WARNING!: This fanfic contains explicit sex of an erotic homosexual nature (Puzzelshipping), with adorable animal features. Also known as Kimonini or Nekonomimi. There will be bondage, domination, swearing, biological aspects, and be prepared for some additional surprises. You have been warned.

Haven't met you yet

By Pixiedust291


They stared at him with cold, unfeeling eyes. No remorse for what they were doing. No compassion. Not even a thank you for the generations he had been imprisoned to this land, caring for their crop. Many years ago, before the men and women that stood before him had even been born, there had been celebration and whispered metaphors of his existence. In this village… when the grapes hung low it was said the cat had played with them. When the frost was biting and the grapes soured, it was said the cat had slept to long and neglected them. When the grapes were bountiful, ripe and full of sweet juice to make good wine, it was said the cat had warmed them. Lately, it was a popular sort of expression and nothing more. Very few humans in the village lived past the age of fifty at most. So, therefore, the majority of the villagers did not speak the metaphors with the sort of familiarity or awe that their ancestors had. Maybe that is why there is no need for them to honor the ancient agreement, he thought. In any case… he was no longer wanted. He had no place here… or anywhere.

"We'll no longer grovel at your feet. That age has passed." said the cold unfeeling voice of one of the men.

"There is no longer any need for us to fearfully cater to your every whim." Yugi cast his eyes downward, determined to not let them see his tears. His perfectly white ears folded back against his head, showing his displeasure. "The eye of the church has just fallen on us, so we will turn you over to them and bring the old ways to an end." His eyes widened in fear as his head shot up to look at them all. They couldn't really mean that. Certainly they were not that cruel.

"They'll tie you to a stake and burn you. Getting rid of you will allow this land to become pure once more." came a woman's amused yet slightly wavering voice "Your body is practically charred meat anyway."

No. Yugi lost his breath as two men advanced toward him. No. He heard the crack of a stick breaking. He looked over his shoulder and saw a third man coming up behind him. "No!" He screamed as he sank to the ground and closed his eyes. His hunched over body began to glow with an ominous green light. Suddenly chaos broke out and screams filled the night air. The grape vines of the vineyard around them sprang to life. The vines broke away from the stakes and wires and attacked the people. Yugi trembled and looked around. Everyone was either being attacked or trying to brake free. Taking this chance Yugi rose to his feet and ran. He sprinted out of the vineyard, down the path, and then dove behind buildings. He stayed in the shadows and ran across or jumped over fences when needed. He eventually neared the edge of town and then dashed into the woods. He knew the Death Woods were a cursed, dark place, but it was the only place he could run where he would not be followed. The villagers feared the woods more then anything. Yugi ran on and on and on. He had run deep into the thick of the forest before he finally felt it was safe enough to stop.

Sunlight had faded from the cracks within the thick blanket of leaves and branches overhead. The night air was chilled and stagnant. Fog seeped out of the earth and cloaked the forest in an impermeable blanket. Yugi panted, his breaths coming out in white puffs as he leaned against the trunk of the tree. His breathing was uneven as he fought for air. His sides felt as if they were splitting in half. He fell to the forest floor. His body trembled from the cold, which wasn't surprising considering the only clothing he had on was a tiny pair of brief underwear. The villagers had waited until he was at his weakest, then had proceeded to attack him, strip him of his coverings, and then exile him from their village. Tears burned his eyes as he curled into a small ball at the base of the tree. After everything he had done for them, they had only run him off.

"We'll no longer grovel at your feet. That age has passed."

Yugi hadn't known what the hell the man was talking about. He had never demanded anything of the sort from the humans. All he had ever wanted was… love. When a god forced people to worship it… perhaps it was only out of loneliness. He sniffed and looked over his body, which was a bright pink from the cold. His feet hurt and were covered in mud and dirt. His legs and arms had bruises already forming and cuts all up and down. He looked at his tail. The fine white hairs were already fuzzed out as far as they could go. He cringed. He tried to smooth out the fur but it would not lay flat.

There was a rustle, like the sound of something moving. Yugi's ears perked up and listened acutely to the forest around him. He dare not call out, lest it be one of the villagers who had been dumb enough to follow him. Horrific tales were told about these woods. How travelers who came into the wood would never be seen again, but some time later a pile of bones would show up just outside the perimeter of the forest, neatly arranged. How on nights of the full moon strange animalistic and human cries would be heard. Cries that sounded like a creature were being mutilated or slaughtered. Occasionally priests had entered the forest in their attempts to purify the evil that lay here, only to run out screaming and blubbering hours later. It was said that the shadows of the woods had ways of coming alive are brining a man's darkest fears to life. The rustle came again, this time closer. The hair on the back of Yugi's neck began to stand up. He rose to his feet, despite the pain and began to climb up the tree as soundlessly as he could.

Atop one of the high branches he curled in on himself and watched. A few moments passed where nothing happened, yet the sounds of rustling continued to get louder and louder until it was practically roaring. In a flash the quiet forest floor was suddenly trampled and stampeded over by hundreds of huge pillbugs. They were about the size of a house dog, and Yugi watched on in complete astonishment. He marveled at how they fled in one huge mass of unorganized anarchy. "I wonder why they are running so fast?" Yugi's thoughts were answered a second later as a gigantic spider leapt from the darkness and attacked the pillbugs. Its legs were massive and harry. Its fangs were long, white, and dripping with orange poison. The spider attacked, managing to grab one of the pillbugs within its pedipalps. As it brought the pillbug to its fangs the poor creatures screeching echoed throughout the forest. The cries seemed to make the other pillbugs more frenzied. The spider feasted, making short work before it attacked again. It rounded and its gigantic abdomen impacted with the tree Yugi was currently in. Yugi wobbled and then lost his footing as the tree was struck once again. He toppled off the branch but managed to sink his sharp, claw-like, fingernails into the branch and save himself. Sighing in relief he then pulled himself back up with his arms. "That was a close one." He thought to himself and then froze. His ears twitched. The forest was quiet again. Why was there no noise? He turned and looked down. The pillbugs had disappeared but the spider remained, staring up at him with shiny black eyes. Yugi remained completely still, hoping the spiders hunting was based on movement. The spider raised its front legs and attacked the tree head on, trying to make a grab at Yugi.

Yugi screamed and jumped from the branch to another tree. The spider rounded and came after him. Yugi began leaping from tree branch to tree branch at a furious pace; all the while the spider below on the ground followed him relentlessly. As long as he stayed in the trees he could have some distance between them. If he were to jump to the ground and run flat out then he ran the risk of the spider catching up to him. Yugi jumped once more and through the thick trees saw that he was coming up on a river. Perfect, he would hide in the water! Yugi strained his muscles to move faster. At the last branch he leaped and then dove head first into the unusually placid water. His body immediately locked as the water's ice freezing temperature hit his skin. He fought the urge to surface with tooth and nail. He turned and looked to the surface. Under the guise of the water he could see the spider approach and flick its fangs several times. It merely stood there, its beady eyes rotating in every direction. Yugi began to panic. With every second that it didn't move it was that much long before it was safe to come up for air. He clapped his hands over his mouth and strained his body to its limits. His eyes stared at the surface, his brain screaming for the spider to just leave.

Finally the arachnid turned and left, retreating back into the woods. Yugi kicked his feet furiously and broke the surface, gasping, sputtering, and coughing. When he regained enough of his breath to move his body he paddled over to the other side of the river and dragged himself onto the bank. He sank in the soft sand and struggled to breath. His vision was blurry as he stared up at the dark trees. Perhaps taking refuge in the forest was not the best course of action. Then again, if he hadn't he would have been burned at the stake. Hmm, death by fire and scorned by the very people you helped or poisoned and then eaten alive by a giant spider. It was a tossup.

