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Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, one of the most powerful beings in existence, a Dead Apostle and sorcerer who has mastered the second magic, which is essentially the operation of parallel worlds. Thanks to this ability he can do incredible things and earned many titles and names like Wizard Marshall, Kaleidoscope and Zelretch of the Jewels. And at the moment he was utterly bored, now you should now one thing, nothing is more dangerous than, when a person is bored, that has enough power to do virtually whatever the hell he wants. This is especially the case, if it is someone who can access an infinite number of minds from parallel universes. And he is doing all of this just to get his hand on new ideas for his ridiculous deeds. Now you should know another thing, if you are almost omnipotent, you sooner or later start to develop some unusual characteristics; the Wizard Marshall himself had a number of such. One particular was that he had started to manipulate the lives of a couple of the more unpredictable persons he could find in the different dimensions, for example sending them on a paper chase for some kind of legendary object, to talk about one of the less crazy ones.

We could stay here and count a number of his weirdest adventured and misdeeds, but I don't think that would be interesting for any of you. So let us go on with the story, at the moment the master of the second magic had found a new vict… ah I mean interesting person for one of his experiments. (You should always be careful what you say, you never know if he or a parallel version of him can hear you) To be precise, he is not really a new test person, but just a different version, of others that have already tasted the, let us just say unusual sense of humor, Zelretch had. It was a man or boy depending on the dimension with the name Shirou Emiya, and he had the habit of becoming an important figure in whichever world he existed. His destiny of becoming a tragic hero of justice was an almost terrifying constant trough the myriads of possible earths. The vampire himself thought that it was incredibly funny to take different versions of him and throw them in more and more ridiculous situations. To say that they were not happy about that was a severe understatement, at least that counted for these who found out who was responsible for there fate.

That certain Emiya Shirou was special not because he was a counter-guardian, also not because of his unusual ability to copy magical weapons. It was because he was the only one who did not lose the memories of his past even after going through something worse then hell. Zelretch knew that mainly because he was spying on him with his abilities since he had seen him first, at the moment it looked like he had to decide fast what he should do.

"Hmmm… it seems like you are dying." The old man said while looking in no special direction. But no, he wouldn't let this new chance for fun flee from him, after all the manipulation of something like the Holy Grail was nothing special to him. All he had to do was to put an equivalent amount of energy to the person he wanted to take in the little thing and it would not give him any trouble.

A couple of ideas were already forming in his head, the possibilities of this opportunity were countless and of course he would have to give the boy a few hints. Not anything too big, or maybe he should… oh let us hold that for the future, seems like a good idea.

Few seconds later a sound like from a bell could be heard and a voice said that this was the last station for the train. You could see a smile on the face of the old man that stood a bit away from the rest of the people while the train was slowly emptying. Nobody seemed to think much of the fact that he seemed to slowly disappear, if anyone had observed him closely enough, they may have heard him saying a couple of words before finally vanishing.

"Oh! Where should I send you boy? So many choices, so little time."

The first thing he noticed was that he could move his body, although such a thing wouldn't be anything special to most people, for him it was very, very unexpected. He was also feeling like he had run headfirst in a solid brick wall.

The young man began to slowly get into a sitting position, until now he had been lying on a…

"What the hell?" The word left his mouth as he tried to hold his balance while the ground under him was shaking for some unknown reason. That by the way, did not any good to the headache our protagonist was now developing while he tried to gather his thoughts.

His arms shot out and held onto the first things they could reach, he absently noted that they were made of wood, whatever the first thing he had to clear was. "What happened to me?"

At this moment his memory decided to make a kick-start and pictures began to shot trough his head.

A voice called him; yes that was the first thing he could really remember

"I hereby propose.

Thou shall come under my command,

and thy sword shall control my fate.

Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail,

if thou dost accede to this will and reason, answer me.

I make my oath here

I am that person who is to become the virtue of all Heavens.

I am that person who is covered with the evil of all Hades.

Thou seven heavens, clad in a trinity of words,

Come forth from the circle of constraint.

Protector of the Balance!"

Then a crash and a girl with raven coloured hair.

A fight with a man in blue wielding a spear the colour of spilled blood.

