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This FanFic is based entirely on Kainus's own FanFic saga. All rights belong to him, apart from the obvious. In terms of canon, this Fic would be based somewhere between the break and the beginning of the War Games arc.

A/N: I was reading Digimon Fusion Kai by Kainus and thought of this as my adaption of the Broly movie. This is entirely thanks to Kainus's permission to use the entirety of the Digimon Fusion Kai story in this Fic.

The first chapter of what is assured to be a blood curdling and brutalising story of the Digidestined and their Ascendant's against the Legendary Ascendant; a warrior long since forgotten by history, who has sprouted up in the Digi-Verse once more to settle an old, timeless grudge of madness. Our story shall now commence...


Alphamon: The Eternal Ascendant

Part 1: The Legend Lives Once More!

(Cue BGM: Greatest Emotional OST's of all Time – Aqua Vitae)

The Digi-Verse has been safer ever since the demise of the tyrannical Burizalor; former pseudo deity of untold power, before he met his end at the feet of an awoken warrior, the legendary Ascendant, Omega X.

However, the foretold warrior was not the first to reach this pinnacle of power, and neither was he the true heir to the Digital World's ultimate form. He was preceded by a warrior of unfathomable power, who had run amok upon his awakening almost one thousand years before Omega X replaced him on the throne of 'Ascendant'.

The warrior was a true Mega-Level, even before he awoke; but just how he Ascended is shrouded in mystery, not to mention his disappearance over the many Digital ages. Going with the time warp of the cataclysmic being Apocalymon during the first Digital adventure, the exact date could range from 1-3 years before the current Digidestined arrived.

But now... he has arisen once again.

Who exactly roused the slumber of the being is still a mystery; but whatever their reasoning, they have lead the Eternal Ascendant in the destruction of the Western Galaxy of the Digi-Verse... star by star; planet by planet, he has methodically been destroying the Western Galaxy, searching for something; his reason for hatred, long lost in the Digital World's timeline...

(End Music)


Real World/ Kamiya Residence/ 12:42pm

(Cue BGM: Naruto OST- Afternoon of Konoha)

Taichi Yagami was sat at his desk, yawning aloud whilst he stored a pair of handkerchief boxes securely in his dark blue rucksack, with Agumon sitting beside him and mimicking his owner's infectious yawn in boredom, before the two finally finished packing and walked out into the living room

"Kari, you need to think smaller!" Tai said hysterically, walking past his sister with a backpack slouched over his shoulder, "it's just a quick get together at Matt's family cabin!"

His sister, Hikari Yagami, was wearing a light pink, sleeveless shirt with a crème coloured ascot wrapped around her slender neck, with red shorts that fell down to her knees.

"But you always complain when there isn't enough food!" she defended, continuing to pack some sandwiches in her now almost brimming pink backpack, as her brother stared on blankly without a response until his mother tugged at his shirt and gave him the third degree about safety while his father typed unnecessarily loud on the keyboard of his computer.

He's lucky; if he types that loud, he doesn't have to hear this... His son thought rather bitterly, nodding to everything his mother said.

Gatomon leapt gracefully onto her perching place on Kari's shoulder, "Kari, lets go already! We might as well hurry to the meeting spot before your mother moves onto you next!" she whispered carefully, inciting a giggle from the chocolate haired girl.

The giggling stopped as Tai grabbed his sister and Agumon's wrists and began to make a break for the door. But the Ascendant failed as he felt a cold pair off malice oozing hands clutch him and Agumon, while Kari decided to go on by herself with Gatomon while shouting good luck too her comically terrified brother and partner as their mother reeled the duo in and closed the door.

Oh crap... if she goes on like she usually does, I'll miss the van!, Tai thought with a shiver running through his spine, and his ears already feeling like bursting from his mothers ranting, Well, we were going to go to the cabin that had a Digital Gate, so I guess we can take the short route of going between realms...


When she shuts up!, he thought in anguish, clamping down on his strained ears in unison with his Ascendant partner.

