back again. these random oneshots i continue to post are just random things ive written in my notepad app on my phone throughout the months.

anyway. here's a nice little oneshot in which rapunzel gives herself to the man she loves. despite the fact she's married to someone else.

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To The Man She Loves

Rated M

She couldn't keep her eyes from drifting over to the man in the corner; so familiar yet such a stranger in her eyes now. His appearance set off the memories she tried to push away ; their first words ; their first kiss ; the first time he made her float. These things she had once considered to be such treasured memories now seemed to be the focus of her recent nightmares.

The laws in the kingdom were fierce and they allowed no one of a criminal past to be slightly even considered to be an inheritant of a seat in the royal thrones. Much to her and his dismay, she had to marry someone who was eligible and he had to stop seeing her. After the horrid breakup, they didn't speak often. A simple 'hello' was all that usually was spoken in passing, along with an occasional 'good afternoon, princess'.

She didn't like it. Sure, Robert, her new husband, was a kind man. He was gentle and caring with her, but she felt no connection, and neither did he. They hardly kissed, only if in the company where they had to put up a show, and they never made love. Sure, they'd have to someday when her parents beckoned for grandchildren, but that was far away. This left them both uncomfortable, stressed, and desperate for any form of satisfaction.

That's when she began to watch Eugene more carefully; taking in every detail of that body she had fallen in love with. She'd seen him bare; well, parts of him bare. But never the whole thing. There was always some form of fabric on his toned body. She recently found herself idly daydreaming of what that body would look like beneath her fingers in a broom closet.

She needed satisfaction. She was a human, for goodness sake. And after he had /shown/ her what it was like to be floating on a sea of pleasure she'd never sailed on before, she needed it more. More, more, more. She always seemed to be a bit selfish about it.

She never knew the right time, though, nor did she know if he would even agree to it. Hell, they hadn't touched each other in almost a year.

She knew, though. Oh, she knew that his hands on her body would feel better than anything anybody else could do to her. She had almost forgotten the texture ; the rough callouses against her smooth and unexposed skin. His breath in her ear would warm her completely and send shocks of pleasure all the way to the tips of her bare toes. And his voice, oh, his voice would be deep, damp, and whispering words that set her a blaze.

God, she wanted him. And, dammit, she was going to get what she wanted.

The room cleared out as breakfast came to an end, but she made sure to bide her time by idly pushing the eggs around on her plate. She bid goodbye to her parents and accepted a kiss on the cheek by Robert before the room was emptied of everyone but her and the uniformed man in the corner.

She slowly picked up the pace of her eating, then, but she wasn't hungry for some petty plate of eggs. She was going to need something stronger than that to satisfy this hunger.

She heard Eugene shuffle a bit in place, clearing his throat. He hadn't meant it at her, but she looked up anyway.

"Did you need something?"

"Huh?" he looked over at her, his eyes not meeting hers. "Oh. No. Something in my throat."


She stared down at her plate, fed up with the yellow mess she had made. She cleared her throat, placing her napkin on the table before getting ready to push her chair back.

"Let me get that for you, princess," he hurried over, pulling her chair out. She gave him a confused look, laughing slightly as she stood up and smoothed her skirts.

"What was that for, Mr. Fitzherbert?"

She didn't like calling him that; being so formal. She liked calling him Eugene. She liked being informal with him, like skipping classes or sloppy kisses in the woods where nobody could see them. Now everything between them just seemed awkward.

"Just being chivalrous," he said, brushing his bangs out of his hair. She watched it move, ultimately falling back into his eyes. She sighed quietly, missing the feeling of her hands in his hair and the way his eyes would slip close when she did it.

"You alright?"

She hadn't realized how odd she must've looked; her hands squeezing lightly into the fabric of her green dress and her eyes closing slightly. She couldnt help herself, though. All these memories came flooding back full force and she found herself getting just a bit warmer in tempurature. She knew that feeling, no matter how long it had been since she had.

She opened her eyes, meeting his gaze in a silent connection.


He dropped his eyes first, clearing his throat before walking towards the door. "Well, if you're done, princess, I'll should be going-"

"Don't call me that," she interjected, stepping towards him. She was gonna do it. Or, do something, at least. She knew how to make him crazy. Well...she used to, that is.


"Rapunzel. My name is Rapunzel."

They looked at each other in an almost awkward silence. Her heart skipped as she swore she saw his eyes travel down her torso before meeting her gaze again.

