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Chapter 13

"Please, don't let me keep pretending this is not happening between us. I can't keep doing this... " Jade pleaded.

Tori cupped her other cheek holding her in place. She shook her head. "No." She pulled Jade's lips to hers…

They remained like that for a brief moment, just the innocent softness of lips pressed together, eyes closed. Tori leaned back, her eyes slowly blinking open to be met with fiery blue eyes that stole her breath completely.

There, in just that moment, she felt as if conditioned guilt dissolved off of her shoulders. No, she was done feeling guilty for wanting what she couldn't help wanting.

Their distance didn't last long as Jade followed suit, tilting her head slightly as their mouths met again. Then again, again and again while her hands trailing around Tori's waist. Before she considered what she was doing, Tori adjusted herself so that she straddled the Goth, her knees on either side of Jade's thighs, their mouths engaged deeply. Their lips working together, reveling in the tentative brushes of tongues intertwined. Tori moaned slightly as a tongue delved her mouth, her fingers buried deep into dark raven hair.

The Goth's hands began to grow restless, grazing under the brunette's tank up and down the bare skin of her back. Her need to feel the tangibility of the woman on her lap taking precedence. When she barged into Vega's house she had no idea that she would end up here. She was determined to end their torturous charade –at least to themselves. But no. Not with the source of her madness kissing her senseless drawing the once dead soul out of the confines of her blackened heart. Unleashing only God knew what…

She pushed Tori down, so that her body weight had her trapped between the couch. She felt the brunette whimper into her mouth when the pressure increased between her legs where she needed it the most. Turning her blood to gold. Her hands roaming the planes of Tori's flat torso, moving her way up until she felt the round underside of her breasts.

Tori pulled back in a gasp at the first electric touch, the rush of heat and arousal overwhelming her sense. Taking deep breaths, her eyes almost slammed shut when that hot wet mouth shifted its attention to her throat. The brunette knew if they didn't stop now, they probably wouldn't be able to in a while. And even though their bodies were screaming at them, they were going to have to be careful. This was much more than the physical desire that impaired them. Trying desperately to hold on to the faint amount of self-control, she pushed weakly at the Goth's shoulders. "Stop." She gasped as a knee pressed into her center. "God, stop… We need to talk. Too fast. This is too fast…" Jade's lips stilled, her forehead dropping to Tori's shoulder. Their breathing labored and heavy. "We still have to figure out what we're going to do." Tori husked.

"I know, I'm sorry…" The Goth pushed back sitting up, relinquishing their contact, not sure she could trust herself. She let out a long, slow breath. "I just can't help wanting you…"

Tori sat up too, her body unhappy with her for the loss of Jade's touch. She let out a shaky breath staring aimlessly in front of her. "Me too…"

"So, we suffer from the same illness."

Tori smiled slightly tilting her head in Jade's direction. "Guess so."

"Do you think its terminal? Because I feel like I'm dying." Jade grimaced, not sure what to do with her hands.

"Well, if it is… I'll be the first to go."


"Well, you've got age on your side." Tori nudged the Goth playfully with her shoulder, both of them letting out a light laugh. Their laughter died down, them staring at each other.

"I've always thought older woman were hot…" Jade said softly, leaning in.

"Lucky me…" Tori met her half way, their lips brushing together. An innocent kiss quickly turned into two, three, each one engraving deeper with each taste. The brunette pulled back just before she lost her self again. She was breathing heavily. "Why are you so addictive?"

"Just lucky I guess…" Jade smirked through her hard breathing.

Tori laughed, rolling her eyes playfully. "God, what am I going to do with you?"

"What do you want, Vega?"

Tori's face sobered catching the seriousness of the posed question. A long silent moment stretched on before she sighed. "I want you, Jade." She answered simply. No more pretenses. "I want you so damn much that I'm driving myself crazy. I've never wanted anything or anyone as much as I want you…"

"Never?" Jade's eyes widened just a bit, her voice small.

