"Round we go
The world is spinning
When it stops
It's just beginning

Sun comes up
We live and we cry
Sun comes down
And then we all die"

- Samara. The Ring.

Fade out. Still dark.

A phone rings. A regular ringer, definitely a house phone.

A cell phone. Okay, so maybe not a house phone. But the ringtone sure sounds normal.

Solai grabs the phone, quickly bypassing the caller ID and sets the phone to her ear.

SOLAI: Hello?
VOICE: Hello.
SOLAI: Uhhhh... (checks the caller ID - RESTRICTED) who's this?
VOICE: Who do you want me to be?
SOLAI: I would like it if you were my boyfriend finally calling me.
VOICE: I think I can do that.
SOLAI: Oh, can you? Is your name Topher by any chance?
VOICE: No. But I can change it to that. If you like.
SOLAI: (giggles) That's okay, I want my Toph-y. But seriously, who is this? Amanda? Taylor? Lynn?
VOICE: Do I sound like a girl?
SOLAI: Well they're all lesbos so it's fitting.
VOICE: That's not a nice thing to say about your friends, Solai.
SOLAI: Ooooh, so you know my name. C'mon, it's only polite if I know yours.
VOICE: You can call me Ghostface.

The soundtrack thuds.

SOLAI: Ah! STAB! I knew it. I should've known, I spent a whole day watching those movies last year and oh look, conveniantly in time for the anniversary! You're original.
GHOSTFACE: Were you really watching them or were you too busy fucking someone?

Solai rolls her eyes.

SOLAI: Okay, Niley, look, that was a long time ago. I thought we were over this and - -
GHOSTFACE: This isn't Niley.
SOLAI: Jill?
GHOSTFACE: Again with the girl names. I don't get it.
SOLAI: Well Robbie, if this is your idea of some stupid prank - -
GHOSTFACE: Solai, I assure you... this isn't a prank.
SOLAI: Well... either way. Joke's on you because I'm hanging up now. You're probably recording this and I'm on some radio station or whatever the hell it is you're doing these days. Or is that Roy? Whatever, either way, the both of you are too lucky for the average teenager.
GHOSTFACE: If you hang up, so help me God, I will crush your vocal chords so you can't scream as I cut you from ear to ear.

The calmness in his voice chills her to the bone. She goes to speak... fuck it. SHE HANGS UP.

SOLAI: Fucking creep.

She throws the phone to the bed and exits from the room.

Solai gracefully steps down the stairs and comes to the bottom. She checks the peep hole. It's clear outside. She locks the top lock. The door lock. And the chain lock. She turns and heads to the kitchen.

Solai enters and turns on the mini TV set atop the counter. It's the news, so she switches it to cartoons. To the fridge she goes, taking out a milk carton and drinking from it directly. The house phone rings. She thinks nothing of it and answers.

SOLAI: Hello?
GHOSTFACE: Why didn't you heed my warning?
SOLAI: How the hell did you get this number?
GHOSTFACE: I'm resourceful.
SOLAI: Well you just gave yourself away. Only two of my friends know my house number so let's guess which jackass you are, yeah?
GHOSTFACE: This should be fun.
SOLAI: You're caught, Ollie.
GHOSTFACE: That gay guy on the football team? GUESS AGAIN.
SOLAI: And Topher himself. Bravo.

There's no response. She grins, victoriously.

SOLAI: Thought so. Hey, are you here? I've been waiting for you for hours.

She makes her way back into the foyer.

Solai reaches for the door handle.

GHOSTFACE: Don't forget to unlock the chain, the top lock and the door.

Solai stops.

SOLAI: How did you know I did that?
GHOSTFACE: Good guess...
SOLAI:... can you see me?
GHOSTFACE: Better yet, Solai, I'm FILMING YOU.
SOLAI: Well cut the theatrics, this isn't going on YouTube.

Solai runs herself up the steps and to the top of the stairs and the pathway leading to the hallway. She stops and looks out the giant glass window overlooking her front yard.

GHOSTFACE: I was thinking more like Faces of Death.
SOLAI: Never heard of it.
GHOSTFACE: Or maybe my own little Stab remake. Situation seem familiar? Girl alone at night, receives a phone call and she's waiting for her boyfriend. Only the boyfriend is mysteriously missing...
SOLAI: Topher, I swear this isn't funny.
SOLAI: Then who the fuck are you? Huh? If you're a real killer, why haven't you done anything yet? Why do you just keep talking?

There's an eerie silence. Solai revved up, huffing and puffing. Pissed this guy is giving her shit. And then, after that beat of thinking...

GHOSTFACE: ... practice.

GHOSTFACE POPS FROM THE CLOSET BEHIND HER AND DIGS THE KNIFE INTO HER BACK. Solai drops the phone down and IT SMASHES against the bottom floor below. She nearly falls over the railing until Ghostface TURNS HER OVER, THRUSTING THEIR HAND INTO HER NECK - - CRUNCH - - and STABS HER IN THE SHOULDER.

She falls to a sit and slips on the first step. Her body TUMBLES ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STAIRS and COLLAPSES on the bottom.

A light shines in through the window up above. Ghostface looks out - - TOPHER'S CAR arrives in the drive way. Ghostface looks down at Solai's body... AND SPINS DOWN THE HALLWAY, OUT OF SIGHT.

Topher exits his car and makes his way for the walkway. He's still in his work clothes and he hums along. He stops for a moment and checks the roses growing along the path. He sniffs it and jumps back up - - disgusting smell apparently. He continues to the door and knocks.

Solai lays on the floor at the bottom of the stairs... practically twisted like a pretzal... PARALYZED from the waist down. She can hear the knock and she tries to reach for the door... she goes to speak - - blood spills from her mouth instead.

Topher waits another moment. It's cold out though. So screw this. He takes out his set of keys and unlocks the door. He twists the handle - - still locked. He unlocks the top lock - - the door opens - - but STOPS inches after opening.

