Sigh, I'll finish the rest of the big story later, I wanna do this. Ah-he-hem... HELLO, everyone! Welcome to the Nightmare Grande Finale! Heh heh, here we go!

Jar Jar Blinks stood by the Nightmare King's statue in the town square, watching as the many tanks of Nightmare Energy, which were attached to the statue, filled it with energy. "Ifalas zaraz i is zarak. Ifalas zaraz i is zarak." He spoke. "I-sa no know what dat means, but… ahem: Come ye, mighty spirit of da'kness… Mighty spirit, condemned by Arceus… Great fear, imprisoned by da stars… awaken and spread you-sa great fear across da cosmos… nyee hee hee hee hee hee!" He laughed. "Now zen… time to check-sie uppie on ol' Da'ky. NEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!"

"…Oh… ugh…" Darkrai groaned in his bed, weakly getting up. "Man, do I have a stomach ache… oh, I need some Nightmare Energy." With that, the old king stood up and started limping down the hall.

At this time, Customer Service was recovering as well, gripping the sore on his head. "Oh… man, what just happened? Huh?" He saw Darkrai just exit down the corridor. "Hmm… oh no- Boss, wait!" he exclaimed, running after him.

Darkrai reached the room where he puts all the tanks of Nightmare Power, only to find nothing. "Huh? Where the heck are-" Before he could finish, Customer arrived.

"Boss, you're here! Listen, there's something you gotta know!"

"Hm? What is it, Customer?"

He panted. "Jar Jar! He's-"

"Nee hee hee hee! Hello-si, Da'ky!"

The two gasped and saw Jar Jar in the doorway, still wearing his cloak and keeping his evil expression.

"I-sa hoped you'd be up. Ha'-sa you found-a out my true secret?"

"Boss! He's the one we've been looking for!" Customer exclaimed.

"No…. you're-"

"Surprise! Eet was me, ALL along! It was I that manipulatuh Senate to re-elect Palpy Walpy, it was I who was behind his rise to glory wory!"

"You…" the King's expression became fierce. "You're the long-lost Sith Lord…"

"Yes-si. I was. Da most feared Sithie Lord of dem all. Even da Separatists feared me. Tha's why they-sa sen' me back in time to dinosaur era. I woul'-sa been trapped in freezie coldness ha' not Monty and pallies come-sa to save me. Or… shou's I dank you for sending Moby Woby?"

"I can't understand this guy…" Customer whispered.

"Den I erasie memories of all dose who knew, so-say no one ever find out, eee hee hee hee! But enough-ie wit' dat! Is time for BIGGIE boom boom!

"Not if I have something to say about it!" Darkrai said, ready for battle.

"Oh… but di'-sa you know? Da milkie wilkie I give ye… is-a SPIRIT poison! MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"Huh? Oh, ER! !"

"BOSS!" Customer exclaimed as Darkrai gripped his stomach.

"Er… what did you do to the milk?"

"I did NOTHING! I-sa ready bookie dat say dere are less chance of nightmares if ha' nice glassy warm mi'k. Milkie one of Nightmares' weaknesses, dough it tastes SO good like a druggy ruggy!"

"Er… you monster!" Darkrai still gripped his stomach.

"Now-sa I cans be da true master of fear… wit' dis." With that, he held up Darkrai's sword.


"Wonderful, the mighty Nightmare King lost his sword to a slug, you are TRULY magnificent." Exor said, sarcastically.

"Now… is time to go get ready." With that, he laughed maniacally as he headed outside, leaving the Nightmare King in pain.

Outside, the statue absorbed the last of the Nightmare Energy, and the area began trembling as all the Nightmares in the area trembled in fear. Jar Jar arrived just in time, gaping widely at the spectacle. As the statue glowed with power, Jar Jar climbed on top. "Now-si… deh true power of FEEEAAAR!"

"Hurry up, Customer!" Darkrai yelled to his assistant, who was fixing up the transporter.

"Okay, okay! Fixing up a transporter to bring people to US isn't easy, ya know." He worked on it for a few more minutes. "Phew. Okay, it's done."

"Okay. Let's do it." With that, he pressed a button and the machine erupted in light. In a matter of seconds, many operatives appeared in the transporter, all in pajamas and falling to the floor.

"OW!" they all yelped. The machine brought Sectors V, W, Rachel, Fanny, Patton, Katie, the Twins, Marine, Bartie, Virginia, Tommy, Mushi, Eva, Kade, Violet, Emily, Annie, Zuri, Cosmo and Nova, Kami, and Ava and Kweeb.

"Er… where are we?" Nigel groaned.

"Oi dunno." Marine said. "One minute, ah was running from a ghost… now I'm 'ere!"

"Right when I was having the most wonderful dream." Wally whined.

"Kiss Kuki later." Abby said.

"It was NOT that!"

"Finally. You're here." At this, they all looked up at the King.

"Darkrai?" Rachel asked.

"What the crud is going on here?" Fanny yelled.

"Come this way, quick." With that, they followed after him and Customer.

They made it downtown just in time to see all the Nightmare citizens running away. "What's their problem?" Patton asked.

