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Chapter 17

Chocolate eyes grew hazy against the rays that sifted through the lace bedroom curtains as they danced in the early morning breeze. Tori had woken up an hour ago simply watching the morning light play majestically over her dozing lover.

Her mind swirling over the wonderful sensation of the warm naked form snuggled into her. Jade lay on her stomach, her arm draped securely around Tori's waist and her face almost completely buried into the crevice between Tori's neck and the pillow. Sometime through the night they had ended up in her bed making love over and over again until sheer exhaustion overwhelmed them.

She stretched her body as much she could have in her confined position, feeling the slight burn in her muscles were pleasantly sore. Bringing a hand up, She gently swept back the curtain of raven hair off the Goth's face, letting it linger. Jade's face so soft with sleep, so calm, so peaceful in tandem with her light breathing that could barely be heard.

She stirred slightly.

A plaintive smile graced the brunette as she stilled her fingers again, against the possibility of waking her lover too soon. She felt immensely bewitched by Jade's remarkable youthful innocence that was usually concealed by her more cautious manner. It was utter and complete trust, she knew. A vulnerable state that not many were privileged to. But was it trust the brunette deserved?

She would like to have said yes. But she knew better. Seeking refuge in this small town was one thing. But falling so irrevocably and uncontrollably in love with someone she never should even have gotten involved with in the first place wasn't part of the plan.

Not that she had a plan.

She just needed the space to gather her depleted self and she couldn't do that in LA. Even as big as California is, something was always restricting her there. Fear… some of her own. Some for others.

Tori's thumb moved, barely tracing over dark brows, over a nose, over supple lips. But here was the one person who touched her heart in ways that overrode her fears. She made it so easy to forget. And that was exactly what Jade West had accomplished in a few short months.

Good. Bad. All things considered. They were in so much trouble and she knew it…

Her breath jammed in her throat when those perfect lips suddenly kissed the pad of her finger. Eyelids fluttered open divulging clear blue eyes that swallowed her whole.

Another tender peck to the digit in question sent tingles soaring through Tori's own naked body. It was as if an unspoken communication passing through their locked gaze.


In its purist carnal form.

A wandering hand reached across the tiny distance to gently cup the brunette's cheek. Tori's chest deflated as her own hand covered Jade's, holding it in place.

"This time, it's not a dream…" Jade spoke quietly as if she was trying to convince herself.

Tori's lips quirked, recalling her experience of the same kind of awe when she became aware moments ago. She cocked her head and arched a teasing brow. "This time, huh?"

Jade realized the way her words may have been construed, feeling the steady heat rise in her cheeks. "I… yeah, well-"

Tori couldn't help but giggle, amused at the fact that she wasn't the bashful one right now. She placed two fingers under Jade's chin, raising until their gaze held again. "It's a little too late to feel shy, isn't it?"

Jade's brows shot up. "Shy?" she scoffed, her badass demeanor coming back. "I'm the one that jumped you, remember?"

She brought the Goth's palm to her lips, nipping. "It may be fresh in my mind, yes."

Jade's body jerked, her nostrils flaring. "You just enjoy teasing me, don't you?"

Brown eyes twinkled. "It's number one on my list of favorite things to do…"

The Goth raised a brow, her fingernails magically appeared flitting playfully on the inside of the brunette's thigh. "Number one?" She leaned forward placing wet kisses under Tori's chin.

Tori's breath hitched, her head arching slightly and her legs spreading on their own accord. "Okay, it just dropped by a hundred," she husked.

Jade's lips curved against soft skin. "I thought it might…" Her hand still producing random patterns, trailing closer to the brunette's saturated need not quite touching and then drifting back to safer ground.

Tori groaned after a moment, her breathing labored. "Now who's the tease?"

"Me?" Jade pulled back and blinked innocently. "I don't tease…"

"Punk." Tori had to laugh at that and then claimed the Goth's lips in a kiss that left their senses reeling. "You're just lucky, I love you."

"The luckiest…" Jade laughed into Tori's mouth as she rolled onto her back pulling the brunette with her.

Their bare flesh pressed up against each other rousing the sweet memory of last night passions in full vent. Hands roaming, reacquainting paths taken throughout the entire night. Tori broke the kiss in a gasp as she was entered, her forehead falling to the Goth's shoulder. Her breath became shorter and harder. The pleasure building up between their amorous movements, devastating. It all felt new. Dreamlike. She could relate to the Goth's need to clarify between reality and fantasy. Somehow they managed to merge the two, treading somewhere in between.