Solai looks up, barely unable to lift her head. She mouths "help"... but it does no good. She's off to the side... out of sight. He reaches his hand up the doorframe and unlocks the chain. He opens the door and looks straight up the stairs. His foot is literally an INCH AWAY FROM HER HAND.

TOPHER: Solai, I'm here! Why aren't you answering your phone?

He charges up the stairs - - AWAY FROM HER. She mouths "no"... and he continues up. He reaches the top, bypassing the blood on the railway at the top and heads down the hallway towards Solai's room. The door is WIDE OPEN.

TOPHER: Solai, you napping?

Topher enters and notices her cell phone atop her bed. He sighs and continues in, looking around and taking off his jacket.

TOPHER: Solai, you taking a dumper or what?

He scans through her CDs, just to waste time. There's still no response... and the longer there isn't one... the more odd it becomes.

TOPHER: Okay, what the hell.

Topher walks over to the railing overlooking the window. The blood is GONE. He hangs over it and looks down... SHE'S GONE... no news to him though. The sound from the kitchen sure grabs his attention. He quickly paces down the stairs and heads into the kitchen.

Topher enters and looks at the TV. Road Runner, Wil E Coyote stuff. He steps forward, flicking it off. The house now a complete HUSH. He spins around... where the hell could she be? A figure is just outside the door... sitting. He comes to the window... and turns on the lights. SOLAI'S TIED UP TO A CHAIR.

TOPHER: Holy fuck!

Topher wastes no time and CHARGES out the door, quickly running to her aid. She tries to shake her head to warn him - - but she's barely able to. Tears stream down her cheeks as he rips off the tape from the chair off her wrists; her hands falls limp into her lap.

TOPHER: It's gonna be okay! You hear me? What happened?

He looks around. NOBODY IN SIGHT. He rips off the tape from her face - - A CAMERA is LODGED IN HER MOUTH, POINTED DIRECTLY AT HIM.

TOPHER: What the - -

A KNIFE SLIDES BEHIND HIM AND CROSSES HIS THROAT. Blood SPURTS out from his neck and down onto Solai as she begins to cry harder. He drops to his knees, totally incapable of understanding what just happened. He looks down at the blood... his eyes go wide... and he collapses. DEAD.

Solai looks up at her attacker, completely mortified. Ghostface slowly turns toward her, calmy tilting their head. Even though she's not tied up - - SHE CAN'T GO ANYWHERE. Ghostface pulls the camera from her mouth and she spits up blood.

ANOTHER GHOSTFACE comes from behind and takes off their mask - JILL.

JILL: God dammit, we're never gonna get this chair kill. (blabbering on) It's my fault though, I was way too excited to kill Jenny that I forgot to get a good angle on you when you did the deed on Marnie and I know, I shouldn't have kept my mask off. It's an amateur mistake but it'll never happen again.
CHARLIE: (points to his head) What the fuck are you doing?
JILL: What is she gonna do, TELL ON US?

SOLAI EYES TELL THE WHOLE STORY GOING ON IN HER MIND. Freaked the fuck out is barely just stratching the surface. Charlie takes off his mask. More tears fall from Solai's eyes. Charlie turns his back on her and focuses only on Jill.

CHARLIE: He's dead and she can't speak, let's get the hell out of here.
JILL: What are you, retarded? She can still pin us. Write it out on a little notepad. Go through the yearbook person by person. One blink for "no," two for "yes" when you spot Waldo. And what the fuck was that phone call, Charlie? That was so tame.
CHARLIE: It's scarier when he's calm.
JILL: Whatever. Let's kill this bitch and let's G-T-F-O here. These half-a-foot high boots are killing me.
CHARLIE: It makes you more intimidating when you're taller. No one would be frightened by a midget Ghostface.
JILL: Thanks Wes Carpenter. Now off her and let's go.

They both look - - SHE'S GONE.

JILL:... this is your fault.

She PUSHES Charlie out of the way and searches throughout the backyard.

JILL: Solaiiii.

She comes around the corner of the house. A blood trail leads toward the fence to the street. Solai crawls with her hands, almost reaching.

JILL: Look, it's been a long day so if you would just cooperate...

Jill runs over, kneels down and flips Solai's floppy body over. Solai SPITS BLOOD in Jill's face. BAD IDEA. But Jill smiles as the blood runs down her lips... and she slides the steel across Solai's stomach...

JILL: Shame, Solai... we could've been such a good friends. Oh wait... this would've happened anyway than.

Solai looks down at her feet - - they're moving. Jill raises the knife - - A FOOT CONNECTS INTO HER HEAD, HARD. Jill falls to the floor and Solai tries to push herself up with her now more mobile but still weak feet. She comes to a stand, holding herself up with the fence.

Jill awakes - - and on impulse, SWINGS THE KNIFE INTO SOLAI'S ANKLE. Jill smirks and TWISTS IT EVEN FURTHER, DIGGING IN. Solai falls to the ground, sliding down the fence. Solai's tears have run dry... only the pathetic acceptance of what's coming to her next. Jill rises slowly, cracking her neck. Uh oh... she's pissed... and she slides back on her mask with a sly smile.

JILL: (raises the knife) And... CUT!




DIMENSION FILMS (a white, suburban house, eclipsed by the moonlight)
AMC CHANNEL present (a dark, bloody basement)
JILL ROBERTS (framed picture on a wall, her smiling; it's cracked down the middle)
CHARLIE WALKER (yearbook photo for the Cinema Club, a bloody handprint off to the side)
OLIVIA MORRIS (the yearbook pages flip to Olivia, school picture, her eyes CUT OUT)
ROBBIE MERCER (a computer screen advertisement, webpage - HALL PASS with Robbie Mercer)
TREVOR SHELDON (a ripped in half photo, someone else has been cut out - it's pinned to a wall)
JENNY RANDALL (a smiling picture of Jenny is pinned to the wall next to Trevor's)
MARNIE COOPER (a random photo - a noose drawn around her neck, connected to the ceiling)
NILEY KRINKEY (a small photo of her on a key chain; a headshot like photo)
KIRBY REED (newspaper photo of her crying during the Penciatti Hotel incident, her friends consoling her)
ROY POPPER (the newspaper flips a page to Roy at his radio desk; headphones on & the ON AIR light on)
SHERIFF DWIGHT RILEY & GALE WEATHERS-RILEY (old newspaper pic of the two - first Scream era)
SIDNEY PRESCOTT (the "Out of Darkness" inside photo of her, a huge CIRCLE drawn around her head)

(white lettering PUNCHES through)


Based on Events and Characters by Kevin Williamson
Teleplay and Concepted by Billy Bob D



TITLE CARD: October 2011
We've been here before... in fact, it all looks very much the same. Small, now melted candles are in a circle around the floor. Glass from the window has been shattered about. Unmoved. Untouched. For 3 and a half years.

