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Title of the fanfic:House of chaos

Summary:[AU/New characters].What if Peeta and Katniss never were tributes in the Games? What if President Snow was dead? What if two people with a past suddenly decided to reunite? Would the members of the new family coexist or would they live in a house of chaos?

Chapter 1:(I)

Genre:Romance/ Family

Rated:T (13+) for violence, language, and possible future references to adult themes.

Disclaimer:I only own the plot and the new names of the characters. Everything else belongs to Suzanne Collins.

I walk alone. Just like I've been doing for a while now. I bury my hands deep in my pockets and kick the pebbles being in my way. I stopped waiting for her-my little sister-about two weeks ago. I don't exactly remember whose idea it was for all three of us-Prim, Peeta and I-to come back from school together, but I can guarantee I don't like it at all. From the very moment the bell rang, I put hurriedly my books in my school bag and rushed out of the school building. I don't want them to notice me. Then, I will have to be with them for fifteen excruciatingly long minutes. Now, I'm glad I have the excuse of not seeing them in the schoolyard. Even if I feel like they already know I'm doing it on purpose.

I grit my teeth together as a cold breeze makes me shudder. The fall ends in a couple of days just to be replaced by the winter. And then, I will have seven more months to get used to the idea of my new family, my new home, my new life. The worst of it all, though, is that I will have to accept them, too.

I will have to accept that I will never return to the Seam. I will never feel forced to hunt for Greasy Say again, because there will be no possibility of me starving again. I will never have to kill squirrels to trade with the baker. I eat what he eats now. I sleep where he sleeps now. I live where he lives now. Because heis supposed to be my family.

I lower my head as I reach the well known merchant neighborhood. Everything's still alien to me. The streets, the clothes, the shops, the people. I don't belong here. With my stormy grey eyes, the olive skin and the dark brown hair, it is quite apparent I'm the daughter of a coal miner.

I could easily make my way to the bakery now and ease my hunger. But I don't feel like going to see my step father without any serious motives. Instead, I just follow the most remote and less crowded path to come face to face with the house I always wanted to admire from afar. I approach the door, take a deep breath and knock on it. If I'm lucky enough, my mother will be the one to open it. Mister Mellark usually works, Tyler-his second son-is out this time of the day, while Prim and Peeta-his third son-are on their way here.

The tall wooden door opens wide to reveal my mother, as I had originally expected. I try to hide my scowl as I see her relaxed face. She gives me one of her currently familiar bright smiles and greets me as always.

"Hello, Katniss," she says. I only nod in response and get in the house as she moves aside to allow me entrance. "How's your day been?" she asks cheerfully but I pretend that I heard nothing. It's not like I want her to be unhappy and miserable. I just can't get accustomed to the fact that she's suddenly decided to change her attitude towards me and Prim. Of course, my little sister has no particular problem. She's relieved her mother has finally started paying attention to her needs and wishes. For me, though…it's too late. I can't act like nothing has happened. She let us down. I still give her the right to talk to me, even though I do it only for my father. He wouldn't like me to hate her. I don't hate her. I am just not exactly able to neglect her behavior. It's how I grew up. I'm not the forgiving type.


"—I know, I know. The shoes," I mutter and get rid of my boots in a matter of seconds. I look up, just to see her satisfied look, vanish from her sight to climb the stairs and, eventually, get in the room Prim and I share. It was Darryl's room (the eldest son of the baker), before he moved out to live with his fiancé. This is the only Mellark I haven't talked to since the Rebellion, thanks to which we're now free from the Hunger Games as well as any other kind of oppression. I don't know the exact details about it. I'm only aware of the assassination of the President of Panem-Snow that happened about a year ago. Our history books have been changing in order to include the laws and events of the new Panem.

