A Mostly Unnecessary Preface

I'm just going to say this once so I don't have to put a disclaimer at the top of every chapter each time I put a new one up. I do not own Harry Potter or any of the wonderful characters the wonderful J.K. Rowling created for all of us to enjoy. I'm just grateful to get the chance to play with them. I also don't own any of the songs I've chosen to associate with my story. Everything else, with a few exceptions (which I will point out as they come), belongs to me.

Now, feel free to just skip right to Chapter 1. What follows is my intentions for this story and isn't essential reading. But if you get confused by the time you reach Chapter 2, you might want to come back here for an explanation.

The story that follows is meant to cover the year following the events laid out in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (minus the Epilogue obviously) and I plan to keep it as canon-compliant as I can. And that includes all of the info Jo has given out in interviews since the book's publication. Of course, it seems like Jo has managed to lay out a rather happy, albeit boring, ever after for our characters, so I'll be spicing things up a bit from what I believe she imagined while still trying not to outright contradict her.

Canon info I know I'll be bending: Hermione bringing her parents home immediately (just doesn't seem realistic to me); Ron not helping George at the shop until after he retires from the aurors (I've read two different interviews about this and they confused me on the timeline, so I decided to make Ron help George first because that makes more sense in my head.

I also want to make it clear that this is a Ron and Hermione story, not just a Ron/Hermione story, and each chapter will be told from either Ron's or Hermione's perspective. It won't necessarily alternate from one to the other each time a new chapter is posted, but I promise you they'll both get an equal chance to have their say.

Now, I want to explain the necessity for even having a forward.

First, there will quite a few mentions of past events that are said to have occurred during Books 1-7 that we never saw. They'll probably have some of you scratching your heads, wondering "when did that happen?" In answer to that, I'll let you all know that I'm not just throwing in things willy nilly. A lot of them are meant to be essential to the plot, to Ron's or Hermione's characters, or add to the development of the relationship developing between the two of them. I've also outlined these "missing moments" and even written a few of them out completely. I plan to finish and publish them as a sort of scattered prequel once this story reaches its conclusion, which should hopefully help clear up any lingering confusion. But that's putting the thestral before the carriage isn't it? Just try and have faith that I know what I'm talking about, even if you all don't.

Second, I want to mention the structure of this story. The first chapter picks up three months after the Battle of Hogwarts on August 1, 1998. This story is considered the 'present' and it continues forward chronologically in the odd-numbered chapters, ending in July of 1999. Now you're probably wondering 'What's the deal with the even-numbered chapters then,' right? Well these nonlinear chapters will serve to cover the time between Harry, Ron & Hermione's visit to Dumbledore's office at the end of Deathly Hallows and Chapter 1. There will also be two chapters devoted to events that occurred during Deathly Hallows that weren't covered in the book itself (in other words, missing moments). Because I never take the simple approach with anything, the even-numbered chapters will be nonlinear, jumping about as I cover those three missing months, which will probably lead to more head scratching as you try to piece everything together. But I promise it'll make sense in the end.

Why am I doing this? Well most importantly, because I can. But also because I find flashbacks in most cases to be awkward and contrived. The characters themselves know these past events, so why are they suddenly going over them in perfect detail? And they often interrupt the flow of the story. Which isn't to criticize anyone who uses flashbacks in their own writing. I merely thing that it's a difficult thing to pull off well, and I don't have the confidence in my writing to try.

I do plan to put a list of all the chapters in chronological order here in the Preface once it's all finished, (which if all goes according to plan should be in 30 chapters), letting you know what actually happened when. So if you feel like giving up on the thing, give it another shot when it's finished, with that list as a guide to help you keep things straight. I personally, think it'll be pretty easy to tell when each chapter is happening, but that might just be because I'm the one writing the damn thing.

And finally, this is not a songfic, despite the fact that every chapter is named for a song, and no lyrics will appear in the actual story. I write the chapters out and only give them a suitable title after they're done. I like to think of the music as a soundtrack to my story the same way films have and that's how I'd like you all to take them. It's not necessary to like or even be familiar with the songs I choose, but it's my hope that you will find a song or two that you can enjoy or connect with on some level as they are all songs I love and hold very dear to me, considering my love of music is second only to my love for reading and writing.

Well that's about it for now. Everyone all ready bored and confused? Good. Now let's get this show on the road.