His body burned and every part of him felt oversensitive. He rolled over on his side and tried to control the sensations, feelings, and urges running through his body. Why did it have to be today of all days that this happened. He cast a momentary glare at the sky. Though he couldn't see it he knew the full moon hung bright and big in the endless night sky. He was too weak and exhausted to walk. He turned his head and saw that along the bank of the river there was an overturned boat. Managing what little strength he had he crawled to it and then dug under it. Maybe he could sleep here. It would hid him form anything that walked by and he was so very much in need of rest. If he was to live through the night in his condition he needed to rest. The sooner the dawn came the better. However, he knew that the later into the night it got the worse the urges would become. He supposed it was a blessing that there were no others like him around, otherwise everything would be a complete mess. So Yugi curled into a ball under the boat, nestled in the cold sand, and surrounded by darkness.


A song pierced the night air that was both haunting and alluring. Yugi awoke slowly, his mind feeling as if it were slowly surfacing from a deep pool. He yawned and opened his eyes, his pupils dilated to adjust to the darkness. What was that song? It sounded like someone… no, many people were singing. Yugi carefully dug and wiggle his way out from under the boat and looked around the forest. It was early in the night and the full moons rays illuminated everything in an almost heavenly yet ghostly glow. Yugi's white ears perked toward the sound. It seemed as though the rest of the forest had gone completely silent in order to hear the truly beautiful melody. Yugi rose to his feet and began walking in the direction of the noise. He wondered who would be brave enough to sing in this forest. Singing would attract predators such as the spider or something worse wouldn't it? As he climbed up the bank and then made his way over the hill the words to the song grew clearer and clearer.

Tada hitori

Within the journey
Mayoikomu tabi no naka de

Where I grew lost all alone
Kokoro dake samayotte tachitsukushita

Only my heart wandered and stood still
Demo ima wa tooku made

But now I can

Walk very far
Sou kimi to kono michi de

That's right, after I met you
Deatte kara

On this road

He crossed over a fallen tree and leaped into the branches when the voices grew loud enough that Yugi knew he was close. As he leaped from branch to branch he made sure to stay downwind as he slowly stalked forward.

Tabibito-tachi ga utau

Unknown songs
Mishiranu uta mo

That travelers sing-
Natsukashiku kikoete kuru yo

They sound familiar to me
Tada kimi to iru to

If I'm just with you

He came upon a clearing filled with white flowers. Their petals seemed to glow in the moonlight amongst the tall grass. In the middle of the clearing stood six people. They were still to far away for Yugi to make out their features but he could clearly see that they were like him. He hunkered down on the branch and listened.

Yumemita sekai ga

If the world that I dreamed of
Dokoka ni aru nara

Exists somewhere
Sagashi ni yukou ka

Then shall we go search for it?
Kaze no mukou e

To the other side of the wind
Itetsuku yoake no

Let's go see the end of the
Kawaita mahiru no

Freezing daybreaks
Furueru yamiyo no

Parched middays
Hate o mi ni yukou

And shivering dark nights

"Enough!" cried out one of the men. From what Yugi could tell it was the tallest of the lot with brown hair and wolf-like features. "You three have been singing that song for last five minuets. Enough already!"

"But Kaiba it is the night of the full moon. We are supposed to sing our praises to the goddess." answered back a soft voice that belonged to the man with shoulder length white hair and long bunny ears.

The wolf man turned on the bunny and growled "You say something submissive?"

The bunny quickly retreated and then hid behind the other man in the group that had long white hair. On top of his head, however, were large black wolf ears. The black wolf looked over his shoulder at the bunny and then growled at the man called Kaiba. Kaiba snorted and turned back, only to be pounced on by a man with blonde hair.

"Who are you calling submissive!" the guy snarled. The two began a ferocious battle. The ears on top of the blonde's head were not pointed like the wolves', but rather rounded and floppy; indicating he was nothing more then a common dog.

"Come on you two stop it! What will he say when he gets here if he sees you two acting like that!" A man with shoulder length sandy blond hair shook his head at them, his thick and sleek otter tail swayed behind him, indicating his annoyance. Next to him was a slightly taller man with longer and fuller hair of the same sandy blonde color. Two large, pointed, red fox ears protruded from the side of his head and behind him a long fox tail swayed in boredom.

"Let them fight, mate. Who knows, they might end up wounding each other and then we would already have our blood offering to the goddess."

"Where is he anyway!" called out the black wolf "We've been waiting here for over an hour. Just because he doesn't have a submissive doesn't mean he has to make us wait."

The wolf and the dog separated from one another with one last vicious bite. Kaiba rose to his feet and spat blood from his mouth "Stop your whining Bakura, you don't hear the rest of us complaining." A smirk spread across his face "Or perhaps you don't have the control."

What where they talking about? Goddess? Submissive? Oh! He remembered something like this being told to him when he was younger. On nights of the full moon, for those who run in packs, there was a celebration and then an offering to the goddess of the night. Yugi bit his lower lip as he inched further out on the branch.

The two wolves and the fox were all glaring at one another, while their other three companions seemed to be worried and watched them with bated breath. Then suddenly out of the darkness a shadow came and like a whip, snapped loudly at the ground between the three. The three men back up in shock and then turned to the tree line. Out of the blackness of the forest stepped a man that was significantly smaller then all of them. His hair was wild and spiked, its clashing colors or magenta, black, and yellow vibrant in the moonlight. He wore black pants and a black vest, which complimented his creamy white skin. Nestled just behind his blonde bangs were two scruffy black cat ears. A long thin black tail swayed behind him as he walked into the clearing and into the center of the circle of men.

He seemed otherworldly in his own way. Yugi gulped as he felt his body begin to tingle and heat up. He sniffed the air and he immediately could differentiate between all the different scents to figure out which one belonged to the magnetic black cat. Yugi's groin reacted and he forcibly ground his hips against the branch. Not good. The cat's scent was intoxicating. He smelled like a mixture of mint and spice. He need to get out of here, quickly before his body reacted any more.

"Took you long enough." Grumbled Kaiba.

The cat turned toward the wolf "I am here, am I not? Besides, I am never late. All of you are simply early." The dog chuckled, finding the comment amusing.

"Can we just get this over with?" asked the black wolf in an annoyed tone. The cat nodded.

"Alright! This is my favorite part!" the dog howled.

Yugi was slowly making it down the tree as silently as possible when the wind abruptly shifted and blew past him. He mentally swore. Now he was no longer down wind and the men would smell his pungent scent within seconds. Forgoing all manner of stealth he jumped to the ground. He looked over his shoulder and saw the wolves had already turned and were running in his direction. Shit! He kicked off with his feet and ran. Why had he had to be curious and find out who was singing? Now he was going to die at the hands of his own kind. Curiosity, in this instance, really was going to kill the cat.

He heard them behind him. The sounds of their footsteps echoed in his ears. He jumped over a log and smacked into a hard chest. Yugi gasped and looked up to see the grinning face of the dog. "Hey there little fella!" the dog then lost whatever else he was going to say when he looked down at Yugi, shock evident on his face. Yugi hissed, dug his claws into the man's chest and struggled. "Wow, hey there!" Yugi turned in his arms and sunk his teeth into the man's arms. "Youch!" The man released him and Yugi scrambled down the hill, sliding in the muck and leaves. He was then blindsided and forcibly pushed to the forest floor. Yugi yowled and tried to struggle, but the scent of mint and spice enveloped him. His body relaxed against his will and pushed further into the man atop him. A purr of approval came from above him. Yugi groaned.

"Wow that little… kitten?" Yugi turned his head as the fox and black wolf approached "We were chasing a fucking kitten?"

"What's wrong with you mutt?"