The indifference the Capitol showed, when they should have supported their leader, proves how weak they really were. That's how everything started. But, for me, the story started in a whole different way…

My mother getting out of the house was the main reason for this radical change. Well, it was practically mine and Prim's fault. We couldn't stand seeing her being so isolated and out of touch with the world, especially since the Hunger Games were not a threat to our Districts anymore. We took her to places, where we knew she'd feel welcome and acceptable. Of course, one of those was the Mellark's bakery. Prim always loved admiring all those cakes and sweets and inhaling the intoxicating smell the bakery gives off. When we got there, though, we never knew our mother and the baker had a past. Sure, she didn't live in the Seam when she was young, but it was still a great surprise. Suddenly they started remembering the old good days, and laughing. I was mostly startled when she agreed almost immediately to his suggestion. He had said they should have gone for a walk some time. I had expected her to find a way to decline. I was relieved with her sudden happiness. I was honestly relieved until…

…Until things turned upside down. They remembered too many things from the past. Things I didn't want them to remember. Things I didn't even want to know. They apparently had a relationship for three whole years. Mister Mellark wanted to marry her. He had planned to propose to her when the last year of their school ended, but that was when my mother fell in love with my father.

I didn't know which fact annoyed me the most; that he narrated everything in front of me, Prim and his sons while we were in the bakery or that he used a more than normal humorous tone to do that? He's not someone you can easily dislike, but his attitude often upset me. It was obvious he never really loved his ex-wife as much as he loved my mother.

And, then, the announcement of their engagement was the final stroke. It was what tore my heart into tiny pieces. He suggested we move in the same house as them so that we would slowly get used to the idea of them getting married. Even if I do get used to it, I don't plan on staying here. From the moment this year is over, I will find something useful to do. I may even move to another District. Although I am seventeen, the last year is not obligatory to attend. I never was good at anything in school, anyway.

So, that's how things are for me; my mother is getting married in the end of June, my sister is happy with it and I have thought of leaving Twelve. Perfect. Just perfect. Maybe the fact that my two best friends-Gale and Madge-left their District, too, influenced me at a great rate. Gale found a really good job in Two, while Madge followed her parents to Eight, which is undoubtedly a wealthier District.

"Katniss! Come… you…eat something… …sweetheart!" I hear half of the words my mother exclaims from downstairs. I sigh and get up from my bed, on which I've been lying as I've been thinking of…things…

I turn the knob of my door-Darryl's door-and exit the room-his room. Although I've been here for two weeks now, I haven't gotten used to either my new 'house' or my new siblings.

So, when I bump into one of them as I walk towards the stairs, I am in a complete loss of words.

"Katniss! Watch where you're going!" Tyler's tone is not accusing but it still makes me clench my fists in defense.

"Fine," I spit and push past him to get where I want to. He does something I didn't expect him to do, though. He grabs my elbow and spins me to meet his hazel eyes. I scowl. He has his mother's looks andbehavior.

"We can't keep going this way, you know that, right?" he demands.

"Alright, then, I'm sorry," I tell him in a sarcastic tone and pull my arm away from him.

"Look, I never said I liked it, either, but things are this way now. We're not supposed to argue or ignore each other. We're siblings."

"No, we're not. And if you don't like it, then why do you care so much about what I think of you?" I argue back.

"I never said that," he reminds me.

"No, but you're implying it. Quit pretending to like me. Both of you," he frowns at that. "What?" I fold my arms to my chest as I see him close his eyes and press his two middle fingers to his one temple. He takes a deep breath and, after he opens them, he speaks again.

"You're misunderstanding some things. I never said I didn't like you, Katniss. I just said I had never asked for two more sisters. I think I can live with it now. Plus, I meant we need to fix things up instead of make them worse. I still can't understand why you're so aggressive. I mean…if we've done something you didn't want us to do, you should let us know." I lower my head as the meaning of his words sinks in. Is this how I am? Aggressive? I just…don't want to forget my dad. I want to know that at least one of us will remember him.

"I'm sorry," I whisper shyly without looking up. This time, I truly mean it. I don't apologize because I want to dismiss whatever he has to say. I apologize because, for a reason, I feel ashamed.

"Hey," he says but when I still refuse to raise my head he decides to do something that leaves me speechless; he moves closer and wraps his arms around me before I have time to protest. He actually hugs me. He said we should fix things up, but…this is way too fast. I can't even consider wrapping my arms around him. I just stand there and let him have his…moment.

He eventually pulls away. I gulp before I meet his gaze. What I see there is certainly not what I expected. Instead of seeing regret for doing this not-so-bold move, I see amusement. I'm even more surprised when I realize that I'm not even mad at him for doing that. I never hug anyone besides Prim. Not even Gale. I'm…confused.

"See? It wasn't that bad. I don't think we'll find any difficulties in getting along with each other," he tells me before he nods his head and goes downstairs.

