Merry Christmas! I do not own DP….yet. XD Anaways, merry Christmas and enjoy this one-shot! I will be working on Intertwined tomorrow, so do not fear! To the story!

Danny Fenton hated Christmas. He absolutely despised it. If he could, he would destroy it! Why? Because of terrible childhood memories. But one person was out to stop the streak of horrible Christmases. And that person was-



"What?" mumbled Sam as she stretched. It was Christmas morning and she just got woken up from a wonderful dream about her and Danny- wait, you didn't hear that from me! Anaways, Sam stretched and yawned.

"Merry Christmas!" crooned her happy mom. She held out a package. It was covered in Danny Phantom wrapping paper. Sam cocked an eyebrow.

"I thought you didn't like Danny Phantom!" she croaked.

"We don't." stated her father. "But you do! Now, go on, open it up!" Sam clawed at the wrapping paper. She squealed with delight.

"Oh my gosh thank you so much I LOVE IT!" It, happened to be an extremely rare copy of a Gothic Tales of Beneath the Earth (If that is actually a real title, tell me!) She hugged her parents.


"You're welcome." Smiled her parents. Sam's mom coughed.

"Oh, and your friend Daniel is at the door. You might want to see him." Sam smiled. Time to put her plan into action!

"Thanks again and bye!" she yelled as she ran downstairs. Her fuzzy purple slippers thumped loudly down the stairs as she grasped for the door. She opened the door to reveal a smirking Danny.

"You wear fuzzy slippers?" he teased. Sam blushed.

"Don't you dare tell anyone!" she threatened. "Or else." Danny gulped.

"Okay, okay!" Then she smiled sweetly at him.

"Wait here." She commanded. Sam ran up the stairs and bounded into her gothic bedroom. She got dressed and then began to look for-

"Danny's present. WHERE COULD IT BE?" she grumbled. She pushed back a few boxes and sighed in relief. "There you are. Now," she smiled evilly. "Now Danny will like Christmas for sure." Sam bounded back down the stairs adorned in a cute dark purple sweater and a black scarf and leggings. She handed Danny his gift.

"Thanks!" said Danny as he started to claw at his gift. "But I still don't like Christmas!" She smirked.

"Not for long…" Danny finally got the package open. He began to read out loud.

"To: Danny. From: Sam. This year is something that you'll really enjoy. I hope you like peppermint! (Look up) " He stopped reading and looked up. There, hovering above them in mischief was mistletoe. Sam blushed and smiled.

"It would be so sad to break tradition." She said. Danny smiled and gave her a kiss. Sam and Danny blushed and smiled when they broke apart.

"I LOVE CHRISTMAS!" shouted Danny. He winked at Sam. "Mmmm… and the taste of peppermint."

Merry Christmas or whatever else you celebrate! God bless you all and REVIEW! That can be my present! XD This is my gift to you! (The one-shot Hope you enjoyed!