Roy enters, a depressed mess. It's clear being here is a little rough for him. He looks down at the candles... the glass... and it all brings back memories. To that one night, years ago, the day before he started high school. Where his friends were "Ghost Hunting" while he was given the task to play a prank dressed in a Jason mask. All of it seems so long ago now... at a much happier time...

He sits down by the candles... and looks at each one... he can still remember where each of his friends sat... Jenny... Robbie... Charlie... Jill... but none of them are there anymore. And as soon as he realizes that... he can't help but think... what if they were? What if things turned out differently? What caused the whole down fall anyway? He can't pinpoint it in his head... but he has a gut feeling that this ONE thing changed it all... and then he imagines... what if...


TITLE CARD: April 14th...2011...
MUSIC CUE: [youtube. com/watch?v=OzQZdFClTAw]
The alarm clock goes off. Jill POPS UP. Excited. There's something about today she can't WAIT for. She quickly throws on her clothes and speeds out her door.

Jill slides across the floor with her socks and into the kitchen. Kate makes a fresh batch of toast and Jill grabs a slice. Kate notices Jill's chipper attitude.

KATE: Someone's excited...
JILL: You bet!

Jill runs off.

KATE: Jill, you gotta wait for me!
JILL: I'll bring her by later! You can wait!

The door closes and leaves Kate alone. She smiles and spreads the butter across the toast as it melts.

KATE: (sighs... and smiles) Cousins.

Jill runs down the pathway and has a set of keys in hand. She comes to the driveway and there's a brand spanking new car in the drive way - - Jill enters it.

JILL: Hello gorgeous.

We now know... this is her car... wait... what? She enters, turns it on and reverses out of the drive way.

Jill parks and jumps out of the car, racing towards the terminal... a big smile on her face...
The music fades out...

Jill enters and quickly spins around. She's not sure of where she needs to be. And then she looks up... and there she is. SIDNEY at the top of the escalator with her suitcase in hand. Jill smiles BIG, HAPPY. Sidney reaches the bottom and Jill quickly runs over, HUGGING HER COUSIN.

SIDNEY: Heeeeeey!
JILL: I've missed you!

Wha... what?

JILL: Did you extend your stay?

Sidney smiles, keeping Jill in suspense.

SIDNEY: Welllll...
JILL: Oh my God, Sidney, c'mon!
SIDNEY: I... might've.
JILL: Don't toy with my emotions!
SIDNEY: It's been extended... by just a bit.

Sidney turns around, looking back up toward the escalator. Rebecca is now coming down now... with SEVERAL suitcases in tow, totally peeved about the fact.

SIDNEY: (turns back to Jill and winks) Until your graduation.

Jill's eyes open wide in excitement.

JILL: YAY! You're gonna stay with us, right?
SIDNEY: I have to ask your mother, you know that.
JILL: Psh, she'll say yes!
SIDNEY: Well let's just see first, okay?

Rebecca meets up with them, hauling around all the cases.

REBECCA: (to Jill, with a big fake happy smile) Hey there, wanna be a big help and carry some of this shit?
SIDNEY: This is Rebecca, my publicist. Sometimes she's a bitch but she means well.
REBECCA: True dat. And my first act of bitchiness for the day, we HAVE to make your last schedule book reading-slash-signing on time!
SIDNEY: Yeah, yeah, Jesus. All work and no play, this one.
JILL: It'll make you a dull girl, Rebecca.
REBECCA: So I'm assuming you're our cab?
JILL: You can call me Ranjeet. (grabs a suitcase to help her) Let's go!

They all run off towards the parking lot... Jill and Sidney... happily talking to eachother... and catching up. We will now refer to this timeline as the "(ALT UNI)" in the scene heading.

TITLE CARD: April 14th, 2011
Jill's face is illuminated by a TV's light as she sits on the couch, looking forward. PAN OVER to see what she's looking at - - it appears to be a home video. A young Marnie, not even 2 years old, is bumbling around with her new walking skills. She walks forward to a familiar face - - CICI COOPER - - and lands in her lap.

Jill tilts her head. Hm... where do I know this face?

MARNIE'S MOTHER (O.S.): Isn't she precious?
CICI: She's so cuuuute. Yes, you are! Yes, you are! I'm gonna spoil you while you're little, you know that?
MARNIE'S MOTHER (O.S.): Aw, cousins.
CICI: I think she, um... you know.
MARNIE'S MOTHER (O.S.): Did you poopoo, Marnie?

Marnie looks up, a drooly grin on her face.

INFANT MARNIE: Dipe dipe change.

Marnie's mother and Cici laugh.

CICI: I'll let you handle that.
MARNIE'S MOTHER (O.S.): Keep this video, Marnie, and remember your cousin didn't want to change your diaper in your time of need.
CICI: Oh, shut up, Auntie Rea. You gonna change the diapers of my kids?
MARNIE'S MOTHER (O.S.): Oh and when will that be?
CICI: (yawns) Never.

They both laugh. The TV FLICKS OFF. Jill throws the remote down.

JILL: Pathetic.

Charlie pokes his head up from the window.

CHARLIE: You done up here?
JILL: Yeah, I think I've seen everything I need to.
CHARLIE: C'mon, it's almost like 1 in the morning.
JILL: I wasn't aware you had a bedtime.

