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So the twin eye things is real information on it, just type in google can twins have different eye colours and you will see. I have decided I wanted the twin thing lol names that sounds similar or begin with the same letter I couldn't help myself.

Just another note in case I confused people with his chapter;

The first born twin is called Thomas, brown eyes and curly hair.

Second twin is called Tobais and has Hazel eyes (Just another note, hazel is acutally green with flecks or hints of brown but most people thinks it's like a hazel nut, brown with hints of green but it's not...well to me it's not and in this fic it's not.)

So just a little short piece, don't expect much but maybe...I don't know, baby number four? ;) maybe (ignore me ramblings, other sides starting to come through XD)

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Naming The Twins, Using Any Means Necessary.

Stiles breathed heavily into his mates neck sliding his hand up a warm chest and raised his leg higher between Derek's snuggling closer "I don't want to move." He wanted to stay warm between the covers with just his mate yet musing from the corner of the room had him stirring.

Soothing his hand up Stiles back he rubbed their cheeks together before whispering in his mates' ear "Stay in bed then, I got this." Derek waited in bed a little longer soothing his hand up Stiles back only pulling back when his mates breathing even out. Having twins was a little bit of a handful and Stiles was still recovering from having them just over three weeks ago, he was not getting the sleep he needed so Derek had been playing super parent.

The sound of his door handle being twisted made him move his eyes to the door seeing a head of drown hair trying to sneak in; he just remained quiet watching the little form creep towards the crib and his lips curved up in smile at the sight. Marie was trying to see in the crib but even on her tiptoes she couldn't see in, or between bars since they had those padded blankets hung up inside covering the wood.

Moving carefully back from his mate he sat up and dropped his feet to the floor but his daughter still hadn't realised he was awake, pushing up from the bed he walked towards the crib "Marie what are you doing?" Derek grinned when his daughter dropped to her feet and turned to look at him.

She stuck her bottom lip out "I wanted to see my brothers but I can't see them, I'm too little."

Smiling he held his hands out to her as he stopped just before her and the crib, when she reached up taking a step towards him he lifted up resting her against his hip "Shh, Papa's still asleep."

Marie nodded and kissed her Daddy's cheek before looking in the crib to see her brothers, one was still sleeping while one was awake, green eyes looking around "Hi." She waved and whispered to her brother.

Derek pressed a kiss to her cheek; damn his daughter was cute "You like your brothers then." He knew she was excited about them; even if she was a Werewolf she was still baby herself so she might not full understand. Yet when she nodded he just smiled at her before looking into the crib seeing which son was awake and glanced back at Marie "Which one is he?" Derek knew which one it was because while his twins where identical; there was one thing that set them apart.

If human asked his children would be in the rare 2% of twins born with different coloured eyes but to in his world it was normal for twins to be born with different eyes colours, they both had brown eyes but one twin more than the other. His second twin was born with hazel eyes so it held hints of brown while having a dominate green colour, while his first twin had brown as the eye colour, so one twin had his colour and one had Stiles but did Marie know the difference.

She pointed a finger at her brother who was awake and paused looking at the other twin then at her Daddy "Baby number two." She held two fingers up and smiled when he nodded "Oh yeah." Marie knew her brothers. But what she didn't get was why they didn't have names "Daddy will they get names soon." Hers was pretty and she wondered what her brothers would be.

He reached in the crib pulling the little blanket higher over the boys "Well we have to pick names for them." Derek had been sitting on this for months, it was great yet when he broached the subject with his mate….Stiles shot him down. He was told flat out right there would be none of that 'twin thing' Derek claimed to have no idea what his mate was going on about yet Stiles warned him about the name choice.

'There will be no matching names, names that sound the same or even begin with the same letters, my babies are two individuals who will get two different names.'

Yeah Derek heard the warning but didn't care….no; he had this in the bag.

Marie looked at her dad when he looked at her "What?"

"Babies get names given to them by their parents, there not born with them baby girl so that means you get to help pick names." Derek smiled when she clapped before pausing to look over at Stiles; he was still a sleep time to put his plan into action.

"Why did you give me my name?" Marie loved her name it was so pretty sounding and loved telling people it.

