A Strange Relationship


- Kristen Stewart (21)

- Ashley Greene (22)

- Nikki Reed (22)

- Kellan Lutz (25)

- Robert Pattinson (24)

- Jackson Rathbone (23)

Chapter 1 - The Relationship

Kel: Kris where do you want them putting ?

Kris: Just on the wall over there

Rob: Kris ?

Kris: Yeah ?

Rob: Can i speak to you in private ?

Kris: Yeh sure

(they go in a cupboard)

Rob: I just wanna talk about...

Kris: Talk about what ?

(Bk with the others)

Nik: Do you think he will tell her ?

Ash: I hope so

Jack: Tell her what ?

Nik: Oh come on, surely you must see it

Kel: Ohh the connection ?

Nik: Duhhh

Rob: I'm just gonna say it... I love you

Kris: Ohh ermm...

Rob: Sorry i just spoiled everything haven't i ? Oh god

Kris: Rob stop it, i love you too

Rob: You do ?

Kris: I've been waiting for you to say it

(They kiss)

Rob: Wow, that was amazing

Kris: I know, were...

(he kisses her)

Rob: Please stop talking

Kris: Okay

(he picks her up)

Kris: Hey i don't think we should...

Rob: Oh.. I wasn't planning on it

Kris: Okay then

Rob: Kristen ?

Kris: Yehh ?

Rob: Will you be my girlfriend?

Kris: Finally, Yes

Rob: Thanks

(They kiss)

Rob: I think we should get outta here, it's abit small

Kris: Okay... OH right then

(they leave the cupboard)

Kel: Finally your together

Rob: I think that's the first sensible thing he's said

Jack: I know

Nik: Leave Kelli alone

Kel: Still ?

Ash: Be quiet Kelli

(Kristen laughs)

Kel: Lil sis you shouldn't of done that

Kris: Uh oh no !

(Kel chases Kris)

Kel: God your fast

Kris: I have to be to get away from summat as smelly as yo...

(Kel picks Kris up)

Kel: Haha ive got you

Kris: Ahhh kelli put me down. Rob help me

Rob: But its funny

Kris: Ahhh don't you dar...

(Kel throws Kris in the pool)

Kel: Haha

Kris: Kelli your dead meat

Kel: I don't wanna be wet (whines)

Kris: I think Nik doesn't wanna be either

(Everyone except Nellie laughs)

(2 Weeks later)

Kel: Have you had sex with Rob yet ?

Kris: What ? Why ask that ?

Kel: Sorry sis but if you don't have sex soon Rob might cheat, He's gettin desperate you know ?

Kris: Ahh alright then we'll do it soon

Kel: We ?

Kris: Shut up me and Rob you pervert

Kel: Haha im only kidding, but you promise ?

Kris: Yeh why is it so important anyway ?

Kel: I just don't wanna see my sis getting hurt

Kris: Awww thanks but i promise

(5 Hours later)

Kris: Rob ?

Rob: Wait 1 second

Kris: Wh...

(Rob kisses Kris and they sleep together)