A/N: So sorry that I didn't update this … besides the first chapter. This story is a Two-Shot so … who's ready to see who stole her truck? I hope you will enjoy it.

Bella's POV:

After the dance was over, everything went back to normal … well as normal as it ever would be for us. Edward and I were sitting at our table waiting for class to start. I asked Edward if he knew where my truck was yet, but he said he didn't have the slightest clue. I knew he thought I didn't believe him, because he explained that Alice wouldn't help him. He was pretty sure that she had a vision of who took it, but she said it would ruin all the fun if she told us who.

I heard Edward growl and looked up to see Mike staring at me. "Edward!" I hissed. "I thought I told you to stop listening to him."

He looked at me and muttered something so low that I only caught the words "should have known." He looked like he wanted to kick himself.

I was about to ask what it was when the teacher started class. I wish I could growl. Teachers have the worse timing!" We didn't get a chance to converse again though out the entire period, because we had to watch a video about cell reproduction and take notes on it to be handed in at the end of class. I swear he was trying to kill us.

Edward was quiet the whole time he walked me to gym. I was about to talk, but we reached the guy. He kissed my hand and walked away before I had a chance to speak. I could tell he was furious by the way he held his posture as he walked. I shook my head as I prepared myself for an hour of torture.

It wasn't as bad as I initially thought. I only got hit in the head twice and "accidentally" punched in the nose once. I walked towards Edward after gym was over to find him glaring at the girl who had punched me.

"Give it a break," I muttered as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards his car. He shifted his icy stare down to me.

"Give it a break? She hit my m― girl! How can I let that go?"

"Easy," I grumbled as he held my door open. "Don't think about it."

I heard him sigh as he got in the car. He actually dropped the subject. "Bella, I have a little … errand I have to run. I'll drop you off and be back later tonight. I'll tell you about it … but I suspect someone else will tell you before I get the chance."

"What?" I asked curiously.

He smiled. "You'll just have to wait and see. Nothing bad, I promise."

I pouted. That was so unfair! I guess Edward hated to see me pout because he leaned over quickly and pecked me on the lips. "Go on silly girl. The faster I leave, the faster I'll see you."

I quickly jumped out of the car causing him to laugh. I walked into my house, deciding that I would finish my homework and then start Charlie's dinner while I wait for Edward to return.

I sighed as I sat Charlie's dinner on the table. Edward still wasn't back. I finished all my homework and even Charlie's dinner. My dad was due home any minute. I guess Edward wouldn't be back till after Charlie was asleep.

I heard doors slam outside my house. I suspected that Charlie was home, though I couldn't be sure about who's other car door that was, and ran to get the door. Charlie was home, but Edward was with him. I could see that Charlie was in a bad mood, but it was improving as he talked to Edward ― who apparently hitched a ride with Charlie to get here.

Charlie saw me and grimaced. Uh oh … what did I do?

"Hi, Dad," I mumbled. "Uh … Hello, Edward." I stared at him curiously.

"Bella," Charlie grumbled slightly. "I promised your boyfriend here that he could tell you the news … but I guess it can wait until tomorrow." He threw a half-annoyed, half-amused look at Edward. "Yeah … oh! He also asked if he could take you out tonight. I told him it's all up to you."

I stared at them both, shocked. Edward told Charlie that he was my BOYFRIEND! What the … did he want to give my dad a heart attack? What was going on? My dad was taking it so … calmly. But he was actually letting me go on a date with Edward Cullen. Did I ever mention I have the best father in the world?

"Uh, yeah. I would … uh … love to," I stuttered like an idiot. It was so hard to concentrate when Charlie was staring at me like that.

"'kay. Be back by eleven." He threw a warning glare at Edward. I guess it was in the job's description to intimidate the boyfriend.

"Dinner's on the table," I called to him as he trudged farther into the house. Thank God that I made his favorite food today!

I looked at Edward and then back down. "Uh … can you wait a second while I go … uh … change?"

"Oh, of course," he replied with a small smile.

I dashed up the stairs as fast as I dared and quickly changed. My dad said I had to be back at eleven. That was such a small amount of time! It was already eight-thirty! Charlie was late for some odd reason…

I pulled on Edward's favorite top on me, a deep blue one-shoulder top that he said looked lovely with my skin, and some dark skinny jeans. I put in some black earrings and grabbed my only pair of ballet flats as I ran out the door.*

Edward grabbed my hand and kissed it gently. "You look beautiful," he whispered softly making me blush. I never had the chance to ask him what was wrong with Charlie. He kept questioning me about my life, giving me complements, and telling me trivial things about himself.

I fell asleep quickly that night; the thoughts that Edward was keeping something from me momentarily vanished as I replayed my date with Edward over and over for the whole night.

I woke up late the next morning, Charlie already gone to work. I hurried to get dressed and ready to go. I suddenly froze when I heard the thundering noise of a car engine… My truck! I ran out the door ― feeling so happy that I was already dressed.

"No way!" I half gasped, half screamed. Edward was beaming at me as he drove it up the road.

"Your car is extremely slow," he commented as he got out. I ignored that jab and ran up to him, throwing myself onto him. I know, not the smartest thing to do, but, hey, my vampire boyfriend got my beloved truck back. "Oh my God!" I gasped. "Where… Who had it?!"

He smiled slightly. "I would like to tell you that Newton is spending the rest of the week with your father." He winked at me.

I was in a foul mood the rest of the day. Edward smiled every time he looked at my face, which was often. I caught him mumbling more than once under his breath, "the newt got what he deserved."

Edward apparently heard in Mikes thoughts that he took my truck. I asked him why and the answer crept me out. To say it in a nice, undisturbing way, he was obsessed with me … like "OMG there's a celebrity! Let me steal her stuff," kind of way. I shook my head. I was so glad that I wasn't the mind reader, but my boyfriend was.


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