A few skirmishes with different opponents.

Talking with others:

The silver clad knight with hair like moonlight.

The child with a distorted heart and unbreakable will.

The small girl, she holds with her hand a beast without any fear.

And the beast…

A battle, he could see it, relentless hitting the opponent with everything, looking for openings, but the giant beast didn't die, or better said, he didn't stay dead for long. Every attack was a bit slower then the last, burning magical energy to strengthen his body and speed his movements, a slash to the shoulder, a hit to the liver, attacking and attacking, ignoring the looks of the small girl ordering his foe.

And then death…

"Why am I here?" His words were not meant for a certain person, but more for a certain power or existence, something he called "My Jailer" in his more sarcastic moments.

He looked around and finally noticed where exactly he was sitting, for some reason he was on a boat, it was not very big and held just enough room for him and maybe one or two more persons.

"Good, at least I am not in trouble right now." He didn't know at the moment, but this words would later come back to bite him in the ass… hard.

Shortly after speaking he went on with finding out more about his current situation, first he was thinking that something was very weird. He could move freely, something he hadn't really expected after being summoned to anything except the grail war. Of course there were times when someone found a way to summon a being like him, but than he would have seen that person already.

After making himself comfortable in the wooden seat of the boat he began to search for anything around him that wasn't water. Out of habit he immediately reinforced his eyes, and thanks to that it was not very hard to find out that he was on a river. Both shores could be reached easily if he was right, the one nearer to him looked like a giant flower field, it seemed a fitting place for him to think and maybe search for someone that could explain to him what was going on.

He was about to jump, sure that this would be much faster then boating there, when something stopped him, it was a very unique feeling, like a little voice saying that this would be a bad idea, the really weird thing was that it seemed… familiar if he had to name it.

This man had gone trough many battles and one lesson he had learned there was to trust his instinct, especially if they said something that made no sense. Slowly glancing across the river he began to use one of his few magical skills.

Structural Grasping

It was a technique that was used to identify the composition and basic abilities of an object, normally a magus wouldn't be in able to find out more then the components something was made of and it would take either extreme knowledge of these materials or experiments to find out how exactly something worked and what it could do, also more complicated and powerful objects were often much harder to understand this way.

For him that was not the case, he was rather useless at the most types of magecraft, but he excelled for example at this style to a level that he could, with enough time of course, even understand objects on the level of divine mysteries.

"Okay it doesn't seem to be poisoned or in any way harmful so why did I have the feeling that… what the hell?"

The words left his

mouth with an audible amount of surprise, the water was indeed not in any way harming, but it had a rather unpleasant trait. From what he could understand it neutralized any kind buoyancy and he was sure that whoever was to try to swim trough this river would sink like a stone. After a moment he repeated the process on his vehicle and discovered that it had the ability to neutralize the neutralization of the… oh whatever, it could swim even tough anything else would sink, satisfied?

He was pretty sure that the water didn't have any additional abilities but he wouldn't bet his health onto that. So he decided that he would use the boat, luckily there was a rudder inside, it was pretty long and somehow reminded him of the kind he had once seen in Venice. For a short amount of time he wondered if someone missed a boat right now… whatever he could give it back when the time came, at the moment he had surely more need for it then anyone else.

He decided that his first destination would be the shore that was nearer to him and so began to silently paddle in that direction. After a short time the work became easy, he had to do such things before and it wasn't really anything complicated.

Her name was Medicine Melancholy, she was not a human and to be accurate she couldn't even be called alive from a scientific point of view. Not to say that she couldn't die or anything like this, just not in the same ways a human could. Melancholy had originally been nothing more than a doll, a toy for children, but she had been abandoned at some point in the past. You see there is an old legend that says if you take good care of an item, no matter the type; it will develop a consciousness. Melancholy was never damaged the main reason for this was that she had been abandoned in a field full o poisonous flowers.

So she was taken care of even tough she had been left alone by humans, and while a normal Tsukumogami would have good feelings for humans after they used them for so long, her opinion of them was rather bad. To further the problem she had never gotten a ceremony to show the respect of the humans to the lost or destroyed item that she had been. A pretty stupid thing, especially if you consider that, after more then a hundred years of existence inside of a toxic field, she herself had developed the unusual ability to create and manipulate poison of more or less any kind. Even to touch her was dangerous but she herself was safe of course, after all her body wasn't organic at all.

By the way, at this moment she was sitting silently on the ground waiting for someone to come, the person she was waiting for was named Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, the later is a title while Shiki is her surname and Eiki her given name. However it didn't seem like she would come soon, which in itself was not that bad you see Melancholy wasn't here because she wanted to. It was more something on the line of a punishment, however the person who wanted to punish her had quite obviously not enough time to do that and told her to sit in the flower field until she found the time to give her a lecture.

"Oh I am so bored!" She was flying a few centimetres above the ground an ability that was very basic in the magical lands of Gensokyo.

"Eiki and her don't do that, don't go there, ohhhh she can be so irritating, aren't I a Yokai? Isn't it my job to scare and hurt these stupid humans? But nooo…"

Really it wasn't her fault that these humans had been so stupid to come to her hill, and after all hadn't the shrine maiden jumped in before she could do anything… permanent. They should know better, shouldn't they, after all it was there own fault for leaving her alone letting her rot and hoping that she would break. That was the main opinion of the yokai girl known as Medicine Melancholy, now many people would see her as a danger for the general public and these people would be right. But she had never learnt that it was a bad thing to kill people, hurt them, poison them with all kind of toxic materials, to make it clear, humans had screwed themselves with her.

With an unhappy sigh she lay down on the ground, hoping to maybe find a bit distraction by looking at the clouds in the sky.

"Hmmm… Hmmm. Hmmm…." She hummed silently while doing not anything in particular, the smile on her face had slightly changed, not much abut it was now a bit similar to what a normal child would have on its face. The girl yokai was not a monster by any means, but she was also could not just be brushed off as a normal problem child or something like that.

Even while the girl was stopping to so much as look at her surroundings at all and was focusing her attention on the sky trying to find something to compare the forms the white shapes, someone was with her did not do that. That was a certain doll that was flying in small circles around her at the moment unmoving body.

This was not a normal doll but a magical being nobody was sure exactly why the doll yokai was followed by a small flying miniature version of herself 24 hours a day. Of course there were a number of theories, for example that this was her original body and the form you saw most of the time nothing more then a manifestation of her will. A thought given form or something like that, some thought she had left the doll and another small yokai had taken residence in the small item, even tough they had no idea why she would ever allow that.

If you searched for long enough you could find any number of possibilities, not that either of the two beings knew about these rumours. You see a side effect of being a dangerous near lunatic yokai was that you were not often invited to any kind of party. Whatever to go back to the story, the little doll version of Melancholy was now gaining altitude, if she did it out of boredom or for a serious reason was unknown. But it whatever else was the case, the puppet had found something interesting, still some distance away was a figure moving, the image was still a bit to far away to say anything specific but who or whatever that was, it seemed to like the colour red.

The little animated toy was tilting its head in curiosity. "…." You could hear a quiet sound almost inaudible even in a place as silent as this one. It was then that it decided to turn around to inform its master? Or was there relationship more like these of comrades, or maybe friends? But that was not of any importance, much more interesting was the way the doll decided to inform Melancholy of the unknown being. It grabbed the bigger yokai with its tiny arms and attempted to nonchalantly carry her away, and it worked proving that whatever kind of being the doll may be. It had much more physical (or maybe magical) power than its form suggested.

I have never before written a fanfiction story but thought about it for some time and wondered who I could take... I have not checked the text out in any special way so please forgive me any failure. About the character I used, of all the individuals from Fate/Stay Night there are some who stick out more then the others, one of them is the Archer from the Fate Route. In a way I think he is one of the greatest secrets the story contains. At least that is what I think, why did he decide to not kill his younger self in the end even tough the other two did (or at least tried) to do so (in HF route until he gave up on his ideals). Has he just not lost the will to go on, or was his own timeline different in some way? There are many possibilities you could think about without even changing any of the things we know more or less for sure.

In addition, if you find any loopholes one of this three are reasons is the right one:

A Wizard did it!

Parallel Universe

A Wizard from a Parallel Universe did it