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Previously: "This young woman here is in need of a Sire and you are in need of a childe. As far as I can see it's a perfect match. Buffy meet your new Sire. Spike."

Spike was stunned silent, which was a rarity indeed for the talkative vampire. "Let me get this straight. You want me to be this girl's sire?"

"What part of what I said was unclear to you childe?" the Master questioned.

"No, it's just that, why me? What happened to her old one?"

Buffy didn't know whether she should reply to this, the man seemed to be angry at being chosen to be her new sire, she hoped that if he was to look after her he wouldn't continue to be displeased. Thankfully she was saved from having to answer the question as the Master then said "No longer of concern apparently. Enough of your complaining Spike, we'll start the ritual in a moment. The sooner the better I think."

Spike nodded, still unsure of what was actually happening. He was really getting a childe! He had never had one before, never really seeing the need for one, it always seemed too much of a hassle and he had all the family he needed here at the mansion. It was a lot of responsibility to have a childe, to have someone completely dependent on you, someone who was completely yours. He didn't know if he could handle it. He looked in the direction of the girl standing next to him. She was alright, pretty good looking under all that dirt and blood, how did she get like that anyway? Her face was angled down though so he couldn't get a good look at her.

"You all right with this pet?" he asked her.

She gave a slight nod "Yes sir" her voice sound soft like a whisper to him.

'Sir' thought Spike. Huh, that was new. He wasn't sure if he liked her calling him sir.

"Very well then. We will go down to the basement and get this over with. Angelus, Darla if you would follow me" said the Master and to the rest of the room he said "You are all dismissed for the night" and with that he got up and left.

"You coming then?" Spike said to the girl next to him and then proceeded to follow the Master out of the room.

Buffy hesitated, realising just how much her life would change, a sudden fear came over her, what if he changes his mind? What if he doesn't want me anymore after he finds out what happened? What if the Master was lying and they were just taking her back to him? She heard a little cough and realised that it was the blonde and brunette couple – Angelus and Darla. They were standing right behind her, obviously waiting for her to walk ahead of them. Angelus nodded in the direction of the door, whether in encouragement or sarcasm she didn't know. With a deep breath she walked out of the room and followed Spike and the Master.

The corridor was cold, despite the velvet cloak she was wearing. Every step she took on the stone echoed around her. They were in the basement of the huge mansion; the doors on every side of her all looked identical, wooden and heavy with metal locks. The Master came to a door on his left, opened it and went through. Spike followed with Buffy behind him and Angelus and Darla at the rear.

The room was huge! A vast space, that had heavy black velvet curtains, mahogany furniture and thousands of candles all different sizes that decorated the room. In the middle there was a ritualistic oval table and on it was a golden goblet encrusted with jewels and a sharp looking knife. The Master went directly to the table and slowly traced his pale finger along the edge. Darla came up behind her, unclasped her cloak and took it away.

"Now Buffy, if you and Spike would like to kneel here before me we can begin."

Buffy looked towards Spike, unconsciously seeking his reassurance. When he began to move forward, she did so as well. Once they were both kneeling on the cold floor, Angelus and Darla came and stood either side of the Master and the ritual then began.

"We stand gathered here on this night, to welcome this wayward childe into our home and family" as the Master said these words he picked up the knife on the table, held it against his wrist and made a thin cut. He held it over the goblet and let a few drops of his blood fall into the cup.

"With our blood, she will become ours. Ours to care for, ours to look after." He then held out for Darla's hand and proceeded to cut her wrist, this time letting more the female's blood into the cup.

"We take her into our fold, thus relinquishing her of her old vampire family." He once again repeated the action but this time with Angelus, letting even more of his blood flow into the goblet.

"Let it be seen that the blood of the Aurelians flows within this cup and once drunk will bind the drinker to the family line."

Buffy gave a tiny shiver, the tense and heavy atmosphere made her feel nervous and she was very aware of her blood soaked hair trailing against the collar of her dress.

"Spike, you need to now bite Buffy" said Angelus.

"What!" said Spike as Buffy gave a slight flinch.

"You need to so that her blood can be replenished with ours" Angelus replied calmly.

"Oh, yeah, right" said Spike. He moved himself so that he was on his knees directly in front of Buffy. He noticed how she was trembling and reached out his hand to push her hair back and then reach round the back of her neck to bring her closer. His other hand came up to rest of her shoulder; he shifted into game face and brought her neck closer. He could see where her old Sire had bitten her, the sight making his demon growl in possessiveness. She was his childe now. No one else's! With that he opened his mouth and sank his teeth into her neck, slowly pulling on her blood and destroying the previous mark. Her blood tasted sweet and spicy, but there was something there that didn't belong. Some under note that made her blood just shy of being perfect. His hands moved so that they were clasped behind her back holding her tightly to him as he continued to drain her blood.

She watched as the blood from the elder vampires was poured into the goblet and when the Master said that Spike now needed to bite her she couldn't help but flinch at the idea. Whenever he had bitten her it had always made it hurt. He always bit too deep and took too much too fast so that she was left unaware of her surroundings. She braced herself, hoping that Spike's bite would be different. When he moved his hand up and held her neck she was expecting him to be rough, like his way of speaking, but was surprised to find that it was gentle. She watched him as he shifted, ridges forming on his face and his intense blue eyes merging into bright yellow ones. He started to move towards her neck and she closed her eyes, awaiting the pain. But to her astonishment there was none. She felt his fangs enter her neck and the sucking sensation as he drank her blood. She couldn't help but release a little gasp, it felt right. Spike taking away his blood and making her his instead.

"That's enough childe!" Angelus commanded. Spike gave a little growl, not wanting to stop but he soon released his fangs from her neck. Her body was limp and she was half lying half sitting on Spike.

"Spike, will you provide for this child and give her protection?" The Master continued with the ritual.

"I will."

"Very well, with the blood in this cup and the blood of her new Sire she will become an Aurelian. Spike if you will" the Master held out the goblet to Spike and he took it, placed the rim of the cup at Buffy's mouth and poured the thick, red liquid down her throat. Once the chalice was empty he handed it back to the Master and was given the sharp looking knife that was used to cut the previous vampires.

"Spike, your blood is now needed to seal the transformation" said Darla.

He took the knife, while still holding Buffy and made a deep cut at his neck. He knew that this was strange, most vampires would feed their new children from their wrist but hey, he was a rebel. Dropping the knife to the floor with a clatter he held Buffy's head in his hands and moved her so that her head was near his neck. He felt her start to lap at the blood made from the cut and he shifted his hands so that they were stroking her hair in encouragement. He felt her shift into game face against his neck and bite down. The feeling was indescribable! He felt his blood move within her body, tying them together and creating a bond that would run so deep.

They stayed in that position, Buffy suckling on Spike's neck and Spike holding her close until Angelus intervene "Spike. She's had enough now" only just hearing his own Sire over the pleasure he was feeling Spike slowly brought his hands round to the front of Buffy's shoulders and started to slowly move her away from his neck. He could hear soft whimpering noises coming from her throat and his heart swelled. He felt her face shift again and was slightly disappointed that he didn't get to see her demon face.

"Welcome Buffy to the clan of Aurelius" said the Master. The ritual was finished.

Buffy lifted her head and looked into her new Sire's eyes, the connection she felt with him ran deep, like a part of him was there hidden inside of her so that she would never have to feel alone again.

Spike ran his fingers down Buffy's face and whispered to himself "My childe."

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