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The tension, the pain, the blood and the sweat; all of it has built up to this.

Alpha Xcel has 2 rounds in his favour.

Here comes the final, decisive round!


Alphamon : The Eternal Ascendant

Part 7: The Final Countdown! The Alpha against the Omega!

Digi-Verse /Archnologia City Battle Site /12:34pm

Time Until Datatron Warp Collision: 37 Minutes...


(Saliva – Click Click Boom!)

Dust escalated out of cracked building foundations and rubble piles, a deathly scent in the now stagnant air full of a fiery tail. In the centre of the city, directly below the erected dark ki ball was a withering, yet relatively contained crater with demolished buildings and scattered remnants abundant.

High above, still soaring with his dark blade sheathed was Alpha Xcel; his face no longer grinning insidiously nor his mannerisms reprehensible; just a deft silence, as if in mourning, as he looked down with reference at the scattered and battered beings strewn about within the crater.

They had survived his ultimate technique, somehow. But they had severe casualties with many accumulated injuries and energy loss. Most were now rendered worthless, simply writhing, insignificant factors.

Chuckling at his own work as the Ascendants, BanchoLeomon and their allies all stood up staggered, now all looking battle worn, with scrapes, cuts and damaged armour, "My, my! Maybe I shouldn't have tried so hard." The villain gagged in-between a deathly chortle.

Looking up in distain, the Ascendants, minus Celesta X, all gave hard looks as Omega X barked at the forefront, clutching his ribs, "You think this is funny? Do you seriously feel nothing for them; no remorse!" he pointed accusingly at his foe.

"Scum? Remorse? Don't make me laugh, Taichi Kamiya -!"

Abruptly stopping, the warrior clutched at his head and shrieked in pain, wringing and rummaging through his golden locks, while the main force looked up, piercing, gawking and questioning appearances scattered on all of them.

"What's wrong? He's been doing that since he powered up against Kari!" Ultima X input.

WarAngemon replied darkly, "He must be losing his mind with all that power..."

BanchoLeomon looked up in a rather dullard fashion, not appearing surprised or shocked by the panic attacks that ensued above, as he recalled what Azulongmon had previously informed him of back in the East's Sacred Realm.

'- I would say a 4th of his power reserves can be summoned before his mind leaves him...'

'Lord Azulongmon, he has far surpassed a mere 4th of his power... could it be that this new form Carrmon unsealed raised his limitations, and not purged them, as he and even all of us thought?'

Cutting off the banter, Joe brushed himself down and thanked Zudomon for protecting him, followed by his blurted voice, "Where's Matt gone?"

Looking around with dispatched vision, they all concurred this. Yamato had vanished from sight while still fused as Metalla X...

Omega X brushed it off, "No, he's still fused, somewhere over there," he pointed to his far off left, ending the matter as Alpha Xcel lowered his armour clad hands.

Giggling obstinately, the beast lowered himself down onto the soil with a large clump being repelled by his mere presence, bio-electricity flaring around him and striking off, threatening the injured with the closeness of the ki externalisation.

"H-hey! What do you think you're doing, you son of a -!"

"Tai! Look at his face!" Ultima X belayed, all obeying and spotting the devoid face, the smile that formerly adorned it gone, along with all emotion apart from a ceaseless giggle that seemed to gag in his throat.

Taking a step forward, his shroud suddenly erupted around him, sparking more bio-electricity and a sudden charge into the innards of the small contingent's battle formation, the Ascendants looking back in a stunned expression.

Draconic Symphony!

His arms and legs all encased in a dark fire, his dragon crest maw erupting in a blood red light, Alpha Xcel began the pulsating barrage of blows at the backs of the Ascendants, sending Omega X, Ultima X and Angemon X crashing into nearby debris piles, the victims of the gargantuan strike still waning, but looking around with scattered terror on their faces.

Next up was the Mergence Ultimates, showing a methodical side to fighting his foes that he disregarded before. Without an utterance, but a repeat of his chortle, he leapt at them with the heightened speed boost, emerging before them and delivering three separate punches to JewelBeemon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon, watching longingly as they careened into the distant dirt.

Feeling a surge of fear, WarAngemon tensed and readied his knuckles at the distractedly mad opponent, thrusting forward.

S-Seraphi Fist!

The beam eminating but not meeting a target, WarAngemon gave a bellow of fury as he looked up and found the same trick that Ultima X and Angemon X had experienced waiting above his face. Taking heed, he backstepped out of the way of the small blast, only to be keeled backwards by a curt knee in the small of his back; the force curving him over like a backflip and a follow up clothesline into the distance ceasing any hope that the scattered, injured Digimon held.