The dog pushed his way through the bushes and came to stand with the rest of them, the bunny and otter behind him. "The stupid brat bit me! Sharp little teeth he has on him." He glared down at Yugi "Keep a good hold on him Yami, he's a hellcat."

As if he could attack the cat currently pinned him. His body was reacting to him in every possible way. If he didn't get away soon he would lose all control of himself. Yugi blushed and buried his head in his arms. Just kill him now. "I don't seem to be having a problem." came the man's deep, sultry voice. "In fact, I think he's being most compliant." A hand stroked down Yugi's back, making him purr and arch into the touch. The physical touch caused his body to tingle and release more of the pheromones, announcing to everything within a mile radius that he was ready.

"Holly shit! You mean that pungent musky scent is him?" the dog sniffed the air and grinned "Smells nice. But he's so young?"

"You mean he's in heat?" asked the bunny.

"Of course not Ryou, males don't go into heart." Came the more sadistic voice of the black wolf "However," his grin was purely malevolent "They can go into moetrus."

Yugi was happy they could not see the blush coloring his cheeks. Of course it would be his luck to run into a group of his kind that knew about moetrus. It was generally a guarded piece of information, and only those who knew about it were the ones it affected. Moetrus was a condition, like estrus, where males of homosexual preference and submissive tendencies, gave off pheromones that would excite and prompt more aggressive and dominant homosexual males to seek them out. It was the same principal as when a male sought out a female in order to copulate and reproduce, perhaps even mate for life depending on the species. The more dominate male, or seme, would seek out the submissive male, uke, and if he was accepted then the seme would mount and claim the uke. The only difference was it was quite common for the two males to get so violent that accidentally, or sometimes purposefully, the uke were be badly injured. These injuries were sometimes so severe that the uke would die.

It was stories like those that had kept Yugi from ever letting his quarterly moetrus get the better of him and force him to be raped or worse. So, from the time he had matured, he had been running and hiding. It had been hell when he was younger, sometimes having to run through the night in order to lose his pursuers. When he had made the contract with the village it had been kind of a blessing. Instead of having to run and hide he had just been able to conceal himself in a shed or barn and sleep on the soft hay. The stench of the humans around the town had concealed his own scent easily.

However, because Yugi had never allowed himself to be taken, naturally over the many years every moetrus would slowly grow more and more intense. Luckily he had never been around any of his own kind to make any of the sensations intensify, until now…

"So he's like us?" asked Ryou.

"Can you not see his tail moving to the side?" answered Kaiba dully.

Yugi froze. His tail was moving to the side? Great, now the cat atop him was going to know that his body was reacting and accepting his dominance. "Please let me go." Yugi pleaded, tears coming to his eyes. "Please. I'm sorry I watched you and interrupted you. I just… I was hoping the people who were singing could help me."

"Yami turn him over and look at him. He looks just like you, man!" the dog laughed. Yugi gasped as he was roughly flipped over on his back. His eyes widened and he gazed up into the black cat's face. He could see what the dog meant; the cat could be his mirror reflection. However, the man above him had additional blond streaks through his hair, a more toned and mature body, and possibly the darkest, smoldering crimson eyes Yugi had ever seen. Yugi's cheeks turned the color of rose petals. The man was not only the same species as him but he also was gorgeous. He practically dripped sex. Yugi gaped and tried to think of something to say.

"I don't know. He's kind of cute Yami. And I think he likes you." chuckled the otter.

Yami? Yugi blinked. The gorgeous man above him was called Yami? Yugi gave Yami a quick once over. The name definitely fit him.

"So, mind telling us your name?" Yami asked. He smirked "Or should I make one up for you? Kitten, perhaps?"

Yugi hissed, he hated being taunted about how young he was "Yugi! My name is Yugi."

"Alright Yugi. mind telling us what you're doing here?" questioned Kaiba. He walked around until he was in Yugi's sight.

Yugi gulped "I told you. I followed the singing in hopes that I could find someone that might help me."

"What do you want help with?" asked the dog.

"I want to get out of this forest."

"Why do you wanna get out of the forest, man. There's nothing out there but humans. At least in here you're safe."

"Safe? I was nearly eaten by a giant spider!"

"You were? And you managed to get away." Yugi nodded "Wow, I even have a hard time evading those things. How did you survive?" the dog scratched his head.

"So you mean to say you want to go back to the human villages?" Ryou's voice was soft and filled with worry.

Yugi nodded "It's all I know."

"All you know?"

Yugi nodded "When mother was threw raising us I set out on my own. I made a contract with the humans of a town and I've been there ever since." He pursed his lips "I don't know how to survive on my own."

"He's a human's pet." growled Kaiba. "He's a disgrace. Turn him out and let the forest have him. Besides his stench is giving me a headache."

"For once I agree with Kaiba." added Bakura.

Yugi gulped and turned to look up at Yami. The black cat stared down at him with an unwavering gaze then he said "What did you do for that village for so many years?"

"I tended to their vineyards. I grew the grapes that they used to make whine."

That seemed to grab all their attention "Whine? Can you make whine?" Yugi nodded shyly.

Yami raised a brow at this and then turned his head as if in though. Finally he spoke "You have two options Yugi. I can either let you go, in which case you might survive the forest. I highly doubt it. Or, you can join my pack."

Yugi pursed his lips. The offer seemed too good to be true "If I join your pack?"

"Then you will be protected. You can use your abilities to grow and make whine for us in exchange for our protection. However, since you are an uke, you will need a seme."

"I'll take him!" cried the dog enthusiastically.

"Shut up mutt! Or have your forgotten you're a submissive too?" Kaiba snarled.

"Jounouchi are you trying to get killed?" teased the otter.

"Shut up Marik!"

"Kaiba can you not keep control of your mate?"

"No more then you can seem to keep control of yours Malik."

Yugi stared at them. They were arguing back and forth like some kind of dysfunctional family. What kind of pack was this. "Choose Yugi. Death or submission?" Yugi turned his attention back to Yami and balked. He had to decide now?

"I… I…" he bit his lower lip, tears welling in his eyes "I don't want to be anyone's submissive."


"Because…" Yugi took in a deep breath "Because I don't want to be raped or die." His amethyst eyes locked with the crimson orbs above him and saw the compassion it them, the understanding.

"What if I told you that you would not be raped or die while you are part of this pack."

Yugi sniffed "You can not guarantee that."

Yami smirked "Oh but I can. I am the Alpha, and what I say is absolute." Yugi looked from Yami to the other people standing around him. The dog, Jounouchi, gave him a steady nod. Yugi then sighed and looked up, nodding his head. Yami grinned and moved away, letting him up.

"Welcome to the pack." Ryou congratulated him.

"Yes, welcome. Now tell us, did you really manage to fight off a spider?" Marik asked as he helped Yugi to his feet. Yugi didn't know what to say. One moment he was alone in a dangerous forest fighting for his life and then he was part of a pack, and a designated uke. Yugi sighed and looked around. The three men; Jounouchi, Marik, and Ryou, that stood around him seemed nice enough. Yet the other members of his new pack seemed completely disinterested in him. He wondered which one was to be his seme. He glance at the one called Kaiba, who glared down at him. Yugi felt as if he was shrinking to the size of an ant. He then glanced at Bakura, who looked as if the very air around him was pissing him off. He then looked at Malik. His evil toothy grin made Yugi's testicles want to shrink back into his body in fear.

"Um…" he looked up at Jounouchi "Who… is my seme."

"That would be me."

Yugi froze and looked around Jounouchi to see the grinning Yami. "What? Your body seems more then accepting of me." Yugi would have protested, if his damn tail would stop moving to the side and curling around his leg to expose his bottom. Yugi's heart did a momentary flutter. Well, at least out of the four of them, Yami seemed like the nicest.

