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"Derek we have to hurry! Mmmmm…..oh yea…right there!" Her squeal only furthered his need. "I'm serious Derek! We can't do this right now. I have to be resting and….oh…..Derek!"

"Baby, if you can't be quiet we're gonna get interrupted and then we'll never have any fun so please just hush and let me finish." He smiled up at her flushed face and slid her body closer to the edge of the bed so he could slip his arms under her thighs.

"Well stop teasing and I wouldn't be so loud!" He smiled against the flesh of her inner thigh at the irritated sound of her voice. He knew she was on edge but he couldn't help but draw things out a bit more.

"But, Momma, you know how much you like to be teased." He swiped his tongue against her flesh and blew softly on the damp skin.

"Not when I'm 8 and a half months pregnant, horny as hell and we have two children under the age of 5 in this house who never seem to leave us alone for more than 10 minutes!" She pulled herself up and rested her weight on her elbows to eye him with a mix of frustration and arousal. "Now if you don't get this show on the road and get me off I swear I will kick you out of this bed and find something that can!"

When his head lifted and made a show of taking his time thinking about it she lost her patience.

"Morgan, NOW!"

He smiled victory in his eyes, "You got it Baby Girl!"

He quickly came to his knees, moved her into the center of the bed and drove into her sweet, hot body with every ounce of strength he had.

"Yes!" Her cry of pleasure spurred him on. He rested his weight more firmly on his knees, used his right arm to sling her leg onto his shoulder and his left thumb to rub her clit. He wasn't going to last after the last 30 minutes of playing around that they'd already done.

"Come on, baby. That's it," He watched her face knowing she was as close as he was. He changed his angle once again and drew her legs around his waist. "Come for me….now!"

Her gasp of his name followed by a short scream, which was quickly quieted, and her muscles contracting hard as a vice around him was too much and he followed her over the edge into bliss, her name on his lips.


"Mommy! Drew changed the channel again! You told me I could watch Dora and he changed it! Mommy!" The banging on their bedroom door sounded once again.

"Uhhhhh! Barely even a full half hour! I swear someday I'm gonna get you alone for longer than thirty minutes and really show you how much I love you!" Pen smirked at him as he lay in their bed trying to catch his breath. Pulling her clothes back on and smoothing her hair back into place she called out.

"Just give me a second Baby, ok? I just need to wash my hands and I'll be right out."

"But Mommy, I'm missing it!"

"Deidra Francesca Morgan what did your Momma tell you about whining when things don't go your way?" Derek quickly pulled his track shorts and t-shirt on and opened the door to see their 4 and a half year old staring up at him with her big blue eyes wide and brimming with tears.

"But Daddy, it's my turn to pick what we watch, Mommy said and Drew won't let me." He sighed and bent to pull her into his arms.

"It's alright baby, we'll take care of it but you don't need to whine. Mommy already said she would take care of it. Don't you trust her?" He talked softly to his youngest child as he moved toward the living room where he could hear the distinct sounds of SpongeBob Square Pants playing.

"Of course she does, don't you Deid? She just forgot what she's been learning." Penelope was quietly padding behind them intent on figuring this out so she could rest, which was when she was planning on doing 30 minutes ago before her husband threw that possibility out the window with full force.

"Yes, Momma." The little girl smiled at her mother from over her Daddy's shoulder and snuggled closer.

"Drew, what did I say about the TV this morning?" Drew William Morgan looked over his shoulder to see his parents standing in the door. "And what did I tell you about sitting so close to the TV? Honey you're going to ruin your eyes by sitting right in front of that thing. Now come and sit on the couch and give the remote back to your sister."

Drew stood and grumbled as he handed to remote to Deidra and climbed onto the couch next to his Dad. The three of them proceeded to watch Dora the Explorer and Penelope took the opportunity to admire where her life had led her. With 6 years of marriage, two children and another on the way, Penelope Morgan didn't think her life could get any better. She turned to head back into the master bedroom for some much needed rest when her husband caught her eye. He turned his head and gave her a quick wink and a smirk that set her insides tingling again.

"Don't start that again, Hot Stuff!" She smiled even through the reprimand. "Momma can only take so much exercise in one day!" He only chuckled and threw her words from so long ago back at her.

"You need to be taken care of, Sugar, especially when you've got my baby in there and I'm the only one who knows how to do it properly, remember?"

"Oh, I remember. I don't think I'll ever forget." Her soft smile and the hand rubbing her belly were the only confirmation that he needed to know that his baby girl was well taken care of.