Haven't met you yet

Don't be afraid of the dark

By Pixiedust291


"If you keep checking on them like that, they'll never cook."

"I know." Yugi sighed as he closed the oven door and clicked the latch back in place. He walked back over to the table and sat down, folding his arms over his chest. His ears and the tip of his tail twitched in anticipation and worry. He looked around the room before looking back to Calcifer "Do you think he'll like them?"

"No, they're only just his favorite cookies shaped like hearts. He'll spit them out and then throw them at the wall."

"I'm serious!" Yugi glared

Calcifer sighed "Look, you worry too much. We both know Yami and we both know he isn't going to find anything wrong with what you're doing."

Yugi nodded. He hoped so. It was just so exciting and yet nerve wracking at the same time. He wanted everything to be perfect; from the lunar flower petals he had sprinkled on the bed, to the wine, to the heart shaped triple chocolate brownie chunk chip cookies. He had originally planned on lemon raspberry thumbprint cookies, but he hadn't any luck finding any raspberries in the wagons they had pilfered. Yugi leaned against the table and fiddled with the violet ribbons on his shirt. Tonight marked their one year anniversary. He knew it was a silly human custom, counting the years of one's relationship, but Yugi wanted to celebrate it. He had dropped a hint to Yami not more then a fortnight ago about it, but as to whether the man had clued in that Yugi wanted to celebrate their one year anniversary, he didn't know. It hadn't seemed like Yami had any inkling of the importance of the day earlier that morning. When Yugi had woken up to find Yami giving up an early morning blow job he had high hopes, but then later on Yami had left, saying he had to go do an important errand and wouldn't be back for a while. Yugi looked up the skylight over his head. Yami had put it in as a present for Yugi when he complained that he could never tell what time it was because the forest was always dark. The sky above was painted in warm hues of yellow and red. It was already sunset and Yami still wasn't home. That wasn't too abnormal for him, but of all days Yugi had hoped that this one he would have come home early.

He gently traced a finger down the bottle of wine on the table. It had taken him months to perfect this particular bottle because he had been experimenting with different flowers. Strangely, in this forest, his grapes seemed to respond differently depending on what flowers were placed or grown around them. He had first noticed it when the pink fairy, Sweet Pea, had been draping forget-me-nots over the ripening fruit. Intrigued by this, he had started searching throughout the forest for different flowers, finding a wide diversity to choose from. His sudden interest in flowers had earned him non-stop teasing from Marik and Jonouchi. Although, it hadn't been all bad. Yugi blushed and smiled to himself as he remembered the time he had accidentally come across a flower that's leaves acted like catnip. The smell had sent him into such a euphoric crazed state that he wondered how Yami had been able to satisfy him throughout the entire night, until the effects wore off. This current bottle was influenced by apple blossom, baby's breath, lilac, and ivy. Through trial and error he had noticed that the flowers that worked best were actually the flowers that represented positive meanings. For example irises seemed to make the grapes have a more robust and almost inspiring flavor, where as snapdragons tended to make a rather dark and brooding flavor. The wine he had made for Yami and himself was made of those flowers specifically because they represented promise, festivity, first love, and fidelity.

"Your cookies are done."

"Thanks, Calcifer." Yugi got up, opened the latch of the over, and after wrapping a towel around his hand extracted the hot sheet of metal and put it down on the counter. He smiled at the literally perfect shape of his cookies. He gently poked one of them in the center with his finger. The cookies mad a soft crackle sound but did yield. He grinned. The cookies were exactly how he wanted them to be, slightly firm on the outside with a warm gooey center. He leaned over the batch and inhaled deeply. The smells of chocolaty goodness mixed with vanilla and still slightly cooking batter wrapped around him like a warm fuzzy blanket. He groaned as his body reacted. To make their anniversary even better, he was in moetrus. Every feeling and sensation was double for him. He shook his head as he tried to clear his mind. Luckily, with their frequent mating Yugi found that his moetrus was gradually becoming more manageable. Even what he was feeling now was nothing compared to what he had been feeling when he had first met Yami. Yugi ran a hand through his hair. It seemed so long ago now. It was truly amazing how much his life and he had changed.

"Yugi!" At Yami's voice Yugi practically bolted to the window. He looked out and down, smiling when he saw Yami waving to him. "Yugi, I'll be gone for a little while, but I promise to return shortly."

Yami's mouth dropped open "Return!" he practically yelled. "I thought you would have at least finished that errand by now."

"I ended up helping Kaiba and Bakura hunt. I didn't have time to do the errand, which means I have to do it now."

So Yami didn't remember at all. Yugi nibbled on his lower lip as he looked behind him to the cookies. Maybe if he could just get him up here for a few moments to have a cookie he could just tell him, and then Yami would forget all about that errand. Besides, Yugi was sure that once his seme got a whiff of the cookies mixed with Yugi own spicy scent, he would be completely his for the rest of that night. "I made us a snack. Can you just come up for a minute to eat it?" Yugi gave Yami his most pleading kitten face.