Jade felt a sense of marvel and wonder run through her as she watched Tori's face as she climaxed, eyes squeezed tightly, mouth slightly agape, every muscle in her body straining before she collapsed. "God, you're so unbelievably beautiful," she whispered, brushing brunette hair behind Tori's ear.

The brunette smiled into the Goth's shoulder, placing a kiss against it. She tilted her head so that she was looking into glassy blue eyes. It felt so right. Comparisons felt useless. She never felt so right in her life. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

The kiss they shared seemed almost desperate. Mouths fused, limbs clinging frantically as if it last night was not enough...

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Hours later around noon, found Tori in front of her stove, scrambling eggs while her lover was getting out of the shower. Thinking food would be appropriate right now since the last time they both ate was over 15 hours ago. And considering all the strenuous activity they have been involved in, they needed the nutrition. Her dark hair damp from her recent shower. She wore a simple long t-shirt that stopped mid-thigh. She pushed up her black-framed glasses that were riding low on her nose, humming as she transferred the hot eggs onto plates.

Her eyes drifting to the sulking Labrador in the corner, his head resting on his paws.

She sighed. "Look… I'm sorry, I locked you out of the bedroom but it would have been weird and you know it."

Smurf merely opened his eyes briefly and then turn his head away from her.

She sighed again, exasperated. "C'mon, you can't be that mad. How many times must I say I'm sorry?"

Both of their heads turned as Jade stepped into the kitchen, toweling off her dark locks. She was dressed in yesterday's hoody and jeans cuffed off revealing bare feet. Smurf immediately jumped to his feet, his tail swishing wildly.

"Hey buddy." The Goth crouched in front of the Labrador, stroking his fur and getting some appreciative licks in the process. She laughed pushing the forceful dog back. "I love you too, I love you too."

"Oh sure… forgive her." Tori rolled her eyes crossing her arms over her chest.

Jade finally rose, her chuckles dying down. Smurf made his way to the lounge. She turned back to the brunette. "Problem?" She wiggled her brows.

"Yeah… I just realized who my biggest competition for your affection is."

Jade laughed, ruffling out the tangled locks in her hair. "You guys are just going to have to learn to share."

"Easy for you to say…" Tori said dryly, but smiled.

"Can I help?" Jade flicked a glance through tangled locks at the plates.

Suddenly, the toast popped up. "Yes, you can start buttering the toast." Tori suggested and walked over to the coffee maker, switching it on. "I don't know about you, but I can eat cardboard right now and not care."

"Worked up a hunger, did you?"

The brunette slanted her head, a brow raised at the smug grin on her lover's beautiful face. "Pretty proud of yourself, aren't you?"

The Goth simply shrugged. "I'd be lying if I said no."

Tori chuckled, smacking her arm with a dishcloth. "How was your shower?" She dug into one of the cupboards for the secret stash of hot chocolate.

Jade eyed her lover in that faded shirt that revealed tiny bits of flesh. She bit her bottom lip feeling the heat in her body rise up again. "Boring once you left," she responded absently, stepping up behind the brunette. "God, you're so sexy with those on." She flicked Tori's glasses briefly before her arms wrapped around the brunette's waist. Her lips exploring skin of Tori's neck causing her to moan.

"I thought I looked like a nerd."


Tori's eyes screwed shut, her head lolled back when Jade's hands moved under her shirt. "You're insatiable…" she mumbled off a groan, spinning around in the Goth's arms. Jade had an unmistakable smirk on her face. Tori ran her hands through raven hair bringing Jade's mouths hotly to hers.

"My age ends with the word teen. What's your excuse?" Jade whispered breathlessly against her lips.

Tori peered into the eyes so close to hers. "You're just so goddamned irresistible…"

"Cool, I've always wanted to be one of those…" Jade retorted, kissing Tori again, lifting her onto one of the counters. The brunette wrapping her legs tightly around the Goth, needing her closer.

The kiss deepened, two distinctive hungers at war. Tori was about to give into the more potent one when her stomach protested in a loud growl. She pushed Jade back, breaking the kiss and resting her head on the Goths chest trying to catch her breath. "You do know, we are probably going to end up killing each other..."

Jade nodded briskly, feeling slightly lightheaded herself. "But we'd die happy, right?"

