Most stories start with a princess in danger, and a "Once Upon A Time", or something similar.

Mine is exactly that. No, I'm not the princess, mind you. Way too loud to be one.

But my mother was. Until she was banished for falling in love with a servant. She was the princess of a faraway kingdom known as Hextrough, a thriving village with a great economy. Everyone of the people of Hextrough was happy, except those inside the castle walls.

My father was sentenced to death when the affair was heard about, seeing as my mother was to be married to an old childhood friend. Her old best friend, really. He was heartbroken, and swore that he would kill the man who stole his best friend and fiancee. The princess was locked in the tower, watching the execution from her window in tears, when she pulled out a crossbow she had hidden in her closet as a young girl, to ward of the demons her bedtime stories told about.

She shot her fiancee/friend right in the back, him expiring instantly.

As the body landed on my father, he grabbed the dead man's sword and cut through the ropes restraining him, slaughtering those who came in his way. He ran up the stairs, mercilessly killing or injuring anyone who so much as walked in front of him. He broke down the door of the princess's chamber and carried her away, her never even noticing the bodies all around them. They lived a nomadic life, traveling everywhere, earning money by doing odd jobs here and there, and occasional theft.

One day, my mother got pregnant, with me, of course.

She was so excited. However, she had always wanted her father to know about the child, and giving the child some sort of recognition of his family, not knowing he was killed. She begged and begged my father to let her go back to the kingdom for a day, just so she could tell him. My father, being the one who killed him, didn't want her to go, but he loved her too much to say no.

The day she found out that my father killed him was the worst day of her life. She was eight months along when they finally made it to the kingdom, and when the news came, she went into labor.

She yelled at my father the whole time. She cursed his name, she bit his comforting hand, and screamed her hatred. She said he was more evil than a dragon.

The midwife, hearing this, contacted her sister, an apprentice of a witch in exile, due to her helping dragons, and told her about the former princess's insult. The witch, being fond of dragons, came over immediately with her apprentice.

The witch's identity was not a secret to the princess. She said she would do anything as long as my father would disappear. The witch, wanting to teach her that neither her husband nor a dragon were evil creatures, told her to calm down. The witch, furious with my mother, said that she would teach her a lesson, and turned my father into a dragon.

"Just because he has the appearance of a dragon doesn't make him evil. He's still the man you loved, as dragons are not dangerous unless provoked or controlled. They just look a way that scares people."

This terrified the former princess, and she cursed the witch as well. The princess once again screamed her hatred for my father as well, and to all dragons.

By now, my father was finally mad at her, as was the witch.

"You said you would do anything to have Daniel disappear, my dear?" she questioned.

"Yes, anything, just get this murderer away from me!"

"Very well." the witch replied. "Give me the daughter."

The princess, in her rage, almost threw the baby, me, at the witch, and stuck her finger towards the door, commanding them to leave.

At the witch's house, she spoke to my father in Dragonese. "This child is yours, what do you want to do with it?"

"To protect her forever." was my father's telepathic reply.

The witch smiled, and said that he would remain a dragon to help protect her, seeing as dragons were the most protective species in the world, though not many knew that.

The witch, with me in her arms, climbed onto my father's back, and flew far away from the kingdom that had both come to hate them, and caused them nothing but grief.

And I grew up with them.

"Yes!" I yelled as my father spun around in a barrel roll. "Again!"

The white dragon curled his lips upwards, showing his teeth, and did as I asked.

"Yes! Thanks, Dad!" I patted his head.

He purred and flew downward, towards the hut my and my Aunt Gretchen and my father shared. It was weird to live with a father and a really old woman, who had no relations to me or dad, and they weren't 'together'. But I adapted to it quickly, seeing as they were all I knew.

"Hello, dearie." Aunt Gretchen called to me. "I have some news."

"What is it?" I asked as I slid off Dad's back, rubbing him on the back of his neck.

"It seems as though your mother's troops are coming this way, to fight in the war. But if they see us, dear..."

"Oh." I stepped towards her, Dad right behind me. "We better go then."

She nodded and tossed me a bag. "Everything's ready. Would you like some biscuits?"

"Sure!" I said. She had the grandmother's talent at cooking, just don't tell her I thought of her similar to a grandmother.

She climbed onto my dad's back, with me right behind her, clutching her torso, and we flew off, me almost choking on my biscuit during the ascent.

"Chew, dear."

"On it." I said, chewing with more force than I needed, in a hurry to get it down before I died of choking.

When I swallowed, Gretchen looked behind her and smiled at me. "Chew more slowly next time."

I nodded. "Where are we going next?" I asked.

"I heard that a village called Berk has actually formed an alliance with dragons, some even living in the village with them." she replied.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Do you wanna go there?" she asked as I asked "Can we go there?"

We both smiled, and both said "Yes." at the same time.

My father let out something similar to a laugh, a somewhat rough, empty sound that echoed through the atmosphere.

I smiled and pet his side as he changed directions, heading to where Gretchen was telling him to turn.