Joe was bewildered, "Z-Z-Zudomon! Get him!" he ordered, the behemoth taking heed and charging toward the dark humanoid.

Raising his hammer and swinging it across the terrain in a swipe, he found that Alpha Xcel had phased out again. Scanning around, he found him laughing in a squiffy manner atop his still raised hammer, aiming a dark blast at the turtle-man's face.

Zudomon barely felt a sweatdrop fall as it impacted his face, sending him soaring back in a golden aura as he shrunk back into Gomamon, and into Joe's catching arms.

Not finished, the enemy glanced over with his pupil less eyes at BanchoLeomon, chortling again at the pitiful challenge before him as he pounced, leaving a smoke trail rising behind him before he gripped into the catching hands of the proud lion, initiating a test of strength, both raising their shrouds and expending energy behind them, affecting the landscape as bio-electricity flared off from the Eternal Ascendant and the brute Burst Mode.

BanchoLeomon having popped, forefront veins elasticising up his arms in effort, was in tremulous, clouded and rather distortedly angered mind, possibly as a side effect of the Burst Mode.

'This bastard has killed too many! He cannot live on, I do not care if he is one half human! I'll be damned if I let this bastard take me to hell -!'

Spiking his power flux, the lion's red aura increased and began shaking the environment like an artificial earthquake, the Eternal Ascendant acting unimpressed as he ducked beneath the lion, raising a hard, rapt boot into the lion's sternum, summoning his blood.

Acrobatically reassuming his battle stance, he swiped through the air with such speed, he caused a minor sickle like wound upon the lion, who shot through the air and landed in a distant, still standing skyscraper.

There it was. All combatants were downed in an instant, the deprived Eternal Ascendant standing tall and scanning around the crater at his immobile victims. Not uttering a word; but transferring his hatred and deathly hallowing through those devoid, magnetic eyes of his.

But that was changed as rubble cluttered beside him, not a few feet away. Having been completely deprived of his armour, Angemon X stood up, his loincloth and pants in ragged tatters, along with his formerly graceful wings smudged by dust. Heaving heavily, he readied his final assault, as he knew separating was all but imminent.

(End BGM)

"Hey, Mneod, don't think you can get away without kneeling before me!"

The voice was pomp and arrogant, almost reverberating off of the air as Metalla X charged with a shrouded advancement that flared past the down alliance, a defiant and supreme smirk adorning his face.

Alpha Xcel spoke for the first time since his mind warped, "Well do try your best to make me grovel before you, feh!"

Irked, the shrouded Ascendant thrust a powerful punch toward his foe, but it was easily evaded. Following up, Metalla X kipped backwards and delivered a heavy peg leg manoeuvre to the shoulder with a heavy bellow, soaring backwards and kicking off with another fist prepared to thrust.

Alpha Xcel sneered as the fist connected with his resistant jaw line, Metalla X feeling a chill of fear surge through him as he fell back, tossing multiple ki blasts at the advancing foe, but to no avail.

A nearby Geckomon cowered, "H-he's no match!"

"Father!" Angemon X cried, jumping in between his father and Alpha Xcel, forming a diamond formatted hand sign and blasting with the last of his power at the Eternal Ascendant, a significant dust cloud erupting from the ground before a lone fist swiped it away and smashed into the angel's jaw, sending him off in a separate direction and into a battered group of Shogunmon, separating upon the hard landing into Dimitri and Faith.

Dimitri whimpered, "Father..." before his vision hazed and he passed out from the separated pain, Faith following closely after.

Having stormed up into the air, Metalla X cocked back into position and prepared his metallic blue blast, only to be clutched into the palm of Alpha Xcel, and subsequently driven with fury into a nearby slab of metal ore that had risen from the Seiken Gradalpha blast.

Stunned and motionless from the collision, Metalla X floundered in the air and fell into the lower rock, falling into a shocked state; unable to do more than twitch.

"Pathetic... you talk a big game, but that's all it is. Well, two of the main fighters are down, as are all the scum... that should leave Taichi and the other Ascendant –!"

Twitching at a sudden loud engine runner, the monstrous entity glanced over dully to spot an active ship on the launch bay of the palace above, rearing to go. Alpha Xcel took one guess at the cause and gave a snide smirk upwards.