Tori leaned back looking into the Goth's face, smiling fondly. "Toast…" she said and pointed to the toaster.

Jade sighed and kissed Tori's forehead. "I'm buttering…"

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

"What time does Cat and Robbie get back?" Tori wondered cradling her mug between her palms.

Jade sipped her own beverage as she relaxed in her chair opposite from the brunette. Both their plates were all but licked clean. "Hmmm, they should land around 6:30 but it's an hour drive from the airport." She pulled out her iPhone checking the time and setting it on the table. "I was thinking…"

"Mmmm?" Tori watched the thoughtful expression on the Goth's face setting down her coffee.

"Do you think I should tell them?"

"About us?"

The Goth nodded.

Tori pulled off her glasses and rubbed her eyes. She took in a deep breath and then exhaled. "I think they are your family, Jade and they love you very much. And honestly I don't know how they will react to us. There are just too many factors to take into consideration. The fact that I was your teacher, their friend and I don't know if they even know I'm gay. It's not like I've hidden it, but we've never really spoken about it. All I told Cat was that I was involved in a very bad break up and that I wasn't ready to get involved again. She never pried after that."

"That's Cat… she's curious by nature but she respects your privacy. Living in a small town made her hate town gossipers." Jade scratched the back of her neck, diverting her gaze. "But I know she sort of suspects…"

Tori straightened. "She does?"

"Um, yeah… Cat once asked me offhandedly if you were gay."

"What! What did you say?"

"I said, I didn't ask." Jade shrugged, glancing back at Tori who cocked a brow. "What? It's true! I didn't ask you. I just kissed you."

Tori just rolled her eyes. "What did she say?"

"She then began to ask me if I knew what was and possessed a thing called gaydar."

The brunette giggled, clearly imagining the redhead with her hand on her hip asking that very question. "Then what?"

"Then the pizza guy showed up right before I was about to answer and we ended up on the couch watching Rizzoli and Isles."

"Saved by pizza and hot subtext," Tori supplied in amusement to her lover's sheepish grin. Her face suddenly grew serious. "I think we should tell them, Jade. Irrespective of the consequences, they deserve that much. They are the only family you have."

The Goth sighed. "I know… I know you're right. It's just…"

"–It matters what they think," Tori finished as if reading Jade's mind.

Jade blew out a defeated breath. "Yeah, I guess, it matters…" Reaching over, she clasped the brunette's hand in hers. "But it won't change how I feel about you, Vega."

"I know." The brunette said softly, smiling weakly. She rose, picking up their empty cups with her and set them in the sink. On her way back to her seat, a hand gently clutched her arm keeping her in place. Glancing over her shoulder, she met sincere blue pools.

"What's wrong?" The Goth asked, stroking down Tori's arm until she intertwined their fingers.

Tori looked at their hands, a small smile playing on the edge of her mouth. She shook her head gently. "Nothing…"

Jade tilted her head, her eyes narrowing as she gave the brunette a once over. "You know for a teacher, you're a terrible liar."

Tori frowned at that. "Why is everyone is under the assumption if you teach, you automatically have to be a good liar?"

"Underhanded skills of the trade, I suppose." Jade's smile was wan as she tugged roughly until the brunette was straddling her lap, face to face. She placed a soft kiss on the startled brunette's nose. "Now, tell me…"

Tori sighed, relaxing into the body beneath hers and rested her forehead against Jade's. "I keep thinking, what if I'm supposed to convince you against this."

"This? As in us?"

The brunette turned away. "Maybe…"

"Vega…" Jade gripped Tori's chin adjusting until their eyes held again.

"Yeah, yeah, I know it's pointless now considering how many times we've been through this and somehow we always end up right here."

"I'm not a fatalist. But here we are. I want to be here. You can't change my mind but you can change yours."

"I want to be here too."

"Then, what could you say that you haven't already?"

"Jade…" She whispered grazing the Goth's face with the back of her hand. "You're only eighteen, you have your whole life ahead of you… So many things to experience…"

"I believe you… for the first time in a year I actually believe that." The Goth caught Tori's wrist bringing her palm to her lips. "But I also know first-hand that it can end at any moment." Her voice was sad and soft. "And I've never felt like this before, Vega. So safe and so scared at the same time." The look in her eyes spoke volumes. "So in love…"

Tori could only melt. "Baby –" She was silenced with a finger to her lips.

