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There were many things that Bobby Singer could be accused of, but lack of determination and lack of tenacity were not on that long list of things that could be associated with Bobby's name. Ever since he had been transported to permanent fantasy land aka heaven, he had been trying to figure out how the hell to get a message to Sam and Dean, how to still guide them and help them with the mondo mess he had been forced to leave behind.

Bobby talked to Ash, who was pleasantly happy to see him, as was Ellen and Jo, and even Rufus was pleased to see him. Beer had been drank, stories traded, laughs enjoyed, but the hole in Bobby's heart still ached acutely. He shared with his fellow fallen hunters and they all said the same thing; there was no way that they were going to get a second chance at life, none of them. Then they joked that Bobby had had more lives than the rest of them had, and Bobby agreed, but he still felt as if a thousand lifetimes wouldn't be enough if he had to leave his boys unattended on earth to fight those fugly bastards who apparently knew their way around mortal weapons. Which for hunters who relied on the supernatural to solve their problems, monsters wielding guns, made things a little more complicated. When your gun was loaded with salt rounds it didn't do a whole lot to stop the unstoppable monster in front of you who was holding a machine gun. Salt wouldn't stop those bullets. Maybe hunters needed to start wearing Kevlar. Bobby had mused but then was reminded that short of a Kevlar hat, he'd still be dead.

He had left his fantasy home, fantasy salvage yard, fantasy Sam and Dean, fantasy wife, fantasy everything on a mission to find God. And his determination and tenacity finally paid off after what seemed like years of searching. It was Joshua who finally caved and gave him a cryptic answer, because God knew that no angel, either in heaven and pure of heart and spoke to God, or one on Earth with an agenda and an apocalyptic bent would ever give anyone a straight answer that made any sense right away. But Bobby got it, after days and day of trying to put the pieces together, of analyzing the words and figuring out the riddle, Bobby knew where to go. He marched through areas of heaven that were deserted, some were cold and almost unbearable, and some were so hot that it felt like he was wading through scalding water, heat lapping at his face and neck and boiling his feet and melting his insides. And had Bobby been a lesser man he would have succumbed to the pain and discomfort, but by God he was a hunter and he had left two boys on Earth who needed him, and he wasn't going to let a little something like having his eternal soul boiled or frozen stop him from completing his mission.

He finally reached a door. It simply read "headquarters—employees only". Bobby rolled his eyes at the sign, "No wonder the angels are arrogant, they learned from the master." Bobby muttered to himself and turned the knob.

Inside were rows and rows of computers and people sitting at the computers answering phone calls. The noise was oppressive, millions of voices colliding and bouncing off of each other causing a cacophony of sound that rolled out of the room like a thick smoke that made it difficult to breathe.

Bobby took a deep breath and went in. He pushed his way through the guards that tried to stop him, pushed through the rows of computers that seemed to come from nowhere trying to block his path. But Bobby made it. He made it to the room at the end of the long room that simply said "The Boss" and as bold as he pleased, despite the hands on his shoulders trying to pry him away from the door, Bobby turned the knob, cussed solidly at the bastards trying to stop him, and he took a step forward. The hands disappeared, the sound stopped, leaving Bobby with a ringing sensation in his ears and the door closed behind him.

Bobby turned from the closed door to the desk in front of him. A dark haired man sat behind it. Wire glasses pushed up on the bridge of his long angular nose. "You God?" Bobby asked gruffly.

"Bobby Singer."

"You God?" Bobby asked again.

The man behind the desk smiled, his thin lips pulling into a smile which did nothing to take the edge off of the angular features the man possessed. He folded his hands in front of him and sighed.

"Yes, Bobby Singer, I'm God." He paused a second to let Bobby squirm and when he didn't God's smile spread and touched his brown eyes. "I knew I made you a stubborn son of a bitch."

"Don't talk about my momma that way." Bobby retorted.

"My apologies." God said amused. "What makes soul who had his own heaven, his own paradise for all eternity, go out and come look for the big boss?"

"I want to go back."

God chuckled. "Now, I know you've had dealings with my cousin Death, and he's explained to you the balance of the world and all of that nonsense. So you know I can't simply just let you go back to Earth."

"You've done it before. You let Cass bring me back."



"Oh, that's right, the nickname Dean Winchester provided." God sighed and stood up, moved around the desk and sat down on the front of it, mere feet from Bobby. "I needed you on the ground, I needed you to be there to guide the Winchesters."

"I don't think that mission is over yet."

"You doubt my judgment?"

"Yeah. I do." God inclined his head.

"Brash honesty." He nodded. "What makes you think that you know better mortal?"

"I know my boys."

"You don't think they can do this on their own?"

"I think you take me away from Dean, and you are going to have a broken man on your hands."

"Dean's strong. I made him strong."

"He can only take so much. And with your bastard son torturing Sam, I don't think he's going to be able to help Dean through it."

"I cannot be held responsible for what my sons do."

"Hogwash. You knew your petulant children were after Armageddon."

"I knew that Michael would be a good son and take care of things. That it wouldn't be a problem."

"But they wanted to use my boys to do their dirty work."

"That's what I made Sam and Dean for."

Bobby's eyes bore holes into God's face. "My boys were not made simply as vessels for your dick children."

"Don't you speak ill of my children." God said standing up and moving towards Bobby, danger in every step.

"Then don't you minimize my boys, and act like they are nothing but angel condoms." Both men stood toe to toe eyes boring holes into the other's.

"Fair enough." God said finally. "Now. You want to go back and help your children."




"I will not upset the balance and risk Death knocking on my door again and giving me a lecture. But I will allow you to have one last night with your boys. Let you give them whatever they need to get going. To pick up the pieces. You are right, Dean can't cope, and Sam is doing his best, but…Lucifer was never the kindest of my boys."

Bobby eyed the deity warily. "I thought you said Dean was strong enough."

"I wanted to gauge your response. I wanted to know where you stood, how committed you were to this line of thought."

Bobby nodded hesitantly. "What's the catch? Why are you going to let me see my boys again?"

"I'm feeling generous." God sighed and went back to his chair. "You have one night Bobby Singer. Make it count."