose around her neck. A chair sits beneath her holding her up. She looks to her side - - MARNIE'S GUTTED IN THE CHAIR. SHE SCREAMS.


Jill STABS JENNY in the kneecap.

JILL: Stop fucking screaming!

(0:30) Jenny forces her mouth closed and whimpers like a dog, trying her best to block the pain.

JILL: Look at you. It's a shame, really. We could've stayed such good friends. BFFs, besties, whatever the hell they're calling it these days.
JENNY: I'm sorry, Jill, I'm so sorry.
JILL: No... you're not. Sorry? You don't know the first thing about "sorry." Not yet anyway. "Sorry" would've stopped you from fucking my boyfriend. "SORRY" would've stopped you from continuing to fuck my boyfriend. "SORRY" would've stopped you from tearing us apart and then being his girlfriend. (beat) "Sorry," Jenny? It's TOO LATE for "SORRY."
JENNY: I'll do anything you want, I won't tell anyone! I will leave, I'll never come back, I'll never talk to Trevor again. I swear to God, please! Please!
JILL: Aw... I - almost - feel - bad.
JENNY: I won't say what happened to Marnie. I'll just go, I swear!
JILL: Would leaving take back what you did to me? Would it fix the pain I've gone through?
JENNY: (shuts her eyes tight) No.
JILL: Then why would I take you up on that? How can I even trust you, even if I did let you go? You're not exactly trustworthy. Are you?

(1:25) Jenny looks down at Jill, every ounce of regret pouring out of her.

JILL: Answer me!
JENNY: I'm trustworthy, I just - I just had a... moment of bad judgment.
JILL: So you are aware you're a piece of shit man stealer? Good, now we're on the same page. Maybe you can empathize.
JENNY: I would never do this to you, never in a million years, no matter what you did to me. This is fucking crazy, who does this over a stupid fucking high school relationship? !
JILL: Jenny... how ignorant of you. Entire wars, hundreds of thousands of men used to be caught in the middle over kings who - want just one pussy. And yet, I can't kill you for stealing one dick from me?
JENNY: (beat) What are you gonna do?

(1:55) Jill smiles... devilishly. THE MUSIC RISES.

JILL: You know what's funny? How PERFECT this all is. Do you know what you and Casey Becker have in common? Do you? Casey stole Steven Orth from some cheerleader. And cheated on Stu with Steve. Funny, right? Only problem is, you're no longer with Trevor so I had to substitute my Steven Orth with Marnie the Carnie over there.
JENNY: What does this have to do with Casey Becker?
JILL: Why Jenny... EVERYTHING. You see, I already informed you of our little Stab remake. And guess who's shoes your filling?

(2:30) JILL KICKS THE CHAIR FROM BENEATH JENNY'S FEET and she DROPS below. Her body struggles back and forth, swinging in the air. Jill looks at her like a wounded dog.

JILL: (sighs) This is just - sad now.

She takes the blade and DIGS IT INTO JENNY'S ABDOMEN. Jenny's eyes go wider than they could possibly go... and Jill doesn't miss a single second of it to see every tear fall from her face.

JILL: Goodbye Jenny. Friend.

SHE SLIDES THE BLADE ACROSS HER STOMACH and steps away watching her GUTS SPILL TO THE FLOOR. Jenny's movement ceases, other than her body swinging back and forth. And just like that, Jenny's gone.

Charlie enters from behind and leans on the wall. He clicks off the webcam in his mask as he takes it off.

CHARLIE: Was all that necessary?
JILL: (beat) I wanted her to know...
CHARLIE: That's why Bond villains never get away with it. Too much monologu-ing.
JILL: I got it out of my system now. Let's finish up here.

Jill walks around Jenny's hallowed out body to behind her and cuts her hands free along with her feet. Charlie moves around the room, fixing the room back up to look nice.

Charlie and Jill head to the front door. Charlie stops.

CHARLIE: Wait. I have an idea.

Jill watches Charlie from across the room... Charlie steps away from the wall with a grin on his face. He looks to Jill for her approval.

CHARLIE: What do you think?
JILL: "What's your favorite scary movie?"
CHARLIE: Sends a message. Ghostface is back.
JILL: (beat) No... Ghostface Begins.

DOLLY OUT as the MUSIC RISES from behind Jill and Charlie looking at the scene they caused. Marnie in the chair, her head slumped over with her insides pulled out and stretched across the room. Jenny hanging from the ceiling, her arms and legs swaying with entrails sliding down her leg. "What's your favorite scary movie?" painted in blood stretching across the wall.

It's a masterpiece.




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