Title: Devotion (10 sentences) Part one

Warnings/Ratings: T (non-explicit sexual content)

Pairings: Hazuki Kei x Heroine

Disclaimer: Tokimeki Memorial only belongs Konami *sigh*

Notes: Heroine is called Asano Hime.

1.) Childish

At first Kei thought it wasn't a big deal sleeping on bench at night until Hime critized him for being careless with a pouting face and he asked himself why people described him as the childish one in this relationship.

2.) Naked

The first person Kei saw naked was Hime and he will not forget her blushing face when she timidly hugged him.

3.) Logic

When his finger tips gently caressed her thigh Kei realized that there was no logical existence when you are with the one you deeply love.

4.) Heaven

He had to be in heaven.

5.) Home

Hime believed that home will alyways be at her parent's and Tsukushi's but lately she became insecure - she only wanted to stand beside Kei that it hurt deep inside her chest.

6.) Shy

Kei was surprised when he saw how unbelievably shy Hime became when she had been introduced to Kei's German grandfather - and he put his arm around her and told his grandfather that she was the girl who touched his lonely heart years ago.

7.) Jealousy

There are many noteworthy reasons for Hime to be jealous - Kei was, after all, model for this popular wedding company.

8.) Scent

Hime always smelled slightly of wild roses, vanilla & sweet berries - Kei never wanted her to cover herself with perfume, so that the scent of fairytales can last forever.

9.) Room

Kei sat quietly in Hime's room, content to be in his lover's presence.

10.) Lips

She wondered exactly how much she embarrassed herself last night; all Hime could remember was a soft pair of lips.