Claire POV

I headed through Morganville very wary that there was something dangerous hiding underneath, Amelie had to help now as now the vamps were in major danger. I walked very quickly through town with a stake hidden up my sleeve (quite literally) and was hoping the dying sun was going to last a lot longer than it took for me to get to vamp central. When I arrived I caught a glimpse of myself in a car window- puffy eyed and a strange determined look, if I hadn't known it was me I wouldn't have recognized myself. I arrived at the town hall and just scowled at the vamp guards until amelie appeared herself behind them and said "Let her through she's with me" she looked unhappy and stern "I've a feeling you're not having a very good day Claire" she said and lead the way through the funeral styled building "you could say that by the fact I've been bitten, watched Estella take Michael's skin and oh yes Eve's dead" I felt my eyes tingle with the feeling of tears but I think my tear ducts had dried up. Amelie stopped and actually looked vaguely shocked "I'm sorry about Eve, she may have been disrespectful to vampire kind but she was very brave and an important part of the community, we shall give her a proper send off don't worry" she had a look of sympathy for me geez did I feel special, Amelie had sympathy for me "if you were my kind though Claire you wouldn't feel the loss you do now, death becomes less effective when you see so much" she paused and continued walking in silence, we reached a random room that I didn't recognize and Amelie sat down on a large throne like chair in the corner "Now tell me about Michael and anything else you saw" so I told her through many false starts and stutters all about Michael and Myrnin and then the wonderful cliffhanger that was Bishop still being part of the living dead when I finished I dropped to the floor and started sobbing again "I can't thank you enough for your troubles Claire but I think the best thing you can do now is go home and mourn those you have lost, go on I'll get Hannah to drive you home" I nodded after clearing up my tears and one of Amelie's guards appeared from no-where and summoned Hannah. I was deposited home in a steady feeling of depression.


Christ almighty help me and all things holy I was not a vampire I could not, would not be a vampire. I hurtled down the stairs seeing Shane still staring dumbstruck at the stairs "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE" I screamed at him as the front door slowly opened and Claire walked through she saw me and just stared "WHAT THE FUCK" she shouted at me and looked from me to Shane "HOW THE HELL ARE YOU WALKING AGAIN!"she asked looking horror struck "I DON'T KNOW!" I replied and I felt my eyes tingle with tears but they weren't falling I then felt a burning thirst flare in my throat and I craved for the blood I could hear pulsing through Shane and Claire's bodies how good it would feel to rip their necks apart and let the hot liquid poor down my throat. I could feel the animal inside me awaken as I felt my body tense and fall into a crouch and get ready to ponce. I shook like a cat and then lept.