"Rapunzel, I should be going-"


Silence once again struck the former couple; once thought to be utter soulmates. Once inseparable; now barely able to hold a conversation with each other. She stared at the man infront of her and her fingers twitched to just reach out and touch him. She missed him. And she needed him to show her that he missed her, too.

She reached out very slowly to connect her fingers with his. He sucked in air, his face a mix of confusion and worry, yet he didn't pull away. If anything, his fingers tightened with hers. She looked up to meet his stare.

"Rapunzel," he whispered. "What are you doing?"

She moved her hands to the bottom of his clothed stomach before slowly moving them up his torso as she put a steady pressure to make him walk backwards. His back made contact with the door and he pressed it shut. She moved closer, able to smell him again. For the first time in months, she could finally smell that woodsy, manly scent that had calmed her nightmares so many times before.


"Stop talking," she said, her arm going around his shoulders as she dragged him down to meet her lips in a kiss so sweet, so forbidden, yet so passionate that she was dizzy. His lips, closed, hesitant, lit her on fire as she stood on the tips of her toes so she could put in even more enthusiasm into it; as to tell him it was okay to kiss her. It was okay. It would be alright. Everything in her life was going to be okay.

He pulled back a bit, his forehead against hers as their breathing turned slightly heavier. She wrapped both arms around his neck, pressing her body flush against his.

"Rapunzel, we can't-"

"Yes, we can."

"I can't do that to him-"

"He won't know."

"Rapunzel," he said in a hushed, torn tone. His hands held either side of her face. "I can't lose you again."

"You won't," she pressed a soft kiss to his lips again and again. "I won't hurt you again."

"It'll happen. We can't stop it-"

"We can work around it."

"This is wrong."

"I don't want to be right."

"Oh, fuck," he groaned in defeat, pulling her face to his with so much need that it lifted her off her feet. She breathed out, realizing she had finally won. She had gotten the one thing she wanted; the one thing she truly needed.

He turned them so she was pressed against the door as his lips worked feverishly with hers. She had forgotten the taste; the feel; the way her toes curled when he dragged his tongue across her bottom lip. His fingers, one hand on her face and the other dragging heavily down her side, we're rough and warm and needy.

It was bliss. She hadn't realized how lonely she had been since he had left. The realization hit her hard, and she physically gasped; pressing her hands to her stomach. He met her eyes, his thumb light on her cheek. "What's wrong?"

Her lip quivered, her fingers reaching up to intertwine with his. "I missed you."

"You have no idea," he pulled her back to him, more slowly this time. She squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to take everything in. She didn't know when she'd get to kiss him again, if they even will kiss again. She had to keep him in her memory, and it had to be as real as it could be.

But the kissing wasn't enough. It wasn't showing her what she needed to see; telling her what she needed to know. She had to know he still loved her like he used to. She needed to feel it.

"Eugene," she whispered, moving to press her lips to his neck. He smelled of aftershave and perfection and just so him that she felt dizzy. "Show me. Touch me. Please."

He nodded, pressing a kiss to her cheek before getting down on his knees and taking her hands in his. He tugged lightly, looking up through his lashes at her and her knees felt weak. She slipped to the ground and he rested between her legs as she sat open for him. She was all his and she needed him to remember it. Despite the marriage with Robert, she was and always would be his. She didn't want to belong to anybody else but him, and she needed him to take her. To be her first. To show his ownership. It was sick, in a way, but she didn't care. She needed to belong to somebody.

He leaned in to kiss her gently as his fingers danced down the lace of her corset. She pulled the fabric off, leaving her torso bare in front of him. His eyes burned into her chest before he moved in to leave heated kisses on her cleavage and she whimpered beneath his touch.

"Eugene," she whispered, simply missing the way his name fell from her lips as his fingers pushed up the layers of her dress to rest near her stomach. He scooted away to help her slip out of her underwear, already wet with her need, and he was back between her thighs in no time. She cried out, throwing her head back as his fingers teased her entrance and his lips pulled at her chest. It had been far too long. "Eugene."

"Shush, Blondie," he mumbled into her skin, and she whimpered at the nickname. "We have to be quiet. Close your eyes. Just feel."

She pressed her back against the door as her eyes slipped closed and she focused on the soft and swift movements of his fingers. His free hand held one of hers tightly and he whispered words she'd not heard in months to her. Quiet, soft phrases that had her holding him tighter; closer. Phrases that had been covered with dust and cobwebs from being hidden in the depths of his heart for so long. Words they'd both needed to get out for the longest time; tired of the feeling of them bubbled up on their tongues with nowhere to go. Memories they'd prayed each other hadn't forgotten.

