Okay! So I had to alter some components to make the story work, like the ages and some abilities, but, whatever! On with the show!

Jeremie sat, typing on his computer. Aelita was over at Yumi's, Ulrich was finally on track with his homework, and Odd was going out with yet another girl. But most of all, X.A.N.A was gone.



Jeremie felt like it was summer vacation, he felt like he could do anything, he no longer had the constant nag of Lyoko bugging into everything he tried to do.

Jeremie felt more relax then he had in years. The thirteen year old was busy hacking into something.

Sure, it was probably illegal, but it wasn't like he was causing any harm. Maybe he hacked into a government site, but it wasn't like he leaked secrets.

Besides, Jeremie's incredible hacking programs could allow him to hack into anything electronic. If it used electricity, Jeremie could hack it.

Jeremie had just succeeded in what had been quite a difficult feat. This particular site had been impossibly hard to penetrate, but over the last few days, he had been able to get access. What he saw shocked him.

On the screen were the orders for the captures of five students.

As Jeremie read further, his eyes grew wider. If he wasn't mistaken, and he wasn't often, then sometime today, these agents would capture him and his four friends.

Jeremie tried to find out why they would be under attack, but couldn't. He'd need to hack more, and he didn't have time.

Jeremie bolted from his room. He ran down the empty hall. Most of the students were outside in the warm weather, and no one was in the dorms. Jeremie felt his heart sink as he saw Ulrich's door off its hinges.

Jeremie ran into Ulrich's room to find it looking like a battle zone. Jeremie searched quickly, but it was as he suspected.

No Ulrich.

Fighting down the rising panic, Jeremie tore out of the dorms.

He nearly ran into a tall blonde girl. Heidi, Odd's date.

"Heidi," Jeremie panted. "Odd. Where is he?"

She snorted. "How should I know? We were at the movies when he went to get more popcorn. He never came back. Probably ditched me for the girl working the popcorn station. Stupid bimbo said she never saw him."

Jeremie felt a sinking feeling of dread. What had they done to Odd and Ulrich? Had they killed them?

Jeremie ran past Heidi, pushing these thoughts down. He had to get to Yumi's.

Jeremie ran through town, desperate. He got to the Ishyama's, to find the widow broken. He knew that the rest of the family was out of town.

Fighting back the terror, he ran to Yumi's room. He found the room in tatters. There was blood on one of the walls.

"No, no. Yumi, Aelita." Jeremie knelt in the middle of the room. Jeremie had been through lots, but he had never this feeling.

"They're not dead They're not dead," he repeated to himself.

Suddenly he whipped around, alerted by the tiny sound of some glass breaking behind him.

In the window was a dark figure, covered as to be unidentifiable, holding a gun in one hand.

Jeremie hardly even had time to register this, before he was hit with the sensation of being rammed by an elephant.

Everything went black.

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