Yami only chuckled "No Yugi, I'm afraid I have to go now. I've made arrangements for you to be staying with Jonouchi and Marik until I come back. You'll be helping them tan the hides."

Yugi balked. Tanning animal skins was not how he wanted to spend his night, or any night for that matter. Besides if he had to be around Marik or Jonouchi they would only tease him until Yami returned. Usually he didn't mind it, but on nights like these he just knew he was going to lose his temper. No, under no circumstances was he spending their anniversary ripping and the skins off dead animals. "This errand is that important?" Yugi asked, hopefully.

Yami nodded "I wouldn't be leaving you if it wasn't."

Yugi sighed. "Then I'm coming with you." He might as well join Yami. At least that way they would have some time together, even if it wasn't romantic. He closed the window and opened the door before leaping from the tree house and landing on the ground.


Yugi stopped as he rose to his feet and looked to Yami "No?"

Yami face was stern "No. You are not coming with me."

First he forgot their anniversary and now he was telling Yugi he couldn't spend time with him? Yugi's purple eyes darkened as he put his hands on his hips "Yes, I'm going."

"No, you're not. You are staying with Marik and Jounouchi."

"Why can I not? And why do I have to stay with them if you are so adamant to be away from me. I can stay here in the house by myself until you get back."

"It isn't safe for you to stay by yourself."

"Then take me with you!" Yugi paused "Why is it not safe? I've stayed here many times."

Yami sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, obviously exasperated. He turned and looked behind him into the darkness of the forest. Yugi blinked and looked around Yami to see what he was looking at, but he saw nothing. Yami turned back to him "The forest can not be trusted this night. Please, stay here." Yami turned to walk away but Yugi jumped in front of him. He brought their bodies as close together as he possibly could, wrapping his arms around Yami's neck.

"If it is so dangerous, why are you going out."

"Because I can take care of-"

Yugi growled and pushed away, folding his arms over his chest "So you think I can not defend myself. Well I seem to have done just fine whenever I got out foraging. You don't worry about me then."

"That is different." Yami groaned "You're acting like a petulant child."

Yugi opened his mouth to retort, when he realized there was some validity to his statement. He sighed and looked to the ground "I don't want to go with Jonouchi and Marik. I want to be with you." His tail raised to wrap around his hip but Yugi batted it away "And if you cannot tell, I'm in moetrus." He looked to Yami and titled his head to the side. "Do you really want me around Jounouchi unsupervised?" He smirked. "Or do you not trust me?" Ever since his more dominant instincts had been awakened, it would seem Jonouchi had taken a sudden attraction to him. Whether this was because Yugi had dominated him or if it was completely unrelated, no one knew. But the dog's interest in him was causing minor problems for Yami and Kaiba. One time Yugi had been helping Ryou beat some cream and a small amount had managed to splatter on his cheek. He hadn't noticed it until he left, and Jounouchi had leaned down to lick it off. Kaiba, unfortunately, saw this and had almost torn Jonouchi to bits. When Yami found out about it he practically stayed at Yugi's side for an entire week. Yugi smiled to himself as he remembered. That had been a truly wonderful week.

Yami's gaze narrowed, but after a moment he exhaled a pent up breath and looked back to the forest. "You I trust. It's Jonouchi's raging hormones that I do not." He sighed again before he looked back to Yugi "Fine. You can come with me." He stepped forward and took Yugi's chin between his fingers. "But you stay behind me at all times. Do not wander off and do not trust anything." Yugi nodded.


Yugi looked around the forest as the evening gave way to night. The impossible darkness of the forest seemed to grow around them. He counted himself lucky that he was a cat and able to see very well in the dark. He jumped over a log as Yami continued to walk further and further into the deepest part of the woods. Yugi had never ventured this far, and it seemed to him that the further they went the more everything began to look the same. Unbeknownst to Yami, Yugi had begun briefly rubbing his shoulder or hip against the many trees they past, just in case they needed to find their way back. He wondered where Yami was going and opened his mouth to ask when the sound of flapping wings came from behind him. Yugi turned on his heel and bared his teeth, ready for any action. A crow cawed loudly and flapped by them. He watched the animal disappear into the woods. "Yugi, stay close." Yugi turned and raced the few feet that the distraction had put between them. When Yugi was at his side once more Yami lifted a hand to scratch behind one of his ears. "We're almost there."

They walked for a little ways more and then, out of the shadows there appeared two small lanterns that bobbed and twirled in the air. One was orange and the other was red. They gravitated toward Yami and seemed to stop on either side of him. Yugi looked at both of them in awe while Yami paid them no attention. With every step he took the lanterns followed. Yugi followed along behind him. Out of the shadows came numerous floating candles that surrounded a small, worn cottage. The cottage was nestled right next to an old cherry blossoms tree that was in full bloom. However, unlike the other cherry blossoms Yugi had seen, this tree's flowers were black with little pink heart on the petals. The petals fell around the cottage like snow. The windows were illuminated by a soft glow, indicating someone was home. Yugi reached out a hand to gently grab the back of Yami's shirt, a bit unnerved as they continued forward. The door of the cottage had numerous scratches deeply embedded in the solid wood.