Yami's dancing mischievous gaze tore away from Yugi and then hardened "Come. Back to the lunar flowers. We must make our offering to the goddess before midnight."


Yugi gazed down dejectedly at the small slice in his thumb. Their offering to the goddess had been a wild pig and a few drops of their newest member's blood. It was not the fact that he had shed blood that he minded so much as the fact that after the droplets had been given Yami had licked the wound. Now his body's desperation for sex was at an all time high because the euphorites in his semes's saliva were now in his system. Dear god he just wanted to rub up against everything, but more specifically he wanted to go up to Yami and massage and rub up against him. Then he wanted to plop down in front of him and present himself. The though of it made his mouth water. He could feel the glands just under his tongue begin to swell, secreting his own euphorites. Euphorites were exactly what they sounded like, specialized chemicals excreted for the soul purpose to intensify sexual hunger and pleasure. They were basically a naturally aphrodisiac.

"Man you're really going to love where we live. It's so cool."

Yugi looked up and Jounouchi and while the man wasn't looking, discreetly sniffed him. Just as he thought. Jounouchi, as well as the rest of the ukes, were in moetrus. But their pheromones were not nearly as powerful as his own. But then, maybe it was because they had semes and probably this was a regular thing for them. Of course their instincts and hormones would not be raging as bad as his because they had not neglected theirs for several hundred years. Yugi groaned.

"Hey, you ok man?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." Yugi lied. Yugi tried to keep his hands over his groin as they walked. He knew everyone knew, but he was going to at least try to retain one shred of self-esteem. "Um… tell me about Yami." Yugi whispered. He knew that the man could hear them easily, but since he didn't turn around or make a move to stop them Yugi guess it was alight.

"Well… He's been the leader for longer then I've been here. So I truthfully don't know much about him. He started this pack, Kaiba and Ryou were his first members. Then I came in. Then Bakura came sniffing around and claimed Ryou. Then Marik and Malik came. I think they were fleeing their territory for some reason or another." He stretched his arms behind his neck "That's one good thing about this territory, ya'know. No one wants it."

"Oh." Yugi said simply. He had lost track of what Jounouchi was saying halfway through because his eyes had focused in on Yami's buttocks. His eyes went wide and the fangs in his mouth elongated against his lips. He gulped. Images of what that nice, tight ass looked like naked filled his head. What would the rest of him look like naked? Judging by his athletic form Yugi was sure it couldn't be anything bad.

"Yami's never had a submissive though. At least none that I ever saw. Which is why I was so surprised when he claimed you. Well, conversationally speaking. He still has to bite you."

Yugi was jolted out of his reverie by Jounouchi's word "What? He's never had a submissive?"

"Weren't you listening?" Jounouchi cast him a confused looked "But anyway, yeah. He's never had one. I mean in this pack anyway. Before all this, who knows what he did."

Yugi nodded, filing away the information for later contemplation "It is sort of strange. What with most of you being predatory species, why are you being led by a cat?"

"Oh, he's not just any cat." Jounouchi shook his head "He's a witch's cat."

Yugi's brows furrowed "A what?"

"A witch's cat. Y'know how witches have those magical black cat's right. Well, Yami's one of them. He has some spooky powers over the darkness. I think that's why he claimed this territory. It's always dark here. Even in the daytime everything is cast in shadows."

"A… witch's cat?" Yugi stammered. All of the sudden his impression of Yami being nice vanished. He suddenly saw himself being dropped into a boiling caldron while Yami cried out 'Double double toil and trouble! Eye of newt and caldron bubble! Turn this kitten into-' Yugi paused in his imagination. What rimed with bubble? Rubble? Cuddle?

"We're here!" Yugi jolted and yelped at Jounouchi outburst. Making everyone eye him questioningly.

"Honestly mutt can you not be annoying for five seconds?" Kaiba drawled.

"I don't know, can you manage to get your head out'a your ass?"

Yugi gasped as he looked up at the treetops. The trees around him were different from the others he had seen because these had white bark and glowed softly. Their branches were long and thick, indicating they were very old. At the base of each trunk was a ring of water that was the same color as the leaves in the canopies. In each tree was a rather large tree house, and each tree house was connected to one another by rope bridges. The rope bridges were lighted by small, multicolored balls with what looked to be fireflies trapped inside. "Oh wow." Yugi gaped in awe. The sight was so amazing; it was like something out of an elven forest.

Jounouchi laughed at Yugi's awed expression and then stretched out his arm, hearing a resounding pop from his shoulder. "Alright it's getting late." He turned to Kaiba "Ready to go?" Kaiba shrugged and then began to walk away. Jounouchi rolled his eyes and trailed after him. Yugi was so entranced by the sight before him that he didn't even notice when Ryou, Bakura, Marik, of Mailk left as well. He didn't know how long he stood their gazing but when he came beck to himself, and noticed everyone was missing, he turned and saw Yami waiting patiently behind him with a smile on his face.

"I gather you like it."

"Oh yes. It's more beautiful then anything the humans ever built." Yugi answered, a bit embarrassed.

Yami chuckled and held out his hand "Come. It is time we head back to the den." Yugi didn't even hesitate. His small hand lifted and grasped Yami's larger one as if it were only natural. Yugi was perplexed as a feeling of calm and caring washed over him. A screech rang through the forest. Without thinking Yugi jumped, his hand left Yami's and his arms flung out to then encircle around the other man's waist as he yelped. The moment Yugi realized what he had done was the same instant a calming hand was placed on his head "I told you I would protect you."

Yugi moved away enough so that he could gaze up at him "You said I would not be raped or die. You said the pack would protect me. You never promised anything about yourself."

"Then I promise it now." Yami said without skipping a beat. "You are my uke. That means I protect and care for you at all times."

Yugi blinked up at him "That's not what being a seme means."

"In this pack it is." Yami turned and taking Yugi's hand in his began to lead him away. "This pack was formed on the very principal that we did not agree with the rules and stereotypes currently out there."

"What kind of rules and stereotypes?"

"Well, you just said one yourself. Though it is true that the majority of the seme's out there are simply looking for a quick fuck and don't care about the uke they are with. We, however, are not like them."

"Are you trying to say that you… love your uke's?"

Yami nodded "I our own different ways. I'll be the first to say that Malik and Bakura have their own twisted ways of love, but their mates don't seem to mind. And as for Kaiba and Jounouchi, I've never seen a couple that thrived on fighting and bull shitting as much as they do. But, I guess it works for them."

"You keep saying the word mates."

"That is because that is how we think of our partners, our other halves. They are the thing that complements us and completes us. Our mates."

"But…your species."

"We do not care weather our species is known for taking life mates of not. We have control over our own choices, not the normality. Though, in the case of Kaiba and Bakura it doesn't matter."

Yugi stared up at the back of Yami's head in wonder. With every word Yugi felt as if his heart were soaring on angel wings. "So… you… and me?"

"If you will have me, I will claim you this night."

Yugi's heart immediately sank. His hopeful eyes fell to the ground. That had not been the question he was trying to say. He would claim him this night? The thought permeated his brain and sent delectable shivers down his spine. At this point he doubted he would say no to anything. Yugi knew that Yami could rape him, and he would probably enjoy it. His eyes gazed back up at Yami. No. He had said he would not rape him, and he believed him.

Yami pulled Yugi's arm until he was walking beside him and then stopped before a large tree. It looked just like all the others in its color and glowing abilities, but this one was a weeping willow and its long sagging vines were covered with indigo, lavender, violet, lilac, and purple leaves. The vines were so long that they even covered come of the ground and completely concealed the trunk. Yami outstretched a hand and moved some of the vines to the side, and gently pushed Yugi inside the tree's hat-like canopy.

