Over the Hedge Soul Mates Part 3

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Note: Refer to Over the Hedge: Soul Mates (Part 1), Chapter 1, to understand why I am updating the Soul Mates Trilogy before reading this third part.

Chapter 1: A Lover's Support

RJ woke up and surprisingly found himself as a little kit. Before he could wonder what in the world was going on, he heard something coming through some bushes in front of him. It emerged and revealed itself as a huge and intimidating jet-black wolf with red glowing eyes without pupils.

Wolf (In a deep and demonic voice): "Fresh meat…"

RJ: "Wha?"

Wolf (In a booming voice as loud as thunder): "I'm going to eat you to the bones!"

RJ is too shocked to respond, then he hears some footsteps behind him, he looks and sees two raccoons with their backs facing towards him and walking away.

RJ: "Hey, help!"

Female raccoon (Doesn't turn around): "Sorry, RJ, but your father and I have better things to do."

RJ: "Y-you're my parents? Mom, Dad, please! HELP ME! I'm your son!"

Male raccoon (Also doesn't turn around): "Which is a very unfortunate accident…You are an accident, RJ, not a son. Your mother and I didn't even want a kit, but she became pregnant regardless and presto, you were born nine months later." (Bitterly) "Just our luck…"

RJ's mom (While continuing to walk away): "You're just a burden on us anyway. Your father and I have to look out for ourselves, and you should do the same."

RJ couldn't believe what he was hearing! He tries to run toward his parents, but the distance between them merely increases…while the wolf behind him was getting closer and closer.

Wolf: "I'm not just going to eat you by the way, I'm going to drink you alive and devour your soul!"


RJ's dad (Continuing to walk away): "Relax you runt, you have a golf bag which has all you need in it. Now if you'll excuse us, your mother and I will be leaving you. Don't worry; you'll do just fine on your own…" (To his mate) "Gah, this is why I hate kits, they're such a pain in the tail because all they do is whine, cry, and say (Ridiculing young RJ's higher-pitched voice) 'Daddy do this; Mommy, do that.' "

RJ's mom: "No need to concern yourself with him anymore, he just has to learn to fight his own battles and of he gets hurt or killed, well, that's his problem not ours."

After that, his parents disappear into thin air. RJ drops on the ground and cries. How could they be so cruel…? Was this why they had abandoned him? Was he really nothing more than an accident or did his parents just have no remorse for him…?

Then he feels something next to him. He looks down at his golf bag then at the wolf that's nearly on him, he pulls out a golf club, but it's too heavy for him to hold.

Before he can rummage through to find something else, the wolf pins him to the ground, its claws not only dig into RJ's skin, but seem to suck his life force out very slowly.

Wolf: "You're all alone little coon, no one is here to save you, no one cares about you. No one loves you. You have nothing to live for, so I'm doing you a favor…Diiiiiiieeeeeee nooooooooowwwwwwwww…"

The wolf opens his massive mouth and swallows RJ whole as he screams.


RJ wakes up for real this time with a scream and darts outside, still believing that he's being eaten. He falls right into a pool of water causing him to panic and scream even more since he believes that he's now in the stomach of the wolf.

Voice: "RJ! RJ, what's going on?"

RJ is screaming and thrashing in the water too loud to even hear the voice. Then, he feels something grab him and pull him out of the water. RJ tries to push the force away, but its grip only tightens. Desperate to break free, RJ is about to use his claws to attack, until the force grips him in a tight hug and kisses him on the lips. RJ pants erratically and fast, but slowly, his vision returns to seeing what is truly around him, and not a hallucinating form the night terror. He's at the medium-sized meadow with the flowers and small pool in the woodland area behind Vincent's old cave.

Voice: "Shhhh sh sh shhhh. Calm down my love, you just had a bad dream…"

RJ (Weakly): "…Heather…"

He returned his mate's hug as his panting turn into deep breaths of relief.

Heather: "It's okay now…I'm here."

RJ: "Oh Heather…I-I-I just had the most terrifying nightmare of my life."

Heather: "What did you dream about, RJ?"

RJ: "I…I'd rather not talk about it. It's too horrible to repeat even in words…"

Heather: "Then you don't have to, love. But you're soaking in sweat and need to cool off in the pool."

RJ: "Care to join me?"

Heather (Smiles): "Of course."

Slowly, the two newlyweds step into the pool of water and get under the flowing waterfall. The coolness of the water calms RJ as the fear and horrible images drift out of his mind while the falling water cleanses his body. But there's something else putting him at ease: his new mate, Heather. The couple embraces again in a big hug and rock slowly back and forth. And even through the wetness of the water, RJ can still feel the natural warmth her fur provides.