(End Music)


Real World/ Meeting Point/ 1:22 pm

Kari ran with the added weight of Gatomon on her shoulder as a perch, running and stopping for nigh on 30 minutes, having noticed her brother had been right in trying to hurry her up, as the train they had planned on catching had left already.

But as she finally started to feel like giving up, she spotted the van, surrounded by her very agitated and patience waned friends in the distance; and with a final burst of spirit she began to charge over to them with intensity and exhaustion in her eyes

"Sorry we're late, guys..." she said with a heavy pant.

Joe began the rant the group wanted to begin, "What do you mean, we're? Where's you're incapable Ascendant of a brother?" he started madly, wearing a light blue polo shirt and vanilla cream cargo pants.

Sora added with spite, "He and Agumon may be useful in a pinch, but here during times of peace, he's useless!" she was narrowing her eyes and slanting her mouth to the side in disappointment, not befitting a lady in a fitted pink shirt with the brand 'Love Angel' across her chest and angular design wings at her shoulder blades, with denim shorts down to her thighs.

"So... he isn't here, huh..." Matt said with some disappointment, already having bantered away with his split personality the night before about challenging Omega X to a fight of superiority with Gabumon. He was dressed in a baggy white shirt with a sequence of black hazed numbers that sequenced in Morse code to 'Rockstar', and dark blue khaki pants that also looked a little baggy on him; it looked like fighting gear, and that's just what he had planned.

"Father..." Dimitri whispered weakly so that no one else could hear. Unlike the others, he had not dressed up for the occasion and wore his usual clothing; which went down nicely with his partner Faith, who slept on his shoulder.

Panting and slightly aggravated by the group's unintended snide comments, the girl looked around and took notice of several absences in the group, "Where is everybody?" she said as she panned her head back and forth like a scanner.

Joe took heed of the young Ascendant's question and stood before Kari with a wise look on his face, "Izzy had to go for a sudden entry examination for Kyoto University preparations, Leomon is training in the Digital World for the War Games, TK said he went on ahead with his mom and nobody seems to know where Mimi went..."

Matt interjected coolly, "She's visiting her sick grandmother and couldn't make it." That made Dimitri smile; if he knew something that personal, Matt must want to go out with his son's mother. It only made sense in the flow of time.

Joe blinked multiple times in amazement, and with a sappy grin said, "How do you know that, lover boy?"

"Drop. It." The blonde spat back in a finalising tone, looking over to the group of Digimon sleeping behind his annoyed father Hiroaki Ishida in the van already, "Tai will get there somehow, I should know that he goes anywhere we all are, whether we like it or not." He said lowly as he began walking away toward the van, with the others following suit.


Digital World/ Azulongmon's Realm/ 1:24pm

"This is a catastrophe!" the sentient ruler of the realm, the Sovereign Azulongmon barked through his ghostly mask as he rattled his chain covered, slithering body in anguish, "who has done this? What has become of Lord Baihumon?" he asked X in absolute hysteria, a rare thing that never truly befitted the Soverign's usually calm, in control personality.

"Lord Baihumon was injured in his defence of the Western sector of the Digi-Verse, but managed to deter the threat just before it was completely obliterated." The masked man responded calmly, looking deeply in a crystal sphere before him, scanning the Western sector intently for any sign of the perpetrator.

"To think anything could destroy a vast section of the Digi-Verse with hardly any effort, not to mention in the blink of an eye..." Minervamon whispered softly to herself, trembling slightly at the energy residue of pure distain and hatred that she could feel pulsating still in the Western sector.

"Well... according to the old legends, an Ascendant who exceeds natural limits may be able to do this..." Simms theorised with his chin held in his palm, "but the only Ascendants I can think of that could manage this are Omega X and Metalla X... but do you think either have reason to do this?"

"No... There is another..." the great dragon lord of the Eastern sector stated with a quaking voice, encased in fear and distain, "but I personally saw to his sealing over 1000 Digital years ago!"

Minervamon jerked her head in confusion, "Who is it, my lord?"