"Do you remember when I took you to the lights?" His voice was deep and quiet and she struggled to keep her voice hushed.

"Mhm," she sighed, then gasped as she felt him slip a finger inside her. She tightened around his hand before he added another, and then hesitantly, a third. She winced at the pain, the stretching, but it was perfect. It was freeing to know his hands were the only ones to be there; to do these things to her. She would forever be fitted to him and only him, and something about that made her moan. "Oh, god. Eugene."

"Say it again. My name. Say it."

The underlying urgency in his tone had her fingers tight in his hair as she pulled his ear to her lips. "Eugene." She closed her eyes and repeated it over and over again, fulfilling his every command. "Eugene, Eugene, Eugene."

He growled, leaving chaste kisses down her cheek before his gaze locked with hers. His lips rested nearly half an inch away from hers and she could feel the quickness of his breathing tickling her skin. His fingers quickened and she knew what he was trying to do.


"Do you remember the first time I touched you like this?"

The evening under the stars he was talking about flooded through her memory and she quietly cried out as the images and recollection of words sent her over the edge. His hand covered her mouth as his fingers sent her floating to a place she'd not been to in so long. It was warm and soft and she felt like she was melting into a puddle as his fingers brought her back down. Her body felt wobbly and she collapsed forward to lean against him as her lower half spasmed around his hand.

"Eugene," she breathed against the skin of his neck, her fingers reaching out to undo the metal clasps on his vest. She didn't want this to be the end. She wanted to make him feel the way she did. She needed to be close to him; in fear of never being close to him again.

He sensed this as well, and his movements were urgent as he pulled back a ways to rid himself of the restricting uniform. Her body quivered of aftershocks, anticipation, and blissful excitement, and he couldn't keep himself from repeatedly leaning back in to kiss her just one more time. Never knowing which meeting of lips would be their last.

After he rid himself of the last stitch of clothing on his body, he took her face in his hands and held her close. Her lips hovered mere centimeters away and she idly wondered why he was just looking at her.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked hesitantly, although the burning need in his eyes was more than apparent.

"Yes. Please," she whispered, pulling him closer. "Please. I need you."

He pressed forward, capturing her lips as his hand moved down to position himself. She moved to wrap her arms tightly around his neck in a tight embrace, bracing herself for what she knew would be somewhat painful. Especially since this was her first time.

"Wait, wait," she said as she felt him pushing at her entrance. " gentle. Please. I've never...uhm..."

He pulled his face back to stare at her. "You've've never done this?"

She shook her head gently, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "No. I couldn't. Eugene, I feel absolutely nothing with him at all. I still love you. I...I want you to be the one to take me; to have me first." To ruin her for anybody else.

She didn't know what she saw in his eyes, the expression on his face, but he moved his hand to trail down her cheek. His eyes searched hers, and she bit her lip at the intimacy of the moment. For once, she wasn't worried about anything at all. She was with him, she trusted him, and she wanted only him. He's all she's ever wanted; all she'd ever need.

He kissed her, one slow, tender, hard press of the lips before he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in for an embrace while his other hand took hold of his length.

"Just relax, Blondie," he whispered as she pressed her face into his neck as he began pushing.

The pain was horrible, much worse than she thought it would be. She felt tears prickling in her closed eyes as he slowly pushed on; stretching her; filling her. His hand rubbed her back warmly and his other rubbed small circles into her hip. "Shh. It's going to be okay."

He pressed once more, pushing all the way in, past the barrier, and she let out a welp before biting his shoulder to quiet herself as they sat in silence once again. She tried to adjust her position on his lap to be a more comfortable one and he waited patiently, so sweetly, as she tried to make this better for herself. She knew he must've been going mad just sitting there, but it was just another way to show how unrelenting his love for her is; was.

"You doing okay, princess?" he kissed her temple, smoothing back her short hair; the haircut that he had given her. The one she saw in the mirror every single day that brought back the memories of him. She could remember countless times of breaking down in tears as she stared at herself in the mirror.

"Yeah. You're just," she bit her lip, looking at him. "You're kinda big."

He gave her a small laugh, nuzzling her nose. "You're just tiny. We fit together pretty good, though. Don't you think?"

She nodded, starting a slow movement of her hips. She watched the humor on his face disappear as his mouth opened slowly and his eyes slipped close, a low groan erupting from deep in his throat.

