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303 - Street Lights

Niley lays in bed, asleep. Her eyes slowly open and she looks across to her nightstand with her phone on it. She wipes her eyes and gives a big yawn while mustering the strength to get up with her hair a mess. She turns on the main screen of her phone - - no text messages. She shrugs and jumps up.

Niley exits the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her, now perfectly clean. She looks at her phone again. No text messages. Her eyes shift... hm...

Niley jogs down the street in her jogging attire. She takes out her phone and dials a number, holding it to her ear as she continues to jog after taking out an ear bud from her headphones. No answer. She holsters it into her arm-wallet with her iPod attached and stops jogging. She looks on at the house in front of her... and walks toward the door...

Niley comes to the door - - it's open. She enters cautiously and looks around. She yanks the ear buds out and takes a swig from her water bottle.

NILEY: Hello? It's Niley.

She politely closes the door behind her. She wobbles in, looking around. Something's not right...

NILEY: You were supposed to text me for our usual morning jog. Don't get lazy on me now.

Niley heads for the stairs - - there's a CRUNCH under her feet. She looks down - - broken glass. She slowly looks back up - - the door to the side of her is smashed open. She continues on - - and looks into the next room.

NILEY: Did you know that your door's broke - -

She freezes in her tracks, completely paralyzed in fear; a single tear streams down her cheek as her mouth instantly drops.

NILEY: Oh, my God... oh, my God.

She backs up into the wall - - completely glued on what's in front of her. WE ZOOM OUT - - A PAIR OF LEGS DANGLE BEFORE HER, DRIPPING BLOOD.

TITLE CARD: April 2011

Niley lets out a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM into her hands as she slides down the wall.

JENNY'S HUNG FROM THE CEILING FAN, HER INTESTINES SWINGING UNDER HER. MARNIE'S TIED TO A CHAIR, HER GUTS SPRAWLED ACROSS THE FLOOR. Behind them, on the wall and written in blood reads, "What's your favorite scary movie?"


DIMENSION FILMS (a white, suburban house, eclipsed by the moonlight)
AMC CHANNEL present (a dark, bloody basement)
JILL ROBERTS (framed picture on a wall, her smiling; it's cracked down the middle)
CHARLIE WALKER (yearbook photo for the Cinema Club, a bloody handprint off to the side)
OLIVIA MORRIS (the yearbook pages flip to Olivia, school picture, her eyes CUT OUT)
ROBBIE MERCER (a computer screen advertisement, webpage - HALL PASS with Robbie Mercer)
TREVOR SHELDON (a ripped in half photo, someone else has been cut out - it's pinned to a wall)
JENNY RANDALL (a smiling picture of Jenny is pinned to the wall next to Trevor's)
MARNIE COOPER (a random photo - a noose drawn around her neck, connected to the ceiling)
NILEY KRINKEY (a small photo of her on a key chain; a headshot like photo)
KIRBY REED (newspaper photo of her crying during the Penciatti Hotel incident, her friends consoling her)
ROY POPPER (the newspaper flips a page to Roy at his radio desk; headphones on & the ON AIR light on)
SHERIFF DWIGHT RILEY & GALE WEATHERS-RILEY (old newspaper pic of the two - first Scream era)
SIDNEY PRESCOTT (the "Out of Darkness" inside photo of her, a huge CIRCLE drawn around her head)

(white lettering PUNCHES through)
The Third and Final Season

Based on Events and Characters by Kevin Williamson
Teleplay and Concepted by Billy Bob D


CLOSE IN on a computer's screen. Words sprawl across a white monitor in a scholorly font. Words continue to type out and then finally stop. TILT DOWN to the keyboard. A set of female hands rest over it and are paused for a moment. The ring finger hovers over the "period" and clicks in. TILT UP back to the computer screen. "THE END" is written out under the final paragraph.

TITLE CARD: September 2010

ZOOM OUT to reveal SIDNEY PRESCOTT at her computer desk. She sighs and re-reads her final sentence while biting her fingernail until she softly says to herself - -

SIDNEY:... the end.

Jenny stands before Trevor at her locker. They look around them - - they know they shouldn't be seen together. Trevor looks down like an ashamed dog - - he truly is though. Jenny plays her part as cheerleader and tries to prep him up.

JENNY: Today's the day, Trevor. You promised.
TREVOR: Ah, I know.
JENNY: You're gonna do it this time?
TREVOR: Yeah... yeah.
JENNY: The longer you wait, the longer we have to hide us. You don't wanna hide me, do you?
TREVOR: Ofcourse not, baby.
JENNY: (smiles) I love it when you call me "baby."
MARNIE (O.S.): Ugh.