Without knocking Yami grabbed the handle and opened it. The first thing Yugi noticed was the overwhelming smell of chemicals and different plants. He shook his head and sneezed, rubbing his nose to calm it down. He cautiously took a step inside. Hanging from the ceiling were numerous multi-colored, empty glass jars. Every square inch of the place was covered in papers and books. On one of the large stacks was a large brown ball of fur. Assuming it was a plant, Yugi leaned in closer for a better look. He practically screamed and fell backward when the ball moved suddenly, and two large purple eyes gazed up at him. The 'ball' cooed and then began floating into the air. Four little green clawed appendages poked out of the fur. Yugi stumbled back and banged into one of the massive the pile of books. He fell backward with a loud yelp and landed painfully on the hard pile. The brown creature cheered and began laughing at him. Yugi glared up at it, but turned when he heard a distinctly feminine laughter join the creature's. Yugi turned his head to find a woman with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes smiling down at him, wearing nothing but the towel she clutched around her very voluptuous chest. Her cream colored skin was slick with small droplets of water.

"Oh my, what a cute little kitty." The women kneeled down and outstretched a hand to scratch Yugi's right ear. Yugi opened his mouth to protest but when her fingers began scratching, he lost himself in a fit of purrs as he leaned into the touch. The women giggled. "Oh, you're just so sweet."

"Yugi!" Yugi turned to see Yami facing off with a large dog looking creature. The animal came to Yami's hip and had short, indigo fur. The odd creature looked like a large, long dog, with stripes along its hind legs, a heavy stiff tail, and a big wolf like head. Yugi had never seen anything like it. He stared at them for several seconds with bated breath, wondering what was going to happen. Then Yami groaned and rolled his eyes. "For Ra's sake Magician, it's me!"

"Master! So nice to see you again!" The woman leapt to her feet and ran over to him. With each step she failed to realize her towel grew looser and looser. When she reached Yami, the black cat barely had enough time to grab the towel before it fell. Luckily, with him being a cat his reflexes were much sharper than the average human's.

After making sure the towel was tucked firmly in place, and with a dark blush on his cheeks, Yami coughed. "Magician Girl why are you dressed like that?"

"I just got out of the bath." She laughed

"Well, please go put something on."

Then women turned back to Yugi "Aren't you going to introduce me to you're little kitty friend."

Yugi watched the scene play out in front of him in bewilderment. Master? How did Yami know these two? From the ground the dog creature shook itself and then began to change and morph. Bones cracked and skin contorted in a painful way. Fur fell away to reveal dark purple robes. The dog's form soon fell away to reveal a man with chin length purple hair wearing long flowing purple and black robes. He stood and cracked his neck before he turned to the girl "He's right Magician Girl. Go get dressed."

The woman pouted as she turned to leave. "You guys are no fun."

Yugi was still too stunned to stare at anything but the purple haired man. Yami had called him magician hadn't he? His body was abruptly pushed by the brown ball, affectively getting his attention. The purple eyes shimmered as they stared up at Yugi. "My, he seems to like you." As if to confirm Magician's statement, the brown ball leaped on top of Yugi's head. "Kuriboh, be nice." The man turned to Yami. "So, master. Why have you come to us on such a dangerous night?"

"I would not have unless it were important. I thought I could make it myself but I have had little luck finding the ingredients."

"What ingredients? I have not known you to fail find anything."

Yami chuckled. "Recently I have been sidetracked, and not able to go out searching for as long as needed." He glanced toward Yugi. "Some things are more important."

Magician raised a brow as he looked toward Yugi's direction. "I see…"

"I am in need of sapphire dust and pixie wings."

"Those are odd things to need. What is it you are doing?"

"I cannot say I am afraid. Could you be haste and get them? I wish to leave before it gets too much later."

Magician nodded "I understand. Wait here." He turned and left, walking up a long, winding staircase.

The moment he was out of site Yugi ran over. "What was all that? Who are those people?"

"They were my monsters a long time ago."

A long time ago? Yugi had never bothered to ask Yami about his past, as it just didn't seem that important. But yet as time dragged on Yugi was wondering if perhaps he should ask. "A long time ago? When you were a witch's cat?"

Yami blinked and looked down at him. "A witch's cat?"

"That's what Jonouchi told me you were, remember?" Yami stared at him for a moment, then smiled and chuckled. "What? Was that not true?"

"It's true. But only to a point."


"Well, for one, it wasn't a witch but a warlock. And secondly I wasn't his cat, I was his half brother."

Yugi's mouth dropped open "What?"

"Here is what you asked for." Magician said as he came back down the stairs. Yugi was inwardly swearing at the inopportune timing. He had always been a little curious about Yami's past, but now he was consumed with it. Half brother? Something must have happened to him if he wasn't with Yami now. But what? Had the half brother also been a cat? Could a cat even be a warlock? "Here. Sapphire dust and pixie wings." He handed Yami a small box and then two small pouches, one red and the other black. "The red bag is from Magician girl. She says you'll know what to do."