"Maybe they're late for a party!" Kuki said, happily.

"Well, if they are, I don't think that guy was invited." Eva said, indicating the Gungan atop the statue.

"Who is that?" Kade asked.

"Hey! I recognize him!" Kami exclaimed.

"Jar Jar?" Ava said.

Atop the statue, Jar Jar's head was down as dark energy flowed inside him. "Heh HEH heh ha ha mwah ha." And the Gungan faced up, and even from that distance, the kids could see his dark, red eyes. "All-sies livy thingies KNEEL before yo' master!" He spoke, as if with two voices in unison. Just then, a massive lightning bolt struck from the sky and destroyed the statue. The team could only gape at what was now happening.

The energy quickly absorbed into Jar Jar's body as his body started becoming a dark grey. He grew bigger and bigger as skinny arms with boney hands and large fingernails emerged from his sides, 3 on each. Blinks' dark cloak seemed darker as it grew as well, and sharp, demonic teeth appeared in his mouth. A long nose appeared on his long mouth, and just below his sluggy eyes were strange goggles with shooting stars in them. A helmet with horns appeared on his head as his enormous body grew spider-like legs. Once his transformation was complete, his hideous form gave a huge roar to the skies, and drew out the Nightmare Sword.

"Wh… WHAT IS THAT THING? !" Hoagie exclaimed.

"I thought Lehcar was big and scary!" Kweeb exclaimed.

"Of course." Darkrai said. "It's just as I feared. All this time, Jar Jar Blinks was REALLY… Darth Blinks. The most powerful Sith Lord of them all."

"THAT'S JAR JAR?" Nigel exclaimed.

"Darth Blinks?" Eva asked.

"Darth Blinks: a long-lost Sith Lord who was responsible for Emperor Palpatine's rise to power. But Jar Jar was after much more than that, it seems: he made himself my assistant, so he could steal all my Nightmare Energy and awaken the very first Nightmare King: Darkrai the First."

"Wait… THAT'S my great grandfather? ?" Virginia asked.

"Wait a second." Kami said. "So, a Sith Lord named Darth Blinks disguised himself as someone named Jar Jar Blinks? And you didn't figure it out?" At this, they all looked at Darkrai.


"It doesn't matter now." Nigel said. "We have to stop Darth Blinks NOW."

"It's no use." Darkrai said. "He's combined himself with the Holy Nightmare Spirit, my Nightmare Sword, AND the energy from all your nightmares. He's all-powerful now."

"But there must be SOME way to defeat him." Emily said.

"How was he stopped before?" Annie asked.

"The Holy Nightmare was defeated by the great Star Warrior, Kirby, 300 years ago."

"Well, that's great." Cosmo said, sarcastically. "What are we supposed to do now? Build a time machine to go back and get Kirby?"

"No." Darkrai said. "Kirby is actually here, in Nightmare Land, in a suspended state, just in case this would happen. Only I can awaken him, but I need my Nightmare Sword. Darth Blinks poisoned me with milk, and I need the Nightmare Sword to heal."

"So, the plan is, we gotta beat this guy until he gives us that sword?" Violet asked.

"That won't be very easy." Nova said.

"He's big." Tommy said, frightfully.

"And scary." Mushi followed.

"He's large and in charge." The Twins said.

"Don't worry. We can stop him if we work together." Rachel said.

"Uh, are you sure about that?" Bartie asked.

"He's got a point. It won't be easy getting that sword back." Virginia said.

"You need to at least hold him back." Darkrai said. "If he isn't stopped, the whole universe will be swallowed in fear like it was before. You have to stop him."

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts!" Harvey exclaimed. "Bring that demon beast on!"

"I'm with Harvey!" Sonya exclaimed. "I'd rather go down fighting than live in the dark forever!"

"Me too!" Lee said.

"I'll burn that bomback BUTT of his!" Fanny exclaimed.

"If he's powered by all our fears, that means we'll be facing all our greatest fears." Rachel figured. "I sure hope we can beat him."

At this, Nigel grabbed her hand and looked in her eyes. "We can, Rachel." At this, she gave a sure and battle-ready smile as Nigel turned to the others. "Remember, guys: we've nothing to fear but fear itself. And as it turns out, this IS fear itself. But just because we have fear, it doesn't mean we don't have the strength to face it."

"YEAH! Now you're talkin'!" Kweeb exclaimed.

Nigel smiled. "Now… let's show this Holy Freakshow what we operatives are made of! And SHOW him who should REALLY be afraid, and of WHO."

"YEAH! !"

"Huhu, don't forget us!" At this, they turned and saw Eenus, Mr. Oldman, the spider, and Cookie Monster.

"Mmm, that no-good Gungan wrecked my car!" Mr. Oldman exclaimed.

"I haven't gotten any sleep all night, and I'm mad!" the spider yelled.

"Me want COOKIES!" Cookie Monster screamed. Nigel looked around at everyone as they all held ready and confident looks about them.

He smirked. "Kids Next Door: BATTLE STATIONS!" With that, they charged toward the beast.

O-KAY! Next time, the showdown against Darth Blinks! Now to get some music ready! Later!