Thanks soo much for reading! I decided I would write a new story for Christmas/Hanukah/whatever you celebrate!

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I'm not a man.

The words 'she believed' contains 'he lied'. Reyna truly believed Jason. After all, who wouldn't? He was dreamy, cute and finally hers.

"I'll never let you go. I'll never hurt you. I promise."

She believed. But, than he just had to go missing didn't he? Reyna spent hours panicking, wishing he was here, crying (but God forbid don't tell anyone).

And when she saw Percy, she saw hope. He still remembered his girlfriend, Annabeth. Would Jason remember her? She hoped so. That got her nowhere at all.

When the flying ship finally came, Reyna was technically dancing in her shoes (though she still put on a calm and leader like image). The ship landed. Everyone was tense, waiting to see what would happen. A few very tense seconds passed by feeling like forever.

Then a blonde girl ran out of the ship. Reyna sneaked a look a Percy. His mouth was open in surprise. "That must be Annabeth," she thought.

Annabeth and Percy crushed each other in a hug. They whispered words to each other that no one else could hear. Then they kissed. Reyna hoped Jason would do that to her. Secretly she wished he would just hold her, tell her that he loved her and that he'd never leave her. That didn't happen.

Jason came out of the ship hand in hand with another girl. She was pretty. Very pretty. She had choppy brown hair and ever changing eyes. She was way more beautiful than Reyna (in her opinion). Reyna slowly approached Jason. "Jason?"

Jason gave a huge smile. "Hey Reyna!" He gave her a hug. A HUG. That was it? No kiss? No promises of never leaving her? Guess so. He turned his attention to another boy coming out. He was elfish and had curly hair. She heard Hazel give a little gasp. Reyna didn't care. She felt heartbroken.

And now, she still can't get over him. She look across the meeting room they were in and sees Jason hand in hand with that Greek girl!

It was her fault right? She should have known.

Even the word 'she believed' contain 'he lied'.

She believed. He lied.