Yami smiled. "Is she meddling again?" Magician nodded. Yami nodded his head and said his goodbyes before turning to Yugi and leading him away by the shoulder.


"I don't understand. They were you're monsters? How?"

Yami released a deep sigh as he assisted Yugi down from a rather high rock "It's a long story and now is not the time Yugi." That was the second time Yami had said that since they left the cottage. It was begging to get on Yugi's nerves. Yami took his hand as they began to walk again. "Stay close to me and do not wander off."

"I'm not a child Yami."

His seme chuckled at that, but all laughter left his face when they came upon a fallen tree that was blocking their path. The sheer size of it was enormous and would take both him and Yami several leaps to jump over it. Yugi took a step forward but Yami placed a hand on his chest, stopping him. Yugi turned to look at him but all Yami seemed to be interested in was staring at the canopy. "Are we not going over the tree?"


"Then are we going around it? There is a path not-"

"Stay off the paths."

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Yami if we are not going to go over it or around it then that only leaves us to go through or under it. Both of which we cannot do." A finger was placed against his lips to silence him. Yugi turned his ears into the sounds of the forest, but heard nothing abnormal. What was Yami so worried about. He was acting as if any leave on the ground were about to come to life and attack him.

"We'll go around." Yami whispered. He took Yugi's hand again as they began walking around the tree. Yugi had though it would take only a few seconds tops, but after about a minute of walking and still not finding the end of the tree Yugi began to get a little worried himself. He had never seen a tree this large in the forest when it had been alive. It would have stuck out like a sore thumb. He wanted to ask Yami about it, but he knew if he just started talking Yami would only quiet him again. He looked down at the ground. This was quickly turning into the worst anniversary ever. The tinkling sound of a bell made Yugi turned to right.

Walking through the forest was a white deer, as big as a horse, decorated with four large antlers. Each antler had numerous prongs, which were draped in rainbow ribbons that cascaded down the animals back like a mane. Atop the highest antler was a small silver bell that shone and glowed like a lantern, lighting his path. The hooves were small and forked like a goat's. The deer looked majestic as it slowly paced the darkness. Yugi turned to look at Yami, who seemed to not even notice the deer's presence. When Yugi turned back he saw that glowing red eyes were appearing all over the tree trunks and ground. The eyes then began to move as they slowly make there way toward the deer. The deer raised its head in alarm and then took off in a frantic run. The red eyes separated from the flat surface of the floor and took the shape of numerous malformed creatures. Some of them pursued the deer but the others remained stationary, watching. Yugi's eyes widened in terror and his breath caught in his chest as the creatures slowly turned to look at him. Yugi's other hand went to touch Yami's upper arm, but his fingers came in contact with clammy, wet skin.

Yugi turned. A woman's human's face stared back at him. Here eye sockets were empty and bleeding, her mouth an elongated slit all the way to her ears. Yugi released his hold and stumbled away, his hands shaking. The woman wore no clothing but her stomach was slit open. Her entrails dragged on the

ground. Where her hands should have been, there were just one long menacing looking talon. Her mouth opened and several writhing red tentacles came out to whip at the air. Yugi took another step back and looked around him. Around him he could see the red eyes, giving way to show that they too were hideously misshapen humans. They made low clicking noises as they slowly came toward him. Yugi gulped and looked around for Yami but couldn't find him. Well, if he wasn't around, Yugi certainly wasn't going to stay to look for him. He would use his light ability, but unless he could find some light source in this forest he could not create it. "Fuck." Yugi swore. He leapt upward and grabbed onto one of the tree branches just as the woman screeched and charged at him. He scrambled and leaped to the next tree. He heard the sound of flapping wings and ducked just it time. A human head with bat like wings made out of skin nearly hit him, but collided with the tree instead.

Yugi jumped and leaped from tree to tree faster than ever before. Every sense was heightened because of his moetrus. He could hear the creatures pursuing him, the sound his own feet made on the creaking branches, the rapidness of his breathing, and the soft rhythmic beating of the hooves of the dear as he caught up to it. That's it! The deer! Yugi quickly dodged another of attack from the heads and pushed his body further to increase his speed. If he could get to the deer, then he could ignite his abilities by borrowing some of the light from that bell. Then he could dispatch these mutants and go find Yami. Worry twisted and seeped into his spine. Ignoring the dread for now, Yugi concentrated on listening for the running of the deer. His right ear twitched when the sound moved off toward the right. Yugi kicked off from the nearest tree and fell to the ground where he broke into a mad sprint. From out of the darkness one of the creatures attempted to blind side him, but Yugi leapt and back flipped, allowing the creature to collide with one of its own with a sounding impact. Yugi laughed as he continued to run. He pushed off trees, leaped over logs, and tore through bushes. When he spotted the bobbing light and the rainbow ribbons just ahead, relief coursed through him. He pushed his muscles for just that little extra burst of power. He could feel his legs as they throbbed with the effort, but his drive to live overshadowed the pain.

