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So Are We.

Stiles blinked sleepily at the clock, red digits slowly coming into focus as he pushed the covers away from his face and took a deep breath. Noises from the crib in the corner of the room had him dropping his legs over the side of the bed and taking a moment to gather his bearings before standing up and moving to the crib peering inside at the small bundle who was starting to fuss. Little fists and feet attacked the air making Stiles smile "Hi" he bent down to pick his little girl up and kissed her cheek "you should be asleep." He moved to sit down on the double bed and placed the bottle in the machine to warm it up and gazed down at the little girl.

Such a miracle.

His and Derek's little miracle that had come as a surprise in the beginning but now Stiles couldn't imagine life without her. He gently brushed her tuft of brown hair down while gazing into brown eyes, seeing hints of Derek looking back at him "So precious my baby girl." His lips kicked up at the corners when she made a noise looking happy. When the machine beeped he grabbed the bottle testing the temperature before deciding it was just right, Stiles pressed the bottle to her lips watching as she suckled "Dad will be home soon."

Intelligent eyes locked with his at those words which made Stiles wonder if it was because she was born a wolf that she was more aware of her surroundings than normal babies but then again most parents liked to believe there children where quiet smart at their young age. Stiles crossed his legs continuing to watch his daughter thinking about everything that lead to this, him and Derek, their daughter and the pack. He had never imagined his life would turn out like this and was thankful it had, Stiles was brought from his thoughts as Laura Marie finished her bottle "So greedy." He joked and placed the bottle on his night stand and moved to burp her.

The name Laura was for his sister but she got called Marie for short, he soothed his hand up her small back and smiled when she burped quiet loudly for such a small girl. Stiles cradled her in his arms as he stood up and pulled the covers back before climbing in and pulling them over his legs before placing a pillow on his lap to lay Marie on it "You feeling sleepily" He chuckled lightly when she kicked her legs before chomping on her small fist "I guess not" he bent down kissing her cheek "Just like your dad."

Derek dropped his bag by the door and took the steps two at a time feeling a chill sweep over his skin at seeing his family's home resorted to its full glory yet the memories didn't haunt him like they're use to because now he had his own family here. He passed the other pack mates doors before turning left and down the hall to his and Stiles room to open the door pausing at the sight that greeted him, Stiles lay asleep on the bed with one arm tucked under his head and Marie laying tucked against him with a hand over her chest and a pillow the other side of their daughter.

He felt his lips tug up at the corners moving closer on silent feet however his daughter was true to the Hale genes because her eyes opened slowly as she fidgeted before they locked on him "Hey baby girl." pride spread in his chest at his daughter's actions. Derek placed a finger against his lips before carefully moving his mates hand to pick their daughter up "I missed you." he rubbed his nose against his daughters talking softly to her.

Derek moved to a rocking chair by the window and sat down staring to rock as he looked into familiar brown eyes until they slowly started to close. He was in no rush to place her back in her crib and just enjoyed holding her for a while, he glanced at Stiles who was still sleeping but a frown had appeared on his features as his hands twitched slightly. Derek smirked at Stiles actions knowing his mate would wake up soon and stood up moving to Marie's crib placing her in it then covered her in purple and white blankets before kissing her head "Dad loves you."

Stiles came awake with a start hand sliding all over the bed but still not finding Marie and panic seized his chest as he lay on his front so he could look over the side of the bed fearing the worst however that was replaced with confused surprise as booted feet appeared. He glanced up seeing his mate smirking at him evilly and groaned "You're not funny." Stiles pushed his chest up and grabbed the closest pillow before smacking Derek in the face with it "Ass." He turned over hitting his pillow before burying his face in it pulling the cover higher.

Derek sat on the side of the bed to remove his boots and chuckled "I thought it was funny." He dropped one boot before removing the other listening to his mate mutter. Stiles shook his head before hitting his pillow again to fluff it up "You would but I didn't, the first thing you do when you come home is scare me, your real mature you puppy." He squeezed his eyes closed. Derek shed his top before lying down and glanced at the back of his mates head "I missed you" He grinned at the snort he received "Did you miss me?" He knew what his mates answer would be.

Stiles pulled the covers tighter around him "No I didn't." he had but Stiles would be damned if he told the wolf that after his stunt. Derek moved closer to his mate "So why you sleeping on my side of the bed." He grinned at his mate's reply finding it funny how he blamed the baby when they both knew the truth "So why are you in my t-shirt." Derek liked playing with his mate. Stiles growled and sat up pulling the shirt over his head before wadding it up and throwing it in Derek's face "There have it back." He smacked his mates hands away "Don't even try." Because Stiles wasn't in the mood yet his wolf didn't take the hint.

Derek waited till Stiles was resting comfortable before pulling his mate flush against him and rolling onto his back with Stiles lying above him pressing his lips to the skin on display "I missed you." He nuzzled his mate's neck. Stiles tried to get up but Derek wrapped arms of steel around him keeping him in position as an erection pressed against his ass, he tried not to smile "Let me go." But even he could hear the amusement in his voice. Derek grinned "You missed me admit it." He grazed his teeth over Stiles neck and groaned when Stiles arched his back and slid his arms behind his back to brush against his aching length.