He smiled pressing a kiss to her cheek and ran his other hand down her hair "I named you after my sister Laura and your Papa named you Marie because we liked the name plus it comes from his side of the family." Derek remember reading the various baby books and Stiles snorting at almost everything because it was either, too common or just plain stupid.

She smiled "I like my name very much."

Derek kissed her cheek "So do I." he at the time felt like it was his only connection to the past but it wasn't which he came to realise yet he still wanted to keep the name for different reasons "So what do you think we should call them."

Marie shrugged one shoulder and played with her Daddy's hair "What about one after you and Papa." She smiled widely.

"Maybe." No but he wouldn't say that to his daughter, glancing at the bed seeing Stiles was still a sleep he took his moment "What about Thomas." Derek liked the name; it was old sounding but still cute enough.

"Mmh, Laura Marie and Thomas." She ran her fingers up through her dad's hair before speaking "Marie-rie and…." When it came to her she bounced slightly "…Tom-tom."

Derek smiled at her excitement "Sounds good doesn't it." Yes, yes…his plan was working.

Marie nodded "I like it, but which one will be Thomas." She looked down at the crib seeing her other brother start to move his arms about "I think it should be baby one."

He just nodded "I think so too let's ask Papa when he wakes up now, twin two." Derek watched his other son open his eyes revealing the colour, hazel the green stronger than the brown "I was thinking Tobias."

Marie frowned "Tobias." The way she pounced it was slightly different to her father 'To-be-az'

Derek laughed lightly "Tobias, To-bi-as."

"To-" Yet her words where cut off by someone else.

"-ally no way, just no way." He had been listening for the last few minutes and Stiles just knew Derek would deploy sneaky tactics to try and gets the names to match "I warned you no twin thing." People found his name funny enough and he was an only child. Fate could be cruel when it came to naming, he loved his mother and the name she had given him but when people had problems pronouncing it, life became a little difficult until he had his given name Stiles.

He did not want his children to suffer the same fate he had at the hands of a school bully when he was four "Not happening."

Derek moved towards the bed letting Marie on it to go towards Stiles "Come on think about it, they sound good but different." He made sure "Thomas Stilinski Hale and Tobias Stilinski Hale." He smiled widely nodding when Stiles frowned he pointed at his daughter.

Marie copied her Daddy nodding and smiling widely starting to bounce on the bed "Please I really like them plus I helped Daddy pick them."

Stiles cut his eyes to Derek who was trying not to smirk "You are so cruel, playing your daughter like that." He just shook his head, the man was devious.

She kept bouncing "But Papa, listen Marie-rie, Tom-tom and…" Marie slowed her bouncing trying to find something for that strange sounding name; putting her hands together she frowned at nothing tilting her head up.

Stiles leaned forward waiting for her to say something while Derek went to open his mouth "Ahh-ah, not a word from you." He pointed at his mate and when he opened his mouth again he made the same sound "Ahh-ah."

Derek just grinned and went to speak but a pillow hit him in the face, he blinked at Stiles who was shaking his head "But I go—"

"Not one word." He came to his knees and reached across the bed towards the bottom moving quickly when Derek made for Marie, pulling his mate down by his neck he covered his mouth then grabbed a pillow putting it over him. He started laughing unable to help himself but pulled the pillow away and grabbed at the wrist holding the pillow down yet Stiles used his other hand so Derek reached up grabbing both yet found lips pressing to his.

Stiles would not lose in this and even as he laughed against his mates lips he kept them pressed to Derek's, his mate was on his back with his lower legs off the bottom of the bed while he was knelt near his head however when Marie called out starting to bounce they looked at her.

"To-to." While the name didn't have the same ring as the others and could be to some as a reference to a band none of his child would ever know, Marie was happy with it like the way it sounded.

He deflated sitting on his bum yet looked down at his mate who's head was now in his lap seeing his big grin "No it was sneaky tactics and you know it."

Derek shrugged one shoulder "You love them already so why say no." He hoped his mate would say yes, he really liked those names "I have been thinking about it for months, you can pick the middle names."