"The Eternal Ascendant..."

All present jerked and tensed at the sound of the name, turning up to see their lord looking into the crystal ball with ferocity in his gaze, before X lifted his hands in a reluctant gesture, "But surely the Eternal Ascendant is merely a legend from the last millennia? Even if he did exist, the legend states he vanished in the darkest reaches off the Dark Ocean?"

"That is how Lord Phuanglongmon dictated the history to go; in truth, he did exist, and the tales spun about him are even fouler than you could ever realize..."

X remained static in his thoughts for a brief moment, "My lord, should I?"

"Call the strongest Ascendant of this era... we need to find and eradicate the Eternal Ascendant!" the omniscient being ordered, withdrawing into the skies of his holy sanctuary, heading toward the Western sector to confirm his conclusion with Lord Baihumon.

But back down on the ground, while X began a telepathic message to all the Ascendant children, Minervamon stood still beside Simms, speaking softly to the loyal servant of the Sovereigns and saying lightly, "If the Eternal Ascendant is the actual opponent..."

Simms quickly snapped the answer for her, "He will most likely crush Omega X. He's on a whole other level if the legends about him are true."


Real World/ Kamiya Residence/ 4:30pm

Agumon lay motionless on his partner's bed, as a deathly silence ensued following Yuuko Yagami's amazing and possibly record breaking tirade of over 2 hours, "...Tai?"

"Yeah, Agumon..." the boy responded lifelessly, leaning far back on his chair with ringing ears, "sorry we missed the van and that you got grounded with me..."

... Taichi? ... Agumon?

"What the..." the chocolate haired boy said weakly as he sat up in his chair.

Are you there?

"It's X!" Agumon said excitedly as he sat up from the mattress and looked up at the ceiling, like it was a voice from heaven.

Boys, we have some serious trouble... I'll explain when you get here...

Tai stood from his chair with a lacklustre grin and began to lurch across the room with his Digivice in hand, Let's see you ground me out of this, Mom.

Raising the device to his computer screen, he watched alongside Agumon as the screen began to flare like fire and glow a radiant light, tugging at the two like arms and dragging them through the Digital Gate into the Primary Village of the Digital World, before they felt another tug and phased out of existence from the nursery area, and reassuming physical form in Azulongmon's paradise engulfed realm that oversaw the entire Eastern sector.

"Taichi, you came." X's muffled voice said sternly as he strode of to the partners.

"Well, you know, I felt something pull me here." The boy cracked, but stopping immeadiatly upon noticing the masked man's unimpressed eyes and mannerisms, "what's up?"

"I need to speak with you two. This is a grave matter indeed. Can you use your Instantaneous Movement in search of somebody?"


Real World/ Mountain Lodge/ 4:37pm

(Cue BGM: One Piece Best Soundtrack 11)

"I-I can't believe this!" Joe shouted aloud, staring at a strange, gargantuan object that had suddenly forced itself into existence through what seemed to be a worm hole before them. He was stood beside Gomamon and Kari, who still acted as a perch for Gatomon, as she hissed at a strange Digimon who walked out, followed by several armour clad SkullMeramon, who restrained their flames and formed file beside the strange object's entranceway.

TK jerked his head in distaste at the invading arrivals before him, but reverted to a look of shock as the leader walked out, "A black WereGarurumon?"

Matt and Gabumon looked on in surprise, "No, he's not the same as me in my Ultimate form... he's a virus type..."

The Digimon who had walked out like a king was a darkened WereGarurumon, but wore a large, gallant robe that extended down to his feet and fluttered behind his heavy dark green braced and white outlined armour that buffed out on his broad chest, showing how much more muscular he was compared to Matt's own WereGarurumon, but still wearing the skin tight, torn and accessory adorned black denim jeans, with a strange jewel on the inside of his right palm.

"Who the hell are you!" Matt barked, with Gabumon beside him ready for fusion at any given moment as he stared into the dark, cruel eyes of his darkened counterpart as the strange Digimon bowed to Matt and the other Digidestined before the wooden lodge.