"Never… And what really scares me is that I don't know what to do about it. All I know is, I want to be with you all the time –any and every way I can."

Jade tilted her head until her eyes were locked with potent doe eyes that were so revealing. Searching deep into them, she found the something she never knew she was looking for. The piece of her that was missing. She knew she would never be able to get that wholesomeness back. It died the day her parents did. But as she continued to stare into intense brown eyes she felt her heart unlock, soaking up the addictive warmth and fear of the most beautiful woman she has ever known.

"I…" Jade stammered, her eyes full of apprehension and something entirely larger. "I…" Came out breathy as words failed her yet again. Her chin dropping slightly. She knew what she wanted to say. But fear holding her back. Knowing that if you wanted something so badly, screwing up could kill you. And knowing that if you had it, you usually took it for granted. She wouldn't do either with Vega. Not with the gift she was given. Not with her…

Jade felt her face being raised by two fingers under her chin. Looking up into slightly smiling eyes, she felt the corner of her lips curl in response. Some form of understanding traveling through them.

"What do you want, Jade?" Tori asked, feeling it important that they were both put out there.

"I want…" The Goth placed her hand over Tori's that rested on her thigh. She squeezed. "I want this..."

"We can only do this here, behind closed doors. That too, we have to be careful and take things slow. There is too much at stake. If we're slip up, it's anyone's guess what could happen." Tori blew out a breath. "Are you sure, Jade?"

"About what could happen?" Jade took a deep breath, and expelled it slowly. "No…" She looked down at Tori. "About you?" Her eyes softened as she caressed the brunette's cheek with the back of her hand. "More sure than I have ever been in my life…" Tori's eyes fell closed as she leaned into the touch. "So, I am sure and will take this any way I can." She drew the brunette's mouth to hers in a kiss that stole everything Tori had to offer, her breath, her body, her life, her love...

The sound of Smurf barking at the truck that rounded the corner of the street caused them to break apart. Their foreheads were pressed together as they both tried to calm their breathing and heart rates.

"I…" Jade breathed, glancing up at the antique clock realizing the time. "I… I should probably head home before Cat thinks Foster has me trapped in the trunk of her car."

Tori leaned back and nodded. "She would be my first suspect too…" They shared a small smile as they stood and headed to the front door.

Jade picked up her knapsack she dumped near the small table, draping it over her shoulder. They stood across from each other before Tori closed the small distance between them, stepping into Jade's arms which enfolded her tightly. Ensuring them that whatever happened in the past hour or so, was real.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Tori muffled into Jade's shoulder, her voice hopeful.

Jade smiled. "You bet…" She said, pulling back, she placed a soft kiss into brunette hair before reluctantly dropping her arms and stepping through the door…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chin in her hand, Jade's eyes were fixated on the torturously slow ticking clock above the blackboard. There were thirty minutes to the end of the school day but it might as well as have been thirty days, the way anticipation churned in the bottom of her stomach. In a few minutes she would bust out of here, one destination in mind. The same place she had gone every day after school for the past two weeks since that fateful afternoon. They were taking it slowly, a day at a time, living a secret life behind the confines of Vega's door. This was just fine with her. Her heart feeling somewhat pacified for now knowing that there was a place she didn't have to constantly hide how she felt.

She flinched as a scrunched up paper ball hit her square between the eyes. She jerked sharply in the direction the projectile soared from. She aimed her scowl at the brunette guy, two seats away from her, unsuccessfully trying to cover a shit eating grin with a hand to his mouth. When her brow rose dangerously, Beck couldn't help but let out a few choking chuckles disguised as coughs. He pointed to the paper ball, trying to keep his silent laugh under control.

The Goth shook her head hopelessly at the fool, eyeing out the paper ball that resided on the corner of her desk. Reaching over, she grabbed it and stuffed it under her desk from any other prying eyes. Straightening it out with her thumb, she read the horrible handwriting.

