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Yuuta laughed and told Miu,

"Good thinking." Just then Ruu cursed and Yuuta's and Miu's heads snapped up to see what was wrong. . . .

Chapter 4. – Yuuta's Stay part 1.

"Ruu?" Yuuta asked. " Ruu-Nii?" Miu asked. Both sounding concerned.

" Ahhh, it's nothing big, minna." Ruu said, " I just used the wrong formula on all my math problems. So I have to do that all over again." " Ouch, that bites." Yuuta and Miu said in unison. Then they looked at eachother surprised. Hearing Miu and Yuuta talking in unison Ruu looked up and started laughing at their surprised faces, "Hahaha, you guys should see yourselfs, whahaha." "Anyway Yuuta, it's gonna be quite a bit more then 10 minutes before i'm finished now, There are manga's in our room if you want to read or maybe you can play a game with Miu-Nee or oyaji or okaa-san." Ruu spoke to Yuuta once he stopped laughing.

"Hmmm, we'll see lemme think about it." was all that Yuuta replied to Ruu, while Ruu quickly got back to fixing his math problems.

A few minutes passed and seeing as Ruu was too busy correcting his math Miu decided to call it quits and pay attention to Yuuta. "Ne Yuuta, so what do you think of playing a game of cards?" Miu's voice broke the silence.

Yuuta looked up from trying to decide and smiled at Miu as he replied, "Sure."

After that Miu and Yuuta exited the room leaving Ruu alone with his homework.

They walked to the living room and played a game of cards while sitting in the living room. They played game after game sometimes Yuuta would win and be a little noisy other times Miu would win and be very noisy. One time after Miu had won and was being very noisy, Kanata walked into the living room and spoke, "Miu can you please be a bit more quiet, I can hear you all the way in the office near the front door. It's fine that you're enjoying your selfs with a game but let it be a bit less vocal please."

Miu bowed her head, slightly pouting, and replied meekly, "Hai, Oyaji. Gomen ne."

After that Kanata, went back to the office.

About 10 minutes later Miu had just lost the latest game of cards to Yuuta as Ruu walked into the living room.

"Gomen Yuuta for making you undergo the torture of Miu-Nee." Ruu said as he walked in.

Miu hearing this just looked at Ruu blankly and replied with a slight hint of venom in her voice, "It's still better then looking at you doing your homework because you made that formula mistake that even a 7 year old wouldn't make." Ruu slightly blushed at Miu's remark but quickly recovered his cool and shrugged his shoulders replying, "Hey sue me, i'm only human. Even the best make mistakes." Then he stuck his tongue out at Miu playfully and Miu couldn't help but laugh, however Miu couldn't laugh slilently so Yuuta quickly leaned over to Miu to cover her mouth so that her laughing wouldn't bring out Kanata Oji-san again Ruu looked on in amazement as Yuuta did this until Yuuta hissed at Miu, "Ne, Miu do you really want Kanata Oji-san to get annoyed?". "What was that about Oyaji?" Ruu then asked Yuuta surprised. "Ah, Kanata Oji-san came in earlier because Miu, well actually, we, were being quite noisy and asked us to keep it down." Yuuta quickly explained to Ruu. Once Yuuta noticed that Miu had calmed down he let go of her and spoke, "Gomen ne, Miu. I just thought it would be bad if Kanata Oji-san got fed up with it the first night i'm here, after all there are still 5 nights left before Otou-san comes to collect me again and till Otou-san and Okaa-san return I can't get into the house. "Iie Yuuta, I should be the one to apologise." Miu replied guiltily. "It's ok, Miu" Yuuta just said smiling, then Yuuta turned to Ruu, "Fancy joining in Ruu?" he asked. "Hmmm, sure." Ruu smiled, and so the three teens spent most of their leisure time that evening playing cards. Some time later Miyu walked into the living room and cought sight of the teens playing cards without a care in the world except for what was in their hands.