He reached the deer, ran along side it, and then jumped into its back. The animal emitted a high pitched call as it began trying to buck him off. Yugi swore and clung to the ribbons, his only support. When the animals thrashing only increased Yugi placed a hand on the beast's neck, stroking down in a soothing manner as he purred "Easy. Easy." Astoundingly, the deer stopped and turned to look at him. Its round eyes were a bright pastel pink, and looking at them filled Yugi with the feeling that he was staring into the heart of the world. "Easy." Yugi repeated again softly. His ears folded and turned toward his back. He could hear the creatures approaching. He slowly reached up, not wanting to frighten the deer, and placed his finger on the bell. The moment his skin touched the light his hands were engulfed by it. The light swirled around his palm like a flame before it morphed and took the shape of butterflies with iridescent wings. The little butterflies swarmed around him, multiplying rapidly. Yugi dismounted the deer and ran his fingertips down his neck "Thank you." He looked to the creatures that were stumbling out of the darkness. "I'll take them on." He walked forward, five of the butterflies descending and morphing together in his palm. Yugi then brought both his hands over his head and clapped them. The light sparked and turned into two blades. The handles were fine gold threads and wrapped around Yugi's entire wrist and most of his lower arm. The creatures didn't seem intimidated. They charged forward.

Yugi smirked and pointed with his right hand. "Butterfly barrage." He whispered. The butterflies flew past him with such speed that it would have been impossible for a human to see them. The moment their shimmering bodies touched the monsters, they exploded. The creatures screamed as both tissue and blood fell to the earth. The next wave came at Yugi, and the butterflies continued to rain down on them. The few monsters that managed to brake through the attack and Yugi cut them down. A large man lunged at Yugi. He rolled out of the way and when the man went to attack him again, he drove his blade into the man's chest and sliced downward. The creature fell to the ground, but still continued to move and come pursue Yugi. Its arms dragged at the ground. Yugi raised his blade and slashed them off. Only then did the creature die. When the next beast attacked Yugi, he wasted no time and went straight for the limbs. One by one the creatures fell. When about two dozen of them lay dead, Yugi turned and saw the rest of them waiting and watching him. They made no move to attack. Yugi stared at them with cold, calculating, intent eyes. For what seemed like an eternity to Yugi, the forest was completely silent as both he and the creature were at a standoff. Then, one of the creatures, which resembled a human velociraptor, raised its head and

made a loud coughing noise. The creatures retreated into the darkness. Yugi stayed perfectly still as he watched them slide away, and when still nothing happened, he relaxed.

He moved to turn around and was tackled to the ground. He screamed as a baby with wide protruding fangs crawled up his body. The baby's back was split open and two large red tentacles with hungry mouths protruded from within. The baby's mouth opened to emit a piercing child like scream, red tentacles flapping angrily. Yugi struggled wildly to keep the thing off his face. He cried out and his butterflies rapidly attacked the tentacles. Blood splashed over Yugi face. The baby screeched in pain, giving Yugi just the opportunity he needed. He punched the baby away and scrabbled to his feet, ready for the next attack. The baby rolled on the floor but when it turned to lurch at him again, its head was smashed beneath the mighty hooves of the deer.

Yugi looked on in shock as the deer repeatedly stomped on the creatures head until it was sure it was dead. It then moved away, sniffed at the carcass, and turned to gaze at Yugi. Yugi looked around them, making sure there really were no other creatures. He grimaced as a searing pain came from his stomach. Looking down he saw several small scratch marks were bleeding. The skin around them was turning an ugly shade of green. Yugi tentatively touched the wounds and he hissed. They stung like a bitch and he was sure the color change was not a good sign. He swore and looked around him once more. The forest around him was completely unfamiliar, and he had no wish to just go walking around aimlessly while those creatures were still out there. He knew that if Yami were here he would probably know what to do. He would probably even know what would case his skin to turn green. Poison? Magic? Yugi had no clue what it was or how to even treat it.

He looked up as the deer walked closer to him. Its head dipped down and came very close to his wound. It stiffened then looked up at Yugi with its pink orbs. An orange ribbon came alive and moved forward, wrapping around Yugi's wrist. Then deer turned and began to walk away, the ribbon tugging on Yugi until he followed.


The deer brought him to a large lake that was completely open to the rising sunlight. In the middle of the lake was a small island with a great flowering tree, full of yellow heart shaped fruit. Yugi looked around the lake in awe. The water was crystal clear and he could see tiny gold fish swimming around in it. A fit of coughs overtook him. He put a hand to his mouth in reflex, to find he'd coughed up black blood. When he had managed to get the coughing under control Yugi gulped, trying to rid the taste from his mouth. The deer stomped its hoof, gaining Yugi's immediate attention. The deer then motioned with its head toward the water and began walking into the lake. The ribbon was still tied around Yugi's wrist and it tugged insistently. Seeing as he had no option, he followed. He started by dipping his right foot into the water. It was cool to the touch and felt as if it were seeping into his skin. Yugi took another step, walking into the lake to follow the deer as it swam across. When the water got deep enough that it came to his chest, Yugi began swimming. The scratches on his stomach were throbbing and stinging, but Yugi did not stop. When they reached the small island, Yugi crawled out of the water and fell on the soft green grass. He gasped for breath and rolled over on his back. He looked up at the painted sky of the early morning. Was it really morning already? He leaned up to inspect his wounds, but found them gone. In shock Yugi brushed his fingertips over his smooth, unmarred, skin.