RJ's mind and body, along with his heart and soul, are now in a sense of perfect peace, his nightmare already a distant memory. The demonic wolf was merely a delusion; its words untrue. For RJ was not alone, he had a whole family who cared about him; a family who would save him; a family that made his life worth living for; and all these things are what he would do for his family without a moment's pause. And now, at last, he had the perfect soul mate to go along with that family. He was loved. And the two had been having some of the most unforgettable times of their lives for the past few years, especially the 6 previous days and nights.

RJ nuzzles his cheek against Heather, the tuffs of his fur tickling Heather in process, causing her to giggle softly. RJ then kisses Heather's neck, and keeps kissing her as his lips rise up until he reaches her lips. The two smile at each other, close their eyes and enter a deep and passionate kiss while RJ strokes his mate's fur from the back her head, down to her lumbar region. Almost unconsciously, their tails coil into a tight spiral, they then break away and nuzzle each other some more. They slowly open their eyes and grin at each other.

RJ: "Thank you Heather, I feel 100 percent better now...Like a can of unopened Spuddies."

Heather: "I knew you would, and I'm glad…I'm glad I met you, RJ. The whole family is glad they met you."

RJ: "That's the biggest and only upside of my parents abandoning me, Heather…Because I got to meet all of you after years of being alone and unloved. And now, we're mates."

Heather: "Speaking of mates, RJ, do you think I'm…" (Looks down at her belly)

RJ: "Well, I hope so. I really hope so, Heather. And if you're not, we can keep trying."

Heather: "Well, if you're ready we can go back in the burrow and light a fire to dry off."

RJ: "Sounds like a great idea. Besides, when we get back to the hedge I got a big raid planned, so we need all the rest we can get."

The two exit out of the pool and shake most of the water off their bodies. They return inside the burrow and use a lighter in RJ's bag to ignite a small fire. They cuddle up near it as the warmth and the sound of burning leaves and twigs seems to sing them to sleep.

Soon, both of them fall instantly into deep slumber...nothing but the images of each other filling their dreams.


RJ's not the only one who's having trouble sleeping, for back at the hedge Luby feels something tugging on her tail. She opens her eyes and sees her twin sons, Roger and Tyler, out of their normal sleeping place near their father, Rick.

Luby (Yawns a bit): "Roger, Ty? It's really late."

Ty: "We can't—"

Roger: "Sleep mommy. We're too—"

Ty: "Excited about the—"

Roger: "Raid tomorrow."

Luby grins slightly at how her sons are finishing each other's sentences like they share the same mind.

Luby: "Well, it's way past your bedtime, sweeties."

Roger: "Yeah, but we—"

Ty: "Get to have observation duty. It'll—"

Roger: "Still be fun, and we'll get to—"

Ty: "See you and daddy, and everyone else—"

Roger: "Raid the house!"

Luby: "But since you two need your eyes for that, you both need to get plenty of rest."

Roger and Ty in unison: "Okay…"

Luby lays her head back and shuts her eyes, but feels another tug on her tail by none other than Roger and Ty again.

Luby: "Kids…

Ty: "Can you—"

Roger: "Tell us a story—"

Ty: "Huh, mom? The one about—"

Roger: "How you and daddy felt when you—"

Ty: "Both found out you were gonna—"

Roger: "Have kits?"

Luby: "Well, alright…"

Luby tells her twins how she and her mate had been trying to have kits for years, but never succeeded. They had all but given up hope by the fourth year of their marriage, even though they still tried nonetheless…But then a miracle happened the night before the family went into hibernation. It wasn't until the spring of the next year that Luby started experiencing cravings and gaining inexplicable weight. She put the puzzle pieces together in her mind and revealed it to Rick. Words couldn't begin to describe the joy Luby and Rick felt when they found out she was pregnant, and when the moment came, Rick and Luby were even happier that they had been blessed with not one, but two miracles, two kits. The whole family had helped come up with different names for the two of them long before either was born, and out of all the names in the world, Luby and Rick decided to name their kids Roger and Tyler…

Seeing now that her sons were fast asleep on her lap, Luby kisses and curls her tail around them. The last thing Luby sees before going back to sleep is her mate looking at her with a big smile, and saying "That's my favorite bedtime story too."


Consider this first chapter my early Holidays gift for all you readers! With the way it started (and I apologize if it was very disturbing for some of you), I knew I'd have to end it with a heart-warming moment that perfectly sets the stage for all your holidays!

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