Stop daydreaming bout me…

She snorted out loud, causing the girl next to her look at her briefly before turning her attention back to Mr. Elliot who was in the middle of determining a trigonometric function. Scribbling on the note she tossed back.

Dream on...

Beck grinned at the note, before writing a reply and throwing it back.

I do… Bt its nothin compared 2 wat u wer thnkn bout. If I didn't knw any beta, u wer bout to cum.

The Goth gritted her teeth, her pen swiftly flying over the paper. Crumpling it, she threw it back aiming at his head and scored.

Gud thng u nva knw any beta

He stuck a tongue at her and scrawled on the note. Just as he was about to chuck it towards the Goth, it was snatched out of his hand by Mr. Elliot. Both Beck and Jade cringed observing their Math teacher raise a brow at them.

"Seriously guys? People still pass notes around? Haven't you guys ever heard of cellphones, now days?" Mr. Elliot t'sked, running one of his hands through his thinning hair. Some of the students began to laugh at the teacher's quip. "Well, guess, we just have to go old-school and read it out loud." He scanned through the note, only reading the last line.

"Hey, I knw sexual wen I c sexual."

Mr. Elliot frowned mockingly staring at his blackboard and then back at the brunette senior. "I don't know… there's nothing remotely sexual about Trig, Beck."

"Sure there is Mr. E, with all the curves and angles." Beck grinned using his arms to air draw the curves of a woman. Then callously, he pointed to the triangle on the blackboard. "Right there that's an acute triangle, right?" Then he gestured to the blonde cheerleader on his left with a smug smirk. "And look right here, that's a cute girl."

"You think I'm cute?" The blonde gasped. Beck winked at her sending her off into frenzy of uncontrolled giggles with her group of friends. Jade only thumped her forehead with her palm, shaking her head.

The half balding man sighed. "I reserve the right to be the only smartass in the class, Mr. Oliver. See me after class."

"No offense sir, but you're not really my type." Beck shrugged, the rest of the class chuckling apart from Jade who groaned laying her forehead on her desk.

"No…But I can be… That is if you wish to graduate with the rest of your peers." The teacher threw him a smug smile of his own.

The brunette thought about it for a mere moment. "So after class, you say?"

"Yep." Mr. Elliot smirked back. "Turn to page 256 in your textbooks." He journeyed back to the front of the class to resume his lesson.

Thirty agonizingly long minutes later, the bell rang releasing the hounds from their cage. Or at least that's the way Jade perceived it, the way the students stormed out. Strapping her guitar to her back and throwing her bag strap over her shoulder, she was about to resign herself to being one of those hounds.

Beck grabbed her arm in her haste. "Hey, wait for me, I'll give you a lift. Just have to see Mr. E. Won't take long. He's cool." He nodded to their teacher who just flopped down into his seat.

"Nah, I'm headed over to Vega's, anyway."

The brunette frowned. "But I thought work only started in a week or so."

"Yeah it does. But she's teaching me a thing or two." She explained, watching him stuff his books into his bag.

"Like you need the lessons." He scoffed.

"You can never know too much."

He chuckled, glaring at her incredulously. "Whatever man, wait up, I'll still give you a lift." His eyes averting to the window and he gestured to the grey clouds that devoured the sky. "Looks like it's about to rain."

"Don't worry about it. I feel like walking, anyway."

"And if you get caught in the rain?"

"Just one of those things…" The Goth shrugged.

A devious grin appeared on his face. "Like having sexual fantasies in class…"

She rolled her eyes. "I was not…"

"Beck…" Mr. Elliot called from his desk.

"Coming…" Beck shouted over his shoulder. "And I know what I saw." He winked teasingly at the Goth before heading over to the desk in front. "Later West…"

She shook her head, a slight smirk gracing her lips as she walked out of class. It wasn't sexual. Well, at least not this time…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jade treaded the few stairs that lead onto Tori's front porch, her leather boots squeaking and making a squishy noise with every step. The front of her raven locks plastered to her pale forehead. She was sure her body was freezing but she couldn't feel it. The faint melody drifting through the closed door warming her from the inside out.