Jill wipes her prints from the remote and comes to the window, stepping down from the ladder. She closes the window and comes down.

Charlie grabs the ladder and they both walk away from Marnie's property. They continue walking down the street, their car at the far end.

CHARLIE: You find anything useful in there?

They keep walking. Jill is suspiciously quiet.

CHARLIE: Is something wrong?
CHARLIE: You've been acting weird all night.
JILL: We kill people, Charlie, I think that goes beyond weird.
CHARLIE: At least you're self aware. (beat) Only 2 more nights... and I get to have you.

They reach the car. Charlie collapses the ladder down and begins stuffing it into his trunk.

JILL: If you get your job done.
CHARLIE: You know I'll get it done.
JILL: Do I? That why you keep posting shit on her Facebook wall every 10 seconds?
CHARLIE: I'm working up an alibi.
JILL: You listen here, Charlie, she hardly knows you exist. You got that? Don't forget I am the one who is going to make this all worth your while and she'll just be a corpse. Accept the fact that she's going to die and you're going to be the one to do it and start thinking that way NOW.

They enter the car.

They both sit quiet for a moment. Charlie doesn't want to seem too suspicious though, so he then turns on the car. He waits a beat... and drives forward...

CHARLIE: She's the only one of them you have nothing against. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.
JILL: She's in the way of what I want so yeah, I have something against her.
CHARLIE: Dewey and Gale lived, ya know? That's four people. Me, you... we need another two.
JILL: Then we'll just have to keep Dewey and Gale very much alive, now won't we?
CHARLIE: But we need a NEW Dewey and Gale.
JILL: The only thing I need is for you to trust me. You want the fame, right? You wanna reboot a flailing franchise that we both love? (beat) You want me? Then we do it how I say we do it because as far as I'm concerned, I'm the brains.
CHARLIE: It was half of my idea.
JILL: And I'm improving it. Re-writes, if you will. Who's idea was it to kill Solai and Topher too? Who thought, just "what if nobody found Jenny and Marnie?" Our day 2 would've been shot to shit and Sidney would just leave and we would've been up shit creek with no paddles. It was my genius to take the necessary precautions that, come tomorrow morning, at least one group of those sorry sonsabitches would be found. And if they find all four, then maybe that's even better, I don't know. But it was MY idea and NOT yours, so recognize who is in charge here and like I said, FUCKING TRUST ME when I say we need Kirby dead for this to work.
CHARLIE: (beat) Fine.
JILL: You take your medication?
CHARLIE: It just ran out before we hit Jenny's house.
JILL: Ran out? You didn't think to refill it?
CHARLIE: I don't need them anymore.
JILL: You're acting all pussy all of a sudden, so yeah, you do.
CHARLIE: What does that have to do with anything?
JILL: (beat) Nothing. I'll make sure you get a refill, okay?
CHARLIE: Thanks, I guess...
JILL: Oh, speaking of re-writes, remember to call me in the morning before school. I wanna catch the look on their dumb faces as I get a Ghostface call.
CHARLIE: Someone else should get a call. Be suspicious if it was just you.
JILL: Olivia. Bitch is stupid, she'll probably think it's funny. (beat) Stop here.

Charlie looks out the window. It's the airport and the ARTIE'S RENTAL CAR sign comes into view.

JILL: Wait here.

Sidney and Rebecca are handed the keys by the CAR ASSISTANT.

CAR ASSISTANT: And here are your keys to the rental. Luckily you were our only reserved vehicle.
REBECCA: Oh yeah, why's that?
CAR ASSISTANT: Someone came in last night and flattened all the tires to the cars but one.
SIDNEY: Does that happen often?
CAR ASSISTANT: Damn kids these days, no telling what they'll do. Anniversary week pranks is probably all that it is.
SIDNEY: Pranks?
CAR ASSISTANT: Let's just say... you'll see when you get to town.
REBECCA: Okay Sidney, let's hurry! We're running late!

Sidney smiles at the man as they exit out the door.

Robbie opens his eyes... and he looks around.. something's not right. He turns in bed. Nick is next to him. We see a moment of panic... but then a sudden comfort. He lays back down... Nick shuffles and lays his head on Robbie's chest. Robbie just sits there for a moment... letting the moment sink in. For the first time in awhile... he's happy.

He sees the time... SHIT! He jumps up and quickly gathers for his clothes. Nick flops over and slowly wakes up. He smiles at the morning sun hitting his face and the look of Robbie half naked before him.

NICK: Where you going?
ROBBIE: School.
NICK: Screw school, come back to bed.
ROBBIE: No, I can't. My new headset is done and I have to start uploading live today for the launch but I'll see you later? You'll be at school later, right?
NICK: Nah, I think I'll just lay here for today. Keep it lazy. Text me, okay?
ROBBIE: Okay. Maybe I'll see you later.

Robbie runs to the window and starts to pry it open.

NICK: Robbie.
NICK: You can go out through the front. My parents know I'm gay.

Robbie stops for a moment... he considers it... but opens the window anyway and jumps out. Nick sighs and gets comfortable back in bed.

NICK: Boys.

Robbie, with headset on, comes toward the campus and there standing under a tree, waiting, is Will who appears excited as ever.

ROBBIE: You ready for the premiere of totally mobile and totally live, Hall Pass with Robbie Mercer?
WILL: No way that thing works as you say it does.
ROBBIE: Totally, man, check this out. I'll even let you get in on the action.

Robbie takes off the headset and points it on himself. He turns it on.

ROBBIE: This is the first video blog for Hall Pass with Robbie Mercer, just saying hello and welcome. Most of you are at school right now so you won't be catching this live and are more than likely getting this later in the day in our archives but live streaming is one of our capabilities now to catch all the action as it happens! Hopefully we'll catch some really cool stuff and show high school in an uncensored, unauthorized and unforgiving look! Nudity, swearing and hopefully some carnage to be caught! First interview of the day... (he sets the headset back on) Will Scanton! Say hello, Will.
WILL: Hello world.
ROBBIE: Are you having a great morning so far?
WILL: Yeah, real great. A lot of the Cinema Club and I - - uh... without your... Robbie Mercer's knowledge... well, we went out and we painted the town red. Maybe you will get a look of all the fun Ghostface pranks we took part in.
ROBBIE: Ghostface pranks for the memorial week, as we call it here in Woodsboro?
WILL: (overacting) That's correct, Robbie!
ROBBIE: Oh... kay. Well thank you, Will, we will be catching you later hopefully. This is Hall Pass, Mercer-out!

