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To The Man She Loves

Rated M

Chapter 2

It had been nearly a month since Rapunzel's last encounter with Eugene, and yet, it felt like only yesterday when they gave each other to themselves that morning. Fevered lips, heated hands, and a love so painful plagued her dreams ever since. She felt terrible for Robert, her husband, for he had to deal with the aftermath of these nightmares. And, with each nightmare, Rapunzel found herself having to face the questions. She lied countless times, saying it was just nightmares form her days in the tower. Unfortunately, the select moans he'd claimed he'd heard said otherwise, and she knew he had his suspicions.

The moans, though, brought up a whole other subject entirely from Robert. It was the subject she prayed he'd never bring up, and that evening changed their entire relationship...

"Rapunzel?" Robert said softly one night as they lay in bed. Rapunzel had her nose buried in a fairytale that she had been reading the past few evenings.

"Yes?" She peeked over the novel, looking at her husband, whose face was very handsome in the dim candlelight. She always felt terrible for not loving him the way he wished she would. If not for her enormous attachment to Eugene, she believed she could've fallen for Robert. His soft eyes, square jaw, and kind demeanor would've easily swept her up and tangled her in a web of love. That is, if her heart wasn't already taken.

"May we talk?" He took the book between his thumb and forefinger and lightly pulcuked it from her hands before setting it beside her.

"Sure," she said quietly, nervously, as she placed her hands in her lap. Robert stared at her in silence, and that silence was killing her.

"Am I in trouble?" She kept her eyes down, barely whispering the sentence.

"No, darling," he said gently, his fingers twirling a piece of her hair. Her heart sped up as her body tensed: he'd never done that before. "You've done nothing wrong."

He moved in slowly, and Rapunzel didn't breathe. What was he doing? Why was he doing it? It was going to make everything fall apart at the seams. Things were finally not awkward with Robert, such as holding hands or sleeping in the same bed, but she knew that was about to be a thing of the past.

She closed her eyes as he moved his hands to rest on her stomach. His lips gently brushed her temple and slowly puckered as he moved down her cheek. She knew what he was trying to do, but it just wasn't working. She didn't want his hands and lips, she wanted Eugene's. She always would, and she knew she was eventually going to have to be upfront about it with Robert.

"R-Robert," she said quietly, gripping the comforter in her trembling hands. She expected him to back off, yet he didn't. He sucked gently at her neck as his hand moved towards her chest. "Robert, please stop."

She thought he would. But he didn't. He continued on, and then his hands were where Eugene's had been, and it was all just too much, and she fell apart.

"No! Stop!" She said loudly, pushing his hands away and scooting away, part of her seat falling off the side of the bed as the rest of her body followed and she landed with a loud thump on the floor. She looked up, waiting for him to come to rescue her, but he never did. She heard his frustrated sighs as she pulled herself to her feet and stood at the side of the bed, her arms wrapped around her stomach.

"I'm...I'm so sorr-"

"I don't want to hear it."

She sealed her lips and stood there in the silence. He sat motionless, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers.

The silence felt like it lasted hours, when, she knew, it was only a few moments. She was afraid of speaking. She felt like she wasn't allowed to speak.

"Why can't you just let him go, Rapunzel?" The words he muttered pierced her heart.

"It's not that-"

"Bullshit!" He yelled, looking at her with cold eyes. She took a step back. She'd never seen his eyes like that. "It's utter bullshit. What else could be the reason? You don't know what sex is?"

Uh oh. She knew where he was going to go with this. She knew it. Her heart sped up and her hands started to sweat. She kept her eyes to the ground, where she saw Pascal standing at her feel, rubbing against her ankles to tell her it was okay.

"You know, I probably would've believed that excuse, too, if not for what I hear come from your mouth at night."


"I've heard the moans. I'm not stupid, Rapunzel. People don't just moan sexually on their own. Whatever you two did before me, isn't my business," he looked her up and down with a look of disgust. She suddenly felt self conscious of her body. "You're lucky it hasn't gotten out. People would look down upon you. Doing something so intimate before marriage. It's quite disgusting, really. But, again, it isn't exactly my place to talk."

He started at her, getting out of bed and standing up. "You cannot dwell on whatever happened in the past. You're a princess. You have duties to your kingdom, as well as to your husband."

He walked over to her and held her face in his hands, rather tightly, she might add. She winced, his fingers beginning to pinch the skin of her cheeks. "I am your husband, Rapunzel. Do you understand that?"

She nodded gently, her fingers trembling. She was absolutely terrified.

"I know this is all new for you, what with you being up in that tower and all, but you've got to learn. No more of this 'taking things slow'. Do you hear me, Rapunzel?"

She had blocked out the rest of his speech, the words stinging and burning through what little self confidence and self worth she had mustered since her removal from the tower, and a tear escaped her eyes.

"Stop crying!" He yelled, gripping her by the shoulders. "I'm not going to stand by and let this happen anymore. You need to stop it, and start acting like an adult, let alone a princess!"

Eugene wouldn't yell at her for being slow or crying. He'd be patient with her, he'd hold her close until all the bad things were over.

She hated Robert in that moment. She had never hated anybody so much, not even Gothel. She hated him more than Gothel.

She put the back of her hand to her cheek and wiped away the single tear, putting on a mask and standing up straighter. His demeanor softened just a bit and he slid his hands slowly down her arms.

That's enough for this evening. Perhaps we can try again tomorrow?" He cupped her chin and tilted her head so she was forced to look into his eyes. She knew that was a question, not a statement, and she was required to answer. She nodded softly, and he kissed her lips softly. She felt like she was about to be sick.

He led her back under the covers, and crawled in next to her. She tensed up when she felt his arms snake around her waist and he wrapped himself around her from behind. He'd never done that before...

Ever since that evening, he would try the same thing every single evening, and she would be forced into doing what he wanted. She had input of course, but usually her answer had to be yes, or she was called a disappointment and told she needed to try harder.

One evening, though, she couldn't bare to do it another night. She took a pillow, blanket, and Pascal up into one of the tallest points in the tower to a small loft she had discovered running around Eugene.

"This is incredible!" Rapunzel spun around, running to the giant window that overlooked the entire city of Corona. Eugene wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck.

"This is our secret place, okay? It's impossible for anybody else to find. If anything ever happens, or we need to get away, we meet here," he spun her around so she was looking in his eyes. "Promise?"

"Promise!" She leaned up and gave him a long kiss.

Robert wouldn't be able to find her. As she set up her makeshift bed in the window seat beside the window, she idly wondered how Robert would react. He would either not care, or send guards out looking for her.

As she drifted off to sleep gazing at the stars from her own little tower, she realized she didn't care what happened.

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