Title: A Deal with God (5/5)

Pairing: Regina/Emma

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, fairytale or real world

Author's note: Someone gave me feedback that Regina wouldn't do her own dishes, but I disagree. I see her very much like Bree from DH, always maintaining cleanliness and appearances as a way to mask the mess of her emotions.

These tears I've cried
I've cried 1000 oceans
and if it seems I'm floating
in the darkness

Well, I can't believe that I would keep,
keep you from flying
so, I will cry 1000 more
if that's what it takes
to sail you home, sail you home – "1000 Oceans" Tori Amos

Emma re-entered the kitchen, surprised to find that Regina had changed into her silky black pajamas that had little gray matte flourishes and swirls only visible from certain angles. Emma was tempted to ask if they were having a sleepover, but her voice died in her throat when she noticed that Regina was not wearing a bra, and the spaghetti strapped camisole top was slightly see through.

Emma was amazed at how quickly Regina had managed to clean the kitchen, all without getting covered in sticky oatmeal. She ran the garbage disposal and placed the last of the bowls in the dishwasher while Emma slowly wiped down the counter. Regina had already poured them each a strong drink. It was black, smelled like sage, and burned all the way down to her gut, but oddly Emma enjoyed it. Regina crooked an eyebrow as she watched Emma sip it, seemingly pleased.

Regina couldn't resist bitching for long, "That little trollop broke one of my kitchen chairs too! I should have made her walk home. She could have been eaten by that wolf…or a bear!"


"Yeah, that girl was quirky or something," Emma deadpanned ready to never speak of her again. Emma had assumed the incident with the babysitter had ruined the delicate curtain of lust that had hung around them earlier. But she had not anticipated just how excited the mayor got when she was angry and full of rage. She seemed to need something to hate on in order to feel any passion at all, and currently she was on fire.

"Shall we put on the fire and sit for a spell?" Regina suggested sweeping in close to Emma, refilling her drink, and ushering her out of the kitchen, switching the light off behind her.

"Sure," Emma just let her guide her to the living room, and hastily plopped down on the sofa. The headache that had threatened to envelope her skull had dissipated and been replaced once again by the buzz of alcohol. Regina started the fire and then confidently sat down right next to her, drink in hand.

Regina swirled her drink and sipped it, staring at the fire, unsure of what to talk about. Her frantic energy had slowed down, leaving residual sparks that reflected in the flickering light.

Emma took a deep breath and dared to peek at Regina without moving her head. The house was quiet save for the low hum of the dishwasher and the crackle of the fire. Emma let the heat radiating from the fire sooth her; she let her eyes slip shut for a moment. She felt heavy and tired, like she'd been balancing on a precipice for too long. She just wanted to let herself fall.

When she opened her eyes Regina was closer, really close. Her face just inches from Emma. She hadn't even felt the couch shift with her movement. Regina was studying her features, her eyes darted quickly scanning her apple cheeks and full lips. Emma couldn't help but be captivated by Regina; she fixated on the beauty mark by her lip.

"You kissed me," Regina stated, voice low, and her gaze unwavering.

"Uh-huh," Emma emitted a noise, and sat back nervously trying to regain some distance, but Regina moved forward forcing Emma back into the sofa with nowhere to go.

"Are you going to do it again?"

Emma swallowed, not sure how to respond. She whispered honestly, "I want to."

With that admission, Regina shivered lightly, stood up and wandered off and upstairs without so much as throwing a backwards glance in Emma's direction.

Emma slowly got up and had no choice but to follow her up the stairs, and down the hall to her bedroom. This was getting serious. Emma had been waiting for Regina to show her out the door and into the night, at any moment and as that possibility grew less likely she felt nervous and simultaneously elated.

Regina held up a black tank top and shorts, "do you want to put this on? Or at least, take that outfit off and get a bit more comfortable?"

Emma glanced down at her jeans and tank, now feeling as though she was suffocating in her daily uniform. Regina crawled onto the bed, tucking her legs beneath her, and watching Emma's every move like a warrior poised for a sneak attack.

"I guess we are having a sleepover," Emma tried to break the tension with a bit of humor, but she should know by now that never worked with Regina.

"Strip," Regina commanded, making a conscious decision to be more direct. Her desire to touch Emma was ever increasing. She wanted to do more than just touch her; she wanted to feel every inch of her with her lips, tongue and teeth.

Emma pulled off her shirt and moved over to the bed, feeling on display and vulnerable. She almost felt like she was in a good horror film; she wanted to find out what happened in the end, but was scared to look.

Regina gently flicked Emma's bra straps down from her shoulders running her fingers along her prominent collar bone, then reaching around her back to undo the clasp and pulled it off slowly. Regina grasped Emma's back and pulled her forward, causing her legs to hit the edge of the bed. She got on the bed on her knees and let Regina embrace her fully, their bodies connecting in a blanket of warmth.

Regina rested her forearms on Emma's shoulders clasping her hands around her neck and gently massaging her head. Emma pressed forward and finally kissed her. Softly, lips barely brushing together. Unlike the hard quick kiss from earlier, this kiss was exploratory and tentative. Regina urged Emma tighter against her body, and heightened the intensity of the kiss.

The room was dark and quiet, and Emma finally let herself relax against Regina and into the kiss. They pulled apart to catch their breath. Regina's lips were swollen and slightly parted. Irresistible, Emma thought before launching herself at Regina and capturing her lips in another kiss. Emma pulled Regina's top off and threw it down, and pushed her onto the mattress. Regina shifted her legs, falling onto her back and allowing Emma to crawl on top of her.