Jade shook her head. "I'm not willing to give this –you up. Jesus, you're only twenty-four, you have your whole life ahead of you…" She said, dropping her finger and desperately searching chocolate eyes. "Is it so bad that I want to experience it with you?"

The brunette felt tears well up in her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Instead she bent her head brushing her lips tenderly against the Goth's.

Jade's eyes blinked open when the pressure ceased. "Can I take that as it's not bad?" she asked after a moment.

Tori laughed lightly against her lips. "What do you think? You're impossible to argue with."

Jade smirked impishly, playfully picking at the brunette's hair. "It sounded more like you were arguing with yourself."

"Could be… you've been driving me crazy ever since we met."

"Good crazy, right?"

"The best kind of crazy…" She smirked, crushing their mouths together.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Jade whistled as she strolled on the pavement towards her home. Her destination was a block away but her mind was back at Tori's house. In her living room, to be exact. Where they had spent the better half of three hours making love on the luscious white rug in front of the fireplace. It hadn't been lit but she wondered what it would be like in winter to have the brunette, naked, beneath her bathed in fiery red hues as she succumbed.

"God, she's right. I am insatiable." The Goth shook her head, stuffing her hands in her fingers, feeling fidgety.

It was almost 5pm. She still had over two hours before her aunt and uncle returned to Rosewood. As much as she wanted to stay with Tori for those two hours, Tori was right. They'd lose track of time and then she'd have a lot more explaining to do than just telling them about telling them about her relationship with Tori.

Not that she knew what she was going to say.

The brunette offered to come with her but she knew it was something she had to face herself first. Jade and her aunt had been kind of skittish around each other ever since they returned to Rosewood. They loved each other deeply but neither knew where the line drew between them.

She had no idea how Cat would react.

But she'd just have to suck it up and tell her. Turning the corner, she stopped in her tracks.

"Oh damn, this can't be good." She murmured to herself, seeing Cat's red Volvo in their driveway. She started walking again, wondering what time they got here and what they were doing back so early.

Opening the front door, she decided to play it cool. No use in being paranoid. "Hello," she yelled into the house following the distinct noise of television into their living room.

"Hey, kiddo." Robbie was reclined on the single-seater sipping one of his beers. "We were wondering where you were. Told Cat, you were probably taking a walk from being too cooped up," he said, his eyes returning back to the baseball game.

The breath she didn't know she was holding released, gathering they probably only returned now. "Um, yeah… You guys are back early?"

"Mmm… Took an earlier flight. Cat has some urgent work to do." Robbie glanced towards the kitchen where Cat could be seen pacing up and down with the phone attached to her ear. "Thank God too. New York is always a tiring endeavor."

Jade nodded knowingly having lived in its high speed lifestyle not too long ago. "Yeah, you look kind of beat."

He chuckled, holding up his bottle. "Yep, I'm about this beer away from falling flat on my face." He nodded in her direction. "What about you? You okay?"

She sank into one couches. "Yeah, I'm okay."

"Just okay?" His brow arched, questionably.

"Yes, why?" she asked with a challenging brow of her own.

"You look different…"

"Different?" She browsed down at her attire with a glower. "I always wear sweats and jeans."

"Not your clothes, you monkey." He grinned, shaking his head. "You… you seem lighter somehow."

"Oh…" Jade felt the soft burn of the blush that threatened to appear. "Maybe, because I didn't have to look at your dorky face for a whole week," she mocked, sticking out her tongue hoping it would deter them onto safer ground.

He chuckled, getting to his feet. "You missed my dorky face, admit it."

She laughed. "As if."

He simply walked past, ruffling her hair. "I'm gonna grab a shower and head to bed. Let the workaholic know if she asks."

Jade turned back towards Cat feeling the sudden nervous pang in the bottom of her stomach. With a heavy sigh, she got up and covered the small distance to their kitchen.

"Yes, please... Can you repeat that." Cat said into the phone, grabbing a pen and scribbling something on her notepad. She noticed her niece leaning against the doorframe. Her face lighting up in a happy smile as she used hand signals to tell the Goth to hang on a minute.

Jade couldn't help but return a smile.

"Yes sir, I understand. No, no it's fine. I'll get right on that…" She nodded, listening intently. "Okay, no problem… Good evening to you and Mrs. Brady." She hung up and collapsed onto a wooden chair. "Ugh!"

"Sounds hectic." Jade acknowledged.