"You are about to see why we use these trees for our homes." Yami explained as he followed Yugi in. He led Yugi to the trunk and stopped him just before he reached the ring of azurite water. He motioned for Yugi to stay put, then he moved away and approached the ring. He looked up at the canopy and stepped into the water. All of the sudden the canopy erupted in little beams of light the shot out from the leaves and to the ground. Yugi watched in horror as most of the lights hit Yami.

In that instant everything seemed to go in slow motion. He had already lost his village, his life, and now he was about to lose the promising future he had. True he did not know this man very well, but something inside him wanted to get to know him. He was sure this feeling had nothing to do with his moetrus. Yugi cried out and raced to Yami's side, grabbing him around his hips and pulling as hard as he could.

"Yugi! What are you-" he didn't get to finish his sentence because with Yugi pulling on him and him trying to resist, Yami lost his footing and they both went toppling into the water. Yugi groaned when he fell and rubbed the back of his head. When he opened his eyes he found he was sprawled across Yami's lap. He turned and looked up to see the black cat glaring down at him "What do you think your doing?"

Yugi's eyes searched Yami's entire body for any wounds or blood, but found none "You're not hurt?"

"Of course I'm not. Unicorn trees can not physically attack you unless you harbor malicious thoughts."

"Unicorn trees?" Yugi repeated like a parrot.

Yami gaped at him and then shook his head "You really meant it when you said you were in that village from the time you left your mother." He sighed "Unicorn tree are the spirits and caretakers of the forest. They are like the powerhouse. Unicorn tees are so named because of their healing capabilities, much like the blood of unicorns. With their lights they are able to tell if a being harbors them or the forest malicious intent. If they do, then the individual is badly burned, if they do not then they allow the being to use them in whatever way they see fit. My pack has chosen to use them for our homes because the predators of the forest give the trees a wide birth. Their sap is toxic after all."

Yugi leaned up and off of Yami "You mean you were never in any real danger? I thought-"

He was cut off as a finger was placed to his lips "You were worried about me?" Yami asked, his eyes filled with some unreadable emotion. Yugi gulped. Fortunately the tree decided in that moment to shoot down one single beam of light, which touched Yugi's forehead. Yugi crossed his eyes in an attempt to see the light but could not. It did not hurt. In fact, it sort of felt warm and soothing. Yugi closed his eyes. He could feel the tree's presence inside him. He could feel its pulse and how it was connected to every aspect of the forest. It was as if he were both inside and outside of his body at the same time. Then the sensation changed and Yugi was surrounded by joy and comfort. He purred as he felt his ears being groomed. It was a sensation his littermates had hated, but he had thoroughly enjoyed. It reminded him of security and love. More then anything he missed those feelings. He missed the feeling of safety, as if nothing would ever hurt him.

His purring was loud to his ears and before he could contain it a mewl escaped his mouth. He opening his eyes at his own actions, and that was when he realized the grooming of his ears had not just been in his imagination. Yami really was grooming him! Yugi's face turned the shade of a cherry. He stuttered incoherently but could not manage to move or to bring himself to push Yami away. His body wanted more even though his mind screamed for him to stop enjoying it. His tongue, it felt so good. Yami soon finished with his ears and moved down his cheek. Yugi shivered and moaned against his will. Why? Why was this man affecting him so much? Even when he had been fleeing other semes and his body had been reacting to them it had never been this strong, this insistent. Yami's perfectly smooth lips skimmed across his jaw and then gently touched Yugi's lips. Yugi gasped. This seemed to bring Yami back to his senses and he moved away, a dark blush going across the bridge of his nose and cheeks.

"I… I'm sorry." He coughed and glanced off to the side "You were just so cute that I… wanted to groom you." He moved Yugi off of him and climbed out of the two foot water. "Come on. Take my hand." Yugi just watched him, and when he offered his hand Yugi could only dumbly nod and accept it. When their fingers touched Yugi felt the electric tingle of a spark.


Yugi watched Yami putter around his house as he fixed up both tea and cookies for them. The man had a completely different look about him. Out there with the others he had seemed so dominant and determined, and in here he just seemed… utterly charming and domestic. Those hard crimson eyes were now a warm ember color. When he turned to look at Yugi his smile was… genuine. Yugi's heart felt as if it were going to beat right out of his chest. He tried to focus on the different things around the house, but his mind kept coming back to the almost kiss. Almost. He silently wished he had never gasped. Maybe then it would have been a full kiss, a real kiss. He had never been kissed before. He wondered what it felt like.

"I'm sorry you had to wait." Yami set down a tray with two teacups and a plate full of shortbread. "Please help yourself. Do you like tea?" Yugi nodded as he gingerly picked up one of the cookies. He sniffed it and then took a small bite. He smiled. It tasted like a buttered biscuit. He quickly began to chow down on the cookies. He had not even realized how famished he was. If Yami cared at how ravenously he was eating he showed no sign of it. The man simply poured the tea into the two teacups, all the while with that same bemused smile on his face. He waited patiently until Yugi had had his fill before asking "Do you have any other questions for me."

Yugi titled his head in thought and then his eyes focused on the china they were using "Where did this come from?" he then looked around the room "Where did any of this come from?" he motioned with a wave of his hands to indicate all the curtains, tableware, dangling chimes, food, and many other things that surrounded them.

"Oh, they are courtesy of the traveling merchants who are often foolish enough to come through here. This forest stretches for miles you know. And many a time people think it wise to take the direct rout rather then the long way around."

"So you attack them?"

Yami shrugged "Only if they come so close as to see our dens. We usually find them dead in the forest with their wagons full of goods just going to waste. So we take them." Yugi nodded. It seemed fair. Waste not what not and all that.

With a sad sigh Yugi simply asked the last question on his mind "Jounouchi mention that you had never had a submissive as far as he knew. So… what I would like to ask is… why me?" At Yami's confused stare he continued "I just don't understand why you chose me. I don't… understand what your angle is."

"There is no angle." Yami answered, taking a sip of the tea.

"Then why me?" Yugi insisted "It's obvious you could have anyone. If you lived outside this forest you would probably have uke's lining up to be with you. So… why me?" He kept his eyes locked with Yami. He wanted, no needed, to watch him as he answered. He needed to know if he was sincere.

Yami's gaze never left his. He quietly lowered his cup and answered "I am not interested in any uke. I am not even interest in just anyone. What I want is my mate, and I think you are him." Yugi's breath caught in his chest "You know what I say it true. You've felt the signs have you not? Or is it that you just do not believe in love at first sight? Or in our case, love at first touch."

Yugi felt tears begin to slide down his cheeks. "It's not just the moetrus?"

"Moetrus makes you feel lust. It does not make your heart pound in your ears or your very soul feel like it is finally home." Yugi's eyes fell to his lap. Was this real? Was this seriously happening? It all seemed so fast and cliché. But he had felt it, hadn't he? The unexplainable attraction that was completely out of character for him. "Yugi," he looked up at the mention of his name "I know what it is like to be forced to do something you do not want, even if your body itself seems to want it. So you need not fear of me using your moetrus against you. Though the scent of you is driving me crazy. However, I ask you this now. Will you accept me as your mate?"

Yugi could feel his tail already reacting as it moved to the side and around his leg, the tip twitching in excitement. Stupid thing always had a mind of its own. Yugi nibbled on his lower lip "I… I'm scared."


"Because… because I have never had sex before. I'm still worried that you're just trying to seduce me. That you'll have your way with me and then leave."

Yami's eyes widened. The teacup fell from his hand to clatter on the plate loudly "You are… a virgin?" Yugi nodded, fighting the urge to cover his face in embarrassment. "How? I mean…" Yami seemed at a loss for words.