"Those babies can be a real pain."

Yugi jolted upright and looked toward the tree. Sitting on the lowest branch was a raccoon. The animal smiled at his teasingly. "Who are you?"

"Me?" The raccoon jumped down, its body contorted and elongated into the body of a teenage boy. The boy raced forward until he was in front of Yugi. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Perched comfortably atop his head were two gray ears. Behind him swayed a short, black ringed, fluffy tail. "I'm a Kemonomimi just like you."

Yugi blinked "You… are. But what are you doing here?"

The boy scratched the back of his head "We were in a slave cart being taken to the church. Then those creatures attack the wagon train. We escaped, and the deer brought us here just like he did you."

"We?" The boy nodded and took Yugi's hand, leading him to the other side of the island. Sitting near the waters edge was large black panther, who was basking in the sunlight.

"Yusei!" the boy called. The panther opened its eyes and lifted his head. It turned to look at the boy before rising to its feet and began to shift into the form of a man. The man had spiked black hair with yellow highlights, and a yellow tattoo down his left cheek. He had two rounded black cat ears on top of his head and a long black tail.

"I see the deer saved you too." The man said in a deep voice.

Yugi shook his head "No, I-" he looked down at his healed stomach "We'll, I suppose you can say that." The deer approached the three of them. Yugi turned "Thank you for saving me." He bowed "Thank you for saving all of us, I guess. I wish I knew how to repay you." He had used the deer's light to trigger his abilities, and in return he had protected the deer. Then the deer save him. So as far as Yugi figured, he still owed the deer one. The deer titled its head to one side. The ribbons move again. A white ribbon came and looped around all of their wrists, tying them together. Yugi looked at the correction in slight confusion.

"I think he wants us to stay together?" the boy shrugged.

"You want me to take them to my pack?" Yugi asked. The deer nodded. The white ribbon severed itself from his horns. The deer then turned and separated another ribbon, this one a dark crimson. Holding the ribbon in its mouth, it offered it to Yugi. Yugi accepted the ribbon just before the deer moved to leave. It walked back into the lake and simply vanished beneath the waters surface. Yugi turned to look at the raccoon and the panther. He just knew the rest of the pack was not going to greet the newcomers with open arms. The uke's would be fine but the seme's would have problems.

"You don't have to take us to your pack." said the panther.

"Yeah. Yusei and I have done just fine on our own until now." The raccoon laughed. The boy grabbed the ribbon and attempted to break it, but it would not. He tried harder and even tried to break it with his teeth, with no luck. A small smile came over Yugi's face. Obviously the deer did not like to be opposed.

"I don't think we have a choice." Yugi laughed. "It's alright. I'm sure my pack wouldn't mind one more seme and uke, mated pair."

Both of the others faces paled. "No, no no no no no!" They repeatedly choked at the same time. "You've got it wrong." said the boy "See, he is a seme, and I am an uke, but we're not mates." The boy laughed. "He just helps me out whenever I go into moetrus is all. He's been taking care of me since he found me abandoned in a tree. We're friends, that's all."

Yugi looked between the both of them, and nodded. "Well, all the same, you are more then welcome to join our pack."

"Do you have the authority to accept us?" The man asked.

Yugi nodded gain. "I am the alpha's mate. The pack is as much mine as his, though he makes all the final decisions. Now, what are your names?"

"Jaden!" grinned the raccoon.

"Yusei." answered the panther.


Kaiba circled around Yusei like a lion around a dying zebra. He remained calm the entire time and just watched Kaiba with a challenging gaze. "Do we really need another seme?" asked Bakura in his usual annoyed tone.

"Well it could only help. After all, then there would be more people to help in the hunt, right?" Marik answered as he stretched. His words caused his seme, Malik, to give him a disapproving glare. He ignored him. "The more pressing question is do we need another uke?" He looked to Jaden "Especially a hyperactive one."

Yugi turned to Yami to see his reaction. His seme had not said a word since they had been reunited in the forest. As it was, Yami was just leaning against the tree staring at the white ribbon that connected Yugi to the other two men. His silence was what scared Yugi the most. He had expected Yami to be angry, but never had the man been so consumed with any emotion as to fall completely silent. Yugi nibbled on his lower lip nervously.

"Besides what would they do?" said Malik.

"Well, I could always use more help in making the food." Ryou whispered before he was silenced by a growl from Bakura.

"What position would he be?" Growled Kaiba. "I can smell your scent, and you are not a regular seme like those two." He nodded his head toward Bakura and Malik.

"You are right. Before I was captured I was the son of the beta in our pack. If I had not been taken away I would have naturally inherited his position when he died."

"Then if you have a pack why don't you run on home!" Kaiba yelled.