"Carrmon... I had almost forgotten..." he murmured, shooting at atrociously audible speeds up to the launch pad, deathly intent in his looming, empty gaze as he made level with the ship in close to an instant with his astounding speed.

Time Until Datatron Warp Collision: 28 minutes...

Within the shuttle, Carrmon was reprimanding his single living SkullMeramon servant on how to activate the thrusters. Eventually losing patience, he decided he had enough and blasted a hole in his soldier's solar plexus, garnering the controls himself before an alarm went on the fritz due to unnatural pressurization atop the domed roof.

The black wolf trifled, "I-it cannot... be..."

Alert... Alert... Unidentified Resistance detected above vessel... repeat, Unidentified Resistance detected above vessel...

Atop the vessel, causing the resistance was a single, armour clad palm that forcibly held back the vessel's thrusters boost. Charging a flaring ki blast within his palm, Alpha Xcel discharged it and listened as the writhing moans faded along with his blast.

'What kind of end to life is this? Crushed like an impertinent insect by the very weapon you intended to rule with as a pseudo sceptre!'


Back down below, scattered across the demolished city landscape, many of the Digidestined had refused to move, unable to handle the pain that brought. But one stood up eventually with a deathly, undeterred twitching from several broken bones and bruised areas, notably his ribs. Omega X writhed and trudged through the sea of devastatingly injured Digimon and his own allies, a fearless glint in his eye as he sought out Alpha Xcel's energy signature.

He gained a small, sneering smirk as his battered body began soaring at a restrained pace upward, towards the site of a large green flare; the tower. He carefully floated as gargantuan pieces of demolished rubble began falling beside him through the cloud; Alpha Xcel had decimated the former 'sanctuary' completely, all that was left was the rubble.

Sat atop a clean, turbulent and rummaged pile of stone and looking up at the digital asteroid, the dark warrior gave a haughty laugh, "Did that fool truly expect that small, insignificant meteorite to kill me?" he spat with a growl in his throat.

Sensing an approaching energy, he turned slightly, narrowing his blank eyes at the approaching enemy as he leapt over a small hill of rock.

(Fairy Law)

"You scum... still got some pitiful fight left in you!"

Ceasing his march, Omega X glare speared at the Eternal Ascendant, unwavering as he remained still.

The haughty laugh filled the air again, "What's the matter, Taichi Kamiya! Still resistant to the idea of dying?" he said as his dark gold shroud appeared with it's usual force.

Not answering his question, Omega X walked brisk, slow steps toward the former Mneod, but silently sending a telepathic message to his downed comrades.

You guys... this is it, we have no time left. Please grant me your strength so he can be put down!

Alpha Xcel twitched, sensing something strange. He stuck his right arm outward and began slashing through it with such speed and grace, he appeared to have four separated forearms and hands, all implementing a magical array before he rejoined his hand, forcing it into the array and beckoning out a buster sword of the dark night shade, almost like a spear.

He screamed out an incantation for the dark green energy that engulfed the blade in a hubris tone, "Great Dragon's Ultimate Vanguard Blade!"

Guys... it is time!

Time Until Datatron Warp Collision: 23 minutes...

Cupping his hands, Omega X prepared himself as his foe also assumed a battle stance on a rock formation.

Terra Beam!

Alpha Xcel swung the new blade behind him and shot forward with a joust.

Dragon's Bane!

The pure blue blast and the dark green blast erected from the blade joust collided, creating a horrible shade of greyish green that almost polluted the air as two screams of effort sounded!



Down below, watching up from his strewn out position, BanchoLeomon managed to lift himself off of the ground with a grunt, but fell back down, sitting up with great aid from his arm, lifting the other one to the sky.

"T-take that monster down... Tai, Agumon..." he braced as a light shaded green out line began irradiating from his body out of his arm, dissipating a little higher up, but the intended ally still receiving the power as it kept coming from the lion.

Feeling the boost, Omega X's energy wave grew in scale, beginning to balance out the contest of raw power between the two Ascendants. Alpha Xcel, although still focusing on the blast he emanated from his jousting posture, seemed mortified by the sudden burst of power.

Deciding to break it off, Alpha Xcel swiftly released his continuous blast wave, dodging to the side hastily and phasing above his nemesis's head, delivering a pivot kick to the skull that sent him flying off of the spire and into a free fall as the dark golden shroud gave pursuit.



As he advanced, Alpha Xcel was stunned as in mid air, while in a free fall like a doll, Omega X had phased out without any kind of battle posture. Stopping with a pulse, he seethed while scanning the area around him.