"I ran or hid every time I came in moetrus." Yugi explained simply. Yami shook his head in wonder. Yugi took a steadying breath and then added "I want you to promise me." Yami blinked "I.. I want you to promise me that you did mean everything you said earlier. Promise me that you really want me to be your mate." He gulped, trying to stave off his fear "If you promise me these things, and you will never leave me. Then… you may have all of me."

Yami's eyes were half lidded and full of affection. He nodded "Yes, Yugi. I promise."

Yugi's heart felt as if it were as light as a feather. He grinned like an idiot as he wiped the tears from his eyes. Standing up Yugi then walked around the table and stood before Yami. He turned on his heel so that his back was to him, then bent over and placed his hands on the table. His soft white tail swayed to the side once more, revealing his bottom "Then please, mark me."


Even Yugi's scent called to him. The pull he was feeling was utterly unmistakable. The moment he had tackled the young boy to the ground it had felt like the world had shifted. He was surprised that his mate was so young, but then age didn't matter to any other species but humans. As Yami raised a hand to teasingly trail a finger down Yugi's slender back he felt a possessive growl escape his throat. Yugi arched with a startled gasp and then leaned into the touch. Oh yes, as far as Yami was concerned Yugi was perfect. Perfect age, perfect body and coloring, perfectly… innocent. His trailing finger curved over the swell of Yugi's bottom. Soon, very soon, this ass would be filled and claimed by him. It would be his alone. His dark gaze left Yugi's bottom to gaze at the back of his head. Soon everything would be his, and in return everything that was him would be Yugi's. He had been alone for so long, the thought of never being alone again was in itself unbelievable.

But before anything could happen, Yami wanted to make sure that Yugi was prepared. Being a virgin, it was quite possible Yugi might be frightened easily. And there were some things about him that were considered a little… unconventional.

"Yugi, turn around." Yugi froze and then turned, his cheeks that adorable shade of pink. His soft white ears were flat against his head, a classic sign of worry or fear. Yami looked down the front of him. The boy had been wearing practically nothing all day and as a result his skin was a bit dirty. Yami smirked as a playful idea came to his mind. "Yugi, take off those briefs." Yugi nodded, shyly, and then hooked his fingers in the waist band before sliding them down his legs and stepping out one foot at a time. He then rose to his full height, now completely naked. Yami's eyes focused on his hips and his erection. The boy was an average size for his age, which pleased him, but it concerned him that he had no additional hair. The boy's body from the scalp down was only covered in the usually invisible soft downy hairs that everyone had.

"Is… there something wrong?"

Yami rose his head "No, not at all. I am just fascinated by your beauty."

Yugi frowned at that "I'm not a girl, Yami."

Yami could only grin. So his little kitten did have a back bone after all. "No, but you are dirty." He rose from the chair "Come. I want to bathe you."

"Bathe me!" Yugi exclaimed "But why? I though…" he trailed off and began to twiddle his thumbs.

"Oh, we will Yugi." Yami said reassuringly "But I want you clean so that all I smell when I claim you is your scent." Yami explained as he left the room and then came back. In his hands was a bowl full of steaming water, and a washcloth draped over one arm. Yami sat back in the chair and placed everything on the table. He submerged the washcloth in the water and scrubbed his hands together, created bubbles. The smell of lilac and lavender filled the small room. "Yugi turn away from me. I wish to do your back first."

Yugi eyed the dripping cloth in his hands mysteriously but did as he was told. Yami smirked behind him. Taking it slow would probably push him to the limits of his control, but he knew he was going to enjoy every moment of it. Oh yes, by the end of everything Yugi would be practically begging for him to take him. He lifted the rag and drained out all the excess water before stroking it against Yugi's sensitive skin. Yugi moaned at the warmth and leaned into his touch. Yami took his time, gently caressing and cleaning every speck of dirt from Yugi's skin. He focused his ears on Yugi's breathing and noted every soft sigh or hitch of breath when he moved, marking the kitten's erogenous zones. So far he had noted his shoulders, the base of his spine just before his tail, his bottom, and his inner thighs. The newly cleaned skin was as pail as cream and as soft as velvet.

"Alright Yugi, turn to face me." Yugi took in a deep breath before he turned. The youth's erection was pink with need and had a pearl of clear precum at the tip. Yami smirked. Ignoring Yugi's need entirely he continued with his tortuous cleaning. He wanted to see just how much Yugi could take. The rag started at his shoulder, then went to his chest, his nipples, down to his stomach, his hips, and then around his groin to his legs. Yugi's moaned and trembled in his hands. Yami looked up slightly and saw that Yugi's erection was now dripping. That was what he wanted to see. The rag came back up, smoothing over the insides of his thighs and then gently cupped his testicles. Yugi mewed and then bucked. "Do you want something Yugi?" Yami asked, his vice low and seductive.

"I… I don't know. Your pheromones are killing me." Yugi managed to whisper.

That made two of them. "Would you like me to show you?"

The boy moaned again "Yes, very much so." His eyes closed and he pushed into the caress.

Yami took away the cloth and dropped it in the bowl. He then placed his warm hands over Yugi's sex, one on his testis and the other on his shaft. He wrapped his hand around it, sliding up and back down lightly before gripping it more firmly. Yami's own sex jerked and strained against his too-tight pants. Yugi throbbed in his hand, the precum leaked copiously. Knowing Yugi was this hard all because of him was a powerful aphrodisiac. Though Yugi himself was a complete turn on. Yugi squirmed, his eyes tightly shut "Yami?"

Yami kept stroking. Slow and easy at first, then faster as Yugi's hips surged forward, instinct took over as he tried to get himself off with Yami's hand. He captured Yugi's mouth, his tongue pushing deep, plunging in and out to the rhythm his hand set. His teeth stung his gums as his canines lengthened. He had Yugi right where he wanted him, squirming, mewling, and moaning. It was one of the sexiest things Yami had ever witnessed. He couldn't remember being this hot for anyone else… ever. He broke the kiss and leaned back then lowered his head and took Yugi into his mouth, his tongue greedily licking all the precum. Yugi cried out. He could smell it in the air, pungent and looming. Yugi was nearly there, just on the verge. His movements were erratic, his heart had sped up and his moans grew louder. Yugi's eyes finally opened, the round irises of a human were now feline oval shaped slits. His gaze locked with Yami's as the older man watched him, enrapt. Yami swirled his tongue around the ultra sensitive head. Yugi's back arched and he feel forward, grabbing into Yami's shoulders as a guttural hiss ripped from his chest as he came. The sharp scent of musk filled the room even as Yami willingly and happily drank every last drop of Yugi's release. Yugi's legs trembled and then gave out. The boy slid to the floor where he sat, panting.

Yami bit his bottom lip, his balls drawing impossibly tight at the sight of Yugi sprawled at his feet, naked, his ears a tail twitching in excitement, and lingering drops of cum still leaking out of the slit. Yami closed his eyes and brought a hand to his forehead. He was too close to the brink himself and he didn't want to continue this in squishy pants. He focused on breathing in and exhaling slowly. Breathe in, and release, breathe in, and re- hands were touching his thighs!

Yami's eyes flew open and saw Yugi cradled between his spread thighs, his palms moving up the soft fabric of his pants then his fingers started working the fastenings. "Yugi no!" Yami grabbed his hands. Yugi visibly flinched and shrunk, his ears folding back against his head. He looked as if he had just been struck. Guilt consumed him and his eyes softened. He had not meant the words to be yelled at the boy. "Yugi, look at me." Yugi's gaze slowly came up to meet his. The amethysts eyes were utterly crushing when they were filled with sadness. "Yugi, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. You didn't do anything wrong. You just surprised me is all."