Yusei continued to retain his cool and look pleasantly bored. "I do not wish to return. The lands that pack considered its territory was unfit for living. Your pack looks healthy, so this territory must be good for survival."

"Just because you like our woods does not mean you get to stay."

"It does also not give you the right to say weather they can or can not." Yami finally spoke. He looked to Jaden "You look about my mate's age." Jaden nodded vigorously as he grinned. He then turned to Yusei "A beta?" Yusei nodded. Yami then pushed away from the tree "Very well then. You two are now part of the pack. Yusei you will be my beta and Jaden you shall be my mate's companion whenever I am not around to protect him."

Yugi balked. "Wait just a-" Yami held up his hand.

"When he is within the ground of the dens." Yami added. Yugi rolled his eyes. At least it was better then Jaden following him around all the time. At least when he went foraging, he would have some time to himself.

"What!" Kaiba bellowed

Yami stared at him, anger evident in his eyes "Your mate has expressed interest in my mine on more than one occasion. How am I to trust you to be my beta, and keep the peace when you can't even control your own mate? Not to mention your hostile behavior in some instances has caused more fights amongst us. Therefore from now on, Yusei, who has demonstrated this moment composure under pressure,

shall be my primary beta. Whereas you, Seto, will be my secondary beta." Yami's gaze hardened. "Do I make myself clear?" Kaiba's eyes were glowing a dark blue. He looked as if he were about to go into a rage. But instead, he turned, shifted into his wolf form, and ran off snarling. Jonouchi looked after him with avid worry. "Go after him." Yami told Jonouchi. The moment Yami had accepted them into the pack, the white ribbon finally loosened and fell to the ground. Yugi rubbed the skin of his now free wrist. He turned to look at Yami as the black cat turned his dark wine colored eye to him "The den, kitten. Now."


Yugi shut the door behind him and opened his mouth to try and defend himself when Yami grabbed him and brought him into a tighter hug, practically crushing Yugi against his chest. Yugi gasped "Yami? What-"

"I thought I had lost you." The words were spoken of a soft and deep whisper. Yami moved him away, his eyes filled with unshed tears and dark with anger. "I told you not to let go of me or stray away from me!"

"I didn't!" Yugi yelled back. "As far as I know I was holding onto you the whole time. Then, when I turned to look at you, you'd become this disfigured woman! Those things were all around me! What was I supposed to do? Sit down and wait for you to find me?" He embraced Yami and nuzzled his face into his chest. "Were you really that scared?"

Yami sighed deeply and cradled Yugi's head against him, burying his face in his uke's hair "Yes."

"I thought you were never scared of anything."

"I am always scared when it comes to you. I'm scared that you might die. I am scared that you might leave me. But I cannot give into these fears and be around you all the time. That's not fair to you, or anyone else. I trust you to take care of yourself and be loyal to me, but that still does not stop me from worrying what might happen." He leaned back and pushed Yugi away so that he could look down at him while he cupped his face. "You are my precious treasure. My mate. The best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than anything else, and would give my life to protect you."

Yugi's own eyes filled with tears at the words, and he smiled "Yami, I'm sorry that you worry. But you have to do what you need to do. You are right; you cannot be around me every moment of every day." Yugi leaned up and kissed Yami's nose "But I am yours. Body, mind, and soul. So do not forget that. Even if Jonouchi comes-"

"Oh, I already have plans to take care of that." Yami grinned.

Yugi blinked "You do?"

He nodded "That sapphire dust and pixie wings I got were for a fidelity potion I'm brewing. If that dog keeps sniffing around you for much longer, I worry that Kaiba might just kill him. So, to save those two some needed sanity, I'm going to give Jonouchi that potion. Then he will no longer be interested in you."

"Does Jonouchi know about this?"

"No. I planned to keep it from him that way he doesn't have to know it wasn't completely natural."

Yugi thought on that for a moment and nodded. That probably was for the best. He wrapped his arms around Yami's neck and looked toward the forgotten cookies. "They're cold now. But if you want we can share them." Yami looked over his shoulder at the counter and smiled before looking back at Yugi and turning them so that Yugi could see the table.

In the middle of the table, which was covered in a black cloth, was a small white cake and a little gold box. The cake was decorated with pink icing roses, and white chocolate butterflies. Yugi gasped and grinned as he moved away from Yami and ran over to it. He beamed "You remembered."

Yami chuckled as he came up behind Yugi and wrapped he arms around his waist "You think I don't know you, kitten? That hint you gave me not too long ago, was not exactly subtle."

Yugi pouted "I didn't think it was that bad."

"Kitten, you paused in mid lick and started talking about how nice it was to have been together for so long and how we were like a newly married couple. At first I thought you had gone insane, but then I understood." Yami laughed. He nipped the tip of one of Yugi's ears, making him shiver.

Yugi then looked down at the box and lifted it into his hands "What is this?" On each side of the gold box were intricately carved symbols. When he opened the lid he found several odd shaped gold puzzle looking pieces.