Robbie clicks it off.

ROBBIE: Eh? Eh? What do you think?
WILL: Did you just say Mercer-out?
ROBBIE: Was that too Ryan Seacrest-y?
WILL: (beat) You're especially happy today.
ROBBIE: Well yeah... duh... got this cool little invention on my head.

Jill, Kirby and Olivia come forward. Robbie's focus is a bit garnered toward them and Will kinda slinks through the cracks into the realm of non-existing. As his focus is being drawn off...

WILL: Well what about the actual camera itself, did you configure it for this or... is that new?
ROBBIE: That's a 2.0 upgrade version, I'm totally mobile now.
WILL: Nice!

The girls arrive. Will walks off as Robbie approaches them. We FOLLOW WILL as he comes to a crouch behind the tree down below to Louis and Leo.

WILL: How long until you think they'll find the dummy hung from the goal post?
LOUIS: I give it another hour until PE starts.

They all chuckle. Leo keeps his eyes on our usual gang.

LEO: Look at them. They'd swear they're the only people who go to this school.
LOUIS: Jesus, I know. All I hear is their nauseating gossip. "Who's dating Trevor now?" WHO GIVES A FUCK. What about us, huh? We're not cool?

Chantelle over hears this and comes walking by flirtatiously.

CHANTELLE: No, honey. Not cool enough.
LOUIS: Yeah, sounds like you admire them?
CHANTELLE: You kidding me? There's nothing more annoying than popular kids not realizing they're popular. Their modesty sickens me...
LOUIS: Worst offender of them all is Roy.

As he's saying this, Roy walks by and he nods to the group quickly and he enters the school.

CHANTELLE: What's wrong with Roy? He's sexy.
WILL: Sexy?
CHANTELLE: I'd jump him and ride him around like a carousel if I could. If he weren't so hung up on all the bitches hung up on him that is.
LOUIS: As I was fuckin' saying... somethin' about that guy... doesn't sit right with me.
LEO: Like what, Louis?
LOUIS: I always get this feeling... like he's planning something, ya know?
CHANTELLE: Like some Columbine shit or what?
LOUIS: No, no, no, not like that. Well maybe, I don't know. Something more inclusive between his friends.
LEO: The fuck do you care?
WILL: Louis gots a crush on Olivia.

They all laugh and jib in the side.

LOUIS: Fuck no, that loose bitch? I'm just sayin', that's all.
CHANTELLE: I thought you had a thing for Esline?
LOUIS: Chantelle, just shut your damn mouth, okay?
LEO: Not like it's a secret, Louis.
LOUIS: I'm keepin' my eye on that guy though. Roy. He's fishy.
CHANTELLE: If ya ask me, the only one fishy here is you.
LOUIS: Yeah? Well good thing nobody asked you.
CHANTELLE: Fuck off. (flicks her cig at him) I'm going to class. See you dipshits later.
WILL: (once she's gone) I think we could have our own Hall Pass-like show. We're interesting enough.

They all stare at him for a moment... and just walk away.

WILL: What? It's true. They're not the only ones around here with drama, ya know? Sheesh.

Jill and Kirby make way for Jill's locker. Kirby's blabbering on... but all Jill can think about is last night. Charlie comes toward them and Jill stops for a second.

JILL: Hey Charlie, I got that... thing for you.

Kirby's still walking and talking... not even realizing Jill's not there. Jill hands Charlie a bottle of pills that she got from Dr. Pryce.

CHARLIE: I... how'd you get this?
JILL: Don't worry about it. But you got it now. So take it before tonight. 'k?
CHARLIE: Alright. Oh. (pulls out a cell phone) Snagged Trevor's phone as planned.
JILL: Good boy.

She walks off and rejoins Kirby. She then remembers... she had something to do. She reaches into her bag... and switches on a tape recorder... Jill pops open her locker, beginning to put stuff in.

JILL: I think Charlie likes you.
KIRBY: And I like him. To tease, to torment, to make him squirm.
JILL: You can do alot worse, trust me.

Jill closes the locker and there stands TREVOR, cracking his knuckles. Jill gives him that look - "you again?" Kirby's had enough awkward encounters.

KIRBY: Oh. Hiii Trevor. Byyyye Trevor.

As Kirby walks off, Jill switches off the tape recorder and faces him.

TREVOR: Can we talk?

Jill gives him the cold shoulder treatment and keeps walking.

Roy's sat in the back of class, totally ignoring every single word spilling out of the teacher's mouth. He then gets a text... and everyone else gets a text. Odd... he looks down as does everyone else.

STUDENT #1: It's from Niley.
STUDENT #2: Just another mass text, it's probably not important.
STUDENT #1: Oh shit... no, man, this is heavy...
STUDENT #2: "Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper were murdered last night. Stabbed to death."
STUDENT #1: I can't believe it.

Roy looks up... the news is hitting him... VANS DRIVE BY OUTSIDE and the entire class jumps up to take a look.

Roy bursts out of the classroom and runs down the hall.

Niley sits in the corner as Hoss tries to hand her some water. The poor girl cries... obviously not wanting to talk to anyone.

HOSS: C'mon, just drink. You're gonna get dehydrated.

Perkins walks by... noticing Hoss is getting a bit too friendly.


Hoss spins around... "I'm innocent!"

HOSS: She's crying, what else am I supposed to -

Hoss jumps up and comes to Perkins.