"My name is Carrmon, Lord Yamato and Lord Gabumon. I see that you have been accompanied by Lords and Ladies Davis, Yolei, Cody, Ken, Hikari, Joe, Takeru and Sora with the honourable chosen Digimon; the others must be elsewhere, which is most unfortunate..." the Digimon said in a dark, robust voice that sent shivers down everyone's spines, whilst Matt and Gabumon stared down and scanned Carrmon with distrusting eyes.

"That isn't what I meant. Why has a Digimon managed to push through the Digital Barrier with such a ship?"

Rising from his kneeling position, Carrmon walked toward the Digidestined with a cold air accompanying him, "Our technology is advanced on Archnologia, which is also why I have come to talk with the Digidestined... a threat is disturbing our plans in the Digi-Verse, and we require your aid, my Lord."

Joe added with a confused look, "Wait, what is Archnologia?"

"An area of the Digi-Verse that is undergoing construction. It is a planet of the purest seas and lush, plumed skies. We intend to create an entire planet that surpasses any Primary Village, rejuvenating life to Digimon, no matter the cost! A side intention of Archnologia is to create an area where we can cultivate and restore lost Digimon, long since thought extinct." He replied as he walked past Yolei and Hawkmon with an unreadable glare.

"Ohh~ that sounds like a great idea!" Sora shrieked in joy of the idea.

Matt grunted uncaringly, and spited at Carrmon's story, "Who cares... go do it then, what do I care. I'm off, I need food..." he said, turning with Gabumon and beginning to walk briskly toward the Lodge.

"However, the Eternal Ascendant has destroyed our hopes." Carrmon said rather snidely, looking on as Matt and Gabumon both twitched and seemed to be stuck in that one second of time, before sluggishly turning around to the visitor with panic stricken eyes.

"The Eternal Ascendant? The one of legend?"

"The very same... he has already destroyed the West of our universe with little effort, and seems to want a way into your world."

Matt stood there for a moment, lost in his thoughts before an echo filled his head like a reverberating bell.

(End Music)

Hey now, Matty boy! Doesn't sound like much thinking is needed here!

Seriously, go away. This isn't the time for your bull-

Hey there! Watch your tongue and think about it for a second! If you can defeat the Eternal Ascendant, wouldn't that make you clearly stronger than Tai and Agumon?


Jackpot. Come on, you learned all about him when you researched the Ascendants on Burizalor's ship! Just try and deny it; I was watching, and I know for a fact you could recite the entire tale of him in a heartbeat. A guy that strong being defeated by a weakling like you would travel around fast, not to mention how quickly it will replace the great Omega X in the hearts of your pathetic misfit friends.

Shut up... don't badmouth my friends, you goddamn madman!

Hold up. You're the one thinking a tongue lashing against me, a residual part of your own being. Who is truly the mad one here? Tell you what, Matty boy. Surrender the body to me for a few days, while me and Gabumon go and crush this intrepid insect known as the Eternal Ascendant, Alp-

"Lord Yamato?" Carrmon snapped, bringing Matt back from his daydream and looking at him judgementally, "will you aid me and my men in eradicating this pest?"

Clenching both his fists by his sides, Matt began walking toward the craft behind Carrmon, not noticing the dark Digimon's victorious smile as he passed, crossing his arms as he stopped at the entryway, "No need, Metalla X is mighty enough alone to take his head." He said flatly, entering the strange craft with the SkullMeramon following him like the Pied Piper back into the ship.

"What of you, my Lords and Ladies?"

Sora spoke up first, "I'll go!"

Yolei followed with an enticing glare, "I'll go, Carrmon..." she said distrustingly, making her way to the ship.

Without a word, Davis and Cody began following the Crest bearers into the shuttle, whilst Dimitri stood stiffly, staring at the craft as Carrmon began making his way to the craft himself with a flap of his gallant cloak, "Are you not coming, Lord Dimitri?"

