Love at First Sight

She loved the seashore. It was a land of mystery, full of possibilities. She and her father went there in the best time, during mid-September, when the water was warm and the sky cloudy and not a soul was around. They would comb the shore for anything, anything brilliant or beautiful or mysterious. And it was at the seashore where she met him.

It had been the perfect day, with wind boarding on reckless and clouds that shrouded the sky in mystery, and foamy warm water. It was the kind of day where just being present made one feel alive, and Luna didn't believe in wasting any such days, so she had sung and danced and twirled around and around until she fell, not caring if someone did saw, if anyone was even there. But someone did see. And hear. He offered her his hand, saying, "You have a beautiful voice. It must be useful in warding off nargles." And right then and there, she fell. Hard.

Luna Lovegood did not believe in love at first sight. She had seen it happen, in several occasions. She believed in crushes at first sight, even affection at first sight. But not raging, hit-me-like-a-truck love at first sight. Until she experienced it. Looking back on it, Luna felt it rather a foolish, Hermione Granger-ish thing to believe. Hermione Granger, who never believed in the unbelievable, unless it was shoved so far into her face that she had to put down her books and finally concede defeat. Considering Luna believed in nearly everything else, it was rather silly for her not to believe in it. But she hadn't. Until she met Rolf Scamander. And then, on that mysterious day of giddy perfection, she fell head-over-heels for him.

I made this after running around at the beach in September on a cloudy day (BEST day to be at the beach) so I was inspired to make this :D I'm not sure if this is a one-shot or not. I made the title like it might be, but I'm not sure. I love Luna, she and Neville are my favs. I don't think I quite got her character right in the last paragraph, but I think it's so Luna that she fell in love with a guy as crazy as she is. I love you Luna Lovegood!

8/30/2013 Edit: Holy... wow... so I realized how terribly edited this was (over the years, I've become my own Beta, a job I'm a lot better at now than I was back then), so I went through and changed some things, added some ideas, polished up a few paragraphs. Hoping to post an actual update soon, but until then, love you guys! *air kisses*