Jenny turns around to Marnie standing behind them, watching this sick freak show before them.

JENNY: You don't have to be here.
MARNIE: I'm the witness to that he actually said he'll do it this time.
TREVOR: Whatever, Marnie the Carnie.
MARNIE: What the hell, the name's caught on with you too?
TREVOR: If the shoe fits...
MARNIE: Take it off and throw it at your head.
TREVOR: Funny.
JENNY: Guys, c'mon. Please. Back to me.
TREVOR: I PROMISE I'll do it this time.
JENNY: (puppy dog eyes) Right now?
TREVOR: Does it have to be right now? Beginning of the day, she'll be sad for the rest and then -
JENNY: No excuses this time...
TREVOR: You're right. You're right.
MARNIE: Okay, I heard it. He promised. I'm out of here.

Marnie walks off down the hall and Jenny pats Trevor on the shoulder. He ducks out, trying not to be seen and joins in with the crowd. Jenny watches him go with pride - - things will finally work out for her.

Her eyes peer forward. There's no emotion but beneath that emotion is the most intense feelings she's ever felt: betrayal. Her facade built to keep out any expression begins to break - - and a tear falls from her eye.

SLOWY ZOOM OUT to reveal - -

Trevor stands in front of her, speaking. We see him from her POV. Words spill out of his mouth but she can't hear a single one as if a bomb blew and her ears went deaf. The explosion was enough to get the idea of what happened and the aftermath of why all of a sudden didn't seem so apparent.

ZOOM OUT further. Happy teens walk passed as if they're in a different world where there's no care in the world. There's no stopping to see what Trevor and Jill are talking about. Perhaps she's being talked to by her now ex-boyfriend, but she's never seemed so isolated before.

Trevor's stopped speaking and he tries to read her face. He snaps his fingers trying to catch her attention. She looks up at him and her mouth quivers. She could say something but now it's useless. He sighs and walks off, a clear "sorry" coming from his lips before he goes. He enters into the crowd going into different directions, among the ones in another world.

Jill's just an outsider looking in at the people around her that she has no connection to. No string to be pulled along this cattle that mindlessly pays her no mind. And soon, they disappear. The school bell has long rung. And now she's literally all alone... still in the hall in the exact same spot... and she hasn't said a word.

She looks around again, realizing now the reality she's in. Realizing now what's just happened. Realizing now that everything will change. Realizing now that she has not a single person she can go to for help. Realizing her deepest fear of him cheating on her may be true for him to leave her so sudden. When everything seemed to be fine. When everything appeared normal. He was happy. She was happy. They were happy. Something builds inside of her from the pit of her stomach and races up her chest, up her throat and out her mouth. SHE SCREAMS. Long and lengthy, deep and crushing, angry and sad. It echos throughout the halls but not a single person exits a classroom door to see what's the matter.

More tears fall from her eyes and she finally at least moves her head to look and down the halls. She inches towards the center of the hall and does a 360. She can't believe what's going on right now. She stops again... and SCREAMS. THE DOORS BURST OPEN and the student rush out. The hallway is filled again and they all continue on with their merry business - - not a single one stops to see why Jill is standing in the center. A few people shove her, tell her to move out of the way or purposely ignore her - - but she remains still... until...

KIRBY: What the fuck are you doing?

Kirby grabs Jill by the arm and presses her against the lockers off to the side. Jill doesn't speak... she just cries.

KIRBY: Jill. Jill! Hey, look at me, sweetie, what's wrong?

Her breathing quickens and the tears flow faster.

KIRBY: Okay, um...

Kirby does the only thing left and brings Jill in to lean her head against her shoulder. Jill nearly falls over and collapses into Kirby's arms. Kirby holds her up and lets her cry it out.

JILL: He left me... he left me.

Kirby grits her teeth and holds Jill closer, trying her best not to cry herself.

KIRBY: Honey, it's gonna be okay, okay? C'mon, let's get you out of here. I'm taking you home.

Kirby throws Jill's arm over her and drags her out to the closest exit.

Kirby drags Jill out towards the parking lot. Jill's a blubbering mess and her make up runs down her face. They make it to the edge of the parking lot and a cop car pulls up. Hoss is behind the wheel and he looks on.

HOSS: Excuse me? Is everything okay?
KIRBY: I just need to take her home.
HOSS: Do you have a note?

Kirby stops for a moment and sits Jill down at a planter. She leans her head in through the passenger door window.