I'm left staring at nowhere in particular for a little while, but then decide that's not exactly a solution to make things less complicated. After a brief moment, I follow his direction and head for the kitchen, where I usually find my mother. I'm not used to how spacious this place is yet and I often find myself looking around me as well as admiring. It's embarrassing when I get distracted like that.

"Oh, Katniss, here you are. Prim and Peeta are eating their sandwiches. What do you want to eat?" she asks. My gaze travels from her to Peeta and Prim. They're sitting on the table with a sandwich in hand. Prim's laughing at something he said. I allow myself to be selfish and wonder whether they'll forget me, too, along with my already forgotten father. I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my chest. It doesn't hurt me, but it is enough to annoy me. Is that what they call jealousy?

"I'm not hungry," I reply dryly. This is a lie of course, but I can do without food for a little while. After all, this is not exactly new for me.

"You should eat something, though."

"I've eaten in school. Isn't that enough?" I try not to sound too annoyed.

"She hasn't!" Prim interrupts. My mother turns to look at me, waiting for a response. I give Prim a glare for betraying me. I instantly regret it, though. Since when do I glare at her? I steal a glance from Peeta. He's been showing a particular interest for tables lately…

"What? Stop looking at me like that! It's not like it's the first time!"

"No, but since you have the privilege of eating proper meals now, I think there's no reason not to do it."

"Alright, then, mom. I will," I promise irritably and approach the fridge. She rushes towards it first.

"No, no, no, you should sit with your sister and…brother," I wince. And she's not even married yet. "I'll make you something," she adds and lets out a breathy laugh as I take some steps towards Prim and Peeta. I finally sit on a chair across from them and look at the same table Peeta did seconds ago. Now, though, I can feel him staring at me. Just like my sister.

"You weren't in our meeting spot," Prim states in a whisper. I don't know whether she's being quiet because she doesn't want mom to hear her or because she's hurt by my behavior. I hope it's the former. For both of us.

"I know," I reply in a small voice. I hate sounding weak, but I have no other choice when she's around me. I don't want her to feel like I abandoned her. I don't want anyone to feel what I felt when my father died in the mining accident.

I consider apologizing for a brief moment, when I remember that I don't want to give my mother so much courage yet. I don't want her to believe that everything's better now she decided to marry the baker. Then, there's also Peeta. I don't want him to think I'm easy like his stupid girlfriend-Delly Cartwright. If she's his girlfriend, that is. I only know sheis always all over him. I've heard her talk to the other merchant girls about him. They're all repulsing, while their conversations are boring and meaningless. Mine and Gale's conversations used to have a depth. Well, usually…

"So, how did school go today?" my mother asks us.

"Perfect! I got an A plus in Biology!" Prim exclaims happily. I give her a smile. We haven't talked for so long. Not even about school. She's always with Peeta or her friends now.

"Congratulations!" Peeta praises her gaily and places his hand on her shoulder in a friendly way. The gesture makes me narrow my eyes at him, although he's not looking at me. They start talking about how they're both doing, while I start thinking about what Tyler told me. We can't keep going this way. I can't keep going this way. I'm honestly tired of hating people. I'm mainly tired of not being able to find the way to stop hating them.

Take Peeta for example. I don't know him at all and neither does he. He might be tolerable enough, since Prim hangs around with him all the time, but if you think about it better, she tolerates almost everyone. I can't imagine myself spending time with him. We seem to be completely opposites so far. Even the way he hates adding sugar in his tea-at least that's what I heard him tell mom a week ago-is something I don't exactly agree with. I don't like anything I drink or eat to taste bitter. That's why I don't drink coffee, either, though; we have enough money to afford it now.

"Katniss?" Prim calls in a concerned voice. I turn to give her a bewildered look. Great. She's been calling for me and I have been thinking of my br—him, anyway.

"I asked you how you've been doing in school," my mother repeats her question, although it's more of a demand now.

"Fine," I answer averting my gaze from her.

"Define fine." I look at Peeta. His head is lowered for once more. Of course. He was present when the Chemistry teacher made a scene in front of the whole classroom lecturing me about how I have no excuse not to study. "Katniss, you should study! What will you do afterwards? You only have two more years!" Looks like I never informed her about it being my last year… "You should—" I don't let her finish, though. I push my chair back and go to stand in front of her.

