Time continues to flow . . .

Author: Yaboshi,Satou

Genre: Family(ish)

Summary: Ruu-kun is back, or is he ? . . .

Disclaimer: Neither Daa! Daa! Daa! nor Shin! Daa! Daa! Daa! belong to me, they are the property of Kawamura Mika – Sensei, as are the characters from these manga's.

A/N This story starts at the hug at the end of Shin d!3 right after Ruu said I'm Back Miu. . .

Chapter 1. - Ruu is Back

Minutes Later, After she finally let go of him "Mama & papa are inside the home, you should greet them." she told Ruu. "Yeah, i'll do that Miu" he said "Where are you going now? school?" he inquired.

"Yes i have to go to school now, and without Ran's convincing machine it won't work for you to come without being a student." She teased Ruu, playfully sticking out her tongue, Ruu just smiled back at her.

"Will you be at home when i get back from school?" she asked Ruu, hoping that he'd say yes.

"Yah, i'll try to be. But it really all depends on papa and mama's answer." he replied.

After That Miu hurried off to school, Ruu on the other hand stood on the same spot for a few minutes and looked at the temple entrance with mixed feelings.

While Miu ran to school she remembered that Papa and Mama had told her more of the time they were looking after Ruu when he was just a baby, she smiled to herself.

Realising that their love for Ruu as a son had never left, she had noticed that when Ruu was staying there 2 years ago, at the beginning of this feeling she had felt a little jealous.

but she soon shrugged it off and felt she was being foolish, Mama and papa had never shown her more, or less love then before Ruu came to visit at that time. Still running she wondered what Ruu meant by "It really all depends on papa and mama's answer."

Meanwhile at the Saionji Temple,

Ruu walked into the yard to see mama sweeping the place.

"Ruu-kun" Miyu exclaimed happily as she saw him entering yard, then she dropped her broom and ran to hug him.

At the same time Kanata who had been busy inside the main Temple walked outside just in time to hear his wife's exclamation and see her dashing to Ruu, a small smile crept onto his face at the scene before him.

"Mama" Ruu-kun smiled and received the hug from his Earth mother, then he saw his Earth father looking at them with a smile and called "Papa", at this Kanata walked over to his wife and Ruu-kun who he also gave a hug.

"Mama, papa, i have a letter here from my parents on Planet Otto." Ruu told them holding out a sort of aluminium envelope. "First let's go inside and have some tea." Kanata said happy to see his wife in such good spirits and equally happy that the boy that they loved as their son was there. While Ruu and Kanata sat down on opposite sides of the low table, Kanata put the envelope down in the middle of where his wife would soon be joining them on the table. Ruu was happy to see his Earth parents but was also feeling slightly impatient, when will they open the envelope and read the letter? He thought to himself while keeping what he thought a relaxed exterior. Kanata saw that Ruu wasn't really as relaxed as he seemed to be when he glanced into his eyes. "What is it Ruu?" he asked fatherly although he had a feeling that it had something to do with the letter that Ruu had brought. Kanata had been a little shocked but really happy at the same time even though he never showed how much it pleased him to see the boy who all those years ago had continually called him papa. Kanata knew he wasn't the showing kind of person and it bothered him even though the last years he had actually learned to show his feelings a bit more.

"Ahh, papa, it's all-in the letter." Ruu said somewhat surprised that his Earth father had sensed his slight impatientness. "Well, i guess we better wait for mama to come then before we open it and read it." Kanata replied with a small chuckle although he himself was mighty curious as to what Ruu's parents on Planet Otto might want to say to them. Finally Miyu came in with the tea tray and laid it on the low table, there she saw 2 pairs of eyes watching her impatiently. "What? What is the matter?" Miyu asked stunned that her husband was looking at her impatiently. "Well, just sit down and pour the tea first." Kanata replied, suddenly thinking of stretching the moment of truth for Ruu, it wasn't to hurt the boy and it wouldn't be more then a few minutes at most, just a small tease that's all. He thought to himself. When all of a sudden realisation struck him that since Ruu had been calling them papa and mama he had subconciously just gone with that, ah whatever, if it's fine with him to continue to call us that, then it's fine with me. He thought to himself wondering if Miyu would feel the same way, he was 99.9% sure she would. As she sat herself down and took a hold of her own cup of tea Miyu noticed that Ruu was still impatient.