"You have no idea. All I want is a quiet night's sleep. " Cat grunted again, rolling her shoulders to drain the tension. "I just had a bumpy flight and now I have to contend with this." She indicated at the phone.

"Rough…" Jade shifted awkwardly before sitting down across her aunt. "Um, do you have a moment to talk?"

"Sure," Cat nodded absently, taking a deep drink from her bottle of water. She capped the bottle again when she jolted. "Crap." She got up quickly snatching her notepad and jotting something down. "Sorry, I just have to note this down before I forget. You know me, sometimes things go over my head."

"What things?"

"Just some things I have to check out. Mr. Brady's got me following a dodgy lead for a very delicate story." She pursed her lips, putting the pen down. Her face turned serious. "Jade, I need to ask you something."

"Okaaaay… What?"

"Have you noticed any suspicious behavior at school?"

Dark brows narrowed. "Suspicious behavior? Like what?"

"Anything… Anything out of the ordinary." Cat shrugged.

"Everything is out of the ordinary there." Jade rolled her eyes. "Anything more specific, so I know what I'm looking for?"

The redhead sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Okay, I'm not supposed to tell anyone this because of the delicacy of the situation but I can trust you not to tell anyone else. A few hours ago, my boss received a weird tip informing him something is up at the school. It could turn out to be a crank call and we don't want to set off any unnecessary alarms of it turns out to be untrue." Cat leaned forward slightly. "But some person called in saying that there was one of the teachers is cavorting with a student."

Jade could feel her stomach begin to twist and heart rate escalate. "Wha –what?" she sputtered.

"One of the teachers in your school may be involved with a student." Cat reiterated, gravely.

"You're kidding…" Jade responded uncertainly, not sure what to say.

"No. But I really hope it is a joke," the redhead said passively. "It's not what the town needs right now. You expect your kids to go to school and be safe. Not preyed on by perverts you put their care into."

The Goth winced. She'd have to think up a new strategy. Probably with a lot more tact. Cat, I'm dating Tori –who was a teacher and probably a suspect in your investigation –wasn't gonna cut it. She pinched the bridge of her nose. God…

"So have you noticed any oddities with any students and teachers in particular?"

Jade dropped her gaze. "Not in particular, no."

"Damn, this is such a touchy subject."

"Why are you covering it? You're their advice columnist."

"Mabel is on maternity leave and everyone else's plates are full right now." The redhead snorted. "Plus, this thing could turn out to be completely bogus. That phone call was kind of dodgy."

"Do you know who called in?"

"No, it was anonymous. The voice was deep as if they were trying to mask it. It could be anyone. One of the students who is afraid, even. That's why we can't afford to ignore it."


"So, what are you gonna do?" Jade pried maintaining her composure despite the warning signals flying around in her head.

"Well, I have to inform the principal tomorrow and see where we go from there."

"Seems logical."

"Mmm, I just hope it ends up being untrue." They both sat just sat silently processing everything for a moment. "But hey… you were supposed to tell me something, weren't you?"

The Goth was startled out of her thoughts. "Oh, yeah… I can't remember what it was," she lied.

Cat merely smiled, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "I think I know…"

She looked up. "You do?"

"It was about your trip to the Fairview festival and your friend?" Cat hooked her fingers into imaginary quotation marks. "It was a date, right?"

"Um, sort of," she mumbled, squirming uncomfortably in her.

"I knew! I knew it! It was that girl I saw you talking to at the Charity event, isn't it. What was her name?" The redhead bit her bottom lip in thought. She stood and snapped her fingers all in a sharp motion. "Jessica, right."

"That's her name." Jade agreed, not completely lying. It was her name.

"Robbie owes me ten bucks." Cat's laughter turned into a yawn as she started up the stairs.

The Goth shoulders sagged, happy to watch the redhead leave the room. "Wait… You take bets on me?"

"Duh!" Was yelled back.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Tori pulled the door open, lifting a brow at the occupant standing in her doorway. "Aren't you supposed to be at your mother's house for supper? Today's Sunday."

Andre grinned sheepishly. "I know, I forgot my jacket yesterday." He indicated to her coat rack.

"And it was imperative that you wear this specific one?" she asked, suspiciously, not quite buying his reasons for coming over. She had a pretty good idea why he was here and she wasn't about to give him the satisfaction.

"You know how fussy mama is at supper."

"Andre, sometimes your father eats without his shirt." She replied flatly.