Dimitri still stood, glaring with his piercing blue eyes at Carrmon, before beginning to make way to the shuttle with Faith still sleeping soundly on his shoulder, "I'm watching you, Carrmon." He muttered without looking back, hearing a slight grunt before being followed into the craft.

The ship closed it's entryway quickly, air being pressurized and forced out with a loud whistle before sealing securely; glowing a golden aura as the ship begun to spark, instantaneously teleporting out of existence with a pop, leaving the grass surrounding it brushing away violently before resuming it's natural stance, as if nothing had occurred.

Opening the front door with a crème apron on, Hiroaki walked out with several bowls of scolding soup in his hands at once, hoping for some relief from the kids as he slowly opened his strained eyes and noticed their disappearance, "Not again!" he cried, spilling some soup on his lap and yelping in pain, dropping the other bowls as he keeled over from the burning sensation on his leg.


Digi-Verse/ Unknown Constellation/ 4:44pm

In an uncharted vacuum of space, the craft punched a hole in the very fabric of existence, plunging through the worm hole and crossing the realms back into the set coordinates of the Digi-Verse, as the group stared out of air tight window panels at the vast amount of debris surrounding their craft.

"Do not fear, my lieges, the radiant shield system is more than enough to repel this bombardment of remainders." Carrmon said as he stood beside the pilots of the ship, giving orders for slight adjustments in the ship's polarity and course.

Joe raised his brow in astonishment, "What do you mean, remainders?"

His water type partner sighed, raising his paws in disappointment, "Joe, are you really that thick headed?"

"They're remainders of the planets that formerly sparkled with life in our quadrant, before the Eternal Ascendant arrived and destroyed it. We believe Archnologia will be his next target." Carrmon said with a passive tone, still focusing on the control panels and ordering the pilots on the course through the newest asteroid belt of former Digital planets.

Kari looked rather distressed, but became a little brighter as TK hooked his arms around her, asking what was wrong, to which she responded, "An Ascendant is formed from the bond of a human and their Digimon... who could form such a malicious bond and manage to become one?"

"Kari, I think the better question," Davis began with a slight sneer on his face at the destruction that raged past the ship, "is when this guy could have formed. He sure as hell isn't one of us, meaning he must have come before..."

"Well, when we find him, I guess we'll just have to ask him..." TK stated weakly.

"Assuming he's sane. Because if he is, he has to be a real monster too destroy so many planets and kill so many Digimon for no reason at all."

Matt sat beside the squabbling group, having another internal struggle with his darker half about the oncoming beast that he intended to slay, no matter the cost.

You expect me to just wait while you fail to kill him and get our body destroyed? I'll be utilizing the body to fight against the Eternal Ascendant as Metalla X!

No... if what the legends say are true, maybe there is a way to rationally defeat him.

Whatever. All I'm hearing at the moment is pansy talk, Matty boy. Big whoop, a legend says he's looking for his nemesis, so what?

Remember the text, Yamato.

And the beastly warrior descended into the night,

Fighting constantly engulfed in dark madness looking for his enemy of equal might,

Finally meeting his match,

He begun a great war between him and the Knight,

Finding his formerly pure mind and soul enveloped in spite,

He fell into the depths, vowing to return,

As the Knights and the Sovereign sealed him in the Urn of Finality.

Old news, what of it?

If someone found the Urn and broke him out, don't you think it would stand to reason and follow the rest of the ancient text; he would search for Omnimon of the Knights of the Round?

But... surely a fool that colossal cannot exist beside you; he must realize that the Omnimon he seeks is long since dead... even Digimon don't have that level of longevity, apart from a Sovereign and above. It's just speculated that it was an Omnimon, in any case.

Precisely, there is no other proof of the Knight's identity beside some speculation; however, assume it was Omnimon, he can't kill an already dead Digimon, meaning he will seek his nemesis's descendants as a proof of his existence and to enact revenge. He will see them no differently from his sealers.

