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That Awkward Moment When…

Piper was tired. After a long day of being Aphrodite's head counselor, she needed some rest. What she DIDN'T expect to see was her half sister (who she didn't particularly like) straddling her best friend (who she liked AS A FRIEND) on the floor of her cabin with their shirts off… okay… lets rewind and see how this all happened….


Drew Tanaka narrowed her eyes on one unsuspecting prey in the distance. Leo Valdez. That infuriating mechanic has been avoiding her for days! Maybe not on purpose, but still, it seemed like where ever she was in camp, he seemed like he was in the exact opposite corner.

Now, why Leo Valdez? She was a daughter of APHRODITE. And he was a son of HEPHAESTUS. They just don't mix. But, somehow he managed to catch her eye. Sure he wasn't Jason hot-as-the-sun Grace or Percy –effin- Jackson, but he admittedly was… cute. And a new boy toy? Why not? But Leo Valdez, like an eel, avoided all her sneaky attempts. Damn that boy was good.

But, today was the day. He wasn't going to elude her grasp any longer. She was Drew freaking Tanaka. She wasn't going to stand for this.


~At the Mess Hall~

Drew leaned on one side with her elbow supporting her as she glanced at the Hephaestus cabin. After dinner, she decided as her blood red lips curved into a coy smile. After dinner…

-You Get It… It's a Line-

"Campers! Please gather around the campfire!"

Okay one shot. You got this Drew, you got this…

With fluid grace only a child of Aphrodite can muster she bounded… no wait wrong word… skipped? Naw, umm… glided over to Leo. She placed one hand on his shoulder. Leo turned around… And Drew promptly placed her lips on his.

And well… you can guess the rest.


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