She met his hips, more forcefully with each thrust, as her lips hovered above his mid-kiss. If she wasnt moaning, she was kissing him tenderly. His fingers intertwined with his as he slowly fell onto his back. She sat above him, completely open to him, shamelessly riding him faster and faster as her breathing sped up. Whatever pain there had been was now replaced by such intense pleasure that she wanted to scream. She was so full of him that she bordered on pain, but it felt perfect. He was right; they did fit together perfectly; almost as if they were built for each other.

She opened her eyes to his gaze burning into hers; his fingers tight on her hips. He looked at her like she was some sort of prized jewel, although she was far from it.

"Rapunzel," he groaned, sitting up and pinning her against the door once again as his thrusts grew harder. She gripped his upper arms as she felt herself getting closer and closer to falling over that wonderfully steep edge they used to frequent quite often, just not in this way. And he seemed to be in the same dilemma as she.

"I'm gonna...oh shit," he groaned, reaching down to pull himself out so he wouldn't release into her. But that was the complete opposite of what /she/ wanted.

"No!" she gripped his hips and pushed herself forward to take all of him again quickly, her eyes rolling back."Stay. Stay in...oh.."

"I can't, Rapunzel," he panted. "What if you get-"

"Herbs," she countered, kissing him. "I'll take them. Please. Show me you love me. Show me I'm yours."

She saw the torn expression in his eyes, across his features, and she shoved forward to meet his lips in a rough kiss as she tried to show him how she was feeling. She'd go take the damn things as soon as they were finished. She assumed they wouldn't taste very good, from her study in herbalism, but she didnt care. Her sick and twisted mind needed him to show her; to leave his mark.

He groaned into the sensitive skin of her neck as his hips slowly turned into a swirling motion, hitting just the right spot. She cried out, feeling her release close, and she soon tipped her head back as her back arched. She vaguely remembers hearing him whisper to her; deep, dark words telling her to come for him. And she did. Hard. His hand had to come up to muffle the deep moan in her throat; slipping off her tongue; being pulled from her soul.

She felt him pull her tightly against him as he fell over the edge and she could see straight. It was just her and him and nobody else. Nobody was here to tell her to go to some stupid party with her husband or to go judge some stupid archery contest in the square. Nobody to make her feel uncomfortable. Nobody to remind her just how miserable her real life is. It was Eugene; the man that saved her life. The man she had dreamed of marrying. The only man she loved, and who loved her back.

It was probably the last real moment they'd share. They'd go on their way and have to act like nothing ever happened. They'd have to hide the pain of knowing that the other was still madly in love with them, yet they couldn't do a thing about it.

The weight of the truth and the distant pain she knew she'd felt the moment they parted ways after this moment hit her like a blow to the stomach and she cried out, in pain this time, as she collapsed into his arms and began to sob.

He was stunned and confused, though he wrapped his arms tightly around her shaking frame as he moved into a more comfortable position; pulling himself out of her and cradling her in his lap. She cried quietly against his neck, unable to stop; unable to let go. And he felt it, too, as his grip always seemed to get just a little bit tighter with each passing moment.

Eventually, she could hear bustling outside the door and she knew they had to move. Without a word, without so much as a whisper, they rose to their feet and quickly put their clothes back on. He straightened out her skirts; she smoothed down his hair, and neither of them spoke a word. It was as if they knew a simple word could shatter everything. Shatter into millions of tiny fragments and memories; too sharp and too painful to pick up with bare hands. So they left good enough alone.

He kissed her once; a small puckering of his lips, before opening the door for her. She felt as if stepping out into the hallway, a hallway she'd frequented many times before, was like making the transition from dreaming to reality. The moment they had shared would

forever be nothing else but a dream; a distant memory she could never tell anybody about. But maybe she didn't. She was grown up, an adult. She can keep secrets.

When people asked, she told them they had gotten caught up in conversation and had forgotten the time. Robert, although skeptical, brushed it off; he knew the two had a past and were once best friends.

The pair passed in the hallway quite often. Sometimes she'd acknowledge him with a faint smile or a tip of the head. Or she would completely ignore his presence, afraid of a breakdown. Afraid of those hazel eyes stabbing memories into her heart; too powerful to hold back tears from.

Eventually, she'd forget. She'd be able to go on life without him. But not now. Not while the wounds were fresh and the words he had whispered to her still hot in her ear.

She took the herbs. Robert never found out. She went about her life the same way she had been since she was forced to leave Eugene in the first place. But she loved him. And she always would.