This is the start of what I'm think will be a brand new story. AU, quite controversial and very unlike my other stuff.

He stalked round her like a lion hunting a defenceless deer. But she was by no means defenceless and he knew it. In fact, he was excited by it.

'I told him that I liked you. So much more worthy than his usual little children. But I see he still prefers blondes' he sneered at her and she glowered back, not deigning to respond. He tilted his head to face him and pressed a vicious kiss to her lips. Before attempting to strike him across the face, she wiped her mouth furiously. He just chuckled, stroking her hair.

'Oh yes, I like you. You could certainly be useful. And I imagine you look good in red… How about it, Doctor Song? I could give you power, you know. I could give you so much more than he could and take so much less from you. And I would let you keep the gun, sweetheart' he drawled, tracing a line across her cheekbone.

'Very I, I, I, aren't you?' she spat out at him and he grinned back 'Don't touch me, I'm not yours to touch'

To her surprise, he threw back his head and laughed.

'You soon will be sweetheart, you soon will be'

Just a little taster to see if its worth continuing!