"Ruu-kun, what is the matter?" She asked startled at his impatientness, right at that time she caught a small smirk from her husband and saw something metal coloured lying on the table, as she picked it up she saw it was the envelope that Ruu had earlier handed to Kanata, and she saw that it was still un-opened, Kanata just gave gave a slight nod and turned to see Ruu's expression change to eagerness for them to read it. Miyu picked up the envelope and saw that it had their names printed on the front.


Miyu-San & Kanata-San

Then she handed the envelope to her husband and motioned for him to open it, while she scooted nearer to him,

Adjusting his sit Kanata started reading while his wife read over his shoulder.

Dear Miyu-San & Kanata-San,

We hope you are doing allright, and are still very thankfull to you for looking after our Ruu,

When he was sent to your planet. Arigatou Gozaimasu again.

When Ruu saw you again 2 years ago he realised that he really missed you so he told us

That he wanted to live on earth again for awhile.

Although Ruu has reached the age where here on Planet Otto they have finished their schooling

and usually start their working life and also start living on their own,

We feel that if he is to live on Earth as is his wish, we would want him close to people who know him

and can help him to adjust to surroundings different then here.

So we decided that it would depend on whether or not you would take care of him while he is living on Earth.

Please write your answer and send it back with Ruu, after all if he is to live on Earth he would have to come back first to get some of his belongings.


Rao & Jin*

After reading the letter Kanata and Miyu turned to face Ruu who was looking hopefully at his Earth parents,

"Ruu, you understand that 'papa' and i have to talk about this before we come to a decision." Miyu told him.

After hearing his 'mama' say that Ruu started to look a little gloomy because they weren't directly thrilled with the idea but he hid his gloominess as best as he good which unfortuneatly wasn't good enough to hide it from either Kanata or Miyu. Meanwhile Kanata looked at the clock and then spoke "Ruu, 'mama' and i are going to talk about this maybe you can walk to the school and walk Miu home in the meantime." Respecting his earth father's request Ruu nodded and bowed while leaving them alone to walk to the school which was nearing the end of the last class for Miu.

"Kanata, you know i would love for our 'son' to come home." Miyu said to her husband who just nodded and replied "Yes, Miyu so would i, but the question is not if we love him, it's if we can handle two teenagers at the same time, and what are we going to say when we enroll him into the school here? I mean it's not like Miu has a biological brother and we don't exactly have a Earth birth certificate for Ruu." After a small pause Miyu retaliated with "Thats true, i know what you mean, thing is for handling him we could lay down some rules for Ruu, like no using his powers on Earth, and no making everyone look dumb haha, hmmm, Kanata is that really all?" and they continued their discussion looking at it from every possible angle.

Meanwhile at the school:

Ruu was standing outside the gate and waiting for Miu to come outside and when he saw her exit the building surrounded by a bunch of friends both boys and girls he frowned slightly before he raised his voice and hand,

"Miu" hearing someone call her name Miu looked and saw Ruu standing at the gate waving at her.

"ne, Miu who is that guy?" her friends asked her but pretending that she didn't hear them she waved back to Ruu and yelled " Ruu" and ran towards him dodging everyone in between them. When she got to him she just hugged him, and Ruu in turn patted her on the back saying, "Lets go home Miu."

When they got to the base of the temple stairs and started climbing them together, Miu looked at Ruu and asked the question that was burning in her mind ever since she saw Ruu at the schoolgate, "ne, Ruu are you okay? Did something happen?" Ruu stunned by the concern in her voice looked to her and saw the worry also reflected in her eyes. "ah, it's nothing Miu." And sighed "i'm just thinking if 'mama' and 'papa' say no it might be a long time before i can come back again." Having reached the top of the stairs they walked calmly towards the door and slid it open.

