Title: Devotion (10 sentences) Chapter two

Warnings/Ratings: T (non-explicit sexual content), Death

Pairings: Saeki Teru x Heroine

Diserclaimer: Tokimeki Memorial only belongs Konami, again...

Notes: Heroine is called Shimizu Nagisa

1.) Kiss

Their first kiss was nothing special, just a gentle brush of lips, yet, Teru - as a child - knew that this was the most overwhelming thing he had ever felt.

2.) Meeting

When they first met, it was because of an accident – they knew they would see each other again and – when that time comes – their feeling will overshadow everything cold in this heartless world.

3.) Promise

"So that when can meet at this beach, again."

4.) Daydreaming

She simply stared at him, with her lips slightly parted, not noticing her friends slyly grinning at each other.

5.) Sex

It was not planned, Nagisa overdid teasing him – but she couldn't blame him, it felt too good.

6.) Habit

Teru knew he could not live without Nagisa, though he could live without Nagisa's snoring habit.

7.) Comfort

"Can I stay at your house tonight?" She sounded tired and was about to cry. "Mom and Dad are fighting again."

8.) Child

When Nagisa told him, he really hoped she was joking.

9.) Ring

Her wedding ring was just plain, but Nagisa was pleased – this is how their feelings for each other were: simple yet intense.

10.) Smile

Nagisa's beautiful smile always gave Teru a feeling of happiness and joy – even after the death of his beloved grandfather.