But I believe that the Omnimon he seeks is not dead. Digimon rarely die, but get rerouted to the Primary Village if they lead a good life. A Knight of the Round is said to protect the Digital World in times of crisis, so it stands to reason he may have gone to the Primary Village on the Digital World to rejuvenate and await the need for his return.

Wait... if the Omnimon went to the Primary Village after 'death', as a fusion being, he'd have to of defused into a Botamon and a Punimon... considering the vast amount of time a Mega would need to regenerate in it's egg, especially after splitting, it's completely possible that centuries could have gone by.

Not to mention if they had been cultivated for a higher purpose by the Omniscient Ones and Gennai's colleagues.

...My, my Matty boy, you're beginning to let my intelligence rub off on you, I see. If what you're saying is true, than you better be careful with that half breed partner of yours...


Digital World/ Azulongmon's Realm/ 4:44pm

Tai was sat on a vast grassy plain, sitting directly parallel to X and beside his reptilian partner Agumon, who stuffed his face with a plate of fish, "...I see..." the boy muttered after listening to X's summary on the situation.

"Sho whatch we shupposhed to do?" Agumon asked while continuing to stuff his face, his partner looking rather down before rising to his feet suddenly.

"Agumon... let's do it." He spited to himself, extending a hand to his partner and locking their palms together as they began to glow an iridescent golden glow that erupted around them like flames and consumed them from X's view.

Fusion Shinka!

The erupting flames of energy began to change shape into a larger, single humanoid shape before the entirety of the flames burst into a brilliant aura that surrounded the familiar orange clad armour atop a black, almost chainmail like suit that clung tightly to the warrior's skin as his spiked gold hair fluttered in the artificial breeze of his aura, with a powerful look in his aqua-emerald eyes.

Omega X!

X looked on from his seated position atop the grassy knoll and glanced at the warrior, his senses almost overbearingly acute to the Ascendant's awe inspiring power level,

With a ki like this, surely even the Eternal Ascendant would have trouble... I hope...

The fused Ascendant placed his foremost fingertips to his forehead and closed his eyes, focusing on a singular point toward the Western galaxy. In all fairness, it was not truly that difficult, as the malice and ki residue could drive some into madness.

"Got it." He said, and with a wisp of energy, had phased out and begun his transportation via Instantaneous Movement, leaving X to his thoughts.

Good luck, you two. I hope you're not consumed by despair...


Real World/ Kamiya Residence/ 5:46pm

The room was left completely empty, apart from the siblings shared computer that still glowed in evidence of the brother's action.

The door slowly began to open, revealing Yuuko holding a telephone in her hand.

"Tai, your friend Izzy wants to talk to you about his time at..." she stopped, standing still until she began frantically clawing and tearing away at the room, before turning toward her son's still activated Digi-Port and scowled, "that boy is so grounded."


Digi-Verse/ Archnologia Planetary Atmosphere/ Planetary Time Unknown

"Humph." Matt grumbled, looking through the pane of airtight glass at the Digital planet, which was more or less a meteorite shape; rough all around, with huge dents to show it's age. But below the approaching ship, he could faintly see a gargantuan white tower that peered off to one side like a portrait of abstract fauvism. The tower's base was like a thick dome, but towards the tower, it converged and arose into an almost detached building above it. The tower itself was so large, that cloud tundra built beneath it, encircling the single area and eroding the mountain base into an unstable mushroom shape as the ship approached.

Sora looked down from another pane with a concerned look on her face, "Why is that cloud only surrounding the tower? The rest of the planet looks withered from the lack of rain because the clouds are there..."

Carrmon scoffed without looking back, "It is to nurture the sanctuary area. The wildlife understood and moved without hesitation. They clearly had no connection to the surrounding area's we redirected the clouds from, so all is well, Lady Sora."

Joe looked back at him with a befuddled look on his face with narrowed eyes, "How... pessimistic of you, Carrmon."

The darkened wolf remained silent for a moment, before finally looking back with an agitated gaze, "Everything I am doing is for the greater good, Lord Joseph." He said with an arrogant grunt as he cocked his head back to the screen, beginning landing preparations.

