Star: I made a poem to get my spirits up…

Kagaya: yup… and if you're wondering this ain't an Aphrodi x Haruna thing…

Star: for we would never allow that to happen…

Kagaya: *nods in agreement*

Roze: so uh they don't own IE…

How could this be?

Twins they may be

Though their lives were a curse

Which no one can reverse

One was born in the dark's sight

While the other was born with a light


Though people would complain

The two would stay plain

The brother was strong

While the sister was never wrong

They would stay in each others arm

Though everyone would give them harm


They grew and stayed together

And no one tried to bother

Born in the winter

And seen flowers wither

The boy would stand and pry

While the girl would lay and cry


They loved one another

They cared for the other

The brother loved his sister

And the sister cared for her brother

The brother fell in love with spring when he came back from abroad

While the sister also fell in love though her's was a God


How could this be?

Twins they may be

On the snow the two were

Though the sight was a blur

The sister stands and pries

While the brother lay and cries


Years went by

After the twins said their goodbye

The brother bought some flowers and placed them on the stone

His friends kept him company and never left him alone

The sister watched scared

At the brother she cared


She prayed in her heart

For her brother to be smart

As his tear fell he asks "why did you die?"

As she closed her eyes she shouts "Please don't die!"

For there on the tomb was her name not the other

There in the heavens was where the sister watched her brother

Star: I think I'm a fail…

Kagaya: no you're not…

Star: let's just let the viewers tell me if I suck or not -_-

Kagaya: I guess…

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