Seen as it was already 10.30PM on a school night Miyu cleared her throat and spoke.

"Ruu, Miu, Yuuta, what time do you call this?" with a firm voice. Ruu who as the eldest should have kept an eye on the time quickly peeked at the time and gasped, "It's that time already, Gomen mama." "Guys it's time to clean-up and get to bed." Ruu then told Miu, and Yuuta who had already guessed it would be about bedtime. "Hai" both Miu and Yuuta replied to Ruu. Ruu and Miu then turned to Miyu and said "Oyasumi, mama" after that Yuuta said "Oyasumi, Miyu Oba-san." 5 minutes later the teens had split up after wishing each other a good night aswell and Ruu and Yuuta were just lying in their futons after brushing their teeth and washing their faces before bed.

While Miu was lying in her futon alone in her room after finishing her nightly routine aswell.

Ruu and Yuuta talked for a few minutes before falling asleep halfway in their whispered conversation, while Miu fell asleep rather quickly due to the exhaustion of her limping around because of her sprained ankle.

A few hours later the clock had already chimed midnight some time ago, Kanata walked past Ruu's shoji and saw a light shimmering in the room. 'Honestly, kids these days.' Kanata thought to himself. Then he slid the shoji open to give the boys a lecture when he saw to his surprise that the boys had fallen asleep with the light still on. Silently chuckling he turned the lights off with the switch by the door. Bacause of the fact that the room was now dark with a small slither of light filtering in from the hallway as opposed to the room being fully lit Ruu groggily awakened and seeing his earth father sleepily asked, "What is it Oyaji? Is it time to wake up already?". Kanata smiled and replied "Iie Ruu, it's still night, sleep well son. I just turned off the light that you had forgotten." Ruu hearing this sleepily laid his head back down and mumbled, "oyasumi, oyaji." before drifting back to sleep. Kanata smiled and quietly closed the shoji again. After that Kanata who had already checked the doors and windows walked to the room he and his wife shared and peeked inside to see that Miyu had already gone to bed, so Kanata got to doing his nightly routine and then he joined his wife in their futon.


