The knife pierced her weak human skin.

Her eyes looked up at me.

Silently begging me to stop the torture.

The agonzing pain that tore her apart.

But this was my job.

What I came her for.

Her chocolate eyes gracefully fluttered shut.

She didn't scream.

Maybe she knew all hope was gone.


The only emotion my numb body felt.

I fell to my knees.

A long sword found it's way inside my chest.

I let the crimson blood fall out of my body.

The bright white light drew me in.

I didn't scream.

I knew all hope was gone.

The last thought I had before I drifted to sleep forever.

Was of her.

The very thing that ruined my life.

Drove me to the edge.

Her body laying there covered in a pool of crimson to match her hair.


Like I have felt inside for so many months.