Yugi nodded and then nibbled on his bottom lip "I… I want to see you."

If his pants had not been casing him some slight pain he probably would have come at that very moment. Yami took in another deep breath "I see. I'm not sure if you're ready."

"Ready?" Yugi titled his head to the side and his ears twitched "I just want to try doing to you what you did to me. Or would it not feel good for you?"

Yami shook his head "No, it would I just…" oh hell, there wasn't really an easy way to explain it so he just leaned back and let go of Yugi's wrists. "Do whatever you want."

"Really?" Yami nodded. Yugi grinned and began to unbutton and unzip the pants once more. The boy tugged his pants to his knees and then eyed the bulge being restrained by his black briefs. Yugi's mouth was suddenly very wet. He gulped "You're not small, are you?"

"Why don't you find out." Yami answered huskily. Yugi's heart skipped a beat. His body gave a hard shudder as his passions grew. He may have had an orgasm, but his moetrus would not be satisfied until Yami bit him. His fingers encircled around the hem and slowly pulled down. Yami's erection was free and stood proudly as it curved upward. Yugi's breath hitched as his eyes traveled up the shaft, to the head, and then to stop and stare at the gold piercing. It was startling, but at the same time seeing it was also fascinating and arousing. Yugi licked his lips. His eyes darted up to Yami for confirmation. The man's face was contorted in need. He nodded "It won't bite, kitten." Yugi giggled. His hand stretched out, one taking Yami's sack and the other his shaft. His hand moved up and the thumb gently circled around the head, mimicking Yami's movements. The smooth metal was such a neat contrast to warm velvety skin. "Oh, shit, kitten."

Yugi purred, a thrill going through him as he continued to play with the ring. "I think I'm beginning to like that."

"Like what?"

"The way you call me kitten, and the way you curse when you get excited."

One side of Yami's mouth turned up, his eyes flashing. He took Yugi's hands and pushed him away "Give me a moment, kitten. I need to go get your treat." He rose to his feet, stepping out of his pants and underwear.

Yugi blinked "Treat?"

Yami laughed at the adorable expression on Yugi's face "Yes, a treat. Stay here." Yami left again and then returned several moments later, appearing as if nothing had changed. But on the air Yugi could smell something. Something tasty and sweet. The smell was very faint but grew stronger when Yami came to stand in front of him. He offered a hand to Yugi "Come. I do not wish to take you on the floor." Yugi accepted the hand and followed Yami as he lead him out of the kitchen and then around a corner to a bedroom. The wood bed was neatly made with black comforts and dark green pillows. Yami led Yugi to the edge of the bed and he proceeded to climb in it. He lay on his back grinning up at Yugi "I am your treat, kitten. I have dusted chocolate flavored powered on certain parts of my body. You must find them using your senses." Yami chuckled "I know where all of your erogenous zones are, now here is a fun way for you to learn mine."

The idea appealed to Yugi in every way. It was erotically brilliant. "So it's a game?" Yugi asked with a smile.

Yami nodded his head "In the years to come you'll find that I am quite fond of games."

Yugi's mind reeled. His mate was gorgeous, caring, and loved games. Perfect! "I love games." Yugi whispered as he joined Yami on the bed. He closed his eyes as he loomed over the black cat and concentrated on smell. He could smell the delectable sweet scent clearly, but where was it? He brought his nose to Yami's skin and took a long breath. The tip of his nose was just grazing his chest. It was close. Yugi continued to search inch by inch until his lips were just over Yami's nipple. Yugi smirked and licked. He was rewarded with the wonderful taste of chocolate. High on his success Yugi continued to feast on the flavor until it was gone. He then raised his head and licked his lips. Yami was breathing heavily. His chest rose and fell under Yugi's hands. "Found it. What's next?"

"Next?" Yami chuckled "Next you find the others, kitten. And please suck and lick those as you did that one." He groaned as his head fell back on the pillow. Yugi blinked. More? There were more of them? Yugi pushed away and gazed at the entirety of Yami's body. From toned arms and hairless chest to flat stomach and narrow lips. Yugi wanted to growl as a possessive need filled him. He would find those other spots, and he would make Yami scream. Yugi glanced sideways at the other nipple before attacking it. Yami gasped and then arched into him. Yugi hunted, licked, sucked, and bit all over Yami's body. Satisfaction and pride filled him every time he tasted Yami's chocolate skin or heard Yami softly swear. With every second that passed Yugi wondered why he had ever abstained from sex. One good look from Yami's half lidded crimson eyes answered that question. This wasn't sex, it was mating. All those years he had fled from other semes had been because none of them had been his mate, and that was why he had not allowed them to have him. He was Yami's, body, mind, and soul. When Yugi could not find any more he lifted his head and looked deep into Yami's eyes. Warm amethyst meeting burning crimson.

"Yami, will you make me your mate now please?" Yugi asked between breaths "I love you. And I don't want to spend another moment not being yours." He felt something soft touch his tail. Yugi turned and saw that Yami's black tail and his white were coiling around one another and intertwining. He smiled and turned back to his mate, who stared up at him with a comforting smile. Yami leaned up and cupped Yugi's cheeks, brining him in for a warm and romantic kiss.

"You have always been mine Yugi. I just hadn't met you yet." He kissed Yugi again and then moved down his neck, giving the tender flesh there little nips and sucks "Yugi, do you trust me?" Yugi nodded and he pushed further into Yami's body. Yami's hands scraped down Yugi's back then grabbed and molded his ass. Yugi pushed back against him. His head turned and his mouth latched onto Yami's ear, nibbling. Yami groaned and stretched over to grab something from the bedside table. Yugi heard the sound of a cap opening. He looked to see that Yami was coating his fingers is some kind of oil like consistency liquid. "Yugi, turned around and face the foot of the bed." Yugi paused and cast a worried look at Yami, but did as instructed. On all fours he faced away and looked over his shoulder.

Yami came up behind him. One hand grasped Yugi's left cheek and pulled it aside slightly to expose him. Yugi's face burned. It was utterly humiliating and extremely personal. He couldn't even imagine what Yami was seeing right now. All thoughts of that left his head completely when he felt one slick finger touch and then circle his anus. He lost all ability to breath. It was the strangest sensation in the world. He felt as if he should hate it, but instead it felt kind of good. It was disgusting and yet he didn't want it to stop. His body felt as if it were consumed by fire and that Yami was the only person who could give him ever a drop of water. Need, desire, and bone trembling passion raged inside him. With every circle of that teasing finger the need grew greater and more desperate. Yugi gasped with the effort. "When I push in, push out."

Yugi's mind felt as if it were in a fog. He heard what Yami said but his mind was having trouble processing it. Then when he felt the finger push insistently against him he understood. He yelped and tried to protest the invasion. Fear built up in him, and then there was a calming hand stoking down his back. "Yugi, it's alright." He could feel his tail intertwine with Yami's as the other man placed a kiss on his shoulder. Yugi closed his eyes and folded his arms so that his chest was to the bed but his bottom was still in the air. He concentrated of breathing, slowly and calmly. When Yami pressed against, Yugi pushed out. The finger entered easily and then pressed onward. Yugi's muscles clenched. It hurt and his skin felt as if it were burning, but strangely enough when the finger began thrusting and pushing against the walls… it felt nice. The pain slowly dulled, even if the burning sensation remained. When Yami added a second finger it wasn't as bad. Yugi found himself pushed back against Yami's thrusts, wanting more.

"Please." Yugi whimpered, tears coming to his eyes. He wanted it so badly he couldn't think past or beyond the blinding need. He felt the fingers leave him. He made a pathetic noise between a groan and a whimper at the loss. "Please, Yami." Yugi begged again.