Ruu woke up and sleepily looked to his right where he saw a head and a body entwined in the sheet over the other futon, when he saw that he remembered that Yuuta was staying with them for a week. "Oh right Yuuta is staying here." he muttered under his breathe while yawning. 'Better get up and wash up before I wake him, Ruu thought. So he quietly got up, grabbed his school uniform and headed to the bathroom where he took a quick shower. While Ruu was showering Kanata woke up and walked towards the bathroom only to find the door unlocked and his son under the shower, after mumbling "Gomen" Kanata retreated back to the hallway where he waited for Ruu to finish up and come out. About 5 minutes later Ruu had finished showering and quickly got dressed. When he walked out of the bathroom he saw his papa in the hall and blushing said, "it's free now, papa." after which he walked back to his room. As soon as Ruu saw his papa go into the bathroom he took a few deep breaths and told himself not to think about that his papa had walked in to the bathroom while he was using it. "It's my own fault, I forgot to lock the door." he thought, as soon as Ruu had stopped blushing he went into his room and tried to wake Yuuta, But he found out his papa and mama hadn't exaggerated about the fact that waking Yuuta was quite a task. Exasperated Ruu thought for a moment then he grinned slyly and walked into the kitchen where he got a glass of chilled ice cold water and added a few ice cubes to it with this glass he walked back to his room to see Yuuta still happily enjoying dreamland. Smirking Ruu proceded and slowly began to pour the freezing cold water onto Yuuta's head he poured it onto his cheek down to his neck and then slowly moved it up to his ear where he stopped behind his ear after first running it over the ear and when Yuuta moved he grabbed a few ice cubes and quickly thrust those into yuuta's t-shirt front and back a few seconds later Yuuta woke up shivering and ice cold. When Yuuta moved he felt something cold gliding against his upper body skin so he quickly sat up and tore off his t-shirt to see ice cubes falling onto his futon then Yuuta noticed that his head was also wet, it wasn't till seeing Yuuta's extremely surprised face that Ruu burst out laughing at which time Yuuta looked up to see Ruu standing there laughing and still holding the glass which was now empty, that Yuuta understood that he had been awakened by Ruu. "Ohayou, Yuuta" Ruu said still laughing. "Ohayou, Ruu" Yuuta grumbled as he sleepily got up, "What time is it anyway?" Yuuta asked Ruu, while he scurried around grabbing his uniform and then without waiting for Ruu to reply he took off to the bathroom still shirtless since his shirt was soaked. Twenty minutes later the clock read 7.10AM, by now All five of the temples current residents had washed up and were sitting at the breakfast table. Breakfast was a little bit more lively then usual but that's what you get with more people. While eating breakfast, Miyu suddenly asked Ruu how he'd been able to wake Yuuta up without waking up half the neighbourhood. Ruu grinned and relayed the story and which Yuuta started to blush. Miyu and Kanata smiled when they heard how Ruu had done it while Miu was still half asleep eating her breakfast. After breakfast the three teens saw they had to run to make it to school in time, so they really sprinted to school, as they entered the gate they saw their friends walking towards the building and heard the first bell sound. So they quickly went to their class where they saw that Manabu was already sitting at his desk next to Ruu's andthat Kenta and Sana-chan were standing by Manabu. Nothing strange right. As they approached Kenta looked up. As Kenta looked up he saw them approaching making his face lite up and he said, "Wow, you three are late whats the deal with that? Normally you're here before me Yuuta." Hearing this Ruu slightly chuckled, and Yuuta replied to Kenta, "Yeah well, when I woke up this morning I was drowning in the arctic." Kenta looked at Yuuta with a questrion of sanity in his eyes and then turned to Ruu, "Neh Ruu, whats with Yuuta? Did he bump his head or so?" Ruu still slightly chuckling shook his head and replied, "Iie Kenta, It took some work waking Yuuta this morning so we went with the ice approach." "Heh, waking Yuuta? I thought he was supposed to be at the temple during the weekend." Kenta spoke. Before Ruu or Yuuta could reply Iinchou* Spoke up and said, "Seats everyone, Sensei is here." So without receiving an answer Kenta went to his desk Yuuta and Sana-chan followed his example and went to their respective desks aswell. Looking to his left Ruu saw that Manabu had bags under his eyes and as soon as Sensei came in he understood why.

"Ohayou Minna"Sensei said as he came in and immediately after that he had to sneeze.

"Ohayou Yamamoto Sensei" everyone said but no one dared to make a sneeze sound after that.

"Today We are starting the day with free study, as you have probably noticed I have a cold and unfortuneatly it has also given me quite a headache so please study as quietly as possible minna." Sensei spoke to the class as he sat down in his chair and took an aspirine. Hearing this everyone sat down quietly and started working hard and quiet except for Manabu who almost fell asleep while trying to read his textbook. Ruu seeing this gently poked Manabu in his ribs and asked him, "Too little sleep again?" Manabu looked at Ruu and tiredly nodded then he spoke,"Hai, gomen Ruu, i'm not much for company when i've been awake for ¾ of the night. Unfortuneatly my room is next to my parents so I was awake for most of the night because of otou-san's sneezing. I know he isn't doing it on purpose and that he feels bad about it. I just wish he'd call in and take one of his sick days. I'm sure it's also partly stress induced and that if he took a day off and stayed home maybe he'd feel better after a few hours, atleast enough to not sneeze away ¾ of the night." "Thats rough Manabu, I wish I knew a way that you could sleep but the only thing that comes to mind is to maybe use some earplugs." Ruu quietly said to Manabu. "Hmm yeah, but then I wouldn't hear my alarm clock either." Manabu just as quietly said to Ruu. "I know i'll just have to find a way, although tonight i'll probably sleep in from pure fatigue." Manabu tried to joke. Ruu noticed this but could only muster a small smile cause he felt a little sorry for his friend. "Ohwell, once you get some sleep it'll be better." he whispered to Manabu.