"Tadaima" they both yelled.

Miyu and Kanata had come to a decision while Ruu was getting Miu and had also written a reply to Ruu's parents on

Planet Otto. Hearing their 'son' and daughter arriving home Kanata stepped out of his office and said "Okaeri" to them. Then he turned to Ruu and said "Ruu, will you come to my office please." When Ruu heard that he started to think that his request had been dismissed, but obediently followed his papa into his office closing the door behind him. Kanata sat down behind his desk and commandingly told Ruu to take a seat. Hearing his papa say "Ruu, take a seat." Ruu sat down still thinking that his request was being dismissed. Kanata cleared his throat and started "Ruu, as your earth parents your mama and i have talked it all over and having weighed all the possibilities we come to a decision." Ruu looked at his papa and was at first stunned when he heard what his papa said, "we've decided to grant your request but their are a few conditions." Ruu 's face lit up immediately which brought a smile to Kanata's face aswell then he resumed "Ruu, these conditions i spoke about are to be obeyed all the time, breaking one of them will mean the termination of your time living here. These are the conditions, i think you already know what the first one is but okay,

1. You are prohibited from using your ESP, unless it is an immediate life threatening situation for you or a member of your earth home.

2. You will live here in this home, just like when you were a baby, and you will use the same room you used to have.

3. You will act dumber then you are in school, yes you will go to school here, and that is because of your age my boy. You don't have to be the dumbest kid in class but try to be average.

4. Since you will be going to the same school as Miu, we are going to have to think of what we are going to tell the school about what your relationship to us is, we know that you love Miu, and that Miu loves you just remember son, while you are living here she'll be your younger sister."

Ruu was too overjoyed with his request being granted that he stood up and hugged his earth father who was standing by the window now with his back towards Ruu. Still being hugged by Ruu, Kanata turned around and ruffled the hair of his 'son' while smiling. Miyu and Miu then walked in each carrying a tray, on Miyu's tray there were four glasses with softdrinks and on Miu's tray there were a bowl of pumpkin chips and a bowl of Natural flavoured chips.

When Miyu saw her 'son' hugging his papa she knew that he had been told the news and smiled to her husband who was also smiling, Miu who didn't exactly know what was going on turned and looked questioningly at her mother who motioned for her to sit down, then she called Ruu and her husband aswell and when everyone was seated around the low table with Kanata and Miyu on one side and Ruu and Miu on the other side Miyu turned to her daughter and said "Miu dear, Ruu will be moving in since he is going to live on earth again for some time, he will also be going to the same school you attend and " she glanced at her husband and when he nodded said "and will be carrying our family surname. So at school he'll be Saionji Ruu, your foster brother, so you two are expected to conduct yourselves as brother and sister." She finished. Miu just looked at Ruu and whispered softly to him "did you know this?" Ruu thought for a sec and in the same volume replied I requested to live on earth again, and papa just laid out the conditions to me, but i don't care if we can't be lovey dovey, aslong as we are close to each other thats all i want or need. Although the two teens were whispering as they thought inaudibly Kanata and Miyu heard every word and just looked at eachother smiling then returning to face the two teens again, Miyu smiled happily and stated, "Ah it feels great having our son come home." Which ofcourse led to Ruu hugging his 'mama'.

A/N: This is the first time i write a story and since the closing of Shin Daa! Daa! Daa! Just didn't work for me i went from there. Constructive Critisism is always welcome, as are reviews good or bad after all we are all entitled to our own opinions.

* I'm not sure but i do not recall the name's of Ruu's real parents ever being mentioned in either the Manga or the Animé. So just for this story i named them 'Rao' for his biological father and 'Jin' for his biological mother.

In the following chapter(s) some other friends might pop-up, as will ofcourse Miu's school friends.