Honestly? I've no idea where this came from except that somewhere between watching Junjou Romantica for the millionth time and being subjected to Christmas music at work for nine hours straight, there became this.

I do not claim to be any sort of poet, nor music remixer... but I did make myself laugh at least! Hope it does to you too. As I promised, it is up early, because you seriously don't want to know what my weekend is about to be like. Hallelujah!

I hope you enjoy! And have an awesome holiday filled with gift-bearing Nitro's you all! I'm in so much love with you XD

How the Elrics Stole Miniskirt-mas
(Or At Least Made a Valiant Attempt)

Twas the night before Miniskirt-mas, when all through the land,
The Fuhrer, Roy Mustang, celebrated his brilliant plan.
For all through his reign he had upheld this decree:
"On Miniskirt-mas every citizen shall dress scantily for me!"

Now the Fuhrer, Roy Mustang, loved Miniskirt-mas a lot!
But the Elric brothers who lived just south, did not.
For years they'd complained of shaving their legs,
Just to be forced to wear a miniskirt for a day.

As the Fuhrer lay in bed, thanking the inventor of thongs,
The Elric brothers traveled to Central with bombs.
And when Miniskirt-mas dawned on a bright, leggy land,
The Elric brothers went forth with their devious plan.

The Fuhrer, Roy Mustang, had arisen with glee,
For knowing what he was about to see!
All the miniskirts and legs and flashes of thong,
So it caught him off guard when he was faced with a bomb.

Standing in a shower that had now grown quite cold,
He was faced with a blond problem quite bold.
There stood Edward Elric, in pants, no less!
Holding a ticking time bomb to put his celebrations to rest.

"Twas not the gift I'd hoped to see." Said the Fuhrer, Roy Mustang, with far less glee.
At this, Edward Elric doth scowled, "I don't fucking care, between you and me."

"Between you and me? I like this idea." Roy Mustang said with far more cheer.
"Let's celebrate like that every year!" Edward Elric gaped at him like he'd lost his mind, and promptly squirted shampoo in Roy's eye.

"FUCK!" Exclaimed the Fuhrer in fury.

"AHA!" Exclaimed Edward as he fled in a hurry.

But Roy was swift, upon seeing that ass,
And with speed borne of hormones, he ran after it quite fast.
Edward rounded a corner, dropping the bomb in his haste.
Roy set it off behind him, to quicken his pace.

As the exploding flames sent Roy flying with style,
Edward Elric landed on his face in a sad-looking pile.

Roy landed on top of him in a smothering attack,
And here, Edward knew, he'd never get Roy off his back.

For a struggle ensued, and clothing was lost,
And poor Alphonse stood in the yard, gathering frost.

When at last the Fuhrer appeared, with Edward in tow,
Alphonse promptly gaped at him from the snow.
For Edward now stood in a miniskirt and heels,
And Roy waved at Alphonse before giving this cheer:

"Merry Miniskirt-mas to all! Now, won't I have a fun night!"