Title: All in Eric's Life part 1

Disclaimer: All the characters that are featured in this fic are the creation of the original author/artist; Toboso Yana. This is merely a work of fiction, and I simply borrowed her characters from Kuroshitsuji.

Warning: Mild BL hints/ Suggestive behaviour

Unedited version.

Eric's Kitchen

Sunday, 0815

It's nice to have Sundays off. Alan is still sleeping in bed. He seemed a little tired. We had overtime for the past nights plus that damn shi no toge is wearing him down. I don't want to wake him up just yet.

I saw Spears and Knox through the kitchen window. We're next door neighbours. Those two are lovey-dovey as always despite Spears acting tsundere all the way through. I wonder how Knox put up with him. Is he a maso?

I made breakfast and tea for Alan. I'd better take them upstairs before he wakes up and walk around the house without pants...and not wearing a shirt is gonna make me catch a cold soon...

...if you haven't figured things out, I have the pyjama pants, Alan has the shirt...