PERKINS: Go to your desk, let Judy handle that. Okay, buddy?
HOSS: But she's soo hoooot.
PERKINS: I know, I know. But you can't be doin' that shit. You're a cop, a deputy at that.
HOSS: What if I quit the force?
PERKINS: I'll be the first to arrest you, dammit! Now go to your desk. Hit on Gale when she gets here, how about that? She's near your age. Maybe it'll advance your career!
HOSS: It's not fair!

Hoss stomps off like a child. Perkins looks at Niley's legs in her jogging shorts... he sighs.

PERKINS: God damn, I need to be 30 years younger.

He walks. Roy rushes in and looks around. Niley spots him and cries out.


Roy rushes to her aide and hugs her.

ROY: Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
NILEY: It was horrible, Roy.
ROY: Don't think about it, don't think about it.
NILEY: I can't believe it! I can't believe it! I could've been there, I could've protected them.

Roy feels a sudden rush guilt as his eyes begin to water.

ROY: It's not your fault.

From behind, Jill, Olivia and Kirby enter, looking around as if they don't know where to go. Roy releases from holding Niley.

ROY: I'll be right back.

Niley nods like a little girl as Roy comes toward them.

ROY: Guys, what are you doing here?
JILL: (beat) I got a phone call.
OLIVIA: So did I.
ROY: (not getting) A phone call of what?
KIRBY: From the killer! You know, Stab?

Kirby does a stabbing motion... and realizes she's in a police station then pretends to be combing her hair back.

ROY: What are you talking about?
JILL: We think this might... mean something since my cousin's here.
ROY: (now he gets it) Do you really think...?
OLIVIA: It's possible... angel of death...
ROY: ... Niley discovered them.

They all look toward her, balling her eyes out.

JILL: Well if she wants to talk to us, she knows where she can find us.
ROY: Jill, what the fuck?
OLIVIA: I'm a bitch and even I think that's cruel.
KIRBY: I'm gonna go hug the shit out of her.

Olivia and Kirby walk off to hug Niley, leaving Roy and Jill alone.

JILL: What did I tell you? You can't just come talking to me like that.
ROY: This is an emergency.
JILL: I can handle it. Like I said Roy... until Sid's gone... SPACE.

Jill walks over to Niley as well, joining the group hug. Perkins notices all the girls huddling around... so he goes in.

PERKINS: Can I help you ladies with somethin'?
JILL: Yeah, um... we received a call from the girls' phones this morning. The girls who died.
OLIVIA: It was from the killer.
PERKINS: The kill - - shit. Okay (takes out his notepad) what are your names?
OLIVIA: Olivia Morris.
JILL: Jill Roberts. It's Dewey, he should know me. I think, at least.
KIRBY: Yeah, he definitely knows me. Guilty for speeding.

She chuckles and realizes it's not the best moment for joking.

KIRBY: I'm gonna go back to consoling a loved one.

Kirby ducks back down.

PERKINS: Okay, and your numbers?
OLIVIA: Is that necessary?
PERKINS: Just uh... protocal... forget it, I'll go talk to the man up top. He's in an interview with Sidney though.
JILL: Wait, what? Sidney's here?
PERKINS: The one and only.

Robbie sits at the chair while Charlie sits at the bed.

ROBBIE: We are on the cusp of greatness here, Charlie! I could be big if I get some exposure for this! Can you imagine? Holy shit!
CHARLIE: Hey Robbie, it doesn't bug you that those two girls were just butchered?
ROBBIE: Well yeah, it sucks, but c'mon, think of the upside here. My career, for their lives. They died for something and I want to make sure of it.
CHARLIE: You're sick. You know that? Something's wrong with you.
ROBBIE: Okay, okay. They were our friends at what point... and maybe it's the shock that results in me to feeling nothing.
CHARLIE: You can say that again.

Nick climbs up from the window and into Robbie's room.

ROBBIE: Whoa, what are you doing?

Nick notices Charlie's there.

NICK: Oh, I didn't know you... had company.

Charlie sits there... this is awkward.

ROBBIE: Yeah, so, leave.
CHARLIE: No need to be rude. I'll get going. Lemme know if there's anymore death for you to capitalize on, future Male Weathers.
ROBBIE: Male Weathers, that's funny.

Charlie climbs out the window and leaves the two alone.

ROBBIE: What the hell are you doing?
NICK: I wanted to see you, see if you were okay.
ROBBIE: I'm fine.
NICK: Weren't they your friends?
ROBBIE: (beat) Were... look, I don't wanna think about it. It's better that way and keeps me distant from everything.
NICK: That's not healthy, Robbie. (beat) I haven't got my invite to Stab-A-Thon yet...
ROBBIE: I didn't send you one.
NICK: ... well why not?
ROBBIE: Didn't... think you'd wanna go?
NICK: I do, I love Stab... who doesn't in this town, right?

Robbie just nods... and avoids the subject all together.

ROBBIE: I gotta get back to my site. Alot of updates to take care of.

Roy opens the door for Niley and takes her by the hand, leading her toward the beautiful pier. He throws his arm around her, trying to make her feel better.

ROY: C'mon.

They walk up the steps and look out towards the setting sun. Niley's still a blubbering mess. They take a seat at a bench... and watch the sun fall.

NILEY: This is my favorite place.
ROY: I know. I thought it would help... for you.
NILEY: Thanks...
ROY: You're a good kid, Niley Krinkey. I don't want you to think otherwise. What happened... you couldn't have stopped it and... it's not your fault. These things... well they don't just happen, at least not to people like us... but... we'll be okay. I promise.
NILEY: It got me thinking, ya know? About my own... life. I wanna do something with it, Roy. I wasn't joking when I said I want someone to drive me around because I'm a successful actress.
ROY: Well I hoped so, your driving was shit.

They both laugh.

NILEY: I realized... that maybe if it weren't for Cinema Club... maybe I wouldn't have wanted that. It was because you started this thing - -
ROY: At least someone recognizes that fact.
NILEY: - - then maybe Robbie and I... maybe we wouldn't have been anything. Maybe he wouldn't have shown me all those movies... maybe if Jenny said, let's have a Stab-A-Thon, I would've shown no interest and... I still wouldn't have been there... and they still would've died.
ROY: Surely there's a lot more implications if Cinema Club didn't exist but I get what you're saying.
NILEY: I want to become an actress... for them. I wanna make them proud. Jenny used to... love the movies. Maybe one day she can see me in one?
ROY: (smiles) That's a nice thought.
NILEY: One day... one day...