"Shh, kitten. I know." Although his mind felt as if it were under water, Yugi tensed when he felt Yami's head nudge and press against him. God, he felt huge. He could feel not just the hot flesh but also the coolness of the gold piercing. Then he heard a soft rumbling noise. Yami was purring again. Every bit of tension in Yugi's body faded away and he relaxed; Yami slipping easily into his ass. Even with the calm Yugi still had to take several deep breaths when Yami finally managed to completely sheath himself. It felt wonderful and frighteningly intimate. Yugi knew it would take a while to get used to, but if this was what it was like every time, he was sure he would grow to like it. Luckily for him, Yami seemed inclined to give him a moment to adjust. He just knelt there, deep inside of Yugi as if he needed to savor the feeling. Yami was so hot against him, hot and hard. Yugi's eyes blinked as the fog around his brain started to clear when Yami's purring lowered into a deep growl "Mine."

Tender hands lifted Yugi's shoulders until he straddled Yami's thighs. His back pressed against Yami's muscular chest and his head fell back to rest on his shoulder. Yami nuzzled the curve of Yugi's neck "I love you too." He purred. Something in that purr, in the way Yami cuddled against him, spoke to Yugi on a level he's never experienced before. It built a steering need in Yugi; one he didn't know how to quench. He reached up and gripped large handfuls of Yami's tricolored hair with both hands. His hands were immediately yanked away and before Yugi's eyes his wrists were bound in shadows and then forced behind his back where they were tied together. Yugi opened his mouth to cry out but Yami turned his head and swallowed the cries with an earth shattering kiss.

He needed Yami to take him more then he needed his next breath. Yugi almost jumped out of his skin when he felt something warm, soft, and silky wrap around his aching erection. He looked down, his eyes nearly falling out of their sockets when he saw Yami's tail encircling and twisting around his shaft. He had no idea a tail could do that! "Yami!" he cried out in surprise. Sharp fangs grazed across the skin at the back of his neck. The hands holding his hips started lifting him up until just the head remained inside Yugi. Then they slammed him back down, impaling Yugi powerfully and sheathing every inch deep inside the boy. Yugi yowled in ecstasy. "Yes! Do that again! Oh please!" Once started, it seemed that Yami could not stop. The pace steadily increased from slow and powerful to fast and hard. All the while with every thrust that came into his small body Yugi's cries grew louder and louder.

"Oh please harder! Faster! I want more! I want everything!" His body was no longer his to command, accepting everything Yami did to him. The sound of Yami's growls in his ear spurred Yugi to greater heights of passion. The tail stroking him in time with the black cat's thrusts only increased Yugi's need. The silky strands of fur adding a dimension of sensation Yugi never knew existed.

Yugi was cresting the ridge of his second orgasm when he felt a large warm arm wrap around his waist and a hand grasp his hair to tilt his head roughly to the side. Yugi protested neither, too caught up in the maelstrom of ecstasy burning his body alive. Long sharp teeth sank into the nap of his neck and sent Yugi's senses reeling. The shock of pain was almost immediately wiped away by more pleasure than Yugi had ever felt rocketing through his body. He came with an all encompassing scream. The harder Yami thrust, the more cum spilled from Yugi's spasming body. Yugi was so caught in euphoric pleasure, he only vaguely heard a loud cry of his name as Yami's own released washed over him. Heat filled Yugi's insides. Yugi only closed his eyes and purred. The sensation completely filling him in every way. The scent of Yami was on him and in him. He felt small drops of liquid trailing down his chest and clawed hands dug into his skin, but it was all eclipsed when Yami buried deep inside him and pressed against something glorious. Yugi's eyes went wide and he tried to wiggle away but it only made the sensation intensify. Within seconds Yugi was crying out again, tears falling from his eyes as a third orgasm shook and sapped every Newton of energy from his body. White light blinded Yugi's eyes before he saw stars. He feel forward and his face impacted with the comforter.

He tried to breath but all he could do was take in gulps of air. He felt Yami's legs tremble as the man moved them so that they were on their sides, still connected. Yami embraced him, his tongue coming out to lick the wound he had made. Yugi didn't mind. He had been claimed. The mark was now a symbol if pride for him, and he never thought he'd be saying that. After several minutes of afterglow, when Yugi was finally able to ever remember his own name, he asked "Why are you still hard?"

"It is the love knot. Did no one ever tell you that our species remains erect for several additional minutes whenever we find our mates. It is to ensure that any seed of mine would have the best chance to fertilize an egg. That is, of course, if my mate was female." Yami chuckled "It only happens with ones mate. Homosexual and heterosexual alike." Yugi yawned, trying to stay awake.

"I've heard of dogs knotting. It is like that."

"Yes." Yami kissed his cheek.

"But we're cats?"

"But we are kimonini. And all kimonini knot, or stay erect, when they find their mates."

Yugi nodded. He still didn't quite understand, but he didn't really care right now. As he snuggled closer to Yami a thought occurred to him "Yami."

"Yes, Yugi?"

"Was I… loud?"

There was a dark chuckle "Very loud. All of my pack probably heard our coupling."

Yugi curled into a ball as best he could and hid his face in one of the pillows. He would have used his hands but they were still behind his back "Oh god! I'm sorry!"

Yami's laugh was boisterous as he snapped his fingers, setting Yugi's wrists free at last "Do not be." Yami gently turned Yugi's chin until they were able to gaze into each others eyes "I am happy that you enjoyed yourself so much. I do not mind if the rest of my pack hears and knows that I am good." Yugi blushed "Besides, now everyone knows that you are mine." He kissed Yugi's forehead "As I am yours."

I'm not surprised, not everything lasts
I've broken my heart so many times, I stopped keeping track
Talk myself in, I talk myself out
I get all worked up, then I let myself down

I tried so very hard not to lose it
I came up with a million excuses
I thought, I thought of every possibility

And I know someday that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get
I just haven't met you yet

I might have to wait, I'll never give up
I guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck
Wherever you are, whenever it's right
You'll come out of nowhere and into my life

And I know that we can be so amazing
And, baby, your love is gonna change me
And now I can see every possibility

And somehow I know that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, I give so much more than I get
I just haven't met you yet

They say all's fair
In love and war
But I won't need to fight it
We'll get it right and we'll be united

And I know that we can be so amazing
And being in your life is gonna change me
And now I can see every single possibility

And someday I know it'll all turn out
And I'll work to work it out
Promise you, kid, I'll give more than I get
Than I get, than I get, than I get

Oh, you know it'll all turn out
And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out
And I promise you kid to give so much more than I get
Yeah, I just haven't met you yet

I just haven't met you yet
Oh, promise you, kid
To give so much more than I get

I just haven't met you yet


The End

A/N: OMG! This is by far the longest short story I have ever written. I'm also kind of nervous about it. Fantasy is my favorite writing genera, and I do enjoy writing erotica. So when the two come together I tend to go all out. I fear there are some aspects to this story that people might not like? So, I'm sorry. I did think about changing it or cutting out parts but… that just seemed ridiculous. Especially when there is a warning at the beginning! So I posted it as is. Hopefully you guys like it. Please review if you want!

Beat corrected by N. Wolf

:Additional Author Notes:

Word count: 13,526

Tabi no Tochuu – Opening music to the anime Spice and Wolf.

Havn't met you yet – A song by Michael Buble, and is the song that I have always associated with Yami and Yugi because it seems to fit. Not to mention this song did inspire me to write this story.

Moetrus – a made up word combining to two words moe, meaning someone who is cute because they are passionate about something, and estrus meaning female fertility season.

Euphorites – a made up word from the word euphoria.

Seme and Uke – Japanese words for the dominant and submissive roles of a homosexual relationship.

Kimonini – the Japanese word for anime characters with cute animal stuff added to them, usually ears and tails.