Whenever the brunette touched the keys on her grandfather's piano, it sang beautifully like it was specifically made for her. Baring her to the world like she belonged nowhere else. The Goth leaned her shoulder against the frame of the door, eyes closed letting every note soak into her mind. Taking her to a place only Vega could.

Her lips quirked when eventually the music dissolved into hums of rain pelting the ground. Only then did she press the bell, dropping her gaze to the crack under the door, smiling at the shadow of what she assumed was a wet nose whiffing its fix of dust, moisture and her scent. Her smile involuntarily broadening at the clear sounds of bunny slipper footsteps drawing nearer. She wondered what color they were today.

Tori rolled her eyes at the yellow Labrador who was hovering over the front door with his large form, wriggling in excitement. "Smurf, move… How do you expect me to open the door?" The dog turned his head back at the voice, flippantly dismissing it before resuming his squirming at the door. She sighed, rolling up her sleeves and doing some squirming of her own into the small space near the door handle. As soon as her hand gripped the handle, Smurf let out a series of loud barks. The brunette chuckled at him. "I know, boy. I know… If I had a tail, I'd be wagging it too." She opened the door.

"Jade!" Tori's smile slipped and she gasped taking in the Goth drenched from head to toe.

"Vega…" Jade hunched over, scratching the big dog, which jumped at her and seemed unfazed by her current wet status.

"You're soaking wet!"

When Smurf tired of her attention, he treaded back towards his food bowl. Only then, did she straighten, an impish smirk crawling its way onto her face. "You're perfectly dry…"

Tori gave her a withering glare, hand on her hip. "Well, it's not raining inside."

"That explains it then."

The brunette rolled her eyes and yanked Jade in by the arm with force. "Just get in here, smart ass."

Jade chuckled and released her guitar strap. "Relax… It's just water." She indicated to the guitar case that she leaned against the wall. "And this, here is waterproof."

"Yeah, but you're not." Tori sighed at the dripping Goth. "Go wait in the downstairs bathroom, I'll be right back." She said in a tone that demanded no argument as she went upstairs.

Jade nodded as she walked in straight line trying not to mess the brunette's house more than she had too. Smurf left his food and followed her, avoiding the wet puddles on their journey to the bathroom. Once there, she began to untie her shoelaces, dumping the water out her boots into the tub. She grinned hearing Tori's footsteps above them. "If you had a tail, huh?" She shouted up towards the ceiling. She heard a faint laugh drift through the house.

"Well, I um, was talking to Smurf…" Was shouted from the floor above them. "And don't change the subject. You're completely drenched."

Jade grinned devilishly, shaking her head at the Labrador. "And that's different from any other day I see her, how?"

"We need to get you out of those clothes…" Tori yelled, making her trek back down the stairs.

The Goth just groaned. "Yeah, that's exactly how all my fantasies start…" She told Smurf.

"Did you say something?" Tori stood in the bathroom door way and startled the Goth, whose boot jumped out of her hand, juggling before it dropped into the tub with a splat.

Jade shifted her gaze to the brunette. "Me?" She blinked twice and shook her head briskly. "Nope."

"Huh, I could have sworn you said something." Tori frowned.

Jade let out a nervous laugh. "Well, I um, was talking to Smurf…"

"Just grab a shower and get changed, dog whisperer…"

Jade just barely caught the towel and clothes that were tossed in her direction. "Hey… You were talking to him like two minutes ago… Why am I called dog whisperer?"

"I'm entitled, owner rights… Sorry." Tori shrugged with a smirk and ushered Smurf out of the bathroom.