They both stop jabbering and look out toward the setting sun...

Kirby enters the house with Jill and Sidney. Dewey right behind them. Kirby's admittedly still a bit starstruck. Kate runs over, giving Sidney a hug.

SIDNEY: Hey Aunt Kate.
KATE: My Sidney. I've missed you.
SIDNEY: Me too.
KATE: You can stay as long as you want.
SIDNEY: Thanks but no offense, I hope it's not too long over this under these circumstances.
KATE: Ofcourse, ofcourse. I'm gonna make dinner, you hungry?
SIDNEY: Starved.
KATE: Okay, I'll make your favorite.

Kate walks off. Rebecca now enters and looks at Sid.

REBECCA: I'm gonna go to the hotel. You'll be okay?
SIDNEY: Yeah, thanks Rebecca.

Dewey waits around... like a patient boy...

DEWEY: Sid? A word?

Kirby's still standing there, watching Sidney. Jill grabs her sleeve and pulls her.

JILL: Earth to Kirby.
KIRBY: Whaaa? Sorry.
JILL: Grab some plates, okay?
KIRBY: Yeah, yeah.

Kirby walks off down the hall and toward the pantry. As she goes, she takes out her phone, quickly calling Robbie. He answers.

KIRBY: I am in the presence of a Goddess.
KIRBY: Sidney Prescott. And Dewey. Dewey's whatever, but the two of them together... that's epic.
ROBBIE: How'd you pull this feat off?
KIRBY: I asked if I could come back home with Jill. She's got the house guarded and everything.
ROBBIE: Score me a one on one with her.
KIRBY: I'd like to score with her...
KIRBY: Nothing. Sorry. I gotta go.

Kirby quickly hangs up and grabs the plates.

Charlie packs his bag, stuffing in the Ghostface costume. He's working on his own this time... and the nerves are getting to him. He looks at his meds... and pops open the lid. Two capsules go into his hand and he swallows it quickly.


He pours another capsule. ANOTHER TWO... but he only recognizes it at 1.


He swallows those as well. TWICE the amount he usually takes. He grabs the bag and opens his window.

Charlie continues walking, trying to remain unnoticable as he goes towards Olivia's house. Olivia's car drives by and parks. He hides in a bush... trying to stay invisible... his phone beeps. He checks the text. It's from Jill, "we're watching Shaun of the Dead. Get her GOOD. Have fun. ;)"

It all becomes a bit more real to him now... he's really about to do this... Olivia's in the house... and Charlie moves forward. He stops again, throwing on the costume cloak and then the mask, trying to be as discrete as possible.

Hoss exits from the car and notices a ruffle in the bushes. He looks back down into the car.

HOSS: Perkins!
HOSS: There's someone out there...
HOSS: At the Morris' house.
PERKINS: God dammit, if you just wanna see that girl in her undies...
HOSS: I'm not fucking around, seriously, something's moving...
PERKINS: Shit me not?
HOSS: I shit you not! THERE, it's moving toward the backyard! What the fuck is that? !
PERKINS: It's probably just a cat, Hoss, come on. If it was a person, you'd know.
HOSS: Too big to be a cat, c'mon! Get off your lazy ass and help me corner this thing to figure it out!
PERKINS: Fine, dammit! Let's go.

Perkins jumps out of the car and they both head toward Olivia's house.

HOSS: Should I call it in?
PERKINS: And when we see it IS a big ass cat, embarass ourselves? We catch him and THEN call it in!

They both split.

Charlie maneuvers around the backyard. Olivia's checking the mail on the kitchen counter... the backdoor slides open... and he slips through. Olivia has her back to Charlie the entire time as she shifts through the letters... as Charlie heads upstairs.

IN THE BACKYARD, Perkins and Hoss are coming back together.

PERKINS: Did you see anything?
HOSS: I'm not sure.

They look in the house... Olivia's stretching as she makes her way up the stairs... TAKING OFF HER SHIRT.

HOSS: Oh, I see something now...
PERKINS: Let's get the hell out of here!
HOSS: Just one second, c'mon. We can enter, say we think we saw an intruder, maybe she'll be graceful. I get to go first though, I don't want seconds.

Perkins SLAPS the back of his head.

Charlie waits... trying his best not to breathe too hard. He hears her light footsteps enter the room as she's walks about. Her phone rings and she answers. That's his cue. He looks down into his bag and pulls out his phone. He throws it back in and grabs Trevor's. He dials Jill's number.

Her phone beeps. Kirby quickly grabs for it to save the day.

Sidney enters her little room set up for now... it's quaint... but it's not like home. She closes the door, trying to get at least a moments worth of privacy. There's a picture on the wall... and she goes toward it... it's her, a bit younger. Her mother, Maureen. Jill. And Jill's parents, Kate and Aaron. She looks at it admiringly... the old days.

Kirby paces around in mild, fake excitement. Jill gets up from the bed and looks out the window, the slightest of disappoints that slut isn't dead yet... but she remains patient...

KIRBY: C'mon Mr. Ghostface, whisper to me! Aren't you supposed to - ask me a question?

Charlie smiles under his mask... that teasing bitch.

Sidney grabs a book from the shelf and plops herself down on the bed. She reads it... not really interested... her mind elsewhere... AND THEN A SCREAM ERUPTS FROM ABOVE. She throws the book down and charges out of the room with speed.

Charlie PULLS THE KNIFE OUT OF OLIVIA'S SHOULDER. In the background, Jill and Kirby run to their window, SCREAMING. Charlie continues slicing toward Olivia as she tries to put up a fight. ANGRY SHE'S EVEN ATTEMPTING TO RID HIM OFF. His anger grows even more... the meds KICKING IN.

