Title: A Deal with God (1/2)
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, fairytale or real world

Summary: Emma finds Regina in the cemetery mourning Graham's death.

Why is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me we both matter don't we?
You, It's you and me,
It's you and me who won't be unhappy – "Running up that hill," Kate Bush

Emma's sigh turned into a yawn as she passed by the Storybrooke cemetery on her third round that day. It had been 2 weeks since Graham had died suddenly in her arms. There had been a short service and burial. Graham had no family to contact so the city (a.k.a. Regina) had paid for his funeral arrangements. Emma had stood in back, arms crossed, looking on as Graham's casket was lowered into the grave, watching the crowd grieve. Regina had looked stunning in her black skirt and suit, but Emma averted her eyes when she walked by, and hadn't spoken to her since their fight and what had turned out to be Graham's last few hours on earth.

Emma parked in front of the cemetery contemplating an early evening nap before she returned to the station to finish up paperwork. Her mind wouldn't rest, so she decided to stroll among the graves, and visit Graham's. She took her flashlight and began to zigzag through the uneven grave markers. The sun had just set, and the eerie quiet and cold breeze caused the hair on the back of Emma's neck to rise. She easily found Graham's tombstone. She kneeled down and thought of the kindness he showed in hiring her despite Regina's wishes.

She thought she heard a voice coming from over the hill. She strained to hear and could just make out the sound of crying. She got up to see who was out there. As she drew closer she could definitely hear crying, and praying. She made out the word "father." Emma kept her flashlight off as she didn't want to startle anyone. By the time she got close enough to see who it was she had been seen as well. It was Regina all alone ,sitting on the step in front of her father's Mausoleum.

"Who is it?" Regina called out, ice in her voice.

"It's me, Emma," Emma could see Regina's pale tear stained face in stark contrast to her black hair, and black attire.

"What are you doing out here?" Regina asked defensively , quickly wiping away her tears with her black leather gloves.

"I'm doing my rounds, I heard… crying and I thought I'd come see if you were okay," Emma said sincerely concerned for Regina as she dared to walk closer. She realized no one had really known that she and Graham were together besides Emma, and she must be taking his death extremely hard.

"I wasn't crying," Regina snapped.

"Okay…?" Emma had clearly heard her and they both knew it.

Regina shook her head in sadness and whispered, "Just don't tell anyone. I mustn't appear weak."

Emma felt terrible for Regina. She must be so lonely, and loneliness was a feeling Emma knew well. She wouldn't wish it on her worst enemy, who consequently was sitting before her. Emma slowly edged in and sat down next to Regina who appeared thinner and more fragile than Emma had ever seen her before.

"It's okay to feel sad, Madam Mayor. It's okay to cry. We're all grieving. Do you want to talk about it?" Emma said soothingly, carefully wrapping her arm around Regina's waist, reaching her other hand out to brush her fingers and place Regina's hand in her own. Emma noticed Regina was freezing cold. She felt Regina stiffen at the contact, but neither woman made a move to pull away. She looked away for a moment and then looked into Emma's eyes where the true depth of her sadness was revealed.

"It seems like forever ago that we were fighting in this same place," Regina remarked, letting her fingers squeeze Emma's back.

"It does. The service was nice, Regina. It was good of you to make sure he had a proper burial," Emma said as they both contemplated the unresolved feelings still lingering from their fight.

"Don't say that," Regina's lip quivered and she looked like she would burst into tears again. "I think I had better go, Miss Swan."

"Regina, where is your car? I didn't see it in the parking lot?" Emma asked.

"I walked," Regina replied, pushing herself up from the cement step.

"It's getting colder, and you are already freezing. Don't deny it, I felt you shivering. Let me drive you," Emma offered. Feeling it was her duty anyway.

"Certainly not, Deputy, I have a dinner reservation to get to. I'm just walking over to Les Poissons," Regina said curtly, brushing Emma's hand off her shoulder.

Emma stood by idly and let Regina stomp ahead of her, she paced back and forth annoyed at being dismissed when she was just trying to help, "I'm going to follow you to make sure you're okay," Emma called after her.

Regina walked about 20 paces when out from behind a gravestone the big white wolf with the blood red eye emerged and bared its teeth at her. Regina stopped dead in her tracks, paralyzed by fear. She put her hands out in front of her and slowly took one step back. Emma was still standing back at the tomb taking some calming deep breaths. Like any interaction with the mayor she always had to calm herself down for a minute.

When Emma looked up she was shocked to see Regina backing away slowly as the wolf advanced on her. Regina tripped on a small headstone and fell backwards into the wet grass. The wolf circled her and howled. Emma's eyes grew wide and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She pulled her gun and fired it 2 shots into the air. The wolf looked up at her and then ran off into the woods.

Emma raced over to Regina who was still on the ground, "Regina, are you okay?"

Emma reached out and Regina gladly took her hand. Emma pulled her to her feet easily, noticing that Regina was hyperventilating. Regina trembled like a leaf, and her body was impossibly col, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She looked traumatized and reached out instinctively clutching Emma's bicep. Emma claimed she wasn't the maternal type, but her first reaction, despite that this woman was her enemy, was to wrap Regina in a huge bear hug.

"Hey, it's okay. The wolf is gone, just concentrate on slowing down your breathing," Emma whispered wrapping her arms tighter around Regina. Regina hugged her back, nails running up and down her back. Emma could smell Regina's apple scented soap as her nose was practically against her neck.

"Where the hell did that wolf come from?" Regina asked trying to sound tough, but failing miserably as her voice broke and only her breath carried the end of the sentence.

"He's gone now, he didn't hurt you," Emma reassured as they both stayed still clinging to each other. Emma felt Regina warming up slightly as she held her close, and Emma had lost track of how long they had been holding onto each other.

"He would have killed me, if you hadn't …You didn't shoot the wolf?" Regina asked, shock still apparent in her voice.

"Mmm, no, I just fired my gun to scare him away," Emma started to pull out of the hug from Regina to look at her, but felt Regina tighten her arms around her and pull her closer.

"Wait…just don't move…you're so warm," Regina sighed against Emma's neck. Then Emma, who had maybe let herself get a bit too relaxed, felt Regina do what she could only describe as "nuzzle" against her. Emma could feel her warm breath in and out against her neck and it was causing her nerve endings to tingle pleasantly.

Against her better judgment, Emma relaxed even further against the mayor oddly enjoying the closeness with the one person who always pushed her away like the repelling force of a magnet. Body heat keeping them both warm as they stood in the stillness, only the hollow sound of each other's breathing echoing in their ears.

"Emma, would you be willing to accompany me to dinner?" Regina asked softly, "As a thank you for saving me?"

"I'm starving," Emma said smiling, as they slowly stepped away from each other. Emma let go of Regina, feeling slightly embarrassed for letting herself get so carried away, but was surprised when Regina continued to clutch Emma's arm in her own as they walked back to town through the graveyard.