Disclaimer: I don't pwn Yugi Hoes.

Hello, most observant readers! By now, you may have noticed that this chapter is the first chapter while the actual first written chapter has been bumped down to second. Well, I realized not long after the first chapter that I had violated my tradition when writing these stories; always start things off with a really, really disgusting pairing. And that's exactly what I intend to do!

Today's chapter is going to be about Mokuba and his big brother, or nii-sama or what the fuck ever, Seto. These two are going to be lovebirds, and possibly are going to fulfill every end times prophecy in every holy book ever written with the debauchery they're about to commit. Please try to enjoy yourselves.

Kaiba was exhausted! Again! After another long, hard day of sitting in front of a computer and typing a lot of shit, he was ready to get a little R&R in his study. Once in there, Kaiba planned to engage in his favorite non-work pastime; sitting in front of a computer and typing a lot of shit.

But when he opened the door this time, he was greeted by something. His study. But, more specifically, his study that had a half-naked Mokuba in it, who was using Seto's study computer (I'd tell you the specs, but they'd blow your fucking mind) for private business, if you know what I mean.

So the deer-in-the-headlight staring contest commenced! Seto had an early lead, since his eyes are a lot squintier and thus require less water, but because his brain could process shock a lot quicker than Mokuba's, he was the first to blink.

"Mokuba, what the HELL do you think you're doing in here?" Seto wasted no time, other than about 30 seconds of it, in asking.

Mokuba's mouth opened and closed like a fish. A really busted fish. His shame gradually took over for his shock, and he tried to exit out of the website he was looking at. But he wasn't quick enough to avoid Seto's amazing ability to walk a few steps forward and turn to his right.

"MOKUBA!" Seto bellowed, not so mellow, fellow. "These- these are pictures of-!"

Mokuba couldn't bear anymore. He bolted out of Seto's study faster than OJ Simpson in a white jalopy, leaving his elder brother staring at the kid's masturbation material; pictures of Seto's head photo-shopped onto heavily muscular nude males.

Seto sat at the desk and gathered his thoughts. He knew what he had to do. First, he got out his comically small cellphone, Zoolander edition, and called his secretary.

"Yes, Mr. Kaiba?" Chirped the voice on the other end of the line.

"Secretary, I want you to-"

"You know, Mr. Kaiba, I'm in the room directly next to yours. I can even hear you through the door between our rooms. You don't have to use the intercom."

"First of all, you're fired. Second of all, you're hired again, because I want you to take this computer, burn it, and bury it in the backyard."

"Oh, did it go one second too slow like the last three?"

"No, itā€¦ it has horrible things on it. Just get it out of my sight, please."

So she did. She, with the help of two or three suited security people, had the computer cremated and the ashes buried. Seto's next step would be the brotherly talk. The talk that every older brother has to have with their younger about, y'know, not sexualizing them because that's really fucking creepy and not right and you're ten years old what the fuck are you thinking.

Mokuba greeted the elder brother's knock, not by opening the door, but by sobbing. Around these parts, we call that a domestic abuse defense mechanism. But Seto was a determined man, with a determined boner that he doesn't want to think about right now because it's so horrible that he's thinking about his brother like that, and he wasn't ready to quit. Seto Kaiba didn't quit. Even when every rational part of his brain was saying to.

"Mokuba, we have to talk about this sooner or later," the elder Kaiba sighed. "You may as well come out and face the music."


Seto knew it would come to this. He reached in his pocket for the remote that linked to the microchip installed in Mokuba's locket. Upon being pressed, the button activated the chip and caused the locket to belt out, "Would you do it for a Mokuba snack?"

The clever ruse worked. The younger Kaiba brother opened the door, nearly slamming it into Seto's bulging erection, and tore himself from gazing at it to look his brother in the eye. "You installed something in my locket just so it would say that?"

"Yes. To protect you."

Holy shit, thought Mokuba, the secretary was right. Seto was going fucking senile. But that was a topic for a whole other chapter.

Seto wasted no time beginning the talk. "Now, Mokuba, you can't go around using someone else's copy of photoshop to masturbate to pictures of your blood relative. It's not good manners, and it's also grounds for immediate expulsion from polite society. And furthermoreā€¦"

Mokuba was completely zoned out as he gazed at Seto's skin popsicle straining against his black leather pants, which he wore to fucking work for whatever insane, eccentric reason I'll allow you to imagine. Seto couldn't get one word into his ears; they were full of Seto's cock. Erm, wait, I meant his mind. His mind was full of that. Sorry.

Seto put his hand on Mokuba's shoulder and that was the breaking point. The underaged boy, I'm so sorry to have to break this to you, put his mouth on Seto's still leather-covered erection.

Now, normally, Seto would easily be able to get Mokuba off. But the wild-haired tween was sucking that thing HARD. TOO hard, in fact. He was sucking harder than the 4Kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh, and that is a very dangerous amount of suck. He ended up sucking Seto's innards out through his penis, killing him as he emitted a piercing wail of agony that sounded nothing like the richest man in Japan.


Seto woke up with a start. It was all just a bad dream. He shook his head a little and sighed, realizing how badly he needed to get laid. Yet again. So badly, he turned over and woke up his lover, Mokuba, for their third round in a night.