Stiles grabbed his mates chin and shook his head "No, our children have double barrel last names; I will not let them suffer." He laughed when his mate snorted but he saw the laughter in his gaze, sighing he just shook his head and fell backwards. Derek turned coming over his mate on his arms "Say you like them." He knew Stiles didn't mind them, if he hated them he would have objected to them and he had mentioned them in passing over the last couple of months…while Stiles was asleep.

He heard about that thing where if you said something over and over, or listened to something over and over in your sleep it stuck in your head.

He just rolled his eyes but said the names allowed "Tobias Hale, Thomas Hale."

"Tobias and Thomas Stilinski-Hale." Derek nodded and felt his grin grow when Stiles started nodding his head while rolling his eyes; dropping more firmly against his mate and claimed his lips giving him short kisses. Stiles just wrapped one arm around his mate and covered his mouth with the other hand "Fine but if we ever have another child I get to pick the name on my own." Yet he realised he said the wrong thing when Derek got that look in his eyes and lips curved under his hand.

"No, no more babies three is enough for me."

Derek just pulled this hand away from his "We'll see about that." And grinned devishly.

"Let's just see which name fits which shall we?" He rolled his mate off him and moved towards the crib in the corner seeing the twins wide awake as they spotted him "Hi." Stiles poke softly as his lips curved, reaching in he picked up one of his sons. He pressed a kiss to the second twins cheek before folding him in to his chest and moved towards the bed, sitting down on the bed and when Marie cuddle close he turned his face for a kiss.

Derek rested against the head board with a pillow on his lap holding his oldest twin seeing brown eyes watching him, he ran the back of his finger down the little boy's cheek "So what do you think?"

Stiles looked at his twins shuffling closer to his mate and did the same resting his son on a pillow resting against his raised thighs with Marie between them looking from on the other like him, he thought about the names for a minute then looked at his sons.

The first twin born, who had brown eyes and slightly curling hair from Stiles side of the family but the colour was a shade darker than his or Marie's yet not black like Derek's hair, it was almost a very dark brown. He was the more quieter one content to just be but if his brother started fussing or crying it would set him off.

The second was going to be the troublesome one, he would cry when you put him down if he wanted to be held and would set his brother off just for attention which Derek found amusing at times. He shared straight hair and the same colour hair as his sister Marie but had the hazel green eyes and was the livelier twin or aka the instigator for making his brother cry.

He just nodded looking at his youngest son "I'm thinking Tobias." Lifting his eyes he looked at Derek before dropping his eyes to his oldest twin his mate was holding "And him Thomas."

Derek grinned he had been thinking the same thing "I like it." He dropped his eyes to Marie "What about you baby girl."

Marie smiled "I like the sound of it." Crawling out from between her parents she pressed a kiss to her brothers heads before shuffling to the end of the bed "I'm going to wake Grandpa up and tell him there new names." She clapped as she ran out the door "I'm really like them and I help pick them."

Stiles felt his smile grow at his daughter's excited but felt a slightly margin pity for his father who had been staying over to help, yet found himself agreeing with Marie's words finding he did like the name…..even when his mate suggested them months ago….and nightly.

"Me too." He bent forward giving his son another kiss before dipping his head towards Thomas and gave him a kiss nuzzling their cheeks yet lifted his head at the gargled noise Tobias made. Shaking his head he just looked at his son "Trouble." Moving his hand up he rubbed at a little stomach before brushing the back of his finger down the boy's cheek "Just like your father."

Derek just grinned as he curved his fingers around Thomas's arms waving them a little "Who's the best." He waved the arms a little more "Daddy's the best for getting your names."

"By using dirty tactics." He wasn't letting that one go; his mate was still in trouble.

"And I will do it all again when we have baby number four." He moved the little boys arms up and down moving his shoulders to match making noises feeling his heart skip a beat at the smile on his son's face…and choose to ignore his mates' words.

"We're not having another one." Three was enough for him, hell he wasn't even passed 25 and he had three kids "Derek I mean it no."

"I think another girl."

Stiles snorted and shook his head bending his face closer to his son's "Have fun trying." He was not having another baby and no matter what dirty tactics his mates tried he would stop him from achieving his goal.

"We will, oh we will." He planned to have lots of fun, making another baby, raising the three he had being Uncles to the other cubs, god could his life get any better.

At this point in time Derek didn't think so.

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