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The old man looked down onto a little chest, he had laid some surprises for the boy inside of it. But it had exhausted him a bit more then he expected to make these little presents, another proof that slowly his age was catching up.

But what worth would there be in life if he didn't have a bit fun, the smile in face became bigger when he took out a big dagger or very short sword from one of his pockets.

It looked fairly unusual, as if made from countless crystals and reflecting any light into a kaleidoscope of colours. He held it up, and made a cutting movement at the chest with it, a bright light shone for a few seconds, then the wooden chest had vanished.

The jewel sword a item created by Zelretch himself, while the copies that are created from time to time can only absorb energy from parallel worlds and use these for something, he uses the original also as a tool for transportation into different worlds.

"So now I just have to wait until you find my little presents."

The young man was wandering across some small hills that were covered with countless flowers. He had no idea what kind they were but they had a calming effect on him even tough he didn't notice that.

Until now he had been concentrated on the next steps he wanted to achieve. But now he had finally found the time and especially concentration to think about some other things. One of the main questions he had to ask himself was, how the hell could he even exist here?

He was a Servant or to be more specific a heroic spirit, a being created from the soul of a long dead person who became so famous that he achieved a semi divine status. Now normally such an entity would need a constant supply of prana, also known as magical energy by these ignorant of magecraft and its capabilities or would vanish the moment its reserves would drop to zero.

Of course there were different ways to get the needed energy, a heroic spirit would either get its power from a higher entity with which it had a contract or from a living being that somehow managed to summon him.

After the initial summoning a heroic spirit could also go and absorb the "soul" or magical power of humans, preferably such with talent in thaumaturgy but that would still take either a being or person to first summon the spirit.

He had already some time ago noted that there was no link to a summoner that would supply him with the needed energy.

"So where do I get my power from? When I looked last I didn't have any prana batteries in my pockets."

Sure, there was the chance that a summoner waited for something to happen before he or she would appear, but no matter how precise he scanned his surroundings he couldn't find anything even remotely like a connection to a person.

"But my reserves are good, that is very odd." Good they were not at 100 % but they had still grown some.

But what if he was approaching the matter just false?

He changed his strategy and tried again, this time not searching for a certain thing and only sending his supernatural senses our in the immediate environment and he was rewarded.

"What the Hell!" His voice boomed over the flower fields as he shouted out.

Only moments later he tried to again take control of his temper, he was normally a very prudent and level headed person, but this was not a situation he was used to, thrown into unknown territory, without any information.

He had to think, it was impossible there could never be such a level of latent magical energy in the air, but his senses were indubitably picking up a crazy amount of prana directly above his skin.

The density of this places magical energy was ridiculous, like being inside of magical artefact or something like that. That was insane the normal amount of prana in any place he had ever seen or heard off would not even be worth talking about, at least from the viewpoint of a heroic spirit.

He tried to see the things in a positive light, at least now he knew what was giving him the needed magical energy, and there were not many persons who could pull something like that off.

Indeed he could count the persons he knew that were in able to do something like this with the fingers of his two hands.

There was Zelretch, but if that man was the culprit he would probably never be in able to know for sure, Crimson Moon the creator of the true Ancestors, maybe some other sorcerer, Rin and Luvia were also possibilities if they had enough time to learn from the old man.

Of course it could also be that Alaya the will of humanity or Gaia the will of the earth had decided that he should now receive some kind of sick punishment.

Then there were… now that he thought about it he knew way more beings with idiotic amounts of power and/or skill then he was feeling comfortable with.

He was about to estimate how many resources it would take to pull of something like this as a prank (he wasn't excluding this possibility with someone like Zelretch as possible culprit) when something happened.

A surprised shriek could be heard and shortly thereafter the sound of the impact of something on the earth.

He cursed loudly his failure to not keep the area in mind while thinking about something else as he turned around.

"Ahhh… Suzu what do you think you are doing?"

The doll in question either didn't think anything in particular, didn't care about the girl's question or had simply no way to inform the other about her judgement of things.

Whatever the correct answer would have been, we will never hear it as this story progressed by the small yokai girl noticing why exactly she had been lifted into the air like a sack filled with potatoes.

"Ohhh…" Her mouth opened slightly as she noticed the humanoid shape that was now close enough so that she could recognize some details.

Of course she was slightly surprised; after all there were not many people that would come here, with exception of those who hadn't much choice in the matter.

The aim of her interest was a very big man almost two meters in size, appearing like he was somewhere between 20 and 30. He was wearing a long crimson jacket with something like black leather armour and pants beneath them.

But what would really make him stick out of a group even in casual clothes were the spiky hair that was white, not grey like in old age, but pure white like freshly fallen snow.

He was a human.

That much she knew for sure, even tough she had no idea how she knew it, probably some kind of yokai instinct.

Whatever, that didn't change the fact, he was human.

A wicked smile bloomed on her face, finally she had something to kill some time.

Good, the most humans wouldn't put a good fight on, but even if he were to lose consciousness immediately, she could still experiment on his body with some of her new poisons.

Oh the joys of having a toy.

The man at least looked capable enough to not drop dead at the first hit, or so she hoped. Whatever she would see soon enough, wouldn't she?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the human, he loudly cursed, really how impolite, she wouldn't feel bad about poisoning him at all, not that she would have felt bad about it anyway.