"Whatever…" Jade snorted. The door closed but couldn't get rid of the smile on her face. Turning on the faucet, she waited for the water to heat up. Peeling off her clothes she tried to understand how one person had the ability to instantly put her in a good mood. Something she hadn't been in a very long time. Stepping into the shower she grew tired of questioning it. She wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Ten minutes and dry clothes later, Jade stepped into the kitchen smiling at woman who was heating up some soup on the stove.

"So what do you think?"

The brunette turned and studied her, stifling a chuckle. The Goth was literally drowning in both the grey baggy sweat pants and navy shirt with the sleeves rolled up several times. "Definitely America's next top material…"

Jade snickered and rolled her eyes. "Yeah… Tyra would have a cow."

"You watch the show?" The brunette's brows shot up in surprise.

"I may have caught an episode or two when nothing else was on." Jade shrugged as she opened the refrigerator selecting a diet Pepsi and a Coke that Tori had especially stocked just for her. She handed Tori the Pepsi and opened her Coke taking a deep sip.

Tori put her can down on the counter and turned back to the stove, stirring the soup making sure it didn't get caught on the bottom. "Ah… Why do I have a feeling that it wasn't for the fashion?"

"What you think I was objectifying the models?" Jade leaned against the counter next to the brunette, her tone feigning incredulity. At the disputing raised brow she received, she sighed. "Okay, I'm only human…"

Tori giggled, shaking her head. "Is that what you like? Skinny models?"

"Hey, wasn't that woman you had a date with a model? Plus, I thought we established what I like…"

"Really? I don't remember that conversation…" Tori absently said as she closed the pot and switched the stove off.

Jade stepped into the brunette's personal space, putting her can on the table and dropping her chin until their gaze held. "No?"

"No…" Tori found herself murmuring, losing herself in blue eyes that seemed endless.

"Well then, maybe I can remind you?" There was a hint of a smirk on the Goth's face before she drew Tori's lips to hers. Jade sighed, feeling the warmth rise up from her toes. She had waited for the whole day for this moment. Tori had become a drug and she had no intention of going to rehab. Ever... "Remember now?"

Tori's own hands deep into the texture of the raven hair, gripping and deepening the kiss."I think it's coming back to me…"

The Goth smiled into the kiss. "I thought it might…"

Tori felt like she was sinking. It was becoming harder and harder to not go beyond brain vaporizing kisses. They had agreed to take things slow at least until graduation. It seemed like the most reasonable solution to avoid creating grave repercussions. But it seemed anything but reasonable right now, the way her body throbbed painfully with arousal. She pulled out with a gasp and leaned her forehead on Jade's chest that convulsed with each deep breath. "God…"

"I know…" Jade husked out planting her hands on the counter trying to keep steady.

Tori moved away, needing to divert her mind onto something else. "So, tell me how your day was?" She asked, dishing two bowls of soup.

"It was okay." Jade managed, taking a seat on the opposite side of the table. "Chemistry test was okay."

"When you say okay, I know you aced it." Jade simply shrugged causing Tori to roll her eyes as she sat down. "Anything else okay?"

"Oh yeah…" Jade waved her spoon as she spoke. "I never get sent to Carters office."

"Really? So I'm guessing you never sneeze funny today." Tori asked, playing with the soup in her bowl. She wasn't really hungry but she needed something to do to reframe from ravishing the Goth across from her.

"Wrong. Sub, Foster was bitten by the big bad flu bug."

"Well, great, at least she won't make your life hell for a few more days." The brunette snickered. At Jade's amused look, she snorted. "What? I'm not going to feel sorry for a homophobic old bat."

The Goth chuckled. "That's an interesting way of seeing her."

"She's just lucky I don't see her." Tori grumbled, eyes on her soup.

Jade was thoroughly amused. She quietly ate her soup, a smile on her face. "Actually, I think that's her loss..."

Tori shyly raised her eyes feeling a slight blush at the compliment as she met the raven haired woman's. Jade was in a process of taking another bite when her right sleeve unwounded again. Frustratingly, she rolled them up for the third time with a groan. Tori laughed at the Goth's antics. "Need some help there, champ?"