Yes... the greater good, you silly fools. My son shall see to you later...


The ship began it's descent with large flares that sparked across the hull like fireworks, even creating the same sound as the Digidestined hooked and latched onto the floor as it shook terribly, effecting all of the SkullMeramon aboard too as they also struggled to deal with the overwhelming change in air composition, turbulence, buoyancy and altering gravity as they approached the tower of Archnologia with vibrations shooting through their bodies.

As they all writhed on the floor and in slanted stances, Carrmon stood, undeterred and with no sign of effort against the landing procedure; the only thing showing he was being affected at all was the slight fluttering of his lengthy robe at his feet.

The ship quickly approached the landing point; the edge of a cliff face that was carved into a large, alter like point that accompanied the ship on approach.

On a sudden, the black wolf cupped his bejewelled right palm an ordered his pilot to activate thrusters, the latter complying as he entered a sequenced acceptance code in fractal code form and braced himself in his chair as the bowls of the ship began trembling independently, releasing a tripod of three thrusters that rapidly depleted fuel supplies with a quick, unrestrained burst of energy from the thrusters, slowing the ship down considerably and almost allowing it to halt in mid air; mere centimetres above the ground as the legs were released and planted firmly and safely on the cliff landing point with it's shaken guests regaining their composure.


Digi-Verse/ Western Galaxy/ Unknown Planet


With a slick distortion in the air, Omega X phased into being aboard a lifeless planet that had been on the Eternal Ascendant's warpath. Instantly he felt a surge of frost travel through his spine, unable to comprehend or repel the mere trace of the monster's power.

The 'planet' had previously terra formed, as evidenced by scattered trees that had scorch marks around them, with several tonnes of ash encasing the ground; presumably not Digimon, as thy would have broken down into their fractal codes after death unless absorbed by a higher entity. The ash was most likely the remnants of lush forests and the primitive homes that Digimon built upon the planet.

Omega X regained his composure after several seconds of wincing under the ki residue, and looked around the desolate wasteland, "How horrible... if they fought against him, they would have been totally crushed. He's not even here, and yet I can feel his strength still polluting whatever air is left..." he said sadly.

Placing his fingertips once more to his forehead, he focused his ki and searched the surrounding space for any other trace.

Holy... this much power, across several planets? I'm getting excited now...

And with that thought, he phased out once again, beginning to follow the ki trail as he travelled with his teleportation technique.


He appeared again on a distant world that resembled Spira in many ways; it was very basic and crude, but had its natural beauty marred by several dead bodies of the Boltmon species strewn around a black cliff head, with the grass burned badly. Running to the very apex of the cliff, Omega X spotted a large hole in the middle of the sea that had conflicted with magma that spiked out previously but was extinguished by the ocean water.

"It's hot... this world must be 110% steam!" Omega X courted with himself, before realizing something, "wait, why are these Digimon still here, even though their dead?"

X... X!

What is it, Taichi? Have you found him?

I'm close to... but...


I'm on this strange planet that's probably about to blow, but there are dead Digimon here... and their bodies haven't broken down into a code!

What? How is that possible?

I don't know, that's why I'm talking to you right now!

... I can only think of one thing. Are they Mega-levels?

Well... now that you mention it, Omega turned and glanced toward the closest body of a Boltmon, I believe they are!

The Digital body is a manifestation of data... the fractal code is our version of what human's would call a 'soul'. When the soul leaves to be judged, the body is acknowledged as being useless and vanishes as well.

What of it?

But, there are ways to absorb the fractal code from another Digimon... by doing so, you gain that Digimon's memories, abilities and Digivolution potential; and as a result, the body remains without breaking down, due to it's fractal code not being sent to judging.

That bastard... is absorbing the codes to get stronger?

Possibly. Whoever is manipulating that beast must have some comprehension of the results if he absorbs enough data and has allowed it anyway. The fool...

W-what's wrong?

Taichi, they are giving the Eternal Ascendant the ability to strengthen his true form by getting him to absorb Mega-levels!