KIRBY: Look, my friend is having a shitty day. I pick her up and take her home, and right now, my duties are highly needed.
HOSS: You can't leave without a note, I'm sorry.
KIRBY: Look at her.

Kirby moves out of the way so Hoss can see the mess that Jill is. She returns back.

KIRBY: Do us a solid so she doesn't have to feel humiliated. I'll come back, I promise.
HOSS: Not without a note from a parent or a legal guardian, those are the rules.
KIRBY: Are you fucking serious?
HOSS: I'm gonna have to ask you to please return to the campus or I will have to apprehend the both of you.
KIRBY: You're like barely 5 years older than us, c'mon!
HOSS: I'm 27.
KIRBY: Ten years, big difference.
HOSS: Double the number you insisted.
KIRBY: WHATEVER. Look, you seem like a cool guy and I know when that uniform comes off, you're quite the party animal, aren't you? Eh? Eh?
HOSS: A little.
KIRBY: Ah, see. Now, I have the inside scoop on all the teen parties. Over 18 ofcourse, strictly senior females - - all legal. Except, the reason to their willingness to sleep with you may not be legal but hey, you can turn a blind eye. Like you can turn a blind eye right now so I can take my friend and then you will have unlimited access to hundreds of teenage skanks looking for some handsome 27 year old deputies.
HOSS: You really think I'm handsome?
KIRBY: (bites her bottom lip) Maybe.
HOSS: Thanks. But you need a note.
KIRBY: AUGH! WHAT THE FUCK! Not cool, Hoss. Not cool!

Kirby returns to Jill and slings her over her shoulder.

HOSS: Have fun at school, ladies.

Kirby drags Jill back towards campus. Jill's head slumps down. Hoss watches them walk back - - through Jill's hair, he can see her eyes STARING BACK AT HIM with the evilist of looks.

HOSS: Sheesh.

A LOCKER SLAMS and Tess walks away from it, leaving Roy behind. Robbie approaches him from behind.

ROBBIE: What happened there, bro?
ROY:... did you really just call me, bro?

Roy walks down the hall and Robbie follows behind like a lap dog.

ROBBIE: Forget it, hey, first Cinema Club meeting today. You coming?
ROY: I don't know, Tess is pretty pissed at me right now. I should probably fix that.
ROBBIE: But it's Cinema Club. You pretty much invented it.
ROY: (stops and turns around) OH... NOW you admit it.
ROBBIE: C'mon man, it's not the CC without you. Who else is gonna suggest we watch Troma movies every Tuesday. Troma Tuesday. Nobody else is gonna stick up for that.
ROY: I only did that because I heard Esline liked Troma movies and I wanted to impress her since the whole Kirby thing wasn't working out too well but I have a girlfriend now so...
ROBBIE: In all fairness, it doesn't seem like that's working out too well either...

Roy shoots him a "YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR MOUTH" look.

ROBBIE: (backs down) Just kidding. Whatever happened with you and Esline anyway? That one New Years, you guys were all... together.
ROY: It was just a fling. Ya know, like... you and Chantelle.
ROY: You were each other's midnight kiss. Remember? The FIRST time you cheated on Niley.
ROY: I guess you forgot to tell her about that one too, didn't you?
ROBBIE: Hey, man, she forgot about me, okay?
ROY: I'm not judging you. Besides, she kissed some other dude that day.
ROBBIE: What? !
ROY: What do you care?
ROBBIE: I... don't...
ROY: Didn't think so...
ROBBIE: But, uh, hey, no pressure. If you can make it then cool beans but if not... we'll miss you.
ROY: Thanks. And thanks for finally admitting I invented it.
ROBBIE: (runs off) I never said that!
ROY:... mother fucker.

Jill sits on the toilet as Kirby stands before her, wiping off the smeared make up from Jill's face, treating her almost like an infant unable to care for herself.

KIRBY: Trevor Sheldon. I never saw what you liked in that guy anyway. Whatever happened to Cory, hm? I liked him. And all the jumping off of bridges to declare his love for you thing. I'm kidding, ofcourse. You don't need a boyfriend. All you need is me.

She smiles at Jill and waits for some type of emotion of her back. It's not working.

