Chapter 10 - I love you

(30 years later)... Ellie's POV

I never prepared myself for my parents death, i knew it would be soon but now... On the day of their anniversary. It's not fair. It's only me ad my sister against the world, we found out that sky had epilepsy, we found him on the morning of his 21st birthday laid down in the bath tub, full of water. He had drowned himself.

I sat against the wall watching my sister, Nessie run around the garden chasing a butterfly. I swear she still thinks she's 5, she had a very fast life and now it's me, her and my wonderful daughter, Kristen. I named her after our mom, shes soo cute too, just like her grandma. My daughter's 25 now and she still has alot to go through but i'm sure she can handle it, she's a brilliant kid. I love her, I love them all.

I just want to say it took about 3 months to write this and i had fun writing it. I apologise because i can't carry it on, i just don't have any idea's or the time to do it right now. Sorry Love ya xxx

Josie xx