Title: All in Eric's Life part 3

Disclaimer: All the characters that are featured in this fic are the creation of the original author/artist; Toboso Yana. This is merely a work of fiction, and I simply borrowed her characters from Kuroshitsuji.

Warning: Mild BL hints/ Suggestive behaviour

Unedited version.

Shinigami Haken Kyoukai Head Quarters' Resting Room

Wednesday, 1732 hours

Whenever Alan falls ill while we're in the office, I'd take him to the resting room and go back to work. Usually he would protest, saying he could still work until the office hour ends but today he had been sleeping since lunch. I finished work a while ago. I don't want to wake him up. The shi no toge must have been quite bad that Alan is still sleeping

Humph, he even sleeps with his glasses on. I guess we all do. It's a habit that most shinigami find hard to change. Although wearing glasses is the number one rule, to even wear it to sleep is like a disease itself.

But bad habits could be cured, although they die hard. On the other hand, shi no toge is unlikely.

"Every time I wake up, I'd see you reading," Alan's voice stops me on the current page I'm on. "I never knew you like reading that much, Eric."

"Why? Because I look like the type who don't read much?" A lot of people pass the same judgment on me.

Alan sits up on the bed, looking at me. "What are you reading?"

"It's a fairy tale. It wasn't that interesting but the author is a woman. Must be one heck of a lady."

"Hmm…so you like fine ladies huh…then pray continue your reading, dear sir. Pardon me for interrupting your fondness of 'delicate' literature. I shall be on my way home." Is that jealousy I heard in his tone? How can this guy be so adorable?

I close the book and put it inside my suit jacket. Although he said he's leaving, Alan paused at the door, waiting for me. That cuteness shall be rewarded once we get home. The book could wait for another time. Besides, I have read it over and over that I can memorize each line.

Especially the folktale about how to cure shi no toge.