"Enough!" I yell at her not caring about making an impression since Peeta is here, too. I honestly don't give a damn about what he thinks of me right now.

She parts her lips to keep talking but I cut her off again.

"Don't. Just don't. You have no right to tell me what to do! No right! I've been fighting alonefor Prim and myself for so long and you suddenly decide to be caring and loving and all this shi—"

"—Katniss! I'm your mother! You shouldn't talk to me like that!"

"Don't tell me what I should or shouldn't do! Yes, I once had a mother. But I lost her seven years ago. I lost her along with my father. She died with him. She's dead!" She lowers her head in shame. "You want me to define fine.Well, if I asked you to define familywhat would you say? Look at Prim! You know why she's here with us? Because Iwas there for her when youweren't. I was all the family she had from the time dad—"

"—Katniss, stop!" Prim squeaks. That makes my anger fade away immediately. My gaze softens as I start taking deep breaths to calm myself down. She's on the verge of tears and I hate it when she cries.

"I wish you were wrong," mother mutters under her breath. "But I'm saying it for your own good. The boys have the bakery. Prim studies. What do you have? Think about it," she says.

"Actually…" I hear Peeta's voice for the first time in ages. The gentleness in it makes me look at him in interest. "Mireille, I'm sorry for interfering, but Katniss and I have already thought of a solution for her…problem," he says the last word in hesitation. I raise both my eyebrows. What is that supposed to mean? Peeta and I don't talk at all. Mother looks pretty intrigued, too.

"You have?" she asks. I catch her looking at me for confirmation with the corner of my eye but I can't afford destroying whatever he has to say. He's obviously going to lie and I never was good at that. Gale told me all the time.

"Yes, we have. We've thought of spending a few hours in the week together to study. I'll show her only the basics. The way I've been studying so far and everything," he explains. My eyes widen as I hear him speak. I gulp and finally look at my mother. She's examining me closely and I find the courage to give a nervous nod. It's nothing, really. Besides, he's not serious. He can't be. Nobody would have enough patience to teach me what I don't know. I have stopped paying attention for so long…

"Very well, then. Thank you so much, Peeta, for offering to help her. She can be really stubborn. It's a miracle you managed to get her to agree." He also gives her a nod and copies Prim's actions by starting to bite his sandwich for once more. After a while, when my own is ready, too, and mother claims she goes to wash our clothes, I sit down again and eat it. I indulge in our silence for about a minute when Prim decides to break it.

"Whose idea was it?" she wonders. We both look at her before turning to meet each other's eyes. He apparently waits for me to say something since he already did enough for me.

"You can't have possibly believed it. Peeta only made an excuse up so that mom wouldn't start lecturing me again," I explain.

"Really? It was a plausible one, though. At least I bought it. Peeta, I thought you had meant it," she tells him. He shrugs.

"I had. I still mean it. I have no problem with that," he tells me and I give him a questioning look.

"What do you mean? You're basically talking about teaching me. I know nothing. How on earth will you do that?" I ask curiously.

"Don't worry. We'll find the way to work things out. I can't really tell you much about History but I'm good at Maths. How about it?"

"Wait…you're still saying…you're serious." I state.


"Why?" I want to know. Why is he so willing to help me? Why does he want me to owe him all the time? I already owe him. I can still remember the incident with the bread. When he'd get beat up to prevent me and my family from dying.

"I don't understand…why not?" he asks. I don't answer. What can I tell him?

I don't want to owe you anymore.

I remember about the bread, even though you don't even know the great role you as well as that gesture of yours have been playing in my life ever since.

I never got a chance to thank you or repay you for what you've done for me.

No, none of that is what I'd say. Not to him. Not to anyone.

I swallow. Hard, I might add.

"Okay…I…I guess…that won't be a problem with me…I mean…I…you…" his smile makes me almost suck in my breath. The only boy that's ever smiled at me was Gale.

"Good. It's settled, then," he says. Prim moves her gaze from me to him and visa versa in disbelief.

Well, she's not the one who has to believe it first, anyway. I am. I'd better get used to the fact rather quickly. Stammering like I did before is definitely not a way out.

I can't help wondering whether the Mellarks agreed to take action together. Even though their behavior baffles me, I have to admit they are quite influential. They sure know how to handle everything and deal with their problems.

Let's just hope Peeta won't be so eager to hug me, like Tyler did earlier…

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