"It's a logic puzzle. I thought you might enjoy trying to solve it. I solved it myself when I was about your age."

Yugi turned around in Yami's embrace and kissed him "I love it. Especially if it's something from you."

They kissed again. Yugi pushed the puzzle aside as Yami lifted him onto the table. He wrapped his arms around Yami's shoulders and moaned as his seme's tongue infiltrated his mouth. His legs parted and wrapped around Yami's hips. Yami grinned as he broke their kiss. "Does my little kitten need to be taken care of?" The blinding need to mate was only furthered by his moetrus, so Yugi nodded, whimpering adorably as his white ears folded back. "Then let me just turn out the light." Yami reached over to cup his hand behind the candle that had been the only source of light in the room, before he blew it out.


In the darkness their hips ground together. Yugi's hands fisted in Yami's shirt and he hurriedly tugged it over his head. "Impatient are we, kitten?" Yami whispered in Yugi's ear before he bit it. Yugi gasped and groaned, bucking his hips up to meet him.

"Yes, please." He leaned up so that Yami could tug at the lilac ribbons of his top. "Please, fuck me. After that battle I'm super energized." He exhaled sharply Yami tugged down his shorts and grabbed his dripping erection.

"I know. I could tell from your scent the moment we were reunited."

"Could you take that into the other room, please!"

Yugi and Yami turned to see Calcifer hiding behind one of the pots peeking out at them. His usual dark orange flame was a cool blue. Yami laughed as he lifted Yugi into his arms, bridal style. "Sorry Calcifer!" They both said in unison as Yami carried Yugi to their bedroom. The moment Yami set him on the bed, Yugi attacked Yami's pants and pulled them down in one swift motion.

"Wow, kitten." Yami smiled when Yugi went to take his erection to his mouth "Wait…I want to try something different this time."

Yugi blinked up at him. "Like what?"

"Move over and I'll show you." Yugi rolled to the side of the bed and watch with obvious interest, as Yami climbed into the bed and lay down on his back. His lean body and muscular build never stopped being a completely mesmerizing feature to Yugi. "Now, get on top of me and face my feet. Make sure your face is level with my hips." Yugi nodded and climbed over Yami's body, positioning himself just as his seme said. With the way he was, Yami's erection was right in front of him. Not waiting for further instruction Yugi took him in hand and ran his tongue around the velvety soft tip. Yami groaned as he gripped Yugi's hip, as he pulled his further back. Yugi smirked at Yami reaction. He took his seme fully into his mouth and relaxed his throat as he went down, one hand moving to press a finger against the skin just behind his testicles. Over the past year he had learned how to deep throat and drive his mate completely wild.

Yugi's eyes widened and he moaned loudly when he felt his own erection being licked and sucked upon. Yami chuckled darkly from somewhere behind him. "Do you like this position kitten? This way both of us can come and drink each other."

Yugi shivered at the vulgarity of it. He released Yami long enough to look over his shoulder, his dark amethyst eyes giving Yami that look. "I love drinking my seme's milk." His ears and tail twitched as a soft blush came over his cheeks. "I'm so hungry Yami. Can I have lots of milk?"

Yami growled, a low and sultry rumbling of a sound. "How do you want you're milk?"

Yugi moved his hand to stroke up and down Yami's sex. "Fresh."

"Then take it kitten," Yami's eyes were dark burgundy in the morning sunlight. "And drink every last drop, as I drink you."

Yugi turned back and began sucking as if his very existence depended on in. He ran his tongue up the top side of Yami's erection over and over again. His whole body was shivering in delight, and he could feel Yami' tongue on him, milking him. He could also feel slick fingers part his cheeks and trace teasingly around him. He moaned as he pushed back into the touch. No fair! Yami was going to make him orgasm first. Not this time.
Yugi took Yami's entire length down his threat and swallowed, Yami's motions halting as his entire body twitched as he gasped loudly. Yugi swallowed again, feeling the muscles in his legs tightening. Again he swallowed determinedly as he felt Yami's body draw nearer and nearer to its release. Yami's finger stopped with their teasing ministrations and mercilessly pressed inside. The digits pushed and scraped against his walls, sending violent shivers down his spine. His white cat ears were twitching uncontrollably. When the fingers pressed against his spot Yugi lost it. His body tensed and trembled. But he was determined to not lose. Not this time, And at the last second, Yugi cupped Yami's testicles and lightly bit the base of his sex, teeth scraping gently. He was rewarded with a sharp buck from Yami's hips, and then his warm release spilled into his mouth.

Yugi whimpered in delight as he licked and swallowed every generous spurt as he felt Yami do the same. When he moved away, Yugi rolled to his side, panting. It was only then he felt a slight pain on his right butt cheek. With what little strength he had, he leaned up and looked down. Two red little puncture marks could clearly be seen. Yugi raised a questioning brow in Yami's direction "You bit my bottom?" A soft blush graced his seme's cheeks as he winked and smiled at him.

"I couldn't reach your neck." He leaned forward and gave Yugi a long and deep kiss before saying, "Now, how shall we eat that cake?"


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