The day passed by slowly but surely and soon it was time for lunch, Ruu looked at Manabu worriedly while they were walking towards the tree where the gang usually ate their bento's during lunch. It was a warm and sunny day so the shade of the tree would be great Ruu thought. After Manabu emptied his bento into his stomach leaving about a quarter of it in since he was fully stuffed before he could finish it he stretched out on the ground under the tree and laid back on his back closing his eyes content that his stomach was filled. After a few minutes the rest of the gang heard a few soft snores and when they looked they saw that manabu had fallen asleep, as Keiko-chan moved to wake up her onii-san Ruu stopped her and said, "Let him sleep, he didn't sleep much last night." Hearing this Keiko-chan looked at Ruu surprised and asked, "Onii-san said that?" To which Ruu simply nodded. "I'll wake him up when we go back to class, well maybe a few minutes before so he'll be able to wash his face first." Ruu said to relieve Keiko-chan. "Are you sure Ruu-San, Onii-San isn't the easiest person when he just wakes up." Keiko-chan asked Ruu. "Hai, I lived through waking up Yuuta this morning, so i'm pretty sure i'll live through waking up Manabu." Ruu replied smiling. "Arigatou Ruu-san" Keiko-chan then said, "ah, I have to go back to the classroom now cause I have some work left to do, please excuse me." Keiko-chan then said looking at the clock and suddenly remembering that she still had unfinished work that was due in the next lesson. "Hai, ganbatte, Keiko-chan" the rest chorused as keiko left the group and went inside. After that Kenta looked at Makoto and spoke, "Ah, Makoto...". "Hai Onii-chan" Makoto replied surprised that his older brother suddenly adressed him. "How is your work? Do you have everything finished yet? You were pretty late getting home yesterday." Kenta asked Makoto. "Ah, Hai I finished everything this morning when I woke up an hour and a half before you Onii-chan." Makoto replied with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Kenta turned red at Makoto's statement and leapt up to grab Makoto, unfortuneatly for Kenta, Makoto had seen that coming and was already some 30 feet away before Kenta startedhis pursuit of Makoto. While the rest was laughing at the sight of Kenta chasing Makoto, and Makoto's antics to stay ahead of his onii-san Ruu looked at Manabu and saw that he was still sound asleep. Just then Ruu thought too look at the clock and saw that the break was only a few more minutes so he hurriedly started to wake Manabu. Manabu woke up pretty groggily and looked surprised to seeing Ruu's face so close when he opened his eyes. "Ruu?, What are you doing in my room?" Ruu laughed and replied "This is the school yard Manabu, You fell asleep so we let you rest for a bit, now come on we have to get you to the restroom so you can fash your face or sensei will torture you for looking like a freak." "Huh," manabu looked around still dazed and saw that he was indeed lying on the ground in the school yard "I guess thats why i thought my bed was so hard." Manabu grimaced then tried to stand up and succeeded with Ruu's help. "Arigatou Ruu." Manabu mumbled. Ruu escorted Manabu to the restroom but told the others first to get back to their classes.

"Hey guys, get back to class, break is over in 3 minutes."

Hearing that everyone looked at the clock and scrambled back to their class.

After Manabu washed his face so he looked fresh again, he turned to Ruu and said, "Hontoni Arigatou Ruu"

"Baka, thats what nakama do right, nakama help nakama." Ruu responded and started pushing Manabu towards the classroom.

Soon everyone was busy again in their own class sweating and wishing the day would hurry up and pass by.

Sorry for it taking so long to update Minna, As i said earlier lifecame in and starting being a major pain, and once i finally had a little time i had a case of writers block, in other words the creative juices just refused to flow.