KIRBY: That's fine. You don't have to smile. Not like many people have been lately. But we're always rushing from one thing to another, we can't just stop for a moment to realize what we lost. Ya know, the other night I was laying in bed, just - - laying there. Trying to think to get myself to go to sleep and it finally hit me - - Chelsea killed herself. Like... whoa. Ya know? How the fuck did that happen? Why didn't we see that coming? Why didn't we think that would happen after the whole... (sighs) baby thing? And then I started to think even more, was it because of me? Because I overshadowed her with my rash behavior with getting into car wrecks that everyone was too worried about me to think about what she was going through? I mean... she was the one who went through it. The baby was in her womb... and she lost it... they go around town calling her a "baby killer" like she's the first fucking person to ever have a stillborn baby and then she goes and kills herself. Where were we to help her out as friends? When did we stop caring? And then Katherine... personally, I found her annoying but shit... it's almost as if I've seen so much death that now I'm immune to it. Like the next time it happens, it'll just fly over my head. Whew, old news, what's next? (long beat) I've become numb. That's the truly sad part about all this... and I can't even feel it. I can't feel anything. Prichard, Chelsea, baby, Katherine... it's true what they say about our generation. We're desensitized. Have we become accustomed to it? Is it the news? The media? Now that it's less taboo to talk about it than it was before, is it the ease of conversation that makes it less traumatic? Is it the movies?
JILL: (quickly responds) No... not the movies. Movies teach us how to be human.
KIRBY: I suppose you're right. It's the only language I speak now. It's the only place I see emotion. Not here. Not anymore.

THE STALL bursts open and hits Kirby in the back. Olivia looks down on both of them.

OLIVIA: Oh, my God, my poor Jill. (to Kirby) Did she throw up? She threw up, didn't she?
JILL: I didn't throw up. I don't even know why you thought - - whatever.
OLIVIA: Don't you worry about a thing. What did he say?
JILL: I don't know. I just heard, "we need to talk" and I went deaf. It was the most ghostly feeling.
OLIVIA: Well he'll be done with that bitch and back to you in no time.
JILL: (?) What?
OLIVIA: Jenny. I saw them together on the way over here.
JILL: Jenny would never do that, we're friends.
KIRBY: (chuckles) Okay, I know I was missing for awhile a couple months back, but even I know that's not true anymore.
JILL: (truly lost) What are you talking about?
OLIVIA: Jill. Wake up. You pushed her away long ago. There's no way she thinks you're still friends and it's totally plausible that she sees Trevor as fair game. Matter of fact, she probably always has, seeing how she was pissed you stole him from her in the first place.
JILL: I didn't steal from anyone.
OLIVIA: Really? You don't remember the whole, "I saw him first" thing.
JILL: (getting up) This is bullshit, I need to see it with my own eyes.
KIRBY: (sits her back down) Just sit on the toilet. Olivia's blowing smoke up your ass anyway.
OLIVIA: Okay, maybe I didn't exactly SEE IT.
JILL: Then why would you say that?
OLIVIA: You know me, I get bored.
JILL: You're a bitch.
OLIVIA: That's my favorite nickname.
KIRBY: Okay than, Bitch, you're not needed anymore. Byyyye.
OLIVIA: Don't forget I'm her best friend. Yours too.
KIRBY: I was drunk and I regret saying that.

Olivia walks off with a pretty wave. Kirby and Jill stare at each other for another last moment.

JILL: Am I pretty?

Kirby would be totally lying in this moment if she said anything but "no."

KIRBY: (rubs Jill's cheek) Yes. Ofcourse you are, sweetie.

Niley sits at a table in the far corner of the room, slowly munching on her tater tots. The room around her converses, gossips and communicates like there's no tomorrow while she remains quiet. Her ears nearly pick up every conversation to see what she's missing out on. She can single each one out as they come in and out of her head, like searching for a radio station. She shakes her head to stop the voices and focuses back down at her food.

NILEY: Being lonely blows balls.

She looks across the room. Jenny and Marnie sit together, having a conversation together and laughing. Niley grows envious... but then she realizes...

SHE SITS UP and walks right over there and sits down with them.

NILEY: Hiiii.
NILEY: So what's so funny?
JENNY: I was just, um... telling Marnie... a story.
NILEY: Cool. Well don't stop on my be-calf.
JENNY: O... kay. So, uh... we were... there... and this girl comes up to us... and knocks on the window... and she... (can't take it any longer) okay, I'm sorry, what are you doing here?
NILEY: Hanging out with you. Buddy ol' pal!

Niley punches Jenny in the shoulder. Marnie has no idea what's going on.

JENNY: I don't think that's the best ide - -
NILEY: Hey Jenny, remember it was your brother who was driving the car when we got in that accident on Halloween and I lost my memory? Crazy, right?
JENNY: Suddenly I feel guilty. Okay, fine, you can stay.
NILEY: (smiles) I knew you'd warm up to the note's son.
JENNY: The what?
NILEY: The note's son. The idea of it.
MARNIE: Do you mean the notion?
NILEY:... I have a shin. Why would I say no shin? Do you have a shin? Looks like you do. Jenny? Shins?
MARNIE: The word is "notion," Niley. Not "no" and "shin."
NILEY: I'm still confuzzled. You'll have to explain this to me later in greater debit.