Jade looked up, when her hand was swatted out of the way. Tori reaching over the table folding the long sleeves more securely. "Where did you get such large clothes, anyway?"

The brunette quietly undid the left one too and folded it again until she was satisfied. Only when she was seated back in her chair did she answer. "It was my brothers…"

"Oh…" Jade fell quiet too. "He was, um, tall." She said, not liking the uncomfortable silence that stretched on.

Tori smiled sadly and nodded. "He was…"

"How'd he –" Jade fumbled with her words, not sure how to ask. "Well, was he –God never mind." She sighed and cursed herself for not having any tact.

Tori just smiled. "It's okay to ask questions, Jade. It happened a long time ago."

"How'd he –well you know…"

"He was shot." If Tori was fazed about talking about her brother's death, it didn't show in the stony face she wore.

Jade eyes widened and placed her hand over loosely over the brunette's waiting to see if it rejected. "I'm sorry…"

Tori's lips curled at their hands and squeezed. "Thank you."

Jade smiled faintly before asking. "Why was he?"

"He worked down at a free rehabilitation center in a dodgy area. There were a lot of drug lords and gang wars." Tori explained nonchalantly.

"But I thought you said he was a pro skater." The Goth frowned.

"He was, he broke his knee when he was twenty. He couldn't skate after that, well at least at a pro level."

Jade nodded and sighed. "He must have taken that hard…"

"No, surprisingly, not as hard as one would think." Tori smiled as her brother's memory came back to her. "The thing about Michael is he always tried to make the best out of a bad situation. He got better and started helping out at the rehabilitation station he went to. After a month they offered him a job because he was really good with the patients. But he declined wanting to help people who couldn't afford treatment. So he joined the free rehabilitation center that was not specialized on what type of help it offered. Drugs, injuries, alcohol, anything, he always wanted to help. He actually used most of his trust fund on the organization. Everyone loved him. He always knew the right thing to say..."

"Then why would someone kill him?"

"I've asked myself that question too many times." Tori's smile fell, her eyes impassive. "They said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But he was shot once before." She said softly. "So I don't know."

"He was?"

"Yes, in the arm." Tori nodded, biting her bottom lip feeling the tears rise in her eyes. "After which I sat in his hospital ward and begged him not to go back to that place."

"But he did?"

"Oh yeah…" Tori let out a watery chuckle. "He simply ruffled my hair and said: If I don't help them Kiddo, who will?" She could picture his light free smile he wore. "They were just a bunch of drug addicts to me and I told him so being the young brat I was."

"You were scared for him." Jade interjected, feeling the deep connection of loss between them. She just wished one day she could be as brave as the brunette.

"I was terrified… He gave me an exasperated look and said: Some of them are not bad people, Tori, they are just people caught in a bad situation." She remembered his words clearly. "I came to terms that he was who he was no matter how scared I was for him. A year after that, they found him dead outside the center with a chest wound."

"God, I'm so sorry…" Jade's eyes softened not sure what to say. People never knew what to say to her. Now she knew their dilemma.

"Me too." Tori smiled weakly. "He couldn't help being who he was…"

"Which was an amazing person."

"Yup…" They shared a warm smile. Tori glanced at Jade's empty bowl and her half full one. "All done?" The Goth nodded and she rose depositing both their bowls in the sink. "I should go toss your clothes in the dryer."


"Well, you can't walk out of here without your clothes. It's a little suspicious, isn't it?"

"Good point."

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

When Jade's clothes were safely tumbling away in the dryer, Tori found Jade at the piano. She was clearly studying a music sheet with intense blue eyes. Her hand hovered in the air, fingers framed as if they were poised over imaginary keys. Her fingers moved as she read over each line.

"Your clothes are drying." She said, startling the Goth who winced and let go of the paper in her hand.

"Shit." Jade grumbled as the paper drifted away from her.