He smirked at his wolfs groan and moved his fist slowly while squeezing tightly "I didn't, get over it." Stiles kept his motions up until Derek dropped his hands to rest against Stiles hips before rolling off his mate. Derek growled at Stiles near escape and pinned his mate to the bed under him "Admit it" he bit Stiles shoulder lightly before sucking on the mark as his mate pushed his hips back. Stiles grinned into the bed sheets "No." and tried to hide his smile when Derek flipped him over but the battle was being lost and when his wolf brushed their lips he just smiled.

Derek grinned as he kissed his mate "You missed me." He settled between Stiles legs, hands moulding up and over his mates body as he rocked his hips forward. Stiles wrapped his legs around his mate as he slid his fingers over Derek's jaw as their tongues danced; he groaned into the kiss as he rocked his hips in answer to Derek's. He broke the kiss to take in much needed air as fingers toyed with his nipple "Stupid wolf" Stiles head fell back as lips left a trail of fire down his skin "You know I missed you." Fingers threaded themselves into brown hair to crush the strands as he bent his fingers.

Derek smiled at his mate's words and lifted his head to press their lips back together as he rid Stiles of his sweats as fingers helped him to remove his jeans. He voiced his pleasure with a deep growl emitting from his chest as slicked fingers wrapped around his cock and moved slowly coating his cock while he devoured his mate's mouth. Stiles felt heady when Derek kissed him like this, it was as if he just found water after going months without, even though Derek had only been gone for four days. Still it was four days too long because Stiles didn't want to wait another second "Now." He panted the word into their kiss.

He nipped his mate's grinning lips when lube coated fingers slid into his hair but didn't retaliate in anyway because right now all Derek wanted was to feel his mate around him. He lined his cock up before pushing in only to bare his teeth at the tightness; Derek dropped his head to Stiles neck as he slid further in enjoying his mate's moans. Stiles tightened his arms around Derek's head sinking his teeth into his bottom lip trying not to make too much noise but moaned out loud when his mate slid in all the way "Derek." He spanned his fingers wide sliding his hand down the rippling muscles in his mates back.

Derek sucked on the skin before him as he slowly pulled out only to push back in knowing how this was going to go. Every time he went away, which had only been twice, they would move slowly against each other just enjoying contact not like the normal heated times between them and Derek like it when they did this slow burn to finish line. Stiles rolled his hips down meeting his mates thrust and turned his head seeking lips which found his in an instant, he cupped Derek's face with one hand groaning into the kiss when Derek hit his sweet spot.

He sucked on Stiles chin when the younger man's head fell back against the bed and linked their fingers together pushing their joined hands against the bed while ghosting his other one up his mate's arched back. Derek nipped and sucked at Stiles neck feeling his teeth extend but didn't bite down yet and pressed even closer as he moved his hips a little faster "I love you." The words were whispered into his mate's neck. Stiles exposed more of his neck to Derek as he slid his hand down his mates back "Show me." He groaned when a hand found his and linked their fingers pressing his hand back against the bed just like his other hand.

Stiles loved when it was like this, their hands linked while Derek pressed him back into the bed as they moved together. He tightened his legs around his mate as lips slanted over his; Stiles didn't know how long they moved together but he didn't care it was beyond bliss. Derek squeezed his hands tighter in answer to Stiles knowing his mate was close and moved his hips faster as he nipped at Stiles jaw before moving to his neck tongue rasping over the spot he was going to bite. His breath hitched and Stiles could only put it down to the fact it was very sensitive because it was the spot where Derek had official claimed him or marked him.

He arched his back crying out softly as teeth sank into his neck and felt his body tense as a fire storm swept through him. Stiles squeezed his hands even tighter against Derek's as teeth bit harder "Derek" he panted for air that refused to enter his lungs but it didn't stop him saying three words to his wolf "I love you." He pressed his lips to the shoulder before him. A growl left his throat as muscles tightened on him, Derek thrust in one last time holding Stiles still under him with his teeth as he filled his mate with his cum. He felt his fangs return normal and lapped at his mark as he released Stiles hands and smiled softly as he heard noises coming from the crib but didn't make a move just yet.

Stiles rubbed his mates back loving the feel of all those muscles bunching under his fingers "Hmmm" he grinned as Derek nuzzled him "I'm glad your home." And just like clockwork Marie started crying slightly which made Stiles' grin grow. Derek lifted his head and kissed his mate "Why's that." He smirked at Stiles' small moan when he pulled out, but groaned when his mate replied "Diaper change." Derek shook his head before moving towards sliding off the bed to put sweats on before moving towards the crib as Stiles cleaned himself up and waited on the bed until Derek was finished.

He held his hands out but slapped Derek when the man didn't pass Marie to him, so Stiles settled for pressing close to his mate and leaning in to kiss his daughter "Pretty girl." His smile grew when she made a happy sound. Derek felt warmth spread through his chest and lifted their daughter against his chest brushing the top of her head with his palm and looked at Stiles who was making faces at Marie and growled softly letting his mate know he was happy and loved them.

Stiles smiled and leaned into his mate kissing him slowly but felt his eyes go wide and pulled back to look at their daughter who tried to join in growling but didn't quite make it, still the sound was cute and it brought grins to their faces.

He looked at his mate and tipped his head towards their daughter "So are we."

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