Akin to what had happened earlier, Omega X reappeared behind the Eternal Ascendant and delivered a heavy hammer blow to the back of his neck, sending the beast sailing through the air at a blinding pace.

Elsewhere, stuck in a cliff side in a small crater that formed a makeshift 'seat' for her, Celesta X hung limply, but upon hearing her brother's plea, pulled herself out and planted face first into the dirt below.

This didn't deter the fading Ascendant, however. She lifted her strongest arm with a shiver from the pain jolt, sending her energy through the same means as BanchoLeomon to Omega X, holding a sweet smile before she glowed gold, and separated into an unconscious Kari and Gatomon.

Feeling the abundantly larger energy from a fellow Ascendant, the Bearer of Courage howled a stifling, ominous roar as he almost kicked off the air and engaged into a heightened, rampant speed.

Catching up with Alpha Xcel's limp body, he swung downward with a forearm, but was met by a flashy elbow from the quick Ascendant, dragging him down the tower wall like he did to Celesta X for a few seconds before grabbing him again and tossing him out toward the barren plains.

Dragon's Bane!

Firing the blast from a joust, he managed a direct hit and catapulted Omega X into a nearby rocky terrain on the outskirts of the city, charging at him with a roar.

Guys... it's still not enough, please hurry!

This telepathic message was cut short, as the hero felt a stringent pain in his ribs, his enemy having driven his knee into it with authority. Wasting no time, Alpha Xcel clutched at his enemy's skull in his vice like giant hand, rapturously driving the hero into the rocky ridge that had begun rising due to unnatural gravitational distortion.

That distortion, of course, due to the approaching asteroid.

(End BGM)

Time Until Datatron Warp Collision: 20 minutes

Ultima X was dazed, and hardly capable of any more movement as he lay not to far away from JewelBeemon, WarAngemon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon, all not faring any better. Like it was a passed on ambition, they all grunted at the rampant pain in their bodies, raising their arms up into the sky...

"Is this it!" Alpha Xcel demanded jokingly, ceasing his jest as he felt another surge of energy from the punching bag before him. Raising his Vanguard Blade once more, he intended to slash and hack through Omega X, cleaving him in two.

But it did not happen, as the suddenly rejuvenated warrior rebelled with a rocking headbutt as he began a ferocious flurry of blows at the dark armour of Alpha Xcel's chest.

Surprisingly enough, he was making indentations in it, and pushing the monster back with a loud array of breathless, aggravated coughs.

Omega X said with hubris as he battered him back, "What's the matter? Can't fight against someone with a power beyond your grasp?"

Not a good move, as Alpha Xcel parried all blows after that and clutched one of his incoming fists amid rising pebbles, "You scum... now I can see why Akira Suzuki hated you so!"

A questioning look on his face, Omega X felt a welt form as a quick, curt backhand fist smashed him in the cheek, and he was slashed lightly by the amateurishly swung blade, taking it as a sign that Alpha Xcel was either losing his mind or getting almost barbarian.

Or perhaps both, noting the insidiously narrowed features on his face now as he began a mighty parrying contest with Omega X, who slowly began falling behind.

'He's incredible! He's got so much power in his current state, yet he has lost the willpower to utilize it! But I've still got to watch out... he's like a primal monster now...'


A powerful blow to the ribs, sending the mighty hero floundering back on his feet, a certain smile sickening him to his core as he sent a telepathic message.

'Yamato, for the love of everything holy! I need your power!'

Around a kilometre away in a destroyed sector of the city, Metalla X stood, gazing at the asteroid with one eye dropped, his armour demolished and blood seeping onto his tattered clothing.

"Tai... stop! There is just no way that we can win!" he murmured to himself, loosening his fists by his side in abolishment.

'Please, just give me your power and I can defeat him!'

Several cries of Digimon scattered around the city began resounding in support of the voice.

-Do it!

-Do it!

-Do it!

"Yamato..." BanchoLeomon's voice weakly said.

"Father..." Dimitri said almost on instinct, barely conscious.

Metalla X fluttered his eyes quickly and twitched, trembling in rage. He was superior to Tai, wasn't he?

"Please, just do it..." Ultima X added softly.

Omega X was pummled through a crag formation of rock, dividing it with his body as a seething Alpha Xcel repeatedly flurried at him with kicks and punches to his gut, drawing a mixture of saliva and blood as he ploughed through the rock, finally delivering a final punch and sending him flying through and landing in the rocky plains, laying without motion.

