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'Darling?' River said as she stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a vividly coloured red dress 'I'm not a hundred percent sure that this is my colour'.

The Master looked up at her and shrugged.

'Could be worse' he said, absent mindedly toying with the cuff of his jacket 'Come here'

She rolled her eyes but obediently stepped towards him, giving him an exaggerated twirl. His eyes raked over her, taking in her every curve and crevice.

'Well?' she looked at him expectantly 'Is it alright?'

'You'll do. Look rather like mutton dressed as lamb' he drawled 'But there's nothing you can do about that' a cruel smirk was playing across his face and she inwardly sighed. It was evident that he was in one of his slightly sadistic moods and there was no-one he enjoyed taking it out on more than her. In fact, hidden beneath the dress on the back of her thigh was a huge red welt where he'd lashed out at her after she'd accidentally knocked a champagne glass to the floor and spilt the contents over his Axminster carpet.

'I think I'll just go and take this off, then' she scowled at the floor as she turned back round to the bathroom.

'No. You won't' the low, cold sound of his voice made River freeze in her tracks. It wasn't a voice that promised the evening would be a pleasant one for her.

'I don't really like it, darling' she worked hard to keep her voice cheery but an unconscious note of fear slid into it 'I think I'll take it off'.

Quick as a flash, there was a hand around her neck and she was being pinned to the wall.

'You, my pet, are going to wear that dress every day of your worthless life if I tell you to. Understood?'

Her eyes stared back at him; no fear in them, just a cold hardness. He squeezed again.

'I said, understood?' finally, a single nod. Growling, he gave one last, hard squeeze and released his hand from round her neck. Stalking out of the room, he left River gasping for breath on the floor and she stared after him with a look that wasn't love.

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