Marnie rolls her eyes. ANOTHER word she's saying wrong.

NILEY: Oh, and P.S., I'm sorry about caving your locker in last year.
NILEY: I thought you knew? You were all up on Robbie and then it turned out you liked Roy and yeah, I feel bad. Never got a chance to say it though. So... sorry!
MARNIE: (sighs) No problem.

Niley's head wobbles as she smiles at the both of them. They're both letting this sink in now... they're not gonna get rid of her any time soon.

"Street Lights" by Kanye West fades in... (youtube. com/watch?v=Vkioh25AoCU)

NILEY: (to Jenny) Please continue your story.

The song continues (0:12 - 0:27). School's out and the kids are exiting the school. Tess and Roy are hand in hand, making their way to Roy's car in the parking lot. They don't say a single word to each other... she waits by the passenger door and he enters into the driver seat. She waits another moment longer... suddenly hit by a sad realization in the moment... she looks down at the door handle... and opens the door herself.

The song continues (0:28 - 0:49). Sidney watches pages after pages come out of her printer like a symphony of paper coming out in synchronized intervals. The last one spits out and she holds the pile in her hand. She flips through the pages and smiles.

The song continues (0:50 - 1:03). Olivia takes her books out of her locker. She looks in her mirror to check her hair... Trevor walks passed behind her and he catches her eye. He goes by and she watches him continue down the hallway... she smiles and goes back to the books in her locker.

The song continues (1:04 - 1:27). Robbie and Charlie enter the room - - it's full to the brim with people much to their surprise. Charlie damn near smiles and walks to the center of the room. Robbie smiles big, he's not afraid to show his glee. He looks towards the front of the room where Roy usually sits... and it's not him.

ROBBIE: Welcome everyone to another year of Cinema Club.
CHARLIE: For those of you who don't know me, I'm Charlie Walker and this is Robbie Mercer.

The song continues (1:28 - 1:59). Kirby stands in front of the mirror and puts on a fresh coat of lip gloss. She stops for a moment and looks down at her hand... it's shaking. A spot of water falls on top of it and she looks back up - - tears are streaming down her face. She inititally resists the urge to continue to cry... then she rethinks it... and let's the tears come out. She holds her chest as if it's a painful feeling pressing down on her. She has a quick moment of worry flash in her eyes... but then... she smiles instead.

The song continues (2:00 - 2:22). Jill makes her way down the hall. Jenny, Marnie and Niley come in the opposite direction. Jill is shocked by what she sees... but she accepts it on those same terms. Jenny looks up and watches Jill pass by... Jill comes to the Cinema Club room and watches them continue out the front door. She enters the room.

The song continues (2:23 - 2:32). Hoss reads a magazine and looks out his window... Jill is staring him down as she passes by with Olivia and Kirby in the parking lot. He immediately feels uneasy and goes back to reading the magazine.

The song continues (2:33 - 2:44). Jill, Olivia and Kirby make it to Kirby's car. They all begin to enter. Kirby opens the back seat for Jill so she can rest. Jill smiles at her in a "thank you" and Kirby smiles back.

The song continues (2:45 - 2:59). Robbie throws his backpack down on his bed and makes his way to the window to look outside the window. He leans against the window... the house is being built at a fast pace and is near completion. He steps away from the window.

The song continues (3:00 - to end). Jill sits in the back seat, thoughts racing through her head. She looks out the window and in half a second, she sees the most detrimental thing she'll ever see as it all plays out in slow motion... Trevor leans into Jenny's car door... and kisses her on the lips.


Charlie exits his front door in a haste. Jill stands there, completely distraught. He doesn't know what to do - - he's not used to trying to fix things like this. She slowly approaches him. He sits down at the edge of a step and she joins him, wiping her tears away. She has a million thoughts running through her head and Charlie can tell. He knows she's going to say something, whether it's something inappropriately creepy or unusually optimistic. He just wants her to be happy... but he can't find the right words to say to make that happen.

And the most unusual thing happened: instead of blurting out what she has on her mind, she simply just lays her head on his shoulder.

a) What was your favorite moment(s) from this episode?
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c) Did you like the song inclusion at the end?
d) Are the "previously on Woodsboro High" and "next time on Woodsboro High" missed? Or are they not necessary?
f) How's the season shaping up so far?

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