(Cue BGM: One Piece Best Soundtrack 04)

Omega X's senses kicked in, as he sensed a strange presence flying miles behind him and several attacks careening toward him at blinding speed, closing the gap of several miles with ease as it came close to penetrating Tai and Agumon's shared body, before he jumped with slick grace into the air and began to fly himself, heading as fast as he could to the power source and stopping suddenly after coming face to face with the creature; repelling the air like a bullet toward the winged demon.

"Oh my, aren't we hasty to die?" the voice chortled in arrogance as red eyes collided with light emerald, "don't you know proper etiquette? First we say our names. I am Hiemon."

Hiemon was a thin, raggedy Digimon that had an exposed chest that revealed many scars on his dark orange chest cavity and plunging into the darkness that was his skin. His lower extremities were covered by a gigai set of pants known as hakama, and his head was covered by a black mask that deviated into a twin set of horns that curved in like a spear; while the only things of his face that were revealed were the purest set of crimson eyes and a mouth that a scar that ran across it. His right arm was different from his left; instead of his black skin, it was encased in cracking ice and frost.

Floating and analyzing the creature, Omega X broke into a slight chuckle that went unopposed by Hiemon, "A virus-ice type... I give you credit, your at least an original; I've never seen a virus type that manipulated ice."

Hiemon ignored the obvious sarcasm in the brash Ascendant's tone, and let out a thunderous roar of laughter that shocked his new acquaintance, "Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh... anyway, as you saw, my master inflicted that wound on the planet. Although 'sterile' now, this planet shall soon perish, along with you unless you can beat me."

Omega X shot him a cocky, defiant smirk as he assessed the damage to the planet and the sudden, violent tides. What Hiemon said was true; it was only a matter of time before the planet blew. But he had a trick up his sleeve and an Ascendant to catch, he didn't have the time.

Placing his fingertips to his forehead, he waved at Hiemon as he begun phasing out on the trail again.

(End Music)


The Ascendant warrior of Courage was sent flying into the turbulent ocean with a colossal splash and shockwave, as the sea walls that had risen and encircled his landing point began to converge back onto him with many Pascal's of pressure threatening to crush him.

Hiemon stared down snidely with arrogance and confidence almost shining off his face as he watched the miniature wave crash down onto Omega X.

But the Ascendant was far from done, "Hrrgghhh!" he screamed beneath the water, forcing unbridled energy to propel beyond his outstretched arms in a power up stance.


The water's surface above Omega began glowing sun gold before erupting into a tower of water that pressurized around a single, rising sphere that glowed gold until it reached Hiemon, who still smirked. The bubble of gold water began to froth violently like soap bubbles before bursting a shooting away from a furious Omega X with the speed of bullets.


But the water droplets that moved like bullets were rendered useless as they froze within a certain distance of Hiemon; almost like a barrier froze them into cracking becoming worthless against the virus-type.

The enemy chortled once more with grace and elegance, almost like a noble, "Oh my, after your little display down there, it seems the waves have picked up even more! I like your spirit! Shorten the time you have left alive. That is an amazing thing for a hybrid."

"Hybrid? You know I'm an Ascendant?" the warrior of Courage queried as he spat out some blood and wiped at it within his golden aura.

The frosty foe let out an equally cold, sneering smile, "You got it. My master has such grand plans and we can't have the Digidestined pestering us. It may set him off."

The Eternal Ascendant... this guy's got a lead. But he's fast! He managed to hit me before I teleported. He's faster than the speed of light.

Clenching both hands into fists at his side, Omega X assumed a power up stance; veins appearing on his forehead and his muscles tightening and getting stronger as he let out a blood-curdling scream that shook the skies above him, illuminating it with his increasing aura, before reassuming his casual stance, his aura falling back to its natural size as he had powered up, preparing to fight Hiemon.

"Let's go." He spat, thrusting forward fearlessly at the minion.


Next Episode: Frost against Courage! Battle Erupts on Dying Planet!

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