From her intimate position hovering above, Emma took note of the frightened, yet completely lust filled expression in Regina's eyes. Emma was certain that her own eyes mirrored the expression. The look gave Emma the confidence to descend on Regina, kissing down the curve of her neck, nibbling her pulse point, and coaxing out a breathless moan that was music to Emma's ears.

Regina's hands roamed languidly up and down Emma's back, trailing lower and squeezing her ass, forcing her hips down over hers. Emma stopped holding herself up and fell on top of Regina for a moment, their bodies pressed solidly together: breast to breast, hips to hips. Regina enjoyed the comfort of Emma: heat, weight, flesh covering her body more than she ever had imagined she would. It was so real and tangible, unlike most things felt in her life, and she luxuriated in the feeling.

Then Emma slowly dragged her mouth down Regina's torso, caressing and sucking on her hardened nipples, and Regina realized the pleasure she was experiencing was about to get impossibly more intense. Emma moved her mouth lower over her stomach and then hooked her fingers in the waistband of Regina's sleep pants and pulled the silken material down. Emma looked into Regina's eyes seeking permission to touch her intimately. Regina stopped Emma's hands with her own and decided it was her turn to please. Regina wished to delay her own pleasure, enjoying and punishing herself with the almost intolerable ache between her legs.

She took Emma off guard, showing her strength, pushing her off and gaining position over her. Not wasting a moment to undo the blonde's jeans and pull them down, leaving Emma squirming and dazed in her pink panties. Regina took a moment to gaze at her beauty, cheeks flushed and hair splayed out on the bed, anticipating Regina's next move. So trusting. So open, Regina thought, as she stroked Emma's cheek. She licked her own lips as a sudden desire bubbled up in her to mark and claim Emma's pale skin. She sucked her neck and chest hungrily, leaving a unique brand of her own.

She forcefully kissed Emma reigniting her furious desire to consume her like a fire consumes everything in its path. Regina's fingers searched the heat between Emma's thighs teasing her wetness, and studying Emma's face the whole time. Emma bucked lightly against Regina's hand wordlessly urging her to give her more. Regina smirked, happy to oblige, and happy to give Emma more than she could handle. Regina practically ripped Emma's panties off, the act causing a strong pang of arousal to run through Regina anew. She spread Emma's legs wider and went down on her before Emma could even gasp in surprise. Her body reacted to the sudden pleasure straight away, just about bucking Regina off of her, but Regina pressed her hips firmly back down and took her time slowly licking her up and down, and finally adding her finger pushing inside her, and invading her body in the best way possible.

With agonizing precision Regina knew how to drive Emma's pleasure up and up, but did not give in to her desire for release. Not yet anyway. This was the part Regina enjoyed the most: the control she exuded over her. Regina felt the same delightful burning torture in her own sex. Emma was grinding and pressing her pelvis into Regina's mouth. Regina's fingers twisted inside of Emma causing her to keep a death grip on the sheets. Her eyes were closed tight; she was concentrating on nothing but the feel of Regina's hot mouth and fingers pounding into her at a maddening pace toward her climax.

Finally, just as Emma thought she couldn't take it for another second she felt her orgasm rumbling through her. Regina felt the force of Emma's orgasm and it reminded her of the feeling of the earth as she had enacted her black swirling dark curse. This is what the end of the world feels like. Regina tried to keep up the frantic jerking of hips as Emma came: sitting up, wide eyed and open mouthed like she was waking up for a beautiful nightmare. As Emma recovered, Regina slowed her movements, carefully sliding her fingers from Emma's pussy and crawling up and alongside her body.

Their bodies had barely begun to cool when Emma grabbed hold of Regina pulling her up onto her knees. Regina was confused for a moment, until Emma slurred in a hot whisper against her ear, "I want to fuck you."

Regina sighed and let Emma position her; surprised that Emma wanted her cunt against her mouth. Regina slid into place over Emma's mouth, drawing in a sharp breath, and wincing slightly as Emma nuzzled her overly-sensitive pussy. Regina pressed her body against the headboard to help hold her up, careful not to grind too hard against Emma's face or grip her head too tightly with her thighs.

The feeling of Emma humming into her caused Regina to twitch her hips. Regina felt doted on, tended to and so free as Emma lovingly ate her pussy. Regina shifted position, throwing her head back in ecstasy, squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples hard enough to blur and divide the line between pleasure and pain. As her orgasm closed in, Regina no longer cared if she smothered Emma she ground her pussy into her eager mouth, cumming with abandon all over Emma's pretty face.

Regina's knees shook under her, and she slid off of Emma, flopping down onto the bed next to her. The sound of both of women trying to slow and control their heavy breathing was the only sound filling the room. Regina turned her head to glance at Emma, who looked pleasantly spent and messy. The sight made Regina genuinely smile, in awe of the woman next to her as they basked in the afterglow. Emma caught her eye and her smile. She rolled onto her side and met Regina in a soft and loving kiss.

"Remind me send a bouquet of roses to that wolf who tried to eat you, or send whatever wolves like. A bouquet of rabbits?" Emma laughed, and then bit her lip, looking in reverence at Regina.

Regina's eyes shined with unshed tears, feeling as though she had finally made a connection. Something was changing inside of her. She knew there was a void in her. An emptiness they said could never be filled, but after tonight she no longer believed it. The feelings she had for Emma were strong, thrilling and in her experience, dangerous, but that made it all the more powerful and real. If that void was a dry ocean bed, then each smile from Emma and each touch of her affection equaled a droplet of water that would slowly, slowly fill her soul and make her whole.