"A little jumpy today, aren't you?" Tori smiled, amused and picked up the music sheet that floated to her feet.

Jade looked up nervously. "I'm sorry… I was just –curious."

"S'okay… Was this what you were playing?" The brunette noticed it was one of her original pieces.

"I wasn't playing it. Well, not really…" The Goth looked up sheepishly. "But you were, before I came in..."

"You heard?"

"I may have stood outside awhile longer and listened…" Jade shrugged expecting the brunette to be upset at her but she wasn't. She just smiled.

"Yeah?" Tori asked as she motioned for the Goth to shift which she obliged. Tori sat next to her so that their shoulders were brushing. "Well, what do you think?"

"I think it's amazing but –not finished…"

Tori sighed. "It's not…"


"I don't know. I guess I have a mental block."

Jade nodded, curious as to why but she left it unsaid. Instead she gestured to the paper. "Do you mind?" The brunette shook her head, watching curiously as the Goth stretched out her fingers.

Jade set the paper on the stand eyes scanning over each line, before she started playing. Her finger's dancing smoothly over the black and white keys. Tori watched in wonder as Jade played her song as if she had been playing it for years. The Goth came to the end of the sheet music, halting her digits on the keys. She looked at Tori who had a thoughtful expression on her face.

"I think you should change that last chord to a C…" Jade let hang praying she didn't overstep.

Tori nodded with a smirk. "I was thinking the same and adding a D minor."

Jade grinned. "Yeah, that could work." She handed Tori the page and a pen so she could adjust it while she played.

Together, they spent the better half of an hour going over and over the song, adding and deleting until they were satisfied. Jade happily settled the final draft on the center stand.

"Do you want to do the honors? Or should I?" She asked Tori.

"How about both of us?" The brunette suggested and got a nod out of the Goth.

Jade started out sweeping her nimble fingers over the beautiful instrument with feather light touches summoning the music it bled. Once the introduction came to its final note, Tori joined in let each chord permeate through her –through them. Together, they smiled at each other digits left to work on their own. Jade was certain that in all eighteen years of her life, she hadn't heard or seen anything more beautiful. Eventually, the music dissolved into thin air and their fingers lay still but their eyes didn't deter from each other. Both of them remained silent for a moment trying to collect thoughts that would be coherent.

The Goth broke it first. "This is brilliant."

"Yeah it came out great…" Tori grinned, nudging her shoulder. "You're really talented."

"What are you talking about? I just made one minor change that you were already thinking about and played. You created all this. This vision…" She stared at the brunette in awe. "No, this was all you… "

"Jade, I couldn't have done this without you." Tori shook her head only to have it trapped on either side with sweaty palms.

"This was all you Vega…" Jade whispered, searing sapphire eyes burned through the brunette. "But that's beside the point. There's something I really can't wrap my mind around."

"Which is?"

"Why didn't you go pro, like your father and sister?" The Goth questioned as she dropped her hands.

"Stages didn't appeal to me." Tori shrugged and averted her gaze.

Jade tilted Tori's eyes back to hers, their lips inches apart. "If the first time I saw you weren't at a stage that you looked comfortable enough to belong on, I would have believed you."

The brunette sighed, pushing down the involuntary resentment that threatened. "Fine, professional stages didn't appeal to me."

"I think there is more to it…" Jade's eyes searched into hers before trailing down her nose to her mouth before flicking back up.

"Maybe there is…" Tori's eyes hooded briefly as an alluring warm breath caressed her face. She leaned in gently her eyes never leaving Jade's as their lips made contact. Their eyes fell closed as they came together in a series of tentative wet brushes.

Jade moaned when she felt a skilled tongue paint along her lips, dipping to tangle with her own. "Now, I think you are just trying to distract me."

"Maybe I am…" Tori's lips curled into the kiss.

Jade thought about that for a moment before she stopped thinking at all. "Okay…" She stifled against warm supple lips, running her fingers through brunette hair deepening the kiss…

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