He waved her off. "Not all the Harris's can afford to be weird."

"Right… I'm just gonna grab the mail." She gestured at her mailbox that was probably full. She usually sorted through her mail habitually on Sunday mornings one time. This morning however she was quite preoccupied.

She returned to the kitchen with an armful of envelopes of different sizes. She flicked a glance at Andre who was seated at the table with an open beer.

"Aren't you going to be late?" She tore off a bill, settling into the seat opposite from him.

"I have time for one beer." He shrugged, studying her closely.


He watched her methodically go through her bill, annoyingly, tsking and questioning some transactions. Just pretending to be irritatingly normal. He finally cracked, letting out an exasperated sigh and smacking his bottle on the table. "God! Are we both just going to sit here and pretend like you didn't get your brains fucked out last night?"

"Yes." Tori returned unfazed, her eyes still on the content in front of her.

"Aha!" He kicked the chair back, jumping to his feet and pointing at her, accusingly. "So you and Jade did have sex last night. You admit it!"

"I admit to nothing."

"Why?" He frowned, nonplussed. "I know you had sex last night. I can see you had sex. You are glowing so fucking brightly in its aftermath, astronauts can see it from space!"

Tori chuckled a little at that, before opening her next bill. She shrugged. "Heh…"

He smacked his forehead with a thud. "Why! Why are you torturing me?"

This time she looked at him. "One – because it's none of your business. And two – because it's fun." She smirked.

"Does that mean I'm not getting any details?" He inquired, his voice taking on a sulky undercurrent.

"Did you get you're jacket, alright?" She asked wryly, ignoring his question.

"Okay, okay, I'm going, I'm going." He groused, holding up his hands, defensively. "But I'll be back."

"You always are…" She rolled her eyes.

She heard her front door slam closed as he left. Shaking her head, she went back to her mail needing to keep herself from worrying about how Jade's sensitive chat with Cat and Robbie was going to end up. She should have just gone with to be supportive. Or at least give her some peace of mind. But no news was good news, right.

Not even five minutes later, she was on the largest and unusual brown envelope when her doorbell rang again. Her curiosity to open her last letter fighting with the incessant ringing.

Groaning, she pushed back on her chair grabbing the piece of mail with her as she stormed towards the door. "Doesn't he ever give up?" She stuck her finger into the gap of brown envelope, tearing it open. Then she yanked open the door, only to be pushed further into her house and the door slammed shut. "J -Jade?" she stuttered.

Jade locked the door, swiftly. Peeling back the curtains she peered outside to see if anyone was following her. The street seemed deserted except for old Mr. Tanner who was walking his dog.

"Jade, are you okay?" Tori gripped Jade's arm, alarm clear in her tone. "Did something happen? Cat?"

Once the Goth was convinced no one was tailing her, she faced her lover. "I couldn't tell her."

The brunette blew out a relieved breath. For a moment she thought the worst. "It's okay, we can do it together." She led them into the kitchen. "You don't have to do this by yourself."

"It's not that." Jade pinched the bridge of her nose. "Shit…"

Tori's panic bubbled back to the surface. "What? What is it?"

"Cat's boss received a tip that one of the students and a teacher at the high school are involved."

"Wha- what." Tori gasped, all her blood rushing to her head.


"Jesus." The brunette ran a hand down her face. "I shouldn't have sent Andre away. This scandal is gonna drive the press into a sugar rush." Shit. She might be seeing her father sooner than she would have liked.

Jade turned around, her back to the brunette trying to breath and focus. "I don't think we should panic just yet. They don't know it's us. It could be anyone else."

"It's us, Jade." Tori's voice sounded subdued all of a sudden.

"How do you know? Cat said that their CI was a complete dodge. We've been careful. Plus, you're not a teacher anymore. It could be someone who is currently there." The Goth reasoned, pacing up and down. "It might just be a coincidence."

"It's us, Jade."

Jade whirled around at the waver in the brunette's voice.

Tori pulled the rest of the photo out of the brown envelope and slid it on the table.

It was a distinct shot of the two of them tangled in a half-dressed intimate embrace that was taken today. Jade pinning Tori into the couch, lips pressed together and Tori's leg hooked around Jade's ass. One of Jade's hands could be seen cupping the brunette's t-shirt clad breast whereas Tori's hands were deep in raven hair.

And written in a dark permanent marker across the photo was:


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