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-Part one-

Kagome stormed out of the makeshift tent a towel and beach bag on her arm.

Inuyasha ran out behind her yelling "Kags I swear I don't remember! Please come back!"

The Miko turned her, jewel blue eyes like fire, "Why the hell should I Inuyasha?"

The Hanyou whined, "I swear I didn't know it was her I thought it was you!"

Kagome screamed out in anger, "You thought she was me! I am nothing like that dead bitch!"

Inuyasha winced, "Please forgive me."

The blue eyes stared at him before she turned without a single word and continued along her path leaving the Hanyou to stare after her as she faded into the forest. It wasn't long before Kagome came across her favorite spring to bathe in. The water was always the right temperature and Inuyasha had yet to find it.

Slipping out of her clothing and into her bikini. She waded into the steaming water with a delightful sigh her eyes closing as tears threatened to fall. She still could not believe what she had seen last night. She had never thought that he would have done it but even now staring into the water her mating mark was already fading. Yet another piece of proof that he had done it.

Turning she lifted her head as she sensed a jewel shard coming in her direction. Reaching over for her weapon she winced when she realized that she had forgotten it in the tent with Inuyasha. How could she have been so stupid? Looking up as the form broke the underbrush her eyes widened at the tall male she recognized.

He stood as tall as Inuyasha a blade upon his hip and a kimono wrapped about his lithe figure. His long brown hair was pulled into a delicate bun that framed an intelligent angelic face had hints of makeup. Taking a step back in the water from the form the large green eyes of Jakotsu slid to her form and a eyebrow raised as he laid a hand on his sword pommel.

A grin spread across his face, "Well well if it isn't Kagome! Didn't think you would be here and so out in the open!"

Kagome glared and slid further into the water, "Oh just get it over with and stop gloating!"

Jakotsu frowned, "What's wrong want to die so soon? Didn't think you where that much of a weakling!"

The Miko shrugged, "I'm not really I just don't have a way to stop you really now is there?"

The band of seven member sighed and let his hand fall, "No worries. I'm here to bathe not to kill some Miko. Are you about done?"

Kagome waved her hand, "No I just got here."

Jakotsu nodded and unbuckled his belt strap letting it and the blade hit the ground softly as he began to peel off the kimono revealing hard leather armor.

The Miko blushed and turned away quickly, "What are you doing?"

The male paused at untying the armor, "Joining you. No worries I will keep on my cloth if it puts you at ease. But frankly I smell and I do not wish to wait to be clean."

A soft splash alerted the Miko to the other entering the bath. Kagome turned slowly and noticed that the man had kept his word and kept a strip of cloth wrapped around his hips even as he sunk into the warm water up to his shoulders. Smiling she leaned back against the edge and sighed softly.

The soft voice of her bathing companion brought her from her thinking, "Why were you crying?"

Kagome turned confused, "How did you know I was crying?"

Jakotsu shrugged looking at her, "Intuition and yours eyes are a bit puffy. I'm a pretty good listener you know. In touch with my woman's side so to speak."

The Miko nodded, "It is hard to talk about. Things with Inuyasha and I have just gotten tense."

The man smiled, "He cheated didn't he?"

This time the Miko turned and frowned, "Woman's intuition?"

Jakotsu laughed, "No not this time. But even now your mating mark is fading. That is as good of an indication as any."

Kagome sighed and nodded before reaching behind her and pulling out her shampoo and wetting her hair. It wasn't long before she had her hair lathered and she could feel the eyes of her companion watching every movement. From the lathering to the rinsing. Kagome carefully wrung out her hair.

"What kind of soap is that? It smells so strange yet pleasant."

The Miko smiled and passed the bottle, "It's shampoo. It is made for washing your hair and the scent is lavender and vanilla. It is one of my favorites."

Jakotsu took the bottle before lifting up another hand to undo his hair from the bun. Carefully he wet his hair to avoid getting water on his face before repeating Kagome's actions and soon noticed that carefully rinsing it wasn't working.

Kagome giggled softly, "Works best to just dip into the water"

The band of seven member glared, "I don't want to ruin my make up! I didn't bring any with me and I feel off without it."

"You can just borrow mine."

The man smiled and dove under the water from her sight before popping back up and grinning like an idiot. With the makeup gone from his face he looked strangely handsome in her eyes and she smiled, "You look lovely even without the makeup."

Jakotsu looked at her strangely before shrugging randomly and leaning back against the edge of the watering hole, "Ya but I like being a woman you know. It really uts me apart from people. I don't like titles and descriptions that people put on others. Some times I wish I really was a woman. Woman aren't expected to do as much as men. I wish I had a cute body like yours. Even covered in that thin cloth I can tell you are a sight to behold."

Kagome blushed while looking down at herself, "Makes you wonder why Inuyasha prefers my dead ancestor to me." she paused before continuing, "Look Jakotsu being a woman isn't everything it is cut out to be. We have expectations just like men. We are expected to give families and apparently if your name is Inuyasha your just suppose to submit and accept."

"He is an idiot, all beauty and no brains. I misjudged him if he cheated on you. Your so different then most women."

The Miko nodded understandingly before pulling herself out of the stream, "I better get back to him soon or he is going to come looking for me. Don't want to be seen naked by him right now. He will probably take it as an invitation!"

Jakotsu nodded slipping out himself, "Ya, my brothers will be wondering where I am."

The miko smiled softly before pulling out a second towel and handing it to the soaked male. The two dried off in silence before dressing, their backs to the other giving privacy they were surprised they even gave. It wasn't long before they sat down across from each other and Kagome pulled out the strange black case and opened it revealing colored powders and soft brushes.

She smiled, "Ok this is my type of makeup. The colored powders are just applied to your face. Watch me then you can have a go alright."

He nodded and watched as she put a soft powered foundation along her entire face before rubbing a smaller tipped brush into the light pink placing it carefully along the top of her eye. She then ran the soft pearl like lipstick across her lips. It was fascinating to watch the powder make up create such color across the skin canvas.

Smiling he slowly followed her movements taking the brushes and testing each color on his hand before applying it and smiling brightly as he found you could mix on the eyes and it was simply fascinating! He loved the type of makeup she used. It was so easy to wash off as well so you could reapply in a different way.

Smiling he looked at her as he finished, "Thank you Kagome. You are strangely a fascinating girl. It will be a joy meeting up with you again in the future."

They parted ways as the sun set taking their ways home with fond new memories in their heads.

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