But not for long, as the dementor soared up into the air and came down with the great weight of his armoured girth atop the hero, cracking the landscape with each sickening stomp. He repeated this around 5 times before retreating, allowing his foe to fall into a fissure that was opening in the ground.

For several moments, he stood atop a nearby formation, and tightened his facial muscles as Omega X walked back up and out of the fissure, as large sneer on his face.

"Your persistence is annoying!" the giant bellowed like a violent infant, before enshrouding himself and charging toward the bracing enemy as he sprung out of the fissure and leapt at the approaching human weapon, before being treated to a clothesline that sent him flying into another crag, followed by two potent energy blasts.

Blown away, Omega X crashed into a stone wall and felt winded, before Alpha Xcel sped up and met him there, delivering a horrible punch that ensnared him in the wall. Backing off, he took pleasure in the resistance toward the pain his enemy displayed.

He added, "Well, kudos, I never expected you to survive this long; however, your final moments have arrived, either by my hand, or the comet's."

But the Bearer of Courage was far more focused on his bellow he was about to howl, "YAMATO! MORE POWER, RIGHT NOOOWWWW~!"

Hearing the cry, the mighty Ascendant caved, lifting his arm, "Fine, take it; if you lose, I will kick your ass!" he screamed as his green transfer began... and the mighty warrior defused into Yamato and Gabumon, both cocking back and falling into a slumber.

(Drowning Pool – Mute)

BanchoLeomon was out of energy, and fell asleep to in the dirt.

Ultima X separated into his two residual bodies also, and fell back unconscious.

"Go get him... Tai..." Davis said lightly as he fell into a deep sleep.

"For a monkey's death, let's have a suitable attack!" he yelled as he raised his now metallic fist, "MetalEtemon's should suffice!"

Metal Punch!

Stunned, his contorted face loosened as he took in what had just happened; Omega X had stopped the oncoming killblow with his palm, and had just destroy the crag with an energy burst from his enflamed shroud. Backtracking, a very strange trinkle fell down the side of the dark knights face; a sweat drop.

Omega X pressed forward fearlessly, noting the steps back the giant took, "Your final moments seem to have arrived, Mneod." But he cocked his head slightly in a secondary measure, 'Thank you, Yamato.'

"I-impossible! His power now rivals my own?" he seemed dumbfounded, "Do you truly believe that just by absorbing insignificant ki's from those idiots, it will be enough to kill me? Don't get ahead of yourself!" he timidly bellowed, enshrouding himself.

The Bearer of Courage gave a haughty chuckle, "Oh really? Well, why don't we get started so we can make sure of that?"

High above the planet, the sphere had enlarged and blotted out the sun, leaving its blue, enflamed trail as the only source of light that veiled across the planet with an anti umbra.

Back on the final battle grounds, Omega X was enveloped with a strengthened shroud, pertaining to the power his friends and family afforded him in order for this battle.

Alpha Xcel stood several metres opposite, also shrouded with a colossal energy release, but had lost his former joking personality, now settling into a much more chiding, cold and ruthless warrior mindset.

Time Until Datatron Warp Collision: 5 minutes...



Thinking evenly, the two warrior phased out at the sound of a rising rock, signalling the planet's final moments. The air was ruptured by colliding fists from the speedy warriors, parrying an almost invisible battle that rocked the terrain.


Both scoring a heavy blow to each others jaw with opposing fists that repelled them back several feet, before promptly ceasing in mid air and charging once more, Omega X pushing beyond his limits in the battering frenzy thanks to his allies, while the Eternal Ascendant himself was using 60% of his power, the maximum he could use.

Swinging back with the special blade-spear, he took a small pace back in mid air, lunging with a heavy slash through the air, releasing a small green slash of energy through the air, Omega X responding in confidence as he managed to kick through it with a little effort and strain, disrupting the attack, but noticing the trick.

Alpha Xcel was now right in his face, having used the blast as a decoy.

Going for a stabbing attack, he lunged, but missed Omega X by the skin of his teeth, as the Ascendant backflipped awkwardly and twisted as he came back down at the exposed blade, wrapping his leg around it like a vice while in an airborne movement that showed gymnastic promise.


Alpha Xcel gave a gasp as his primed blade shattered into pieces before his blank eyes. This quickly turned to aggrevation, as he released the blade and clutched his enemy by the neck with his humongous hand, choking him for a moment and enjoying the flailing of his legs before feeling tremors and realiing...