Olivia throws misc crap from around her room at him. He blocks it and it flies across the room. Olivia's run out of ideas... she tries to go to the door, blocking with her hand as she does - - THE KNIFE PENETRATES THROUGH and he KICKS HER BACK into her dresser. He's not done. He grabs her and THROWS HER INTO HER MANTLE, smashing against it. He slices down - - SHE FALLS TO THE FLOOR AND HE MISSES.

She comes to a stand, RUNNING FOR THE DOOR WITH A CLEAR SHOT. SHE MAKES IT - - BUT WAIT - - THE KNIFE HITS HER BACK and HE SLAMS DOWN ONTO THE BED. He raises the knife, PLUNGING IT INTO HER STOMACH. Like a madman out of control, he continues to STAB HER. He knows from this angle, Jill can watch perfectly, just like she wanted. STAB! STAB! STAB! Olivia's blood SPLATTERS ACROSS THE ROOM. It's fucking ridiculous the amount of blood going everywhere from the strong stabs digging deep into her abdomen.

He looks at Jill across the way... one last bit of showmanship. He picks Olivia's limp body up and SMASHES HER HALF WAY OUT THE WINDOW. He points towards Jill, "THIS IS FOR YOU." He turns Olivia over and STABS INTO OLIVIA'S GUT ONCE MORE - - AND SLICES HER OPEN. Her intestines SPILLING UP HER CHEST AND DOWN HER FACE.

Jill is much pleased, despite the award worthy performance she's giving now of being horrified. She's had enough though and watching any longer would be a suspicious. She grabs Kirby and they jet for the door. Charlie pulls Olivia's body back as he sees Sidney crossing the way and he THROWS OLIVIA'S BODY BACK ONTO THE BED. Glass breaks down below and he sets her body up nicely, PULLING MORE OF HER INTESTINES OUT onto the bed, just for show. The bitch - is - DEAD.

He runs back to the other room, getting one last good look for the angle on his camera and heads off. SIDNEY JUST MISSES HIM as she enters the room.

Charlie waits, nearly giggling happy from what just occurred. He watches Sidney reaction, LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT and getting a bit of good footage to go along with it. She barely checked the open door... some heroine she is.

He then realizes... he looks around, waiting for Jill so he can pull off her shining moment of close call with death. He comes to the window and looks out. Kirby's yelling at Perkins and Hoss to go towards the house. In the meantime... he might as well make a phone call...

Dewey's taking off his clothes, getting ready for some sleep. The phone rings and he quickly answers it.

DEWEY: Hello? (waits) WHAT? !

Charlie then hears Jill...

JILL (O.S.): She said you were the angel of death...


Sidney KICKS Charlie in the face and he falls flat. She turns around and he quickly slides across the floor to a stand and BOOTS it for the door. Perkins and Hoss enter, guns drawn... and Charlie's already gone.

Jill sits in the hospital bed, gauze now wrapped around her arm. Trevor sits at her bedside... and then Charlie and Robbie enter. He gives her a moment with them... and leaves. Robbie takes off the headset, with all due respect.

ROBBIE: Hey Jill.
JILL: (smiles... fake weakly) Hey.
CHARLIE: How's the arm?
JILL: (raises it up) No major arteries. Lucky me, right?
ROBBIE: You gonna be okay?
JILL: Yeah, it doesn't hurt too much.
ROBBIE: No, I mean... Olivia.
JILL: Oh... (starts the water works) I don't think it's hit me yet. None of this has.
CHARLIE: Well we're here for you.
ROBBIE: Want anything?
JILL: Some chocolate?
ROBBIE: You got it.

Robbie ducks out... Charlie stays behind... and Jill smiles through her tears... and claps.

JILL: Now that? Was amazing.
CHARLIE: Thank you.
JILL: I didn't know you'd go that far.
CHARLIE: It was for you. I'd do anything for you.
JILL: Is that so? What about Kirby?
CHARLIE: We been through this.

Jill reaches in her bag and takes out the tape recorder. She presses play...

JILL (O.S.): I think Charlie likes you.
KIRBY (O.S.) : And I like him. To tease, to torment, to make him squirm.
JILL (O.S.): You can do alot worse, trust me.

Jill pegs Charlie's slight reaction in his face... the utter disappointment... of just being a pawn to Kirby's attention whore-ness.

JILL: Oh, I know you will now. (beat) And Charlie? One more favor?
JILL: We don't want our movie getting too boring. Let's up the body count, yeah?
JILL: That publicist bitch is disposable. She's parked on the 6th floor. Make it count.

Charlie's still saddened by Kirby's choice of words... but he doesn't want it to sink through...

CHARLIE: It'll be epic.

He exits the room... leaving Jill behind. She looks at the tape recorder...

JILL: Desdamona's handkerchief...

Roy is stopped in front of Niley's house. It's apparent he's just heard the news...

ROY: Your mom is home?

Niley just nods. And she continues to cry.

ROY: Don't worry. Okay? I'll be right back.
NILEY: You promise?
ROY: (beat) I promise. I just want to check on something.
NILEY: ... you're not a killer?
ROY: (smiles) No...
NILEY: (begins to exit... then stops) But what if my mom is? !
ROY: (beat) I highly doubt that.

The house is dark. Police tape blocking the entrance and the broken window. It's eerie... blood is still everywhere. A crime scene still in place that hasn't finished it's investigation... but in comes... ROY. With a flashlight in hand, he ducks under the police tape and enters the house. He looks around... and sees the horrific room where it all happened, only the bodies are gone.

ROY: Who the fuck would do this?

He continues to look around... trying to see if he can find ANYTHING. He takes note of the ductape on the chair... and the noose on the ceiling fan. There's a blood drag from down the hallway... and he follows it...

Roy enters and looks around... the blood starts near the garage door. Something about this situation feels familiar to him... he looks up to the staircase that leads to the second story... bit more spots of blood. He returns back into the main room...



Roy raises his hands... and he sighs. He knows this looks suspicious as all hell... well... SHIT.


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