It's done. I've bought my father's and Mrs. Lovett's places at 186 Fleet Street. As far as I know, nobody suspects anything, not that I'm doing anything wrong.

I've decided that I'll open up a book shop here.

The whole upper floor will be my apartment, like back when my father was Benjamin Barker, back when things were normal… back when I was too little to remember. The main floor is going to be the shop, set up in Mrs. Lovett's bakery. The parlor will still be a parlor, sort of a little reading room. If I get enough books, I may use the cellar as a storeroom, unless it's too damp to keep the books down there.

I'm a little worried that business will be more than slow, due to the reputation of the place.

It's a bit strange… There's this young man that's been hanging around outside here. He seems familiar… He's not Anthony, but that's who he sort of reminds me of. I'm not sure why.

Should I take this as a bad sign?