(Protector91 lemme know that the wrong thing was posted earlier today! Sorry for that! Here's what was SUPPOSED to be here lol... and for everyone else who knew nothing about what happened prior... um... enjoy lol)


[Sunday, October 31st, 2010]

Happy Halloween everyone! Phew, do I have some stories to tell you! My friend is being as empty headed as ever. The affair with some boy finally worked out for her since he finally broke up with his other girlfriend last month. I honestly never thought it would happen but alas, I was wrong. In a way, I'm happy for her - - for them. For the other girl though, I just hope she doesn't snap. She's always hated me and I've been a casualty to my friend's hatred for too long. Something tells me if she went nuts, I'd be the first to go. Haha, I'm just saying! But no, hopefully she really isn't THAT crazy.

Anywho, my friend and her new squeeze... well, or should I say old squeeze who she's finally made it official with? Eh, whatever. They're trying to keep it secret... STILL. After all this time, they STILL can't be together out in the open. She sure as hell does a lot of waiting around for this guy. I just hope he's worth it. Ugh, what am I saying? I know he won't be. He'll just break her heart. I don't know why she doesn't think he'll just do the same to her. So what was I saying again? Oh, back to how empty headed my friend is. So yeah, they're trying to keep it a secret yet they keep "accidentally" flaunting their love everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if that girl sees them together. I hope they TRULY do wait to reveal it. For my friend's sake, for his and for mine. And really, for that girl's as well. I know what it's like to be heartbroken like that. I know she's an evil bitch who spat in my face once but seriously, nobody deserves that.

Well, I'm out for the night! Gonna go trick 'r treating. :) 3

5:18 PM