Time Until Datatron Warp Collision: 2 minutes...

"Well... it was fun while it lasted, Taichi." He rasped venomously, before extending his free arm and preparing to attack his choke hold victim, "Sayonara, home wrecker."

Shooting back a horrible look, Omega X stopped flailing in curiosity, he had wrecked a home? Who's?

Draconic Symphony!

His knife like hand glowed dark green while he chortled darkly, "Time to die!" he announced as he went to plunge the attack into Omega X.

(End BGM)

Using all his strength, the Ascendant managed to overpower the choking hand and delivered a pair of firm boots into the opponent's gut, sending him careening back amongst rising debris and earth.

Enshrouding himself and powering up with all his remaining power, Omega X's right fist began to glow a beautiful golden colour, he himself rising atop a new, distorted hill.

He twitched his eyes in expectance as he felt the oncoming attacker, crashing through several of the rising hill catacombs before appearing in Omega X's line of sight, prompting him to soar through the air and come face to face with his opponent in a dual pair of battle stances, imbued fists readied.

Alpha Xcel dropped his still energy imbued fist from above with a mystified look upon his angered face, loosening it in surprise, but showing no signs of fear as Omega X ducked beneath his fist and raised his fist from beside him, planting it into the dark armour and cracking through it, piercing skin and shredding through it.

"Now the real fight begins..." he said lowly as his lit fist trailed a path up the chest of Alpha Xcel.

"This... Taichi Yagami guy, right?"

"It's 6:56pm, mother."

"Don't get cocky with me, you little monster!"

I shall join you, for one day, we shall take this world, and show it's foolishness through fear, grief and suffering!"

My head... it hurts!

So, this is the grief and pain of justice?

Impossible! Akira Suzuki!

You're a disgrace, your dying from this attack, and as a residual part of you, I am destined to die with you?


Here's the plan to survive this –

"I am not gonna let... you get away with this!" Omega X bellowed in rage as his fist came out of the trailed wound on the Eternal Ascendant's chest, black blood seeping out as the monster shrieked in agony, purple cracks now encasing his body before a large purple explosion erupted from his body, blowing Omega X down to the fissures below, as the Datatron Warp finally collided with the planet seconds later.


The planet was split thrice, separating with magma spillage in the vast emptiness of space, before it was absorbed by the asteroid and succeeded in ploughing through the nameless planet of Archnologia...

After a few seconds, once the asteroid had passed, a small blotch stood out among the rubble of the planet that remained, an almost spherical design, on closer inspection a ship of some sort...

And within the dented Spirant ship dwelled many Digimon stacked high atop each other in an arguing pile, with several unconscious children resting atop the pile, Yamato and BanchoLeomon barely awake, back to back with sneers on their faces.

A light shone at the apex of the pile, leaving Tai and Agumon resting with very battered bodies, but smiles appearing on their faces. The Instant Movement technique had served them well in the last moment, leading to the group's arrival within the ship and an autopilot being engaged before another teleportation moved them out of the way of the asteroid.

Digi-Verse /Azulongmon's Realm /13:13pm

X peered through his crystal ball, from which he had overseen the battles. A smile adorned his hidden face, "Tai... Agumon... you have no idea how momentous this is."

Minervamon concurred, "They handed him a complete and utter decimation. The Finality Vitae have been released from their virus, and the Eternal Ascendant is dead!"

Azulongmon's silence was that of respect to the deceased servants of Alphamon... but his mind then drifted, 'I wonder about that, Minervamon...'

Real World /Mountain Lodge /13:56pm

Having walked through Azulongmon's portal, the children and their partners took a deep breath of fresh air.

They stood before the cottage, and peered down at a wooden picnic table, where Matt's dad propped his head up, angered with the sudden return.

Yamato quickly made the switch, "D-dad!" Matt gasped, twitching as the father walked over to him and, to his own surprise, TK, and delivering light punches to them both, telling them to never vanish like that again.

Peace had been restored once again for the Digidestined and the Human World, but the War Games still lay ahead. But with an opponent as powerful as Alpha Xcel now downed, confidence was indeed high, especially from Tai toward Kari, for her little display of hidden power against Alpha Xcel, managing to hurt him.

Tai silently pondered as the group entered the lodge for a meal before heading home in preparation for the next few days, 'Kari... Gatomon... you two just might be capable...'



A/N: There you have it, my version of the Broly story has been told... but keep an eye out, Mneod may have survived yet...