He seemed to be deep in his own thoughts and so the girl had, now that she thought about it, for the first time the opportunity to study a human who didn't scream, tried to run away, or shoots Danmaku bullets at her.

She had not much experience with humans, but what she had, showed her three pictures, the first was as following. Normal humans were weaklings that could only scream, run away and curse others for there misfortune.

Shrine Maidens on the other hand would defend the first type of human, which was from her perspective somehow stupid and were in able to not only defend themselves but also kick a very great amount of ass.

Witches were pretty much the same, maybe not as powerful but much easier to anger then the first kind, especially if you make fun of their hats. Oh and you had to be careful if they had brooms, never, ever let them out of your sight.

The two last groups had one thing in common, they were all female, so in her mind, being male, was pretty much they same, as being cannon fodder.

At this point of her inner musings she noticed a light shaking and looked up to the doll holding her above ground. Named item had noticed a butterfly and seemed to be enchanted by it, as far as a doll can be enchanted at least.

Her eyes widened as she said. "You wouldn't dare to…"

She didn't get any further with her sentence as the doll decided that following the insect was the more interesting activity.

A single shriek was heard and the girl fell to the ground, not from very high mind you, but still, it wasn't pleasant for her.

Two very different figures were facing each other, one of them was slowly rubbing his eyes, had he really seen right? There had been a small flying figure, hadn't there? He wasn't absolutely sure, unsure he redirected his attention to the girl in front of him.

This girl had just now remembered that she could fly, why she couldn't remember something like that sooner was a mystery to her. Unhappily she raised herself from the ground.

Then they both blinked and opened there mouths slightly, and in an impressive example of synchronicity tried to talk at the exact same time.

"Are you okay?" - "Stop staring at me!"

Both of them talked very fast and not very comprehensible, so it was not very surprising that both couldn't understand what the other had said.

As if the whole thing weren't embarrassing enough, now Melancholy had no idea what to do, it has been said a few times by now, but for all these who forgot. Medicine Melancholy had not many friends and was very bad with social activities.

At first she had just said what came to her mind, but now that she actually thought about it her brain seemed to go into overdrive while searching for the right words.

The young man also had some problems, how should he call himself? Maybe he could give his real name? No too risky, even if they didn't know him in this time or place, his old man had been too… famous.

So maybe his class? That could work, even tough he had theoretically not been summoned to the holy grail war. The only thing that troubled him a bit was how the girl looked, she was blond and her clothes just screamed European. She would think the name was weird, or maybe not even understand Japanese…

He didn't notice the uncertain expression on the face of the girl as he talked.

"Hello, I am Archer… are you okay?"

The girl blinked, the words seemed to bring her out of something and her mouth opened.

"Protoanemonin causes indigestion, symptoms of aconitine are hypothermia, paralysis of the heart and death, convallatoxin causes Heart rhythm disturbances, nicotine…"

Now it was Archers turn to blink a couple of times, he had expected a number of things, for example that she wouldn't understand him. Ask him for a real name or something similar, but to start list... he was not sure what theme her listing had, but it seemed to have one.

That was weird, even by his standards.

His decision came fast, he would grab the girl and shake her some, so she could come out of, whatever it was she was in.

Hands seized the body of the girl and he began his plan while doing his best to make the girl notice his presence again.

And it worked, she looked at him, wide eyes and behind them lay something, as if the girl had made a decision herself this time.

He let her go and stepped back, but he felt a bit unusual, and for some reason his hand itched.

The girl pointed with her palms at him.

"Thanks for your help, now I can do what I had planed for you."

At this very moment all alert signs in Archers head lit up like a beacon and he jumped back as dozens of energy spheres that seemed to come out of nowhere started to fly at him.

Melancholy studied the movement of her opponent, he was good…

That was the only way she could call it, he seemed to naturally know how he needed to move to dodge her Danmaku barricade. Not that she was shooting very seriously, only a few smaller bullets to knock him out, after all he had touched her, so he was already doomed.

It was her failure, she had become too nervous and she would surely hear a pretty big lecture from Shikieiki, for killing a human here, good she had planned to play with him, but not outright kill him, at least not here where she couldn't hide the corpse anywhere.

But something was not as it should be…

The human was not becoming slower, indeed he moved with a much higher speed than a member of his species should be in able to.

In addition he seemed to follow a pattern with his evasive manoeuvres, she noticed it only after a few minutes had already gone by.

She looked curious, he had found himself on one of the hills, and partly behind a rather big rock, a few of the energy bullet bounced off the rock.

Her eyes opened wider as something in the hands of the man began to glow, was he maybe trying do distract her with a smoke bomb, that wouldn't work, another one had tried that before, she drove the memory away that showed that this certain person got away at that time and resumed to her observation.

And dodging a giant red energy beam by hair's breadth, she blinked wildly trying to understand what happened, the aim had not been the best but that was a big laser.

She looked down at the human, he had a bow in his hands now, he had pulled the bowstring already back, a very wicked looking and luminous arrow held straight.

For the first time the little yokai girl wondered if she hadn't maybe chosen the false target for her latest